The Bachelorette Photo Diary: 25 Memorable Moments from Monday's Insane Finale!

Another season of The Bachelorette has come to an end, and yes, our heroine Desiree Hartsock got her fairytale ending. Well, that is if your idea of a “fairytale ending” involves reality TV cameras, a live studio audience and two tear-soaked break-ups right before your wedding proposal.

To celebrate Desiree dumping Drew, suppressing her feelings for an on-the-run Brooks and saying “hells yes!” to a whopper of a (Neil Lane-sponsored) diamond offered by hunky former baseball player Chris, we’ve put together a gallery of 25 memorable moments from Monday night’s finale.

So click on through if you want to relive the “journey” — or to get all of the deliciously ridiculous details while being able to maintain your “I would never watch The Bachelorette” street cred!

And when you’re done, hit the comments with your own favorite Bachelorette memories — and your feelings on Juan Pablo being chosen as the next Bachelor!