Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's Anatomy, Nikita, Scandal, Once, Revenge, Good Wife and More

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Question: Can you please spill any upcoming Olivia and Fitz/Scandal spoilers? –Kels
Ausiello: The third clip here is but the tip of the iceberg, the onset of an intense and engrossing nine-minute Shondariffic sequence involving Olivia and Fitz… and one other person.

Question: Arizona looked so distraught towards the end of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. It had me in tears. Do you have any scoop on Callie and Arizona that will help turn my frown upside down? —Allyson
Ausiello: Happy days are here again! Or at least they will be for one half of the fractured couple. “Callie, interestingly enough, while still going through something fairly dark, has a lot of humorous stuff happening to her in this season,” series creator Shonda Rhimes revealed at the show’s 200th episode soiree over the weekend. “She’s playing a lot of humor [and] getting the biggest laughs at table reads right now.”

Question: Is Grey’s Anatomy‘s Richard Webber the character in last week’s Blind Item?  —Kim
Ausiello: He sure isn’t! But that doesn’t mean Chief has an easy road ahead of him following his near-death experience. Returning to his old self “is going to be a long process, at least in terms of TV time,” previews James Pickens Jr.  “Over the next five episodes, we’ll watch him in this journey,  how he tries to come back from this. We haven’t seen Chief in this light before, so it’s going to be really interesting, really compelling.”

nikita finaleQuestion: The Nikita cast filmed their last episode this week. Any chance you might have some new intel? —@Nutcase_ via Twitter
Ausiello: Fans who have longed for more (or any!) Alex and Owen scenes will not be disappointed with these final six episodes. Not by a long shot.

Question: Will Once Upon a Time‘s Snow, Charming et al rely on Hook’s expertise of Neverland while searching for Henry? –JJ
Ausiello: Hook’s familiarity with Pan’s ‘hood indeed proves helpful and thus finds him leading the group through the jungle — at first. Alas, no sooner does the pirate save Charming from a fatally “thorny” situation does he realize that Neverland has changed, for the worse, in the maaaaany years since he last visited. What then? Let’s just say they take a cue from Dora.

Question: Any word when Freddie Prinze Jr. is returning to Bones? He had a cool on-screen buddy dynamic with David Boreanaz. –Jim.
Ausiello: I wholeheartedly agree. And while Prinze’s CIA man Danny Beck is officially booked for a second episode, I hear producers are cooking up a story that brings him back into the fold later in the season.

Question: I loved the Law and Order: SVU premiere and can’t wait to see how Olivia’s arc plays out over the season. Will we continue to find out more about the time she spent with Lewis? —Cheryl
Ausiello: That depends on how much Benson is willing to divulge.  As Benson’s partner, “Amaro is confused as to how to deal with it,” shares his portrayer Danny Pino. “He’s feeling his way, because he’s not a psychologist, and you’ll see that throughout: ‘When can I ask her if she’s OK?’ There’s an underlying volatility to the whole season… This is something she’s working through, but we’re also working through it, because we have a stake in her, and it’s a very personal one.” (Also, not that you asked, but I loathed the SVU opener with every fiber of my being.)

house of cards season 2Question: Any chance you can deal us a House of Cards scoop? —Matt
Ausiello: Major spoiler alert — Linda Vasquez will be allowed to step foot outside the White House! Her portrayer, Sakina Jaffrey, tells me we will see her cooped-up chief of staff character “in a different space” in Season 2, although she won’t literally be seen outdoors. “I don’t think [Linda’s] seen the light of day,” the actress says with a laugh. “They don’t let her out too much.”

Question: Do you know who shot Emily on Revenge? You do, don’t you? —Janet
Ausiello: I don’t! In fact, no one knows. According to Emily VanCamp, the writers “are still on the fence about” who ultimately pulls the trigger. And someone does pull the trigger. The show’s leading lady insists the show isn’t pulling a fast one in that flash-forward (i.e. it’s a dream, the shooting is staged or something else lame like that.) “From what I know, she is really going to get shot and fall off that boat,” she maintains. “Who knows what happens after that? I’ll have to wait until Episode 10 to read it.” (Email me a digital file when you’re done, K? You kinda still owe me for this. Didn’t want to have to play that card but you forced my hand, Ems.)

Question: Revenge isn’t going to take Aiden and Victoria’s partnership in a romantic direction, right? —Kelly
Ausiello: Although exec producer Sunil Nayar concedes that “there are definitely sparks” between Barry Sloane and Madeline Stowe, “That’s not exactly the road we’re taking them down.” When we pick up this Sunday, Victoria remains skeptical about Aiden’s motives. “She really wants him to prove his fidelity,” Nayar explains, “because what a great ally he would be. They’re both trying to feel each other out. It’s fun to watch two people start to dance when neither one knows who’s leading and neither one trusts their partner.” Bonus Scoop: Ana Ortiz’ one-off guest stint has officially been upgraded to a multi-episode arc. Ugly Betty alums, FTW!

Question: That awesome Good Wife promo seemed to leave little doubt that Diane is leaving Lockhart Gardner to pursue that Supreme Court post. What’s the dealio? —Matt
Ausiello: Appearances can be deceiving. “There will be a lot of in-fighting [at LG] about whether she has made her decision,” hints series cocreator Robert King, who adds, “The whole question raised last year is now taken to fruition – where does Diane’s heart lie? Because you can’t be running a firm and have your heart be somewhere else.”

Matthew Perry The Good WifeQuestion: Any word on whether Matthew Perry will be returning to The Good Wife? —Alex
Ausiello: There is word, and it sucks to high heaven. Per Robert King, Perry is not currently scheduled to return as Peter’s political nemesis Mike Kresteva, which the EP acknowledges is “sad. We’d love to get him back.”

Question: How cool is Connie Britton? —Joaquim
Ausiello: Here’s how awesome she is: While other, lesser actresses (and their reps) were seen rudely dismissing any outlet that wasn’t named Entertainment Hollywood or Access Tonight on the Emmys red carpet, Britton spent upwards of two hours in the blistering heat gamely doling out soundbites to pretty much every reporter stationed along the route. (I know this because long after our epic Q&A, I spotted her at the end of the carpet still doing interviews.)  The very definition of a class act.

Question: Thank you for recommending Masters of Sex. The pilot was incredible. Any teases? —Bill
Ausiello: Episode 3 on Oct. 13 features bunny sex, guest appearances by both Parenthood‘s Mae Whitman and The Client List‘s Greg Grunberg, and an answer to this question: Which major male character is packing a big… gay secret?

Question: What’s Wendy up to on Sons of Anarchy? —Jeffrey
Ausiello: What, can’t a girl sport a faux bruise and make peace with her sworn enemy without arousing suspicion? OK, you’re right — she’s totally plotting something. And you’ll get a hint about what that something is this week.

Question: I’m dying to know what’s next for Carrie and Saul on Homeland! Please, and thank you! –Andrew
Ausiello: Carrie’s “proportional response” to Saul’s damning Senate testimony will find her, um, otherwise occupied for much of Episode 2, while Saul is busy breaking in a new — and Muslim — CIA analyst, Fara (played by Nazanin Boniadi). By the time Saul and Carrie reunite, let’s just say that the latter is in no condition to argue with the friend who betrayed her.

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