First Look Video: Jessie Travels from the Future to Save Mankind from Bertram-Bots

This week on Disney Channel’s Jessie (Friday, 8:30/7:30c), the titular nanny makes like the Terminator and visits from the future in the name of saving mankind — and we’ve got a first look at her eyepatch-rocking self.

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As seen in the clip below, Future Jessie (played by Debby Ryan) leaps back 60 years in time to warn her wards of an invasion by an army of Bertram-Bots, which will one day be created by Ravi. The years have apparently been unkind to the childcare professional, at least based on the kids’ reaction to what lies beneath her fierce eyepatch!

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This time-trippy outing is but one part of Disney Channel’s “Flash Forward Weekend” event, which also includes A.N.T. Farm  (Friday, 8pm) getting a visit from teenage Zoltan (who uses a time machine to score a prom date), Good Luck Charlie (Sunday, 7:30pm) jumping forward a decade to show its title character — played as a teen by Heather Locklear’s daughter Ava Sambora — using one of Teddy’s video diaries to solve a problem, and the Shake It Up! kids attending their 20-year high school reunion. Fish Hooks, Dog With a Blog and Austin & Ally also are participating.

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