Under the Dome Recap: All's Well That Ends Well

Under the Dome Recap Angie Is ImportantThis week on CBS’ Under the Dome, tensions over the water sitch boiled over, the Jims big and little butted heads and Julia’s encounter with the Mini Dome gave flight to a royal mystery.

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With Angie back in the mix and wanting to reopen the diner, Big Jim set out to commandeer Ollie’s well by waving around eminent domain claims — but the old coot and his small army of water-dependent farmers was having none of that. What’s more, at the close of that brief skirmish, Junior defected to the other side — a betrayal seemingly cemented when Ollie revealed that the lad’s mom didn’t die in a car “accident” years ago, as his father had told him, but in fact killed herself.

Refusing to back down, Big Jim cooked up a plan to put guns in more volunteers’ hands and storm Ollie’s place anew, but Barbie aimed to make a bigger “bang” by blowing up the damn well and thus replenish the reservoir. (This is where my background on irrigation physics bottoms out.) Barbie’s plan works, but not before a couple lives on each side (Ollie’s included) are lost in the course of Big Jim’s boondoggle — collateral damage that further drives the strong-willed men apart. Tread lightly, Barbie!

Elsewhere in the hour, Norrie’s giving Joe the big chill, believing that his tampering with the Mini Dome caused her mother Alice’s death, while Julia had her own close encounter with the now-pink egg at the epicenter of town, which caused her to “see” a second Joe who prophesied, “The monarch will be crowned.” As the episode closed, we realize that was not a nod to Kate and William’s royal baby but a butterfly tattoo on Angie’s shoulder blade.


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* Are we to surmise that Shy Ronnie got his mental instability from his momma? Or did her death “break” something inside him?

* How Kate Beckett-levels-of-impractical were the fashionable booties Julia wore on her and Joe’s expedition? What is she dressing for, trapped inside a dome? (Seriously, if I work from home more than two days in a row, the fashion choices get weird.)

* How refreshing was it to see bullets a-flying between feuding factions? It was, for a few minutes, as if this was a show about people trapped inside a mysterious dome with food, water and other creature comforts running out.

* Was the whole snowglobe sequence to suggest that a giant Tommy Westphall might show up outside the dome, peering in? Is that what’s going on here?!

* Is anyone else on television this week other than the awesome Dean Norris? First, Breaking Bad‘s premiere, now Big Jim’s breakdown scene…?!

* If, say, Angie represents the “monarch,” what on Earth does her being “crowned” entail?

What new questions do you have about the Dome?