Suits Finale Preview: Harvey's Personal Epiphany, Mike and Rachel's School Struggle and More

Suits Season 3 SpoilersWhen Suits midseason finale airs Tuesday (USA Network, 10/9c), Harvey will make some big decisions about the future of the firm — and his personal life.

But Harvey won’t be the only one wrestling with his feelings: Mike and Rachel’s dilemma about where she’ll attend law school also will come to a head.

Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews the drama in store for the denizens of the firm.

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TVLINE | What turmoil is the firm in this episode? Because it seems like it has a crisis every week.
[Laughs] We couldn’t let a season finale go without doing something turmoil-y. Ava Hessington is suing the firm for malpractice. So the challenge of the week for us is to get Scottie to follow through with the merger dissolution that she agreed to. And then to convince Ava, “Hey, we’ll help you go against Darby. He’s the one who did this to you. Your beef isn’t with us.” But the problem is, Scottie doesn’t have any incentive to do it, and Harvey just didn’t trust her and tried to screw her over and now he’s going to ask her to split off. That’s a tough thing to accomplish. And in addition, even if he could accomplish that, Ava may or may not see it as Darby being the only one that screwed her over. Harvey did do some things to her – namely, his personal beef with Cameron Dennis caused him to go after her for these murder charges in the first place. This is all complicated, obviously, by the fact that she’s hired Tanner to be her attorney.

TVLINE | How does all this drama going on in the workplace affect them on a personal level?
Very significantly. The case has its biggest effect, on a personal level, on Harvey, because [he] is forced to work together with Scottie on the case, and that has not happened to this extent ever before. And because Travis Tanner is going to end up doing some things that get to Harvey…

Separately, Mike’s never gone to Harvey to seek out Harvey’s relationship advice before, and he does. I feel like that maneuver, ironically, affects Harvey much more than it affects Mike, because Mike goes through this realization that Harvey can’t help him in this area. It’s an interesting thing to see that your mentor, or the person you look up to, can’t help you in a particular area.

And then… Harvey, at the end of the episode, makes a decision that’s going to affect the make-up of the firm moving forward in the last six [episodes of the season].

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Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | We saw in the preview that the issue of Stanford comes up. How are Rachel and Mike dealing with that?
When Rachel gets into Stanford, it throws Mike for a little bit of a loop because he just assumed she was going to Columbia. He understands it, but he’s a little hurt by it. There are two different kinds of people. Some people, when they’re making a decision, they write the pros and the cons down, and they analyze it… and then they make their decision in that way. I am the opposite. I’m more of a person that goes with my gut. The fact that I’m in love with that person and I know, basically… the two schools are equal, that would be the factor that would override everything else. Rachel is a person that wants to put that off to the side and actually do the pros and cons between the schools, figure that out and then overlay that fact on there if necessary. And Mike just doesn’t understand it, and it’s hurtful to him. So he struggles to understand that.

TVLINE | Speaking of relationships, Rachael Harris is back as Sheila Sasz. What are she and Louis up to?
Sheila and Louis have been continuing their dalliance – or as Louis calls it, their “torrid affair” –  throughout the course of the season, even though we haven’t seen it. She lives in Boston. She obviously works at Harvard. And when she comes to town, they do their thing, both personally and professionally. Something happens in the course of the episode where Louis is forced to make a choice. He’s having his feet put to the fire. Does he want to have a casual dalliance with Sheila? Or does he want to be serious with her — or not?