CSI Recaplet: When Daddy Issues Turn Deadly

CSIPremiere3This story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s CSI season premiere.

CSI kicks off its 14th (!) season with an explosive race against the clock to rescue crime-scene vet Morgan Brody and Capt. Brass’ estranged daughter Ellie. As the case unravels, however, it becomes apparent that the duo held captive aren’t the only ones in danger. And sadly, someone doesn’t make it out alive.

After several dead ends, the CSIs and the LVPD deduct that the man responsible for the Dante-themed murder-abductions is neither Eric Roberts’ Rev. Larson or Tim Matheson’s Oliver Tate, as previously presumed. Rather, it’s a young man named Matthew, the brother of their in-custody suspect Jake (Bones‘ Luke Kleintank). But before the team is able to locate the killer’s compound, both Ellie and Morgan get the better of him and manage to escape… almost. Matthew resurfaces suddenly, but Ellie shoots and kills him — and then turns the gun on Morgan (!) and fires a shot straight into her back.

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Back in the lab after the ladies are rescued, the team concludes that Ellie’s story — the killer shot Morgan (who survived and is in recovery) and then came at her, but she shot him first – doesn’t pan out. D.B. & Co. incessantly call Brass to warn him about his daughter, but he’s already on his way to meet her and his ex Nancy (returning guest star Annabella Sciorra). Tragically, all he finds at home is the dead body of his former love and Ellie, who killed her mom and is now holding a gun to his chest.

“Matthew and Jake had their daddy issues,” she confesses, “and thanks to you, so do I.”

Thankfully, Brass is able to talk Ellie down, and the cops arrive to take her away.

Were you surprised by Nancy’s death? Was the Ellie twist a shock? Did you think a CSI vet would go down, too? Grade the premiere, then hit the comments!