How Will Wonderland Compare to Original Once? Plus: Scoop on the Spin-Off's 'Surprising' Jafar

“We can’t wait for people to come down the rabbit hole with us.” That is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland cocreator Eddy Kitsis‘ invitation for viewers to sample the Once spin-off premiering Thursday, Oct. 10.

Taking turns (with varying degrees of success!) to preview the new ABC series during a visit with Michael Ausiello in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite, cast members Michael Socha (who plays the Knave of Hearts), Sophie Lowe (Alice), Emmy Rigby (the Red Queen) and Peter Gadiot (Cyrus) promise “a self-contained adventure” revolving around “Alice’s quest to find love” that being Gadiot’s charming genie, whom she fell hard for on her first trip to the fantastical realm.

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Also during this video Q&A: Kitsis and fellow EPs Adam Horowitz and Zack Estrin compare Wonderland to the mothership series (Is it the “sexier, naughtier cousin”?) and tease what they have in store for new addition/Lost alum Naveen Andrews‘ take on the nefarious Jafar.