The Bachelorette: Become Fluent in the Desiree-Brooks Saga With 15 Wacky Screengrabs

Here’s a dilemma for quality TV lovers with active social schedules: You’d rather brush your teeth with steel wool than spend two hours of your life watching The Bachelorette. Nevertheless, with ABC billing the show’s latest two-part finale (Part 1 aired last Monday; Part 2 airs this Monday, 8/7c) as “the television event of the summer,” chances are you’ll be hearing the names “Desiree” and “Brooks” and possibly even “Drew” at brunches and dinner parties and play dates this weekend. (How awful!)

Fret not: You want some rudimentary Bachelorette literacy? TVLine has your back. We watched Part 1 in all its tear-soaked, fantasy-suite-smooching glory shame, and we’ve boiled the action down to 15 key screengrabs that will help you understand the entire sordid story of heartbreak, betrayal and truly terrible hair.

So click through the gallery below for the full scoop, then come back next Tuesday (if you’re masochistic enough to want to know how the whole “fairytale” concludes).