Drop Dead Diva Boss Previews the Summer Finale's 'Gamechanger' of a Smooch

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 SpoilersHow does Drop Dead Diva‘s Jane really feel about the men in her life?

This Sunday, a kiss will tell.

The Lifetime series’ summer finale (9/8c) – the last episode before the show returns with five new episodes on Oct. 6 – is “more of a gamechanger than we’ve done in the past,” executive producer Josh Berman tells TVLine.

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“In the episode, Jane travels to San Diego to help a client,” he explains. “But while she’s there, she has a realization that changes her future. She kisses someone, and that kiss is a gamechanger.”

As a result, Jane “looks at her life differently” and begins to reexamine her feelings for the various guys orbiting her. But has one potential suitor already moved on for good?

“Grayson will always love Deb,” says Berman. “Grayson will always love Jane. But Jane — maybe for the right reasons rationally, but maybe not for the right reasons emotionally – had to reject Grayson at the beginning of the season.”

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Now, the handsome lawyer seems to have fallen for Annie Ilonzeh’s pretty secretary, Nicole.

“By the time Jane… makes the turn and comes toward him, his life is more complicated than she wishes,” teases the EP.

Meanwhile, “some huge surprises” are in store for ex-lovebirds Jane and Owen, who have found themselves walking a confusing line as they continue to work together at the firm.

“They have to figure out what their relationship is going to be,” previews Berman. “A big question for Owen is: Can they be friends? Or will he continue to pine after her? We do resolve all those issues by the end of the fall season.”