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Set-Visit Video: Revenge Stars on Em's New Resolve, Nolan's Love Life and Daniel's Awakening - Plus: Jack and... Charlotte?!

Revenge Spoilers Season 3Ready those red Sharpies: Emily Thorne and the rest of your Revenge faves are back in all of their vengeance-seeking glory this Sunday (9/8c)!

TVLine hit the set of the addictive ABC drama to get the goods on what’s in store for the Hamptons elite in Season 3. What Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler and Josh Bowman had to say might surprise you…. and not in an unsavory, the-Initiative-really-never-existed sorta way.

For starters, Ems is back in full revengenda mode, with the Graysons still her main target. Her plotting, however, will eventually hit a snag when, VanCamp shares, “Some of our main players really [begin] questioning her” actions — her typically out-of-the-loop fiance Daniel included.

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“Emily does some really, really questionable things, and [her] relationship [with Daniel] begins to fray somewhat,” Bowman reveals. “He realizes that maybe this isn’t what he really wants… The relationship just isn’t a happy, happy one.”

Elsewhere in the ritzy coastal town, Jack — who “went away and did some math on what Emily did to his life” following the finale, notes Wechsler — has returned, and he’s none too pleased with his childhood love.

“[Emily and Jack] haven’t seen each other since this big reveal,” VanCamp teases. “He basically took Carl away, and I suppose she’s just been waiting to have that first encounter” — one which she previews as being “so not Jack and Emily,” while Wechsler describes it as having “some sexual tension there, but it’s more just anger on Jack’s part.”

“Slutty” Nolan, for his part, will be gaining a love interest (or two), Mann say with a laugh, while “‘Nolem’ or ‘Nemily,’ what have you” are back on “like a house on fire — like Mason Treadwell’s house on fire!”

Oh, and about that Jack and Charlotte (?!) tease up top, you’ll have to press PLAY for that juicy scoop. (We promise the interviews are worth watching strictly for that moment — and Wechler’s reaction to the topic.)

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