General Hospital Duo Previews 'Lots of Baby Drama' Ahead - Plus: Will Robin Return?

General Hospital Maxie BabyIt’s been the summer of baby-mama (and -daddy!) drama on General Hospitaland an inevitably sudsy climax is on the way, stars Kirsten Storms and Jason Thompson reveal to TVLine.

Lots of baby drama going on right now,” laughs Storms, whose Port Charles alter ego Maxie is currently carrying her own child but passing it off as the unborn baby of her best friend. “And the next few months are going to be pretty crazy for me.”

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Up next for the GH fave: “Maxie gives birth, which is going to be huge,” Storms teases, noting that Maxie’s little bundle of joy will arrive in the not-so-distant future. “There’s drama as soon as her water breaks, [when] things go awry in the midst of labor.”

And once Maxie’s little girl makes her debut, “The downward spiral of the truth [about the baby’s identity] coming out” finally begins, shares the daytime TV vet.

Thompson’s leading man Patrick, meanwhile, has some bundle-of-joy woes of his own — he just doesn’t know their extent yet.

“Sabrina still doesn’t believe the baby is Patrick’s, but he’s just trying to get her to back off a little bit,” the actor says. That said, “I’m just as interested as everybody else to find out how this is all going to be happen, because I honestly don’t know,” he jokes.

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One thing about which Thompson is sure: His desire to see Kimberly McCullough return to GH as his “late” love Robin — General Hospital Robin Returnsa prospect that looks likely considering recent storyline twists. (Various characters are searching for Jerry Jacks, the man — unbeknownst to them — holding the presumed-dead Robin captive.)

“There’s talk of her coming back for a little bit,” he tells us. “Selfishly, I hope it happens. I love working with Kimberly, We had a great relationship for six, seven years, and it’d be fun to do another story.” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

Are you ready to all of the baby-bumpin’ goodness ahead? Do you think Robin will return? Hit the comments!