Bones Premiere Recap: You Gotta Have Faith

Bones Season 9 PremiereBones EPs Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan warned us multiple times over the summer that Booth and Brennan would enter Season 9 in a hopeless place, and they weren’t yanking our collective chains.

In Monday’s premiere, which picked up several months after Pelant tossed a grenade on their relationship when he told Booth that he’d kill five random strangers if he didn’t abruptly call off his engagement to Brennan, the unhappy couple are barely on speaking terms. And their personal strife has spilled over into the workplace, forcing their colleagues to take sides (and, on a happier note, triggering a litany of inappropriate asides from internal censor-challenged Daisy.)

Herewith are the highlights from “The Secrets in the Proposal.”

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FORGIVE ME, FATHER  | The episode kicks off with Booth drowning in his sorrows and confessing his sins to a no-nonsense bar owner who just so happens to be his former priest/counselor from his sniper days, Aldo (a perfectly cast Mather Zickel). Within minutes, Aldo is poking holes in Booth’s silence-is-golden approach with regard to the broken engagement, telling him, “So, you and Temperance go on a camping trip, you get lost in a cave and you whisper the truth in her ear.” Booth, however, argues that Brennan’s private excitement would become public, tipping off Pelant in the process. (Not sure I’m buying what he’s selling, but whatever.) Aldo concludes that Booth, “better find him and kill him.”

HOSTILE WORKPLACE |The delightfully acerbic Caroline sums up employee morale thusly: “All I know, we used to be happy. Then Dr. Brennan proposed to you, you say yes, then you say no, and everybody’s miserable.” For those keeping score at home, Hodgins is Team Booth, Angela is Team Brennan, while Cam and Sweets are Team Switzerland. Daisy, meanwhile, is Team LOL. (When Brennan points out that a photo of a potential female suspect having sex in a hotel room is so grainy that it could be her in the image, Daisy cracks, “We’d all understand if it were.”)

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DAZED AND CONFUSED | An already-disillusioned Brennan discovers cards/coupons from Aldo’s oddly-named bar, Paradise Lost, in Booth’s pocket and assumes he’s getting his lap dance on. Instead of taking her suspicions straight to the source, she takes her suspicions straight to the venue. Aldo catches sight of her ID, explains his connection to Booth, and Brennan breaths a huge sigh of relief. She also gets a not-so-subtle message from Aldo that Booth was “compelled by a very good reason” to call off their engagement. “You want me to have faith in him?” she asks the ex-man of God. (Yep, totally what he’s getting at.) Later at Casa de B&B, Brennan tells Booth, “I’m not leaving you. I have absolute faith in you. I trust you. I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily. You have your reasons and when you can you’ll share them.” She also informs him that when he’s ready to get re-engaged, “It’s your turn to ask me to marry you.” On that happy note, the camera pans to the clock in their kitchen, which blinks 4:47 before returning to the current time of 7:35. (What is it with Pelant and clocks?!)

Other snappy observations from the hour:

* The humorous (if forgettable) case-of-the-week mostly serves to introduce Freddie Prinze Jr’s promising character Danny Beck, an old army buddy of Booth’s who’s now employed at the CIA.

* Daisy is dating a fireman. She also makes it clear that she will high-five herself if anyone leaves her hanging.

* Ever the team players, Hanson and Nathan embedded a plug for Bones‘ new Monday companion Sleepy Hollow in the script. After noting the late hour at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins adds, “Hope we’ve got Sleepy Hollow on the DVR.”

Thoughts on Bones 9.01? Relieved that Booth and Brennan’s rough patch was mostly smoothed over by the end? Worried about when (and where) Pelant will strike next? Weigh in below!