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Question: Dude. Justified. Hit me. —Don
Ausiello: For Season 5, the FX drama is going back to the Cuckoo Crime Family From Hell conceit popularized by the Bennetts of Season 2 (RIP, Mags). This time around, we’ll be introduced to the white trash Florida-based Crowe clan, led by the sexy, charismatic and ruthless fortysomething patriarch Dale. Officially, the Crowes run a gator farm. Unofficially, they deal drugs and murder people and stuff. Dale’s inner circle includes sister Wendy (the public face of the family) and younger brother Danny (described as a romantic sociopath). Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

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Question: Let’s assume Kate takes the job in DC on Castle. How long might the stint last before she returns to the 12th precinct? —Megan
Ausiello: If she takes the job in the nation’s capital — and that’s still a big if — I’ll hazard a guess that she’ll stay put for somewhere between two and five episodes.

Question: Do you have any info on NCIS, Castle or The Mentalist? –Jang
Ausiello: I choose Door No. 2! Lisa Edelstein told our Matt Mitovich that, regardless of how her character — a federal agent who factors into Beckett’s career conundrum — gets on with Kate, she and Stana Katic became the fastest of friends during her three-episode guest-starring turn. “I really didn’t want to do an arc on a show without really investing as much as I could in it, so I walked onto that show with a lot of ideas and wanting to create a real character — and Stana was psyched about that,” the House alumna happily reports. “Those things can go many different directions,” she adds with a laugh, “so I was really happy that she was so gracious.”

VDQuestion: Any scoop on Janina Gavankar’s Vampire Diaries character? —Justine
Ausiello: I hear she’s a real *itch.

Question: Too early for some scoop on season three of Dallas? —Dylan
Ausiello: Actually, your timing is perfect. I just learned that the show is adding a major new female character in Season 3, which starts shooting Oct. 2. The newbie, Heather, is described as a “freckle-faced tomboy” who works as a ranch hand and has a history of making terrible choices when it comes to men. Rumor has it she’s attracted to bad boys, so that noise you hear is the sound of J.R.’s harem expanding. (Hear it?!)

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Question: Nikita scoop, please? Am I right to assume these last six episodes are going to blow us away? —Steph
Ausiello: Yes, you are absolutely, 100 percent right to assume that. You would also be absolutely, 100 percent right to assume that our titular heroine, who went MIA in the finale, will rejoin the team sooner versus later. “The first episode starts with her on the run,” previews co-star Lyndsy Fonseca. “And by the end of it, she’s back with the team.” Bonus Scoop: We hear Nik is keeping company with a pretty rough crowd during her time on the lam.

Question: Loved Sleepy Hollow and thrilled it did so well in the ratings. Got anything on Episode 2? —Henry
Ausiello: Though he very much died in the premiere, we have by no means seen the last of John Cho’s Andy.

Question: Please tell me that you have something about Zoe and Wade’s future in Season 3 of Hart of Dixie? Will they be back together at some point? – Lindsey
Ausiello: I’m sure they’ll get back together at some point. But for now, my hunch is Zoe will have her hands full (not literally because that would be dirty) with Josh Cooke’s new Joel character, whom Dixie creator Leila Gerstein says will be around “for a major arc.” Gerstein doesn’t outright confirm that Joel is coming in as a love interest for ex-Manhattanite Zoe, but her description of him as a “New Yorker moving to Bluebell” paints a pretty conclusive picture, no?

Will and GunnarQuestion: I love Chris Carmack on Nashville. What can you tell me about Will’s love life this season? —Andy
Ausiello: You already know that Will is going to spend some time hooking up trying to figure out what his heart really wants, but showrunner Dee Johnson says that despite their awkward encounter on the couch last season, none of Will’s angst will involve Gunnar. “They worked through it, shockingly and admirably,” she tells TVLine. “I don’t think we’re in a situation going forward where he’s going to be pining for Gunnar. They’re friends. Genuine friends.”

Question: I’d love some scoop on the Miles/Rachel dynamic on Revolution this season. Any movement with these two? —Claire
Ausiello: “It’s going to go back and forth a bit, as those things do,” Billy Burke shares with a wink. As Season 2 opens — dropping a big piece hint along the way that things were hot-n-heavy ‘tween the two in the past — “It’s a little chilly, and then it warms up a bit,” Burke says. “And then things ensue that cause another rift.”

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Question: I might’ve been the only person watching Whitney, but I really miss Whitney Cummings. Any chance she’ll take a more active role – maybe even on screen? – in 2 Broke Girls? —Rena
Ausiello: Even though the comedienne has “got so much DNA in the show” she co-created, executive producer Michael Patrick King says, “she’s touring and doing her stand-up.” (That would be a “no,” then, Rena.) If it’s any consolation, King adds that Cummings “may write a couple of scripts.”

Question: I spent all summer figuring out how SVU will #SaveBenson! Any hints on the premiere? –Erica
Ausiello: It’s “harrowing, challenging and worthwhile,” says Dan Florek of the two-hour opener, which picks up right where the finale left off — with Mariska Hargitay’s Benson being held at gunpoint by William “Burnt Fingertips” Lewis. “I had no idea what was going to happen [in the premiere],” adds the actor, “so when we sat down and read it, first of all I was very moved by it and challenged by it. And then I thought, ‘Boy, Mariska is in for a rough ride.'” Meanwhile, even though the episode is two hours, executive producer Warren Leight says he’s “hesitant to call it a ‘two-parter,'” despite the fact that “the story plays out over both episodes. “That’s very different for SVU. We usually wipe the screen clean after each episode.”

Question: Will Sarah Ramos be back for Season 5 of Parenthood? —Jesus
Ausiello: I answered this Q a few weeks back, but I’ll let Jason Katims confirm it himself. P’hood‘s boss tells us there are no current plans for Haddie to pay the family a visit. “It’s always a question of finding the right story combined with Sarah’s availability,” he adds. “We sort of dealt with this a lot starting on Friday Night Lights, where so many of our characters wound up graduating from high school and sort of leaving the show, and sometimes coming back for either one or a series of episodes, or sometimes a lot of episodes.”

Question: Will Robin Daggers’ How I Met Your Mother encore be set in the present or will it be a flashback? The presence of William Zabka in this pic makes me think it’s the former. —Tessa
Ausiello: I assumed the same. But then I sniffed around and found out it’s another flashback. So I guess I made an ass out of U and someone named Med?

Question: Any Bones wedding scoop? —Cara
Ausiello: How about a first look at the groom! (Photo Credit: David Boreanaz)

Question: The Rookie Blue finale was nuts. Got anything to tide us over until Season 5? Have we seen the last of Marlo? —Georgia
Ausiello: Although the writers room doesn’t start up until October — production starts later than usual in January to match the winter setting of the Season 4 finale — and no storyline decisions are set, executive producer Tassie Cameron concedes that Marlo’s professional future looks murky. “We have really, really loved that character,” she says. “That character grew on us. And [Rachael Ancheril] is incredible and lovely. That moment at the end when she cries at the lockers is one of my favorite moments of the episode, for sure. But it would be very hard to imagine her having a regular police job after this. So we’ll have to figure that out.”

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Question: Can I get some Mindy Project scoop? — Felipe
Ausiello: Danny will be issuing a Stalker Alert in November when his crazy eyed ex-girlfriend — who also happens to be his neighbor — becomes obsessed with him. In an effort to neutralize Psycho Amy, Mindy poses as Danny’s GF – which creates a whole new crisis.

Question: Is there a chance Warlow will return to True Blood next season as a ghost? Perhaps to win Sookie’s redemption to move on? —Tom
Ausiello: There’s a chance, but it’s a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very slim one.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Meg Masters, Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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