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NCIS Tony Ziva SpoilersWill an NCIS love’s exit rock Tony’s world? How might the NCIS: LA premiere torture fans? What loco antics has the New Girl gotten herself into? What aims The Flash at Arrow‘s world? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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On NCIS, do you think “Tiva” will be together in the end? Or do you think it’ll be a kiss and then she leaves? I don’t think I could handle a depressed Tony if they weren’t together. –Samantha
Michael Weatherly hears your concern, and shares his own hope that Cote de Pablo’s double-episode send-off “is as cathartic and therapeutic for the fans as it was for me shooting it.” As for the oft-promised “appropriate closure,” this is all DiNozzo’s portrayer would tease: “When you want something for so long, and you want and you want and you want, and it almost gets warped because you’ve wanted it for maybe longer than anybody should ever want anything, and it’s sitting five feet from you in an office…. When that is dealt with, a dam breaks and it creates a fresh new and most importantly dynamic element to the show. That eight-year ‘holding pattern’ will be dealt with, but more important than that is what happens next. Where does Tony go after that? And [the answer to that] is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a long time.”

I am looking for a job and I am a huge fan of NCIS. Can I take Ziva’s job? It looks like fun and I sure need that in my life! –Cheryl
Sure, just get behind the 50-year-old lady who’s at the head of the line of candidates.

I would like these ladies to take Ziva’s place: Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich. –Clinton
What, no love for Cheryl above…?

What can NCIS: Los Angeles fans expect in the season premiere? –Anna
In short, “a great episode of television,” raves Eric Christian Olsen. As he elaborated for me, “This is the darkest and the most honest and the most vulnerable and the most heartbreaking episode for Deeks, but also for the other characters. The best scene that has ever been written for [Deeks and Sam] happens in the premiere; we’ve already filmed it, and [LL Cool J] is so good. And the most honest scene that Deeks and Kensi have ever had together happens in the premiere.” (I think I just gave Anna goosebumps.)

Help! All of us Scandal junkies need a fix! Anything? –Maggie
Here is anything, courtesy of Dan Bucatinsky aka Cy’s guy James. “[The season premiere] will feel seamless in terms of giving people exactly what they love about Scandal,” the Emmy-nominated actor/producer shares. “We come back and relationships are just as rich, and just as surprising, and just as tense. That’s what I noticed about the first script.” As for things between James and the hubs specifically, “It’s much as we left it. We are in a good place.”

Please find out any piece of scoop you can about Season 3 of New Girl! -Kas
Make sure your passport is in order (unlike, ahem, Nick’s), because the Fox comedy is heading south of the border for the season opener. The set-up: Jess and Nick embark on a romantic getaway to Mexico, only to meet mishap and misunderstanding after mishap and misunderstanding, resulting in (way) more than one tazing by a zap-happy security guard — which continues even after Schmidt & Co. come to the “rescue.”

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Any new scoop about Castle? –Rachael
Hot off the presses, I’ve got a casting call for the multi-episode role of Frank “Sully” Sullivan, a new NYPD detective in his late 20s/early 30s who’s described as “a guy’s guy.” My question: Is the name Sully a nod to Nathan Fillion’s Monsters University gig? Remind me to ask Fillion tomorrow on set.

Law & Order: SVU addict here! Now that we know Mariska Hargitay renewed her contract for Season 15, is Dennis Duffy Dean Winters returning as well? Or will that relationship fizzle out like all her others? –Bernadette
Winters’ Brian Cassidy will be absolutely in the season premiere, which picks up right where the finale left off. In fact, it’s Cassidy who sounds the proverbial alarm when hours turn into days and (abducted) Benson oddly hasn’t returned any of his calls. Guest star Lauren Ambrose also returns in the two-hour Season 15 premiere, airing Sept. 25 at 9/8c.

How many episodes of Covert Affairs will there be this season before the break? –Deb
The original plan to run all 16 episodes straight has changed, I am told, but you have at least seven more to enjoy before any potential midseason hiatus.

When I first looked up details of this season of The Newsroom, I heard that there would be 12 episodes. But now I saw an article that said there would be only nine! What’s the real amount? –Ross
Sorry, I must say nein to that 12 rumor and confirm it is just nine, with the finale set for Sept. 15.

Do you know if the first three episodes of Glee before the hiatus are going to air in consecutive weeks? –Sofia
So many scheduling Qs this week! Yes, Fox boss Kevin Reilly today confirmed for me/you that Glee will open its season with three consecutive episodes, break for postseason baseball coverage, and then immediately return thereafter with as many as seven straight episodes.

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I am beyond geeking out over the Arrow/The Flash crossover/spin-off news. Anything more to report? –Charlotte
I’ve got fresh intel on exactly what brings Central City PD CSI Barry Allen to Oliver’s orbit. The would-be speedster travels (not by foot, I assume) to Starling City while investigating a series of brutal slayings that he believes may have a connection to his mother’s years-ago murder — a crime for which his father has been unjustly imprisoned.

Is Rookie Blue‘s Diaz really gone? He can’t be! His character was a great balance for the other characters. Also, it was so nice to have Luke back this past week — any chance he will be around for more episodes this summer? –G.D.
You will definitely see Luke again this summer. As for Diaz… well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what happens to him.

Any scoop on my favorite Rookie Blue rookie, Sam? –Danny
This week marks the introduction of Al Sapienza (Person of Interest) as “the man and the police officer that Sam modeled himself on,” says EP Tassie Cameron, “and to hear some of Sam’s backstory through that relationship, and to watch him in a relationship with a father figure he respects very much, [is] very illuminating for that character.” In fact, you’ll even get a flashback of sorts – but no funky, retro wig — via “an old videotape of Sam conducting an early interrogation.”

I love Copper! Could I please get some Corky spoilers? –Jessica
Yes, but mind you, I am just the messenger: I am hearing that Corky is due to soon experience a devastating tragedy that will alter the trajectory of his life.

After Hallie’s death on Chicago Fire, Casey seemed to be holding it together at work, but it turns out he was falling apart in his personal life. Will he reach out for help or continue on his downward spiral? –Stephanie
The answer may not be as dramatic as you envision. Rather, I’m hearing that Casey deals with Hallie’s death privately, and then moves on.

We now know who’s been cast to play Samantha Jones on The CW’s The Carrie Diaries, but is there any scoop on who will play Carrie’s other Manhattan-based BFF, Stanford Blatch? – Dan
I wouldn’t hold your breath for Young Stanford’s arrival. As CW boss Mark Pedowitz said when asked about meeting other familiar faces, “This is the year that Carrie and Samantha first bond, and we’ll see what happens after that. But this is a year about Samantha.”

I would like any information you may have on Dallas and the upcoming Season 3. –Shonda
Josh “John Ross” Henderson took it upon himself to “announce” via Facebook that Season 3 will premiere in late February and air in two chunks — eight winter episodes, followed by seven in the summer. TNT however declined to confirm that news for me, and then Josh’s posting went MIA. Hmmmm.

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