Walking Dead DVD Exclusive: The Lost Season 3 Scene That Will Have Carol-Daryl Fans Swooning

Carol and Daryl are so getting it on next season on The Walking Dead.

A never-before-seen sequence from Season 3’s 11th episode between Carol and Daryl’s late brother Merle, featured in the AMC smash’s S3 Blu-ray and DVD release (out Aug. 27) and previewed below, sheds startling new light on the deep bond between the survivors. 

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In the clip, Carol extends a tasty peace offering to fellow “inmate” Merle, but before you can say “holy bait-and-switch Batman,” the soft-spoken widow bares her claws and delivers a rather graphic threat to the neighborhood bully.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Carol and Daryl are so getting it on in Season 4 (bowing Oct. 13), right?

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  1. Shaun says:

    This video is not available….

    • Laura Aliaga says:

      Me either. Can someone please describe what happened in the clip for the unfortunate ones who can’t see it?

      • CR says:

        Carol goes into a cell holding Merle acting sweet and offering him some food. She tells him the tells him that she thinks she still alive because people underestimate her. She tells him if he screws things up, messes with Daryl, she will still his throat while he sleeps. She’s very calm and almost polite the way she delivers her speech. Not much, but it with as few lines as Carol gets, I wish it hadn’t been cut.

        • Bethany Ball says:

          What you forgot to mention is that while Carol is telling Meryl this, Daryl walks up behind her and hears every word she says! Then he walks away before Carol sees him. And then Meryl starts grinning ear to ear.

          • chiianna says:

            LOL your right, I totally forgot to mention that…

          • chiianna says:

            Well CR did too.. So I don’t feel bad missing it in my transcript of it either :) CR gets brownie points though for pointing out how calm that Carol is when delivering it. She says it all in the same polite tone that she has when saying “here is your food, your part of the family”…

          • Kimberly says:

            probably doesn’t matter much, but she actually walks away without seeing Darryl there, Darryl & Meryl look at each other then Darryl walks away, next comes Meryl’s grin. I agree, good scene to be left in…but who are we right?

        • Thanks so much for describe.. I can’t see the video ’cause it is not available in my country. For what you said, I wished this scene was not cut off too *___*

        • CR says:

          Damn autocorrect, she says slit his throat not still his throat. I’m not sure if Daryl heard all this or not cause he was standing back a bit and she said it really quietly. But you are correct, I forgot to mention he is shown in the background watching her have a word with Merle.

  2. Whatever says:

    The producers should of left that in the show !

  3. Lynne says:

    Holy shizzles! I sure hope they do. It’s about time for this dynamic duo to get it on!

  4. chiianna says:

    I have no idea which line is better… that one or Carol telling Andrea to slit the Governor’s throat… Either way, I got to agree with another poster, they should have left it in. both actors (especially Rooker now) didn’t get enough screen time and are really both quite good. It would have played in really well to why “Merle did what he did” at the end.

  5. Erica says:

    omg. I have GOT to see this clip. Please make it available ASAP. Thank you.

  6. Erica says:

    Oh crap. So does this mean it’s not available outside the US? Dang Dang and quadruple Dang with a “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” added on.

  7. Ash says:

    That made my day.

  8. Babygate says:

    We also got a glimpse of this Carol when she told Andrea to have sex with the governor and then kill him in his sleep. Advice that sadly, Andrea ignored.

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Nice!! Carol protecting her man :-)

  10. GeekGirl13 says:

    Why was this cut?! They seriously couldn’t make time to include this scene?!

    • They did a scene with Hershel instead which I thought was better. I didn’t like Carol coming off as a bad a$$. That just doesn’t suit her personality at all.

      • William says:

        Car or is a total badass… maybe not so much at that point in the series but from where she started to where she is now… ya she’s a badass. Saved them all from Terminis

  11. MrsTV says:

    That was awesome! I love Carol! They definitely should have left that in the show. I am seriously hoping for a Carol and Daryl hook-up.

  12. Will says:

    I think the reason they cut it. Was because it was redundant with what she told Andrea.

    • chiianna says:

      I don’t think that it is redundant at all with what Carol told Andrea. In this one she was protecting Daryl and in the Andrea line, she was trying to stop the Governor. Unless you consider that Carol is comparing Merle to the Governor, minus the Carol sleeping with Merle.

      For those who can’t see the clip, the very short version is:

      Carol basically brings Merle some food, she says that she figures he is part of their family now. That she should have been dead several times by now, he agrees with her “for us all” (implying that him too), she basically says that she has survived by people underestimating her and that he shouldn’t do that to her. She accuses him of making “the rounds” and says not to screw this up for Daryl and says that if he does that she will slit his throat as he sleeps.

    • Babygate says:

      I agree. The idea was to show the darker, protective side of Carol and that was accomplished much more effectively by the conversation she had with Andrea. Had I seen this clip without knowing about the Andrea exchange, I might have though that Carol was just bluffing here.

  13. I thought that was pretty amazing and I’m rather shocked that they left it out!

  14. Connie says:

    Damnit, I cannot view this! This is torture – I love Carol & Daryl! I wish you embedded videos that ALL fans of your site could see!

  15. kelsey says:

    That was awesome. Thanks!

  16. Hyde says:

    Am I the only one that DOESN’T want Carol and Daryl to get together?? In my brain, they are just both victims of abuse who have bonded over their pain in a bad situation. I think it would be more compelling for them NOT to be together and form a Brother/Sister bond with her losing her family and his losing his brother. Become a family that way. Daryl is pretty harsh, I think Carol needs a loving man who can express himself openly, the opposite of her husband. Daryl isn’t that man.

    • jake91 says:

      I don’t see the point in them getting together anyway. Okay, so let’s say they do. Then what….? How will the show’s story benefit from the two of them bumping uglies?

      • Whitewalker says:

        Its Carol and Daryl!

        The show already benefits from the never-been-done.before angle of their story, I could watch every single permutation available on TV and would never find something like the two of them on TV.

        It’s like looking for an interracional pairing like Maggie and Glenn in the CW.

      • Don says:

        It wouldn’t change anything. It’s just to please middle aged mothers who ship the couple and write fanfic while the kids are at school and the husbands are away…

        • Ash says:

          If it wouldn’t change anything why do you care?

          • chiianna says:

            LOL I just figured Don was some troll who’s wife writes fanfic and was feeling a bit jealous of some fanfic that his wife is paying more attention too… Why else would someone bring it up here. (It is the only reason I can think of for such rude behavior on his part)

    • steven says:

      I could not agree more. I have never observed the Carol Daryl relationship anywhere near sexual, one line “you want to mess around” which is uncomfortably laughed off does not count. It is much more like a mother son relationship. Daryl comes from an abusive house hold, there is no mention if mom was even around. He is looking for that parental role model, one that he has had only Meryl to model after. Carol is finding her independence when her abusive husband died, she now sees herself as a powerful woman who after loosing her daughter will not let anything happen to her children ever again. I find this to be the most sensitive relationship on the show, and the surrogate mother/son paradigm to be the most interesting. I hope they don’t Hollywood it up by having them hook up.

    • No, you’re definitely not! If they do pair them together, for whatever God-forsaken reason, I’ll easily ignore it while trying not to gag.

  17. Joey says:

    Good clip. That scene should have been in the episode.

  18. liz says:

    hopefully someone will upload this to youtube so everyone can watch it.

  19. Mare says:

    They should have left that in. Not only for the Carol/Darryl tones, but for showing how much Carol has grown and become self assured and badazz, but also for getting the chance to let Darryl see someone defending him and protecting him from someone as bad as his brother. I love that he got to hear/see it!

  20. Sabrina says:

    I ship Caryl so hard.

  21. You Wish says:

    Daryl and Carol are not getting together in Season 4.

    • I agree!! In fact, I doubt they’ll EVER get together. They don’t belong together. They’re no more than good friends who have ONE thing in common.. abusive pasts. And I don’t see any ‘romance’ in any of the past episodes like a lot of people seem to.. of course, I don’t look through rose-covered glasses either :P

  22. lanternfive says:

    Definitely getting together at some point. Carol threatens Merle about messing with Daryl, while Daryl protectively watches over her from a distance. There was no reason for the writers to place Daryl in the background of that scene than to stress the connection between those two characters.

  23. Mark P says:

    Carol shoudl live and survive. Period. Favorite underestimated underrated character.

  24. Leah says:

    For anyone who can’t ever see these clips like me, they’re always to be found on YouTube. For this one search ‘walking dead season 3 deleted scene merle and carol’ :)

  25. Tambra says:

    I felt that the group repeatedly tried to bring Merle into the fold so to speak that last episode…even Michonne after what he had intended to do to her… and this clip just does not fit that theme.

  26. S#*t yes Carol! Boom! The moral of the story is, if you are not on Carol’s good side, sleep with one eye open or lock yourself in! LOL

  27. Robin says:

    It would be so right for Carol & Daryl to get together. She’ beautiful & he needs a woman not a girl

  28. Mary says:

    There is obviously something between them. Daryl cares for her deeply. I love both characters and something as close to normal as possible would be sweet. Daryl is damaged and a relationship with Carol would be sweet.

  29. TWDLOVER says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that is absolutely hilarious!!! XD gotta love carol!!