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Parenthood Season 5 Premiere: A Baby Bump, a 'Little' Comeback and 7 More Scoopy Bits

Parenthood Season 5 Premiere SpoilersPut simply, Parenthood‘s Season 5 premiere is a near-perfect offering of the much-loved NBC drama.

More joyful than its usual heart-tuggy, the hour picks up with the Braverman clan seven or so months after Kristina’s remission report, Amber and Ryan’s reconciliation, Sarah’s breakup with Mark (and Hank?) and Juila’s career-ending choice.

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Since then, things have most definitely changed. For starters, Crosby and Jasmine are thisclose to welcoming their baby (an emotional event that occurs in the season opener) and Kristina is being pulled back into the political game — a prospect that Adam is not quite on board with.

That’s all fine and dandy, but how about a few more scoopy premiere bits? Nine to be exact.

• You will totally ‘ship the mentor/mentee bond between Hank and Max.

• Crosby has a love-hate relationship with his newborn child — emphasis on the latter. (Fret not, his conflicted feelings about the infant are all in hilariously good fun.)

• Charming politico Bob Little (played by Jonathan Tucker) makes a surprise return.

• A fan-fave relationship is tested early on — and it’s not the maybe-doomed twosome you’re thinking.

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• Sarah will receive a long overdue lesson in text message etiquette.

• The abrupt manner in which Julia quit her job last season will come back to haunt her.

• A character named Pete is introduced. You probably won’t like this person.

• On the flip side, Josh Stamberg’s charming newbie will pique your interest almost immediately.

• The premiere is mostly upbeat and feel-good — and will keep your eyes uncharacteristically dry. But then, as the episode nears its conclusion…. Those tears? Oh, they’ll flow.

Parenthood returns Thursday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c. Hit the comments with your theories based on these teases.