Exclusive First Look: TV's New Sabrina, Teenage Witch, Is Ready to Cast Her Spell

Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be re-imagined for a new TV generation in plenty of time for Halloween — and TVLine has conjured a first look at the lass working some hocus pocus.

Premiering Saturday, Oct. 12 at noon EST on the Hub Network, Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch fancies its titular magic-maker as “half-witch, half-human and all superhero” as she juggles her existences as a klutzy high school student and as a top sorcery student in the magical world. Whenever said worlds collide, Sabrina must battle her foes while keeping her spellcaster identity a secret from humankind.

Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) voices Sabrina, while the rest of the cast includes Tabitha St. Germain (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic) as Aunt Hilda and others; Maryke Hendrikse (Bratz); Erin Mathews (Kid vs Kat) as Aunt Zelda and others; Kathleen Barr (Littlest Pet Shop); Matthew Erickson (Nana); and Andrew Frances.

Check out a first look at some key art from TV’s new Sabrina, plus the poster for the animated series. Will you and/or your rugrats be watching?



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