Chicago Fire Recap: A House in Danger

Chicago Fire Season 2 RecapWell, that’s one way to deal with losing your baby mama to another show.

Tuesday’s Chicago Fire Season 2 premiere planted some tantalizing seeds about how it possibly plans to resolve Severide’s surprise impending fatherhood and tried to squash the sparks on a would-be couple.

Read on for the episode’s highlights.

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BABY DRAMA | Shay doesn’t think the math on Renée’s due date adds up, but Severide – who’s moving in with his preggers ex – is having none of his pal’s doubts, and storms off during their lunch. Still, the paternity issue is clearly on his mind because he spends most of the episode worried about either that or the arsonist who’s targeting him. (Who is this person, and why does he have it out for Severide? Is it because he’s hunkier?) Unfortunately, Renée is kicking ass on Person of Interest visiting her parents, and he doesn’t want to get into the delicate matter over the phone, he tells Shay.

SEXUAL TENSION | Casey’s back on the job and feeling renewed after taking a trip to Dawson’s dad’s favorite spot. Although Gabby tells him she’s OK being there for him as a friend, you just know these two are lying to themselves, especially when a dangerous fire endangers them both. The look of relief on their faces when they see each other in safety says it all.

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THE WORKPLACE SHUFFLE | The city’s new consultant Gail McLeod (played by Michelle Forbes) is reining in expenditures, which means Firehouse 51 is on the chopping block. Chief Boden warns his staff that it’s time to stop their side trips on the truck to get ice cream. It also means one house has already been shut down and some of their men, like Clarke, have been transferred to 51. Gail takes this opportunity to recruit Clark as a spy to tell her what’s really going on there. (And if he refuses? Well, he’s out of a job.) Considering Casey took the firetruck to visit his buddy Andy’s widow Heather at happy hour and she got arrested for drunk driving, Clark is going to have a lot to talk about. (Did all of this transferee’s knowledge of arsonist tools and the eager way he introduced himself to Severide make you wonder if he’s the criminal?)

COP OUT | Is Mills still contemplating a move to Chicago PD? Antonio tells him he saw his application, which he’ll keep to himself, and that he’d make a great cop.

THIS AND THAT | Herrmann and Dawson send Cruz to spy on Molly’s competition, Game Day, and the news is not good: The fancy bar down the street is awesome. But does it have Jesse Lee Soffer from Chicago PD as a patron? … Mouch decides to run for Union president.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the premiere’s dramatic turns? Before you hit the comments with your thoughts, grade the episode below!