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Burn Notice - Season 7Did Bones‘ Booth leave two women scorned? Will Burn Notice leave you with heartbreak? Will Arrow‘s Felicity be flying without a net? Did the Revolution wipe out the entire Friends cast?! Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Got anything on the final episodes of Burn Notice? Will Mike and Fi end up together? –Bergs
In addition to what I served up here, there’s this special delivery scoop from series creator Matt Nix: “Without being coy, I think that fans of Michael and Fiona will experience the full range of emotions over these last two episodes. Nothing has ever been easy for them, and I think it’s fitting that it’s not easy at the end. For me, it’s always been less about depicting a happy relationship than about showing two people who love each other very much and are struggling to find a way to reconcile that love with who they are. There will be a lot of worrying and fingernail biting over the course of these two episodes, but… I don’t think I’ll be getting hate mail from the romantics in the audience at the end of the day.”

Do you have any scoop on Bones? Some vague teases about the premiere, maybe? –Amelia
My middle name is Vague Teasers! (Don’t tell my mom; she thinks it’s her maiden name.) The premiere opens three months later, with Booth making a confession. You’ll then in short order glean that A) Booth really, really, really wants to kill Pelant, B) Brennan isn’t the only casualty of The Lie (wittle Christine misses her daddy, too!) and Freddie Prinze Jr. is all growed up. (I know, he was on 24 and all, but the boyishness seems to be all gone. He’s a man, baby.)

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Please find out any piece of scoop you can about Season 3 of New Girl! –Kas
I’ll place this Q under the Bones one, for a reason. When Jess’ hellion of a sister turns up in early 2014, she will “add a depth charge in the fabric of the loft,” previews exec producer Brett Baer. There’s also a chance she’ll look a lot like Zooey Dechanel’s real-life sis, Emily. Not a great chance, mind you. But a chance nonetheless. “It’s an idea that is obviously right in front of us and it’s definitely something to explore,” concedes exec producer Dave Finkel. “But [Emily] has her own television show, so we’re not sure if it’s even a possibility.”

Could we please have some scoop on Arrow‘s Felicity? Of the kick-ass variety, please? –Tammy
Here it is, specially requested for you, from EP Andrew Kriesberg: “Felicity will find herself in a situation in which a parachute would certainly have come in handy!” Gulp.

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Please, please, please (with a Snapple-flavored cherry on top), tell me there is something resembling a scooplet out there for Season 2 of Revolution! P.S. Your site is amazing. I visit every day! –Jen
Snapple? This Q may have been meant for “the other guy,” but Imma gonna hook you up regardless. I watched the Season 2 premiere and it’s a pretty impressive “reset” for the series, picking up many months later but (almost too) regularly filling in blanks via flashbacks. As we catch up with the crew, you’ll see that two of ‘em are living under pseudonyms, two are gettin’ some (in some cases from strangers) and — perhaps the most celebrated scoop of all — Aaron has finally groomed his beard. You’ll also learn that one of the major players was Goth as a teen, there’s a White House cameo, and its is revealed – no joke — which Friends cast member was the sole survivor of all that’s happened. P.S. If you have any aversion to unabashedly sweaty and shirtless David Lyons scenes, do not tune in.

On Once Upon a Time, will the creators use the fact that Charming and Aurora recently were under sleeping curses and have them communicate with each other, maybe to let everyone know Bae is alive? – Patti
“They might!” answers series cocreator Eddy Kitsis. “I would certainly try it.”

Now that Once Upon a Time has cast both Ariel and Eric, can you give us anything new on what their story might be? – Jacquelyn
I already slapped my theory onto the news story announcing Eric’s casting, but I can add this: Series cocreator Adam Horowitz, when asked to describe Once’s Ariel in three words, effectively evokes her classic characterization: “Adventurous. Spitfire. Romantic.” And then we joked about how the Little Mermaid had to move to Cleveland, because, well, Adam and I are nerdy Yankee fans.

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Do you know when we’re going to find out about an Army Wives renewal or cancellation? –Lynn
I checked in for you today, and there is still no decision.

I really enjoyed Crossing Lines this summer and was wondering if any decision had been made for a Season 2? –Tara
Though a Season 2 has been ordered by Crossing Lines’ Germany-based production company, NBC has not yet (nor, given the timing, is in any rush to) offer it a Stateside home.

We’ve had a dearth of spoilers on Grimm so far. Anything juicy on casting or storylines? –Kathy
How about a little more on the “residual damage” Nick will retain once he’s de-zombified? The show’s bosses tell TVLine the aftereffects include memory loss — though not “that amnesia that Juliette had,” co-creator David Greenwalt assures us, so he’ll remember he’s a Grimm and a cop, and he’ll know who his friends are. However, “He doesn’t remember anything that happened while he was under the influence” of Baron Samedi’s spell, the EP warns… and he might be begging to forget again when he learns one of the things he did.

Do you have anything to share about Steve and Catherine’s relationship this season on Hawaii Five-O? –Janet
Show boss Peter M. Lenkov told me that Catherine will be going “through a life change” as she leaves the Navy to work for her sorta-ex Billy’s private security company – and with Steve’s blessing. At least for now. “McGarrett, not being the jealous type, is going to insist that she take the job — and he’s going to end up regretting that,” Lenkov chuckles. “You’ll see McGarrett a little vulnerable, which is fun.”

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How many episodes will there be of Teen Wolf starting in January 2014? –Jennifer
The second half of the 24-episode Season 3 will run — wait for it – 12 episodes, starting Jan. 6.

Do you know why they recast Hillary in Trophy Wife? I thought Gianna LePera was fantastic! — @purpleclaire
EP Lee Eisenberg explained the switcheroo at press tour, saying that “as we started kind of working on stories, we felt that we actually wanted to age down that character,” thus landing the kids all about three to four years apart. “And Bailee Madison (Once Upon a Time) plays much younger than Gianna.”

I want your honest opinion. Which new fall series should I definitely set my DVR to record? –Cinders
I’d go with The Blacklist or Hostages (both of which air Mondays at 10 and are likely to garner watercooler chatter)… S.H.I.E.L.D. (of course)… and maybe The Michael J. Fox Show (which has stiff competition Thursdays at 9:30, but the second episode guest-starring Tracy Pollan nudged me off the fence and won me over. Cue Billy Vera….)

THE TITLE FOR CASTLE 6.01!!!! –Susan

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