Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Uncorks a Cool Cameo

BRETT DALTONABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. embarked on their second mission this Tuesday night — the messy repercussions of which necessitated a dressing-down by a rather furious boss.

With Skye now on board as a “consultant” — the same title one Tony Stark carries, we are reminded — the team sets off for Peru, where an 0-8-4 (object of unknown origin) has been discovered inside an Incan temple.

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Using the Dwarves, Fitz and Simmons ascertain that the device, embedded deep into a wall, predates the temple by a lotta years and is fueled by Tesseract technology. Outside, meanwhile, Ward and Melinda “Don’t Call Me The Cavalry” May fend off some MPs until their comandante Camilla, a onetime flame of Coulson’s, arrives. Shortly thereafter, rebels attack them all, forcing Coulson’s team, Comandante Reyes and a few of her men to retreat to “the bus” and get whisked away to “safety.”

Thing is, Ward and Coulson quickly realize, Reyes is there to hijack the bus and claim the 0-8-4 device, which is a powerful weapon. The MPs overtake Ward, May et al and tie up the lot of them in the cargo bay, while Coulson is kept nearby to verbally approve the change in flight pattern when needed.

Ward, Skye, May and Fitz-Simmons overcome their (clumsily) established differences in ranks and aptitude to collaborate and secure their freedom, then use the device to blow a hole in the plane hull, sucking out many of the enemy combatants, while Ward and Melinda handle any stragglers.

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It all proves to be an exercise in team unity Agents of SHIELD Nick Fury(though Skye is seen texting to Rising Tide that she is still “in”), and at episode’s end they congregate on the bus ramp to watch the Slingshot sent the 0-8-4 off to oblivion.

Then, just before the credits roll, we hear and see Nick Fury — Samuel. L Jackson reprising his Marvel movies role — chew out Coulson for totaling the bus and hearten to downgrade him to a Winnebago. “Talking to me about authority.”

Some other memorable and/or fun dialogue:

“That’s exactly what I’m imagining during this frown.” — A disappointed Ward

“The last one was a hammer.” — Coulson, on the last 0-8-4

“You took a bullet?” “-ish.” — Skye getting up to speed on Coulson’s brush with death

“It’s a magical place.” — Coulson’s “mantra” of sorts when asked about his time in “Tahiti”

“Do you need anything else before I go back and check on the device fueled by evil?”

“You’re having a midlife crisis!” “More an afterlife thing, really.”

What did you think of S.H.I.E.L.D. Week 2? And did Nick Fury’s appearance make you cheer?

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