Rookie Blue's Peter Mooney Talks 'Complications' for Newbie Couple Nick and Andy

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersWill Rookie Blue‘s newest romance hit an ex-shaped road bump?

After a season of friendship — and a whole lot of hinting at something more! — Andy and Nick are finally a couple.

But Peter Mooney, who plays the latest of McNally’s paramours on the ABC series (airing Thursday at 10/9c), warns TVLine that their relationship won’t be without some challenges — as well as surprises that could bode well for Andy and Sam ‘shippers.

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TVLINE | Nick got the girl, finally!
Yeah! It’s not without its complications. There’s a lot more that’s going to come out in the next couple of episodes.

TVLINE | What did you think when you found out they were moving Nick toward a romantic relationship with Andy?
I sort of knew it was something they had potentially on the table for quite a long time. As it started to come out more during the filming of [this] season, it was surprising. We experienced it a bit like the audience. We have a little bit of a heads-up, but a lot of the turns we’re just finding out for the first time when we read the script. It was pretty exciting. I love working with Missy [Peregrym]. It was a lot of fun to shoot.

TVLINE | When do you think Nick started falling for Andy?
Little bits happened during undercover, but in that harmless crush way. But that’s where the seeds were sown. Coming back, Nick really did try to make things work with Gail. It’s just those six months really, really compromised the structure of that relationship. And that relationship had a lot of problems inherent to it, as well. Nick didn’t allow himself to really start falling for Andy until after that confession from Gail. Then it was free game to allow himself to feel however he felt.

TVLINE | As I’m sure you know, there’s a lot of really passionate Andy/Sam fans. What would you say to them?
Stick with it. There’s a lot more story to come. There’s some surprises that they might hate, and there’s some surprises that they might love. There’s a lot more twists and turns before we ever plan on wrapping this thing up.

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TVLINE | Does Nick suspect that Andy maybe is not completely over Sam?
It’s not an issue because it’s not really the nature of their relationship. It’s a young relationship, and it’s not possessive or dramatic. They’re just figuring it out. So it’s definitely not an issue, where we’re at in the story now.

TVLINE | We’re long overdue for a Nick-and-Sam scene, though, that confronts what’s going on.
Yeah, I think we avoid each other around the station. [Laughs] … They’re guys’ guys, too. They’re not going to sit down and talk about their feelings with each other. It’s a lot easier to avoid bumping into each other in the staff lounge.

TVLINE | Is Gail still an issue for Andy and Nick, going forward?
For sure. That’s going to be hanging about in the air around 15 [Division]. But it looks like Gail has her own thing going on, so that might be preoccupying her, in a sense.

TVLINE | Is there resolution, one way or the other, with Andy’s love life by the finale?
Are there ever resolutions in life? Things come and go and overlap. It’s messy. That’s what I like about the show. It allows for that reality, that things are messy and tough, and there’s hard decisions for us to make and things to figure out. Andy’s in the midst of that.

TVLINE | So make the case for Nick: What can he offer Andy that Sam can’t? Or do you support Andy and Sam?
There’s a definite argument for both, like it is in real life. There’s strengths that one has that the other doesn’t, and vice-versa. What Nick and Andy have is a lot of ease and stability. They make a lot of sense. They get along well, and things are easy. They’re open with each other, and they have a real honesty. There’s a lot of hurt in the Sam/Andy relationship, but there’s also a lot of history and passion. They’re just two different paths. Both have a lot to offer and a lot to sacrifice.