The CW Puts Flash on Fast Track, Hits Pause on Wonder Woman, Lets Fly With Big Arrow Spoiler

The CW Flash Superhero SeriesThe DC Comics hero Flash is, fittingly, on the fast-track to get his own series on The CW, it was announced Tuesday morning at the Television Critics Assoc. summer press tour.

“We plan to introduce… the origin story of Dr. Barry Allen” — one of Flash’s multiple alter egos across DC lore — during Season 2 of Arrow, network boss Mark Pedowitz explained. Hoping to firm up The CW’s footing in the DC universe, “We felt this was a very organic way to get there.”

Pedowitz noted that since it’s an origin story — and given Arrow‘s own grounded nature — Barry Allen “may not come in with superpowers.”

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Wonder Woman, in the meantime, will have to cool her invisible jets, as the prequel series Amazon is “on pause right now. The script isn’t where we want it,” Pedowitz admitted. With Black Canary being introduced on Arrow and the Flash character also on the way, he said, “It’s better to wait and get it right.”

UPDATE: Also in the Arrowverse, Pedowitz revealed that Season 2 newcomer Caity Lotz (The Pact) is (spoiler alert!) in fact playing Laurel’s presumed dead sister Sara. “I hope it brings a certain amount of conflict,” he shared. As for what was previously revealed about Lotz’s storyline, he clarified, “I don’t know if this character is … or is not the Black Canary, but it is an origin story. Remember, Laurel Lance was the Black Canary in the DC Universe.”

SUPERNATURAL INSTINCTS | Pedowitz reiterated the plan for a Chicago-based spin-off about hunters and monsters, noting that no currently recurring characters are expected to migrate to the offshoot. As for the original, now long-running drama, “I would love Supernatural to continue as long as it could continue,” he said. “From what I’ve read and seen so far, [showrunner Jeremy Carver is] creating arcs that could go longer [than the upcoming season]. As long as the fan base is there, there’s no reason it couldn’t continue.”

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FUNNY BUSINESS? | The summertime success and Season 2 renewal of Whose Line Is It Anyway? “gives us a strategic piece now” to look into developing half-hour comedies, Pedowitz said.

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LA FIN NIKITA | Pedowitz dismissed a rumor that Nikita‘s final six episodes will be burned off in three two-hour batches. “The game plan … is individual episodes,” he maintained, “though we may end up doing a two-hour finale after we’ve run the first four episodes singularly.” The spy drama’s goodbye tour is currently expected to kick off in mid-November.

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  1. Patrick Maloney says:

    I’m at a loss, I’m very excited but curious on how they can pull this off

  2. Kathy says:

    I just hope this Flash is better than the one CBS put on the air in the 90’s.

  3. Jace says:

    How can The Flash be introduced in Arrow if they plan to keep with the ‘No Powers’ rule. Batman, Green Arrow, Huntress, even Black Canary (to an extent) can be in a no powers show, but The Flash without his powers is just… well, not The Flash.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I have added an answer on that.

    • Kira says:

      IMO, if you’re not gonna have the Canary Cry why even call her Black Canary?? She’s just a woman who can fight. Like Huntress but without the cool weapons. I think they limit themselves by saying no one is going to have superpowers. They’re smart enough to figure out a way to do it without it being too comicy. I would LOVE to see them take up the challenge. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Maki says:

        They use super technology they can always invent things and weapons which can imitate a canary cry. But for the Flash it will be tricky to invent shoes or something what can accelarate him but they have an idea how to resolve it.

      • Alan says:

        the first canary, dinah drake, didnt have the canary cry, only the second, dinah lance, did so its not like its impossible for canary to be done without the cry.

      • Kira says:

        @Maki, yeah super tech is about the only way to go. I’ve always liked Black Canary. I really want to like where they take this. Hate it when someone ruins a storyline for you. (X-Men already screwed up the Pheonix storyline.) I’ll just have to trust they know what they’re doing lol

        @Alan, I think Golden Age Canary was the only one to not have powers. All other versions do, which I like. It’s a simple yet effective ability to have.

      • The Squatch says:

        I could see them using Nanobots, the generic “go-to” tech that a lot of shows and movies use to allow the Flash to run fast if they decide to go that way. All they have to do is say “the nanobots he invented are increasing his metabolism a hundred fold which causes some strange and wonderful side effects such as…” yadda yadda yadda. It could work.

  4. Maki says:

    CW really tries to exploit the DC comic world and make the most of it’s popular shows. Arrow and Supernatural giving “spin off’s” for next season. And they have no air time to fill it up. They really should introduce the 10pm air slot or atleast show something on Sundays!

    • ninamags says:

      I’m pretty sure they are going to take into account the shows that will not survive for an entire season. Then, they will have spots to fill.

    • Alex says:

      Affiliates control Sunday nights and the 10pm slot. They won’t give up those times to the low-rated CW easily. It’s not as if the CW can just say to any random station, “Give us those times,” and automatically have them, Maki.

  5. Zorkel says:

    I really hope this comes to pass. I would love to see a Flash series, especially if it launches out of Arrow Season 2.

  6. mjsamuelson says:

    Wonder Woman still on hold. This is getting kind of ridiculous.

  7. In the comics, Ollie and Barry don’t get along. Hal is what keeps them from killing each other. If Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman make up the main trinity of the DC Universe, Arrow, Lantern, and Flash certainly make up the second most important trinity in that universe, so hopefully we’ll see Jordan show up.

    I’d much rather have preferred that they introduce the Question, though.

  8. hello says:

    CW used to be about rich sluts with superficial problems, now it is about sci-fi and superheroes. Fantastic upgrade

  9. The Kaibosh says:

    Yikes! Given that CW scripts are pretty bad to begin with; the Wonder Woman script must be REALLY bad.

  10. Nicole says:

    John Wesley Shipp has to at least make a cameo since he was the first TV Flash for CBS. I do wonder if Michael Rosenbaum would be game to do a weekly series again since he also voiced the Flash in a number of DCU animated series. It’d be great to have him back on TV again.

    • erik says:

      i don’t want Rosenbaum playing Barry Allen… Rosenbaum is the voice i hear when i read WALLY WEST since that’s the character he voiced in Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans…

  11. Stefan says:

    What? Who needs a Flash Show without Superpowers.. what is he – just a normal human who can run a little bit faster than everybody else? R u kidding me? Thats just beyond stupid..

    • ninamags says:

      He might not have superpowers in the beginning…. maybe he gets them later on?

    • Alan says:

      you know the origin of barry’s powers right? he gets them in a lab accident, he isnt born with them. let them establish the character in the world first before he gets the powers in the accident. if you think they would go to the trouble of making a show with him as the main character and not have powers then that is, in your own words, “beyond stupid”.

  12. Fernanda says:

    Give Xena’s creators to develop the Wonder Woman TV series and they could create a new cult show. DC made a mistake when chose David E Kelly to pen the failed pilot with Adrianne Palicki.
    If they are going to create a Wonder Woman’s feature film they should cast Antje Traue. She was so amazing as Faora in Man of Steel and I wanna see her again but as superhero.
    I Don’t care about Flash

    • Liq says:

      Agreed that she was amazing in Man of Steel, but uhh, I don’t think she’s going to leave films to play a character on a crappy, bottom of the barrel, network like CW. Maybe if she was VERY hurting for work, but I highly doubt someone like her would lower her standards like that.

  13. Liq says:

    Haha, The Flash without superpowers? What? Then what is he? Someone like Usain Bolt? Common, CW, add superpowers to your super hero shows. 90% of your series are garbage, so might as well try to spice it up.

    • Alan says:

      it didnt say he wont have powers, it said he wont have powers when he is introduced which is 100% accurate to the comics. come on people nobody would make a show about a guy with super speed and then take away the damn power that makes him who he is; thats about as likely to happen as a sherlock holmes adaptation where he is a master chef.

  14. Alan says:

    file this one under “things i did not expect to see on the internet today”.
    i guess this will bring an end to the no powers thing arrow has going.
    considering that there is supposedly a flash movie in the works that will be in continuity with man of steel so i guess this will end the rumour that arrow is in the same universe (thankfully).

  15. IMHO – Barry Allen played by David Gallagher – looked – 4 years younger than Stephen Amell, FYI

  16. Cherry says:

    Laurel’s sister was already cast in the pilot? why are they changing the actress?

  17. Drew says:

    Barry Allen could be introduced as a forensics guy for the police department before his speed is ever even an issue.

    Once the lab accident occurs, who is to say how his powers would manifest in this universe? Maybe he won’t be running around as we imagine. Maybe the speed will come into play in some other way. Intellect. Metabolism. Maybe it will be an illness rather than a super power. If he gets his own series, they’d have to make it more heroic of course. The question is, what can they get away with without crossing the line?

    As for Wonder Woman, the problem with her is that she has no compelling story. The image of Wonder Woman is iconic, but the character herself is not. She’s pretty lame in the comics, and making her look anything but lame in live action would be difficult. That’s where the problem comes from. She is part of the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman trio mainly just because they wanted a female character to sell to little girls.

    If she ever gets a series of her own, they will have to rework her origins majorly. Possibly so much that it isn’t even the same character anymore. The truth is that there are far more compelling female heroes in the DC universe. Renee Montoya’s The Question could work on Arrow. They could have Laurel start working with Oracle, which could result in an online hack war between Oracle and Felicity. That might be cool.

  18. Joey says:

    a new Flash show would be great. Glad CW are getting into more of DC world.

  19. xomareen says:

    Very exited for this and Barry is awesome, but I will forever be bitter that they just won’t bring Wally back. C’mon, you were my only hope, CW.

  20. Babar says:

    Matt, did Pedowitz actually say that Lotz is playing Laurel’s sister Sara, becasue it could be a sister she never knew about?

  21. Snow says:

    Why are they changing the actress who played Sara in the pilot? :(

  22. Michelle says:

    Ugh, Sara’s ALIVE?! I was really hoping she was dead.

  23. Mikael says:

    I could see them giving Black Canary a device that emits the Cry. I think they could slowly introduce powers to the Arrow universe and not have it become Smallville.

  24. Ticked Off says:

    DC Comics & Warner Bros gets an A+ at delivering constant dissapointments when it comes to Wonder Woman. I really wish someone owned the rights that would get off their butts already. They make me sick!