The Mentalist Premiere Recap: Wrong Number

The Desert RoseAnd just like that, The Mentalist‘s newly focused search for Red John almost instantly takes a shocking, bloody detour.

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The CBS drama’s Season 6 premiere picked up right where the finale left off, with Jane visibly shaken by the realization that Red John knows all seven of the names on his whittled-down suspect list. Lisbon compels him to walk it off and jump back into work, and as they do, Jane issues one hard-and-fast rule: They are to share the list’s existence with no one, lest others needlessly land in RJ’s crosshairs.

After Jane quickly susses out a baseball player’s murder of his wife, their next stop is a body found buried in the desert — a long-MIA man ultimately determined to be a rich philanderer with a nasty son, indifferent wife and sketchy business partner. But as Jane works that case, he instantly realizes that Lisbon told Van Pelt.

…who told Rigsby.

…who told Cho.

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Jane is not happy with this betrayal (no, not the horrid new drama on the other channel), despite Lisbon laying out her “valid” reasoning. But that night, after cracking the latest case (the comely waitress’ coworkers did it), Jane rings Lisbon to offer an olive branch, but she lets his calls roll to voicemail. Lisbon then gets an anonymous tip pointing her to a house where, according to their tracking gizmo for the seven possi-Johns, Partridge is. Hmm. (Earlier in the episode, Jane got in the forensics tech’s face some, but neither guy showed their hand.)

After arriving on the scene sans any immediate backup, a scream from the run-down house draws Lisbon inside, alone. There, she ultimately discovers Partridge, bound and bloody and justabouttodie, but not before he gurgles, “Tiger, tiger.” Ruh-roh.

Lisbon then starts toward a sound in another room The Desert Rosewhen she is suddenly yanked off-screen by….?!

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Jane’s back at the station when he gets a call from Lisbon’s phone, assuming it’s her. But it very much is not.

“Sorry, Patrick — Teresa can’t come to the phone right now,” the taunting voice on the other end says, as he draws his trademark bloody smiley across a supine, motionless Lisbon’s face. “Can I take a message…?”

What did you think of the first step in The Mentalist‘s Red John-Will-Be-Captured story arc? Assuming Lisbon is not dead, why was she spared, and what is RJ’s purpose in having her? And with Partridge seemingly out of the equation, what are we to make of Bertram’s behavior this week? Reminder: Next week’s episode features four possi-Johns: Bertram, Sheriff McAllister, G-man Reede Smith and CBI agent Raymond Haffner.

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