Castle Halts Production for a Day as Nathan Fillion Is a No-Show During Contract Dispute

Castle Shuts Down Production Fillion DisputeABC’s Castle shut down production on Season 6 this past Friday when series lead Nathan Fillion was a no-show on the set, sources confirm for TVLine.

As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Fillion’s absence was likely intended as a “nudge” to his ABC Studios bosses with whom he is in a contract dispute, as he lobbies for a four-day work week.

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Fillion was conspicuously “Twitter silent” on the Friday in question, having posted 11 times the day prior (including the photo below, with Season 6 guest star Lisa Edelstein) and nine times the day after. Edelstein herself went on to post the second photo below, “solving crimes” with female lead Stana Katic.

Production on the ABC drama resumed this week, with Fillion on set. As announced earlier today, Castle‘s new season will premiere Monday, Sept. 23

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  1. Evan says:

    I’m trying to figure out how one of the two major stars of the show thinks he can actually do an episode a week in just 4 days.

    • Meg says:

      He comes from the world of soap operas. GH films 10 episodes a week. I’m not sure what goes into filming a prime time show versus a daytime soap but I guess he feels like it can be done.

      • Alichat says:

        He’s been out of soaps for almost 20 years. He knows how a primetime show works….and it’s an 8 day+ shoot with 12 to 16 hour days. This seems awfully unprofessional of him, and there have never been any stories of him being unprofessional in his career. It seems odd.

        • Bob says:

          So, he’s basically saying he wants each show shot over a two-week time period. They do 22 episodes a season, which would take them 44 weeks to complete. Still leaves them 8 weeks hiatus. What’s the big deal?

          • Just one thing says:

            That isn’t what is being proposed. A 44-week schedule with only 8 weeks between seasons is neither feasible for the network schedule, the studio budget or, frankly, any of the cast/crew’s physical or mental health. There is no way they could sustain that kind of production schedule. I shudder just thinking about it.

          • alieh86 says:

            Unfortunately this sounds like another example of an actor getting too big for their britches. Can you imagine if your average hard working American went to their boss and said, “Soooo… Just wanted to let you know I’m going to start working 4 days instead of 5.” The boss would ask “Is something wrong? Is there a family emergency?”….”no, I’m just tired and don’t want to work a full week. You know, I think it would be great to have long weekends while everyone else works. Oh and I want a raise.” The boss would laugh you out of their office and say “you’re fired”!!!

      • dude says:

        Do soaps film single-camera though? Sure doesn’t look like it.

        • James says:

          Depends on the soap itself, especially if they’re doing outdoor shoots.

          I don’t understand why they call it single-cam and multi-cam. It makes me think that production use a single camera throughout shooting an episode of Castle when in truth they don’t.

          • MM says:

            Most soaps are multi-cam which means that you film a scene from all the angles at once. It looks in the production booth like it would on your TV (with the occasional insert shot). Single-cam means you will do multiple takes of the same scene from different angles (occasionally you will use multiple cameras.) The two main differences are the pace at which filming can proceed– multi-cam is definitely faster, and items can be completed in a single take– and the “feel” of the set. There is an open “4th wall” in the sets with a multi-cam approach, and you will rarely see sets from any other angle than that in this case. (Think of How I Met Your Mother apartment looks versus the Castle police station. We always see the fire escape on HIMYM, but never the TV wall. Meanwhile, Kate’s desk is shown from all different angles.)

    • Badpenny says:

      It takes 8 days to film an episode of Castle. A 4-day work week would mean each episode would take 2 weeks to film. That means 24 episodes would take 48 weeks, not including holiday breaks. If he thinks the 9 months straight he’s working now is too much pushing it to 11 months won’t help things, or endear him to his castmates.

      • DL says:

        I can’t imagine he’s made this decision on his own. He must have talked to cast and crew and had their support. There’s clearly information here that we don’t have.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yeah, there’s clearly information that we don’t have. There’s information that won’t ever have.
          But I think it’s silly to assume he talked to the cast and crew and has their support. He’s the only one who’s going to benefit from this arrangement, and come Thursday every week, every cast and crew member is going to have to work their butts off to get his scenes shot on time, knowing they won’t see him again on Monday.
          I understand wanting to think the best of him, but come on…

      • Samantha says:

        The crew would keep the same schedule they have now. He’s not asking the entire production to move to a four day work week. He would shoot his scenes in four days, and on the fifth day, they would shoot things like Ryan and Esposito’s scenes, Lanie and Beckett scenes, etc. It’s not as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Plenty of other actors have negotiated for schedules like this, including Steve Carell.

      • sheri says:

        That doesn’t sound right. If it takes 8 days to film one episode then what is the problem with a 4 day work week?

    • Nonnaru says:

      It actually takes closer to 2 weeks from beginning to end to get each episode done filming.

    • rowan77 says:

      You can’t shoot an episode in 5 days either. They usually take 8 days (Supernatural takes up to 8 1/2 days) or a week and a half (no weekends). Making it a four day work week will take ten weeks to equal being one episode behind. That said, trying to force a four day work week as the lead of a show is not the norm. Every other star works a 5 day week, why not Nathan – unless he’s trying to fit in shooting films Friday-Sunday and then Castle Monday-Thursday. That’s burning the candle at both ends and creates a strain on production to have to schedule around him.

    • Grey says:

      They filmed “Still” in just three days. It can be done.

      • stephanie says:

        Still was filmed mostly with scenes from other episodes and the filming time was really short because it was an extra episode, that´s why the filmed in three days

    • Marlowe has turned “Castle” into the “Beckett” show; they don’t need Nathan Fillion to be there all the time anyway. Why not let him work 4 days a week?

      • Just one thing says:

        I disagree. Beckett had primary focus in After the Storm and Recoil, but has otherwise taken a step back as she did in the two-parter and the Espo/Ryan episodes, or has had equal focus with Castle.

        Castle is still integral to the show, and always will be, as far as the studio and network are concerned.

  2. Samantha says:

    When you make more in an episode than most people make in a year? Suck it up, go to work, & do your job!
    I have no sympathy for actors complaining about long hours. Everyday working Americans do it daily and for a fraction of the pay.
    If true .. not cool Mr Fillion, not cool at all!

    • Cook says:

      You don’t know that’s all that was going on. He might also NOT be doing it for himself. Meaning he may be trying to get everyone’s hours down a bit because he thinks they’re overworked. Honestly if you look at things people who’ve worked with him say, this is VERY out of character for him.

      • Drew says:

        All of those other people on the crew will still have to go to work, with or without him. And if their hours are cut, I highly doubt that they will be thanking him. Most likely, they’ll be looking for a way to supplement their income.

      • Ann says:

        This is very interesting. I know nothing about production< but watching last season, the actors on the set seemed to have lost their sense of fun compared to earlier seasons.

    • Dav says:

      Everyday working Americans work 8 hr. days 5 days a week. A lead actor on an hour long drama can often work up to 14 hours a day and even on weekends. You try doing that for 5 years and see how you like it! Yeah, he makes more money than you…get over it. That doesn’t mean he has to be miserable.

      • Deedee says:

        Well said!

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Amen, im so tired of people having no sympathy or empathy or understanding for people that make a lot of money..its like if you have $10,000 in the bank and someone steals $5,000 of it they are outraged but if your a billionaire with 2 Billion in the bank and someone steals a Billion, they say “get over it, your still a billionaire and have more money then you could ever spend! You rich easy life, no stress having bastard!” Its such BS.

          I am curious how he thinks the show can be filmed in 4 days, but its better than the alternative which is him deciding not to re-up his contract and Castle getting cancelled, because i imagine he is a 42 year old man, and has made a LOT of money, and now doesnt want to spend 7 months a year , 10-16 hour days for 5-7 days a week making TV. He seems to be an actor who loves LIFE, he loves his car, his hobbies (welding, etc) he has great friends he hangs out with…the other thing i wonder is, wouldnt that make the 4 days horrible then you get 3 days off? Like 18 hour days? idk

          • Kelly says:

            You must make great money Nate. Speaking as a fan who doesn’t make enough money per year to repay the loans needed to GET my job in the first place I say shame on you Nathan and shame on ANY fan that sides with him.

          • Temperence says:

            Actually, people get angry with wealthy people that don’t actually do anything of value – which is most of them – when they complain that their life is so right. What a joke.

      • pjn0524 says:

        With summers off, plenty of cash to go on vacations, no worries about mortgages, how to pay for your son’s wisdom teeth removal or braces, blah blah. Minimum weekly salary (per $130,000. WEEKLY! That is probably FAR less than Fillion earns. He is more likely on the “per episode” salary, which starts at $30K and can go up to insane amounts of money. Let’s not even get into all the extras (trailer, makeup artist, assistant) that are included. Meh.

      • Adam says:

        Yes but television actors don’t work all year long, they do an episode a week? That means they work 22weeks a year. And all 14 of those hours aren’t spent doing work necessarily, there is downtime on set as scenes are set up.

      • Jayne says:

        They don’t “work” every minute that they are on set, and he sure has enough time to play with Twitter. A lot of people face a reality of working way more than 40 hours a week, long commutes, always being connected to work because of the Internet; some have 2 jobs, some also go to school, and many have families. Cry me a river about an overgrown geekboy whose head has clearly gotten too big.

        • PEL says:

          ” he sure has enough time to play with Twitter”
          Then maybe, it’s that he is asking for. Instead of have him 5 days a week 15 hours a day so he can be on the set to play on twitter, he wants a better schedule so he can work 4 days and not have to spend half days bored on the set so he has to play with twitter.

          I know that being actor is a waiting game;

          However, as much as I enjoy the behind the scene and other gag reel, do they really need him there when they shoot scenes with Esposito and Ryan interrogating people ? Do they really need him with scenes between Beckett and the boys or with suspects ?
          No, they don’t but there’s a lot of videos and pictures on twitter that proves he is there.

          For all we know, he might just ask for a better schedule. managemnt for him on that front.

      • Aleksa says:

        I work four ten-hour days a week, and I love it. If you have the staff, it’s great.

      • ben says:

        Indeed. Everyone has a right to endeavour to improve working conditions.

        Do people also forget that, even on a show like Castle, not every actor is in every scene? The request could be more focussed on better management of filming so that the fifth day of filming doesn’t have his scenes? He has to be relatively commercially savvy, and understand that you only get concessions you want if it isn’t going to affect everything else.

      • Drew says:

        That’s the nature of the beast. He knows it. If he doesn’t want to do it anymore, don’t sign another contract and let the show end.

        Believe me, I know how miserable the schedule can be on a TV show. But he knew that getting into it. I have a bunch of respect for the actors and crew who work those hours. It’s not fun and I don’t complain about them getting a lot of money, because they bring in a lot of money to begin with. But something like this is just unprofessional and childish. There are ways out of doing a TV show if you don’t want to work on it anymore. Messing up everyone else’s schedule is not cool.

      • alieh86 says:

        Do each of those people make $200K an episode? If I could make more than $5,000,000 a year when you take reruns into account I’d be willing to work those hours. The thing is that it’s not just affecting him. It’s affecting everyone from the writers an actors to make-up artists and craft service people. I really hope this is a rumor because it makes me sad to think he doesn’t appreciate what he has. He has a great gig. Great writers. Great costars. Suck it up man. Would he have acted this way if Firefly made it to 100+ episodes?

      • Kelly says:

        That’s crap Dav. I HAVE a 72 year old father working a hard job 5 days a week…long days! He doesn’t get paid close to what Nathan gets paid (ps…he gets HIATUSES too!) You make THAT much per ep you SHOULD have to work longer days. If this story is true, and I’m hoping it’s not, Nathan should be ASHAMED of himself and it’s folks like you that make him think he’s worth more than he is.

      • Paul says:

        Dav – Not every American has your typical 9 to 5 – 8 hour job. A lot of people work more than 8 hours a day and some do it on a minimum wage with no benefits. You’re right actors and actresses on a TV Show could work up to 14 hours 5 days a week, but they have ridiculous bonuses and benefits working on the show and they aren’t on set for the full 14 hours – I’m sure there are hours of downtime in between acts; I’m sure they have 1 to 2 hour lunch breaks were most everyday American get between 20 to 30 minute lunch breaks. Depending on the show they could earn millions per episodes every 8 days (which people are saying that is how long it takes to film one episode) while someone who is busting there butts in a factory with a not so great working environment could only get $500 – 2,000 a week.

      • I actually agree with you. Sometimes I see these people posting pictures filming at 3 in the morning and I imagine just how exhausted they are. Sometimes I have 7am to 8pm days, and I’m TOAST at the end of the day. Can you imagine having 7am to 3am days? THEY DO. Seriously.

        • Katherine215 says:

          I don’t think they do, though. When they know they’re going to be filming late, the call time (or whatever it’s called) is later in the day. And I believe some actors don’t have to be in until even later, depending on the order of filming for their day. There’s no question it’s a long and grueling schedule, but the actors’ salaries take that into consideration.

      • Jessie says:

        They also get 3 months off a year.

    • Paula says:

      Agreed. Not cool at all. My hubby makes less in a year than Nathan Fillion makes per episode. Ungrateful jerk. (My opinion at the moment; I love Castle, and I’m a huge Firefly fan, but really? Try living on a “normal” income for a year and then come and whine at me. I’ll smack you, Gibbs-style.)

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Really? You cant get a raise or think your not being paid fairly or anything like that if your making more money than the middle class? Im so tired of this. You would be singing a different tune if you were working 14 hour days 5 days a week, and making 150,000 a episode and found out your co-star is making 300,000 an episode…yes 150,000 is a lot of money but that doesnt mean you just roll over, you go into negotiations saying you want to be paid fairly…its the same as your husband finding out his co-worker whos an equal who started working the same time he did, is making double what he makes for apparently no reason. It doesnt matter if its $10 an hour or $10,000 an hour, you are being paid unfairly compared to your co-workers and the money the product you are working on makes, so you negotiate for more $….and part of negotiation in Hollywood unfortunately is making the executives realize how important you are…aka disrupting the show by not coming to set (basically an actor version of a mini-strike) It snaps them out of thinking they have you by the balls, and realize “oh crap, hes CASTLE, the main star…try to find a way to get him what he wants”.

        And who knows, maybe this 4 day work week thing isn’t him selfishly wanting more days off, but its because hes seeing the rest of the cast and crew get burnt out by the 5+ day work weeks and he as the first on the call sheet, the lead, the captain with the most leverage over the studio (he IS castle), is standing up for the rest of them and HE alone is acting on behalf of the cast/crew…maybe they asked him to, or maybe he is doing it on his own…but dont judge when there is so little information…its foolish.

        • MD says:

          Given it’s during contract disputes… I highly doubt it. lol I think it’s pretty hilarious people think he might be doing this for the crew. It’s a negotiation tactic to get the deal he wants. He probably wants a four day week, not so he works less, but so he can work more on other stuff. Boycotting production doesn’t help the crew. Don’t be foolish. Those people want to work so they can go home and pay their bills. To think he gives two licks about the average crew member is naive.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Not really naive when you listen to all the podcasts and interviews and tweets of him, his former cast/crew and directors/showrunners like Joss, who say is is epicly amazing and treats not only the cast like family but the crew, he has multiple twitter videos and BHTS videos on the Castle DVD’s of him playing around and talking to the crew and knowing them all by name, all you ever hear from everyone that has met him, knows him, and works with him is he is AMAZING.

          • Just one thing says:

            Precisely. When actors don’t show up, it costs the studio money and crew members likely don’t get paid full wages for the show. If there are any penalties, the studio likely picks those up, too.
            The likely scenario is that the studio promised, or promised to consider a four-day work week, and found it necessary to schedule him on a fifth day anyway. Whether it was malicious, desperate or simply a power-play, we’ll never know.
            But Fillion, like so many actors before him, took this step to hit the studio in their pocketbooks in an effort to get his way.
            Not sure what that did to the cast and crew’s morale, but I’d imagine it wasn’t a fun way to conclude the first week of filming for anyone.

          • femmefan1946 says:

            “, it costs the studio money and crew members likely don’t get paid full wages for the show.”
            The entertainment industry is highly unionized and the crew members are highly skilled craftsmen. If they are on salary, they would be paid whether they are filming or not. If they are on wages, they would only be paid for the hours they work.
            And then there is the question of overtime. The studio is paying wage earners time and a half or even double time for those 14 hour days. Moving to a lighter schedule could actually save the studio money.

            With 10 million pairs of eyeballs to sell to advertisers, the studio and the network have lots of dollars to spread around. Maybe they would move to a 13 or 15 episode season rather than a 25 episode season. With 100 episodes they are well into syndication territory.
            Keep in mind, people. In television, you the viewer are the product being sold. Just ask Marshall McLuhan

        • Aly says:

          Generally, a single episode will take 7-8 days to shoot. Him wanting a 4-day work week has NOTHING to do with the crew, and will not shorten that shooting schedule in any way. In fact, it’s going to make everyone else’s job harder. The crew would have to work extra hard in order to fit in shooting his scenes. The rest of the cast would have to shoulder his work load, including Stana, who would not only have more fans whining about the amount of Beckett we see, but would also have more work hours for the same amount of money.

          Nathan seems like an awesome dude most of the time. I’ve met him and he was really nice. But don’t mistake wanting less work hours as one of these ‘nice’ things he’s doing for the rest of the people working away on Castle.

        • Kelly says:

          If the entire cast/crew was on his side, they could put up a unified front like the Friends cast did. Nah…if true this is just selfish, diva behavior.

    • Kelly says:

      Well said Samantha. I completely agree. As big of a fan I am, it’s this kind of crap that makes me not want to watch.

      • Karen says:

        @Kelly & everyone else complaining-are you in the negotiation room? No. So all you’re doing is gossiping about something that’s none of your business & something you don’t know anything about. I’m not defending Nathan I’m just intelligent enough to know there’s more to this story & since I’m not privy to it WHY COMPLAIN?! They’ve resumed shooting so I see no point in all this discussion?It’s stupid & wastes energy. Just watch the show or stop watching it I don’t care but I’m sick of everyone’s bitching!!!

    • poorlittlespoiledactor says:


    • Kiki says:

      With all these “expert” opinions about how Hollywood operates flying around this page I find it hard to believe you all think Nathan’s salary is what he actually takes home after all is said and done and paid for.

    • Simon Baker of the Mentalist makes $450,000 per episode; Eva Longoria was paid $200,000 per episode on “Desperate Housewives.” Fillion is on the lower end making $100,000. Castle brings in a lot of money for ABC and is one of their highest rated shows. Pay him what he’s worth and he’ll work be happy.

    • MJO says:

      Well said Samantha! Well said

  3. Davey Elmer says:

    He needs to be careful that stunts like this one don’t backfire and cost him his job entirely,

  4. Roger says:

    Totally a wrong move. His last two show leads were canceled. Castle is his only leading show beyond a second season. You make more than enough money. Suck it up and deal with it in a more professional manor.

    • jdbasset says:

      agreed. Such a tool. Just work 5 days a week like everyone else, lazy ass. You’re paid enough to do that.

      • Temperence says:

        They don’t work 5 days, and they work up to 16+ hours a day. Filliion also did three movies last year, plus 24 episodes of TV. Frankly, there isn’t much doubt that he runs circles around you (and most of the rest of us).

        • tripoli says:

          All the more reason for him to shut his mouth and do the job. And lets not even start on acting being hard.

        • Kiki says:

          And as the “face” of the show we also don’t know that the others, scared for their jobs if they did it, didn’t come to him and say “Will you do this and take a stand for us?” He knows what crews have to do. He would not overburden them.

    • ES says:

      Yes, find a more professional “manor” and that ought to solve the problem. Right now he’s in a semi-pro manor and it just looks tacky.

  5. Dryden says:

    What a wuss!

  6. Kim says:

    And his fans wants more scenes LOL
    Mr. Fillion your career is going in decadence..stop complaining and do your job!

  7. CaptinTightPantslivesforever says:

    I think a four day work week sounds awesome and if the cast and crew can pull it off without working tons of extra long day/nights they should go for it!

    • scooby says:

      I want to say that Nathan doesn’t strike me as a selfish person at all and the people who work on the show have always come across as nice so I’m sure there’s more to this than we’re hearing. Everybody involved might be well-meaning. As for the 4 day work week situation: does this mean that he doesn’t want anyone working beyond a 4 day work week or just him? I mean maybe he’d like an extra day off but everybody else still has to show up. I can’t imagine they’d just not shoot anything that day. It’s not like a sitcom where the hours go down the longer you’re on the air because it takes less time to get in the groove and go. Dramas are notorious. The episodes still need to be turned around in a set period of time and ABC has a habit of doing 24 eps a season which makes the schedule tight, especially at the end. He’s the titular character. How’s he supposed to get his work done in 4 days a week? I could see the supporting cast not needing to be there all week because they have fewer scenes. Maybe they could increase their screen time, but some fans get nasty when anybody besides Caskett is the focus so how’s that gonna work? Nathan’s also not got kids to spend time with so he gets the day off to do what? Chill? He’s on a tv drama. There’s no free time and everybody knows that when you sign up. Fridays are also the longest days because crew hours snowball and you gotta go later and later into the evening with overtime. Rolling out at 1 or 2am on a Saturday isn’t unusual. I feel his pain if he wants more of a life or is looking out for other people, but how does this not hurt the show? I can’t see him being amenable at extending beyond 7 years if he’s getting like this in season 6. It’s not like Castle’s ever really been an automatic renewal for ABC so making the show harder or more expensive to shoot isn’t going to help.

      • DarkDefender says:

        However, it does sound like a nice set up for a huge pay raise to sign for the 8th season… :)

        More power to him.. Most people cannot carry a show and he is the title character. Besides all accounts are that he is a very nice guy and he looks out for his co-workers and crew.

        • Just one thing says:

          I don’t think he has any intentions of signing on for an 8th season. But 18 months from now, I could totally be proven wrong.
          And, to be honest, that sounds like forever away to me. I can understand an actor not wanting to commit to grueling TV work until 2016. The flip-side of course, is that there are tons of actors who gladly WOULD.

  8. laura meakin says:

    Agreed, some people are trying to support families on min wage doing more than one job, even in excess of 50 hours a week and he wants a 4 day week- its a joke tbh. He should be grateful he has such a lifestyle& job.

    • femmefan1946 says:

      He has “that lifestyle” because 10 million people want to see him do his job. The guy working at the gas station for minimum wage is, unfortunately, replaceable.
      A four day, 14 hour a day work week is 56 hours a week, by the way.
      And his work continues while he is on hiatus. For example, he appeared at ComicCon Seattle on the Castle panel. I saw him in Ottawa on a Firefly panel where he took the opportunity to promote Castle.
      He may enjoy his job, I know I love mine which pays much less, and many gas station attendants have fun looking at cars and making change. Enjoying your work, and hours of work, have little or nothing to do with the commercial value of your work.

  9. Just one thing says:

    Heh. Knew it.

    Seriously… all the fans who’ve complained here about the show’s focus shifting to Beckett, who’ve wondered about the show’s long-term prospects, and have noticed any number of different things that just seem “off”… Here you go. No need to ask any more questions.

    • Dav says:

      Uh, no. You can’t have a show called Castle and get rid of Castle. If they truly thought he wouldn’t come back then they would end the show.

      • Just one thing says:

        This is a contract dispute about how long he works each week. This isn’t a question as to whether he comes back this season. I don’t know when his contract is up, by I think it’s a safe bet that when it’s up, he’s gone.
        This shouldn’t surprise anybody. I’ve refrained from talking about it, because there was no hard evidence to suggest it. But here’s the evidence now. Everyone needs to just accept it and prepare for the eventual end. It’ll be unfortunate, but at least people can prepare for it now.

        • gobB says:

          But the focus on Beckett is at least 2 seasons long. And it doesn’t make for less Castle scenes as we can all see, just less juicy stuff for him, less attention, more neglect as his character development goes. Honestly, lead actor wanting to work less doesn’t explain this. It’s more that the writers got sucky LOL.

          Dunno, this story seems fishy. Typical contract negotiations stuff with dirty leaks and everything. It was on Friday! C’mon, who would leak it just now when the shooting continues according to schedule. It’s clearly somebody’s playing a game of negotiating. And yeah, not very fluent in Fillion LOL, but all I heard from and about the guy doesn’t add up to this. He has a good rep. There’s clearly more to the story.

          • Tinemi says:

            Exactly my thoughts. This whole thing seems… strange. Why publish it today, Tuesday, if it happened on Friday? And why there’s no comments or anything from his coworkers or even from himself?

        • femmefan1946 says:

          He signed a two year contract with ABC in Spring 2013.
          Not to say that he necessarily would be doing Castle by Spring 2015.

    • Cook says:

      Maybe the shifting focus was to understand her character more? Maybe add depth to the show? We know a lot about Castle because we’ve seen a lot through his eyes but maybe it was time to see her side of the story. We don’t know this story is true.

      • Just one thing says:

        That’s possible. But unlikely in this case.
        Beckett’s a popular character whom the writers clearly like. But there’s no doubt in my mind that a show called “Castle” would focus more on the title character if the actor playing him was willing.

        • gobB says:

          But the focus on Beckett is at least 2 seasons long. And it doesn’t make for less Castle scenes as we can all see, just less juicy stuff for him, less attention, more neglect as his character development goes. Honestly, lead actor wanting to work less doesn’t explain this. It’s more that the writers got sucky LOL.

          Dunno, this story seems fishy. Typical contract negotiations stuff with dirty leaks and everything. It was on Friday! C’mon, who would leak it just now when the shooting continues according to schedule. It’s clearly somebody’s playing a game of negotiating. And yeah, not very fluent in Fillion LOL, but all I heard from and about the guy doesn’t add up to this. He has a good rep. There’s clearly more to the story.

          • Just one thing says:

            We could go back and forth, with me arguing that his lack of 100% has been clear for the last season and a half, which led to the writers focusing more on his co-star; and you arguing that it’s a conspiracy against him and his character and the writers fell down on their job long ago.
            It’s a nice chicken-egg scenario that we’re unlikely to prove either way.
            Regardless, I don’t think anyone is disputing that he’s a nice guy with a good rep. That speaks for itself.

          • femmefan1946 says:

            Mr. Fillion has not commented on the story (yet). With 1.7 million Twitter followers, he is showing pictures of his cat’s new kittens and posting about the guest star and crew on Castle.
            Frankly, this sounds more like a management attempt to manage the story, than the actual story itself.

      • Patrick says:

        Maybe someone is schtupping her. It was a bait and switch. The creator/writer wanted to do a show about a super cop female, but it was unwatchable. They needed a hook, so they went and got a popular genre actor to be the outside writer/love interest. In the opening year, Castle was a suave, debonair, writer. He had crime solving skills and could sort of take care of himself. He has since been reduced to a sniveling, bumbling, oaf.

        And he is still carrying the show. If the people who tune in for Katic (who is reportedly the god-emperor of the ice B*tches) quit watching, the show would survive. If Fillion’s fans quit watching, the show would go off the air mid-episode.

        Nate has a ton of former co-workers, many of whom are titans in the industry, who love him and would work with him tomorrow. Katic is super hot, and super talented. And she gets no work outside this show. That says personality problems. Castle is taking back HIS show. And it is His show. Not the creator’s. Not the writers’. And darn sure not Katic’s.

        • Jamie says:

          hey patrick, I hope you’re having fun bashing Stana everywhere, I saw that you posted the same thing on Deadline, It is quite tragic when you have to bash one actor to praise another, that says much about your personality

        • Just one thing says:

          Wow, Patrick. That’s a lot of hate you’ve got there. I would defend Katic against your unsubstantiated slander — that has been proven wrong by guest actors and non-Castle producers, time and time again — but I suspect her most egregious offense in your eyes is that she’s a woman.
          If Marlowe had wanted to do a female cop show, that’s what it would have been. And, contrary to your faulty memory, it would have joined the ranks of The Closer and a number of other successful female-led shows. Because, you know, NEWSFLASH: They sometimes do fly in the 21st century. Go figure.
          In 2008, Fillion was a popular genre actor who, like many talented and popular actors, had a few well-intentioned duds on his resume. He had just completed guest work for Desperate Housewives when this show came along. To hear him tell it back then, he lobbied pretty hard for the lead role of Castle.
          Then, some time a couple years ago, his enthusiasm seemed to wane. However, he has consistently talked about how his interpretation of Castle is one that leans toward constant failure and comedy. So, if you think Rick Castle is too much of an oaf, odds are that’s how Fillion would like to play him.
          If Fillion really planned to “take back his show,” he would not be asking for time off. Asking for time off is actually relinqiishing control to some degree. And putting it in a contract is binding, meaning it likely won’t change or be revisited soon.
          Unfortunately, I think some folks need to just accept that he isn’t as into the show as they’d like him to be. Totally human and potentially understandable. But not worth bashing his co-star or the show’s creator.

        • maorigirl says:

          hey Patrick, stay on point!! Nathan fillion is allowed to negotiate if he wants to….so what. Don’t bash the costars though, that ain’t fair!! As a Stana fan, and there are a lot of us, those are uncalled for remarks!!
          And no bashing our boy, Nathan……his reputation is solid…..15 hours a day seems long to me, you go Nathan!!!!

  10. Samantha says:

    Also – anyone else might have been fired for not showing up for work. In this econmy, jobs are hard to come by, if you can’t do the job someone else is out there who can & will.
    Guess you don’t have to worry about that when your the lead on a hit show.
    *smh* Again, if true .. Seriously, Nathan?

  11. Belle says:

    I’m sure you can film a show in four days. It will be complete trash, but you could probably do it.

    • Just one thing says:

      Episodes take 8 days to produce. They’re not going to compress the necessary production schedule to accommodate his needs. They’ll simply shift focus to other characters and utilize his cast mates.
      Hopefully this means people will stop complaining about it and just accept it for it is. News like this helps me manage my expectations for the series’. The show will end when his contract is done. Possibly even sooner than that. No need to sweat it.

      • Just one thing says:

        I’d also like to add that everything Andrew Marlowe and Stana Katic said leading up to this week were carefully worded spoilers that foreshadowed this eventuality.

  12. laura meakin says:

    Fyi I was agreeing with the general tone that he should shut up and stop complaining not go for a four day week.

  13. Everyone is expendable. says:

    Sad that he and Stana don’t even speak except on camera.

    • Cook says:

      Ummm, weird because there’s a NUMBER of YouTube videos that would BEG to differ. Also, are you following them around 24/7 because that’s creepy, and you can’t say that unless you were so……

    • Guest says:

      I think it’s alot worse than just not speaking…

      “You are a f*ing c*. Who the hell do you think you are that you can treat people the way you do on set. The crew hates you the cast hates you and the producers hate you and this is no way to build any kind of career, so knock it off you f*ing whore.”

      Was what he is meant to have said to her not long into the shows production.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes. That sounds completely in character for both of them. Because he has a noted history of flying off the handle, and she has a noted history of being a jerk.
        Can those who claim to have insider knowledge keep the deeply divisive, potentially slanderous and definitely hateful heresy on fan messageboards, or whatever? For crying out loud.

      • Laura Aliaga says:

        Yeah, that never happened

      • Amanda says:

        That blind item was proven to be a lie years ago. Just watching Nathan and Stana, you would be able to tell it is a lie. All guest stars talk about how friendly the cast and set is. Stana would never act that way and Nathan would never talk in such a manner.

        • JCK says:

          I flew back from Italy in first class across from Stana in 2009. She was very sweet and gracious with everyone who attempted to interact with her, posed for photos, signed autographs etc. I did not approach her, but she seems like a lovely person.

      • Kristine S. says:

        Unless you heard that actually come out of Nathan’s mouth yourself, kindly shut your piehole. Thank you.

      • Jamie says:

        Really? are you bringing that blind item again? for your information, if you had bothered to read Enty site, you would know that he makes up stuff for a living and what he writes it’s fictional aimed to entertain people.

    • KK says:

      Yup, especially when they both seem like nice people. Not sure what happened there.

    • Alichat says:

      Interesting little rumor you have there…..I’ve seen them speak to each other off camera while on set between shots and during set up. And it wasn’t a conversation about the scene. They were standing 6 feet from me.

  14. Cook says:

    TV Line, where’s your proof? You really want to go around spoiling the good name of this actor yet you cannot reveal your sources? How are we supposed to know you aren’t lying? You cite Deadline as the source of this news, but upon looking at the article, I was unable to find where Deadline got that information. How are we supposed to know you’re telling the truth?

    • chris says:

      So do you expect Deadline to say: ” Fred Jones, a camera operator on Castle has informed us that Nathan Fillion hasn’t turned up to work today”?

      • Cook says:

        You bet I do. Because if that’s all that Fred Jones said then that pretty much means that they made up the rest of the article. I want to know where they got their information because in case you haven’t noticed, this is a huge story now. So it NEEDS to be backed up and have proof that this is exactly what is happening.

        • Dav says:

          The proof is that Fillion didn’t show up to work one day and production on the show actually stopped. This has been reported on a number of entertainment news sites. Production STOPPED…this affects a lot of people and it’s not exactly something you can lie about and expect no one to notice.

  15. Ann says:

    This is definitely going to hurt his reputation among fanboys. This makes him looks like a lazy a**hole. Gonna make fans suffer because he feels he doesn’t get paid enough to work more than 4 days a week? He’s not going to win this battle in the eyes of fans…

    • Temperence says:

      Actually, what is says is they they’ve been doing this long enough, that four 16 hour days should be plenty of time a week to film if they made even a vague attempt at being organized.

  16. Guest says:

    It is too much to hope that the dispute is really him demanding that they have Castle man up a bit and stop letting his character be walked all over by Beckett?

    Seriously, what man in his right mind would propose to his partner after she just let herself be kissed by another man and then interviews for a job out of state without even telling him.

  17. mary says:

    Does any television actor works 4 days a week? I don’t think so! So suck it up, enjoy your millions and appreciate this tv show and Castle fans because as far as I can remember, every other thing you starred in, got cancelled. Maybe I’m harsh but I don’t have understanding for this kind of behaviour. Most of people don’t see that kind of money and they work 6 days a week.

    Also, this show is depending on Castle & Beckett interaction, no one cares for other characters so if this results in ensemble show you can bet that ratings will tank.

    • Cook says:

      I beg to differ, I know LOTS of people who love Ryan and Esposito and Alexis and Gates. The show won’t “tank” if something happens.Also he gained a lot of fans through those other cancelled shows, pretty sure a lot of those fans followed him which with the added Castle fans just happen to make this show work because they fell in love with the other characters. And yeah, you’re just a bit harsh seeing as there is no real proof that this article has any fact in it

      • anna says:

        People may care about the supporting cast, but throughout season five the show had more of an ensemble feel, with plenty of episodes that shifted the focus to the supporting characters (especially Esposito and Ryan, even Alexis to an extent). Those episodes are far less popular than those that are more standard with the focus on the castle-beckett interaction. those episodes have been criticised repeatedly. I know I personally like the character of Ryan and don’t mind some focus on his character from time to time, but I don’t want the show to become much more of an ensemble. It changes the initial premise and the reason so many watch the show.

  18. Jay says:

    Marlowe Take Espo and Ryan To NY With Beckett..and Leave Castle with his red Head’s Behind

    • Cook says:

      I’m gonna assume that by “red Head” you mean Alexis? Why should she have to suffer? Alexis is a GREAT character and adds a relatable aspect for those of us teens who watch the show. We see how she handles the various challenges of growing up. Personally Alexis is one of the characters who help expand the viewing audience and give teens someone to look up to.

      • JCK says:

        I think “red heads” referred to his daughter and his mother. And I believe the poster meant take them to DC. Jay may be a bit confused.

  19. John says:

    He been talking to Mark Harmon? Problem is he’s no Mark Harmon and Castle is no NCIS so getting all up in the face of production over the show’s working conditions might not go well.

    • Jerri says:

      Why do you think he’s been talking to Mark Harmon?

      • Dav says:

        Because Mark Harmon did something similar many years ago. It was a well known that Harmon was not happy with the showrunner at the time. There was a lot of disorder on set and they were always behind in filming episodes which made for a lot of late nights and extra work for the actors and production crew. Harmon threatened to leave the show if they didn’t do something about it. The show runner was removed and they brought someone else in to run things. The rest is history. If this article is to be believed, Fillion is negotiation for better working conditions not just money. Thus the reference to Mark Harmon.

  20. Wow, everyone on here is really negative and judgmental. You can’t compare a “normal” job to an actor’s. Yes, I think it’s ridiculous how much money movie stars make, but TV actors make substantially less, and pay is all relative. I have no idea how much he is making in comparison to the other actors on the show, or the average on the network. If he’d like his hours cut back, and the writers can find a way to do that, that would be fantastic. If he has other projects he would like to pursue, more power to him. Castle won’t be around forever, and he may have other factors to consider.

  21. adeline says:

    TV shows should all be 13 episodes like premium cable. Easier for the actors. Cheaper for the studios.

  22. Susan Krisha says:

    1) it takes 8+ days to film a 1 hr drama show.That doesn’t count inserts, second unit shooting, editing, scoring and post production
    2) Those are 12-16 hour days
    3) 4 day weeks are just not feasible but please do not compare a lead actor on a scripted drama to a 9-5 job.

    • Temperence says:

      Four day weeks for ONE actor’s parts. It’s called being organized, and after four plus years of doing this, they should be able to manage that.

      • Just one thing says:

        So the 50 other primetime dramas on broadcast/cable that take 8+ days to film are all disorganized. The entire primetime television industry is disorganized.
        OK. Sure. If you say so.

  23. rmr says:

    Kill him off!

    • Cook says:

      You’ve obviously never seen the show. Or you haven’t seen enough episodes of it. If you kill him off that would destroy Beckett. Not in the, “Oh a summer hiatus should fix this” or “We can resolve this in a quick episode” kind of way. In the way that would possibly mean the end of the show. He goes away with telling her goodbye, that can be resolved better. Also Alexis, let’s look at that aspect. She would be destroyed as well. Martha too! Killing him off is a TERRIBLE idea

  24. Jess says:

    I believe he – if this is correct – is aiming for his scenes to be done in 4 days; the rest of the team will still be doing 5 days a week

  25. Kev says:

    Marlowe, Make a Spin Off with Beckett and the Boys in DC..and let him go..he always show that he could care less about Castle..LET HIM GO!

  26. Ashley says:

    Sooooo, Beckett isn’t wearing a ring in that pic, and she appears to be on costume, so either that’s her right hand and I’m confused, or that pic is a huge spoiler. Also, why do people think Nathan and Stana don’t talk in real life?

    • Kwapple says:

      Or there isn’t an engagement and Marlowe successfully trolled the entire fandom. If this is the case…well played, sir

    • anna says:

      or maybe with her job it isn’t the best idea to have a big piece of bling on obviously and it’s on a necklace around her neck with her mother’s ring.
      not seeing a ring means nothing.

  27. haley says:

    here goes the drama. even though i doubt he will say something about this we so far have what one sided pov, it doesn’t look good for him but maybe there is more into this than we read here. since they started filming again this might count as one time incident and hoping it stays as one time incident.

  28. star3080 says:

    It doesn’t look like Beckett is wearing an engagement ring! I hope she does say yes, I can’t wait for the show to come back.

  29. Did you know that actors and rich people die too? I applaud anyone attempting to achieve work/life balance, even if the reality is they will likely not be able too. I certainly don’t have the urge to feel classist rage at him just because he has more money than I do.

    • Katherine says:

      Better work life balance for himself y at the expense of the rest of the car and crew? They already schedule shooting schedules based on availability of locations and scene continuity, it’s going to make for very long days for the others to accommodate ar day schedule for him.

  30. Tannith says:

    What a tool. He has a habit of being a no show. Just ask the people who expected him to show for the last 3 Comic cons.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I call BS on this one. NF was at SDCC last year for the Firefly anniversary panel (and they taped the special that aired on cable) and he was at NerdHQ. He also came and walked part of the line in the wee hours of Sunday morning and took pictures with tons of people.

    • Miv says:

      Well, I met him at Comic-Con last year, so that’s just blatantly not true.

    • Temperence says:

      Yeah, nonsense. He’s been in the videos at the last three Comic-cons, so he was obviously there.

  31. Laura Aliaga says:

    While I agree that he obviously makes more money, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. He could have health issues or personal things to which he has committed his time, like his non-profit. Either way, it’s unfair of any of us to say he needs to suck it up just based on the fact that almost every actor (not counting the ones from acting families) have been desperately broke at least once during their career and we shouldn’t be jealous because they happened to make it big. They took that chance and succeeded, it shouldn’t be resented.

  32. SnazzyO says:

    I know that hours are really long on a TV drama so they could be getting 60 hrs in just 4 days. I’m certain it’s NOT 9-5.

    Having said that, it’s certainly not a positive image. Whether or not there is a reasonable explanation, he’s let this story get out and it’s made it look like he’s a problem child. He owes no one an explanation but if he stays silent then he’ll need to accept the “optic” this creates.

  33. Tav says:

    This guy is such a tool, no wonder he and Stana don’t get along. On the one hand you’ve got a consummate professional, and on the other, this jackass.

    • Yasmin says:

      Yeah that’s why Fillion and Katic have no chemistry this past season; the romantic relationship was super boring because Nathan looked bored half the time. He has no passion or drive for the show or his character and even for himself (look at the weight gain) which is sad because Castle and it’s fans have given him so much career wise.

    • gobB says:

      This is odd to read as I have never heard anything bad about mr.Fillion. Au contraire, people go out of their way to tell how awesome and nice he is. He also seems to have a lot of friends from his shows – cast, crew members, guest stars. I’m just going by their Twitters and other public stuff. Are you sure you’re not just making this assumption because of this one article? It looks very fishy, like a leak from the other negotiating side, and we have no 2nd POV.

  34. Samantha says:

    Nathan made the list of highest paid TV actors: $100,000 per episode.
    That’s more than the other actors makes and much more than the crew makes; yet they can come to work 5 days a week. I’m sure every TV actor would like a lighter workload but you can’t always get what you want; you suck it up 7 do your job.
    Again, if true .. no cool!

  35. Jenna says:

    This is another disappointment coming from Nathan. It’s no secret he doesn’t care for Castle and keeps living in past with all the Firefly fanboys.

    No one mentioned how much he let himself go, since s2 he gained so much weight that he’s no longer believable as ex playboy. I can assure you that if Stana gained pounds, she would be asked to lose weight. That’s the kind of double standard I’m talking about.

    • True story. Stana would have to loose the weight like yesterday.

    • sweetsassymolassy says:

      Seriously, it’s kind of pathetic. He’s going to bolt after his contract is up, so why not do the work you signed up for while you are still under contract? Only 2 more years to ago, assuming it gets renewed. He can fap to Firefly on the weekends!

      • LeighLee says:

        “He can fap to Firefly on the weekends!” Ok, I just had to laugh at that! Hahaha! Seriously, he really needs to let his obsession with that long dead show go.

  36. KC says:

    If this is true, it’s just sad. To think about all the people who work on this show, that they showed up for work, then got sent home because 1 person doesn’t show up?! That’s extremely rude and inconsiderate of his co-workers and their time. On another note, I would be glad to take Mr. Fillion’s job. As a young woman (with no family to support) working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, at minimum wage, I think he’s being selfish. If this is not true, shame shame Aus!

  37. Michael says:

    This has become news now because the studio is playing hardball. Fans are not impressed with him. Ha backfiring for him

  38. Maria says:

    At the end of SVU’s season 12 Mariska Hargitay managed to negotiate one day off a week while getting the same pay as she got previously. Strangely, no-one in that fandom called her greedy even though she gets paid more than Nathan Fillion. Chris Meloni decided that he would leave when he was not getting what he wanted, including the opportunity to direct an episode, which he had been asking to do for years. As a result the ratings saw a major slump from which they have not recovered. In this case, since Castle is the title character, playing hard ball with him will not work. If TPTB don’t want to continue discussion with Nathan then the show will end.

    • Aly says:

      Except 12 years working the same schedule before asking for an extra day off during contract negotiations is a lot different to working 5 years and demanding it as the show starts filming. Besides, SVU is much more of an ensemble show. Mariska doesn’t play the titular character! When she had a collapsed lung due to an injury on set, she had surgery and was back on the show asap. She even had several more hospital trips, and another surgery, and only missed one episode. Plus now she has 3 young kids to go home to.

      If Nathan isn’t enthused, wants to cut down lots of hours and ends up getting the show cancelled once his contract runs out (because I agree; the show couldn’t continue without him – unlike with Mariska), then he’s ruined that job for the rest of the cast and the crew. Hundreds of people.

    • Sarah says:

      You cannot compare a 12 year old ensemble show to Castle. SVU was not called Benson. Mariska did not play a title character. Her actions did not affect the crew and the rest of the cast. Nathan deliberately did this with the full knowledge of how it would negatively affect everyone he works with.

  39. PEL says:

    Well, people are harsh with so little facts. We know absolutly nothing for sure. We assumed. And well, we know what happens when we do such thing.

    What if, Fillion wants a 4 days week on Castle so he can accept other project or a movie ? He seems to work more than other TV shows actors outside of his shows. He has 3 movies this summer as far as I remember.; But yeah, he is a Lazy ass ?

    What if it’s just for some month, so he can accept a movie ?

    What if, he thinks that since the show is better when shifting on Beckett, they’re focusing more on the procedural and Beckett character, and he feels that his scenes could be shoot in 4 days when the show itself stays on a 5 days schedule. Is it really that much to ask to work full time for 4 days instead of full time for 3 and half-time for 2 days ?

    And what if, as it happened way too often with deadline, the dispute is about anything else, or there’s no dispute at all ? (Remember Community N-word scandal ?. At first Deadline wrote that the guy was racist on the set. Then it was revealed that he used the N* word in a rant against the racism and bigotery of his character that he felt had crossed a line.)…

    And even if everything is true, do you know how it works in hollywood ? They will most likeky tell him “go to work and we will discuss it in the meantime” and then, it’s the end of season and “oops, we totally forgot and we didn’t have time”. This way he sends the message “this has to be settle now, not in 10 months”. Not the best way to do it, I agree, but when you deal with people like that, you sometimes have to be like them

  40. Ana says:

    I used to work 4 days a week and I loves it. Of course, I worked crazy long hours from Monday to Thursday and got very little sleep but it was great to have a three day weekend every week. So, can’t blame him. As long as its just about the hours and not the pay. But I’ve gotta wonder if the crew can swing this considering that they already work extra long hours.

  41. Jamie says:

    Stana works even more hours than him and has to be two hours before anyone on set for hair and make up and yet you don’t see her complaining about anything What does he need another day off, so he has more time to play video games and party hard on a three day weekend? I don’t understand him.

  42. Ash says:

    The crew work harder and more hours and they aren’t complaining..bad move Fillion.

  43. Brenda Dempsey says:

    I love castle and have been following both nathan and stana on Twitter since watching it. The impression I and many fans seem to have gotten is that nathan appears bored with castle. He constantly talks about firefly, about joss whedon and about how he wants to do other things. I get the impression that although castle is what really pays the bills and is his most successful show, he has never loved it and appreciated it the way some of the rest of the cast do. To be honest, his attitude does seem ungrateful and it makes it hard to be sympathetic towards him. Unfortunately there appears to be so many rumours abounding over the years about nathan and stana not getting on that there must be some truth to it. I just get the impression he doesn’t care enough about the show to be bothered if it gets cancelled either way. Disappointing for all of the very loyal fans. I would imagine this will be the last season

    • thom says:

      This whole last season Nathan seemed like he was phoning it in. Like Dan Stevens [Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey].

  44. Sam says:

    LOL I hope all you idiots realize he means he wants HIS scenes done in four days. HE wants four work day weeks. NOT the entire production.

    • JAY says:

      Then the crew will have to work harder more than they do now..IDIOT

      • PEL says:

        Not necesseraly. If he do less scenes, like he might want for all we know, that can be done in four days easily. Just a change in the shooting schedule.

        • HanSolo says:

          So everyone should change their schedules for Mr Fillion..That’s really selfish!

        • Just one thing says:

          In order to change the shooting schedule so that he has less scenes to film, they will have to shift the focus of the show to other actors. As long as his fans are aware that the shift is happening because of his requests, then everything should be fine.
          But if, in order to remove one workday a week, that drastically reduces his screen time, his fans should know who to complain to. Not his co-star. Not the EP or studio. And not the network.

      • Temperence says:

        Actually, you don’t know that. Considering that Beckett might be in DC (with some new characters) for half of every episode, he’s likely to be needed significantly less, and those scenes can be condensed into four days a week. Assumptions…

        • Just one thing says:

          Temperence, do you honestly think they’d ship Beckett to DC and add in new characters if Fillion still wanted to work full time? They’re building new sets ($$$), hiring more actors ($$$), and restructuring the entire show to feature the ensemble.
          Why in the world would they do all of that unnecessarily or on a whim?

          • Wdd22 says:

            Well if you watch all the pictures and read all the spoilers. You can agree she goes to DC. And I can say that at least five characters are going to be added in the beginning of season 6. So yeah they hired more actors.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m aware of the spoilers that suggest very clear Season 6 story direction. My argument is WHY, which is to say, they’re going this route so as to accommodate Fillion’s request. And, if he did not want to spend less time on the show, they likely wouldn’t have to do this to the degree they have.

          • AbAlSy says:

            Thinking that the story (of season 6) is being written to fulfill the “demands” of Nathan seems crazy and quite unlikely, unless the makers are determined to air the series finale in May 2014.

            Yes, Nathan seems to be bored (with the show/character) and seems to have put on a few pounds. However, the story since almost S4 E1 has centered around the Caskett romance, which also requires the character to be less “wild”.

            And yes, even I have heard (read, actually) the rumor that Stana and Nathan dont get along, I recall the People’s Choice Awards of last year or the year before that, when Nathan was sitting separately, away from the rest of the cast/crew (including Stana, if I recall correctly).

            Regardless of the reasons (why Nathan did this), I dont understand why anyone should compare Nathan’s work-hours or pay with those of regular working people (including me).
            I would love to get the kind of pay that Nathan does. But can I act?? Will a single person watch an episode (just one) featuring me?? Will a big network sign me on for a large sum of money??
            The answer for all the above questions, as sad as it might seem, is NO.
            Nathan is good at what he does, just like I am good at what I do.
            The industries we work in determine the measly pay I get, and the hefty pay that he does.

            Lastly, it is ridiculous to compare two actors and expect their mindset to be exactly similar in just one specific area. e.g. if you say Simon Baker works 5 days a week, why shouldnt Nathan?? Doesnt Simon get paid a lot more than Nathan?? Agreed that in the TV industry, it is somewhat of a norm that the cast and crew works 5 days a week, and that an episode requires about 7-8 days to be filmed, but as long as the makers and the cast and crew of Castle dont complain and can film episodes on a schedule, no one else should have a problem.

          • Sally Ramsey says:

            Simon Baker earns 4 times what Nathan does. If you’ve seen any recent video of Nathan (Try the Nerd Machine channel on youtube, 2 days old) he looks quite trim. Stana herself has said that there would be no show without Nathan. As far as judging a relationship by where people sit at an awards show, – duh, assigned seating. I’ve seen other footage of them on another awards show, sitting together, where they are so engrossed in conversation with each other that they are not paying attention to anything around them. Rumors are just that. Unless they actually say something about it, we have no idea what the relationship may or may not be. Robert Downey Jr. earned 75 million last year. Is that fair? I don’t know. How much money does he generate? How much does Castle generate with books, cards, games, TNT reruns? I don’t know, do you? How much of that is due to Nathan? Who knows? My guess would be, a lot. I do know that by the end of a season Nathan usually looks pretty wiped out. Sometimes it is way before the end of a season. That can’t be good for anyone. It is in everyone’s best interests to keep the star well and energized. A show takes 8 days to film and if he takes one day out, he is gone 12.5% of the time. That means that he is still on screen 87.5% of the time. Considering how many characters there are and that they have expressed interest in more screen time, that is still a lot! By all reports Nathan is outrageously kind and generous to all those around him. That was pretty obvious in his work at Nerd HQ for Operation Smile during Comicon. Cut the man some slack!

          • heat says:

            The funny thing is that I read in several places that Simon Baker actually works 4 days a week. I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that he renegotiated it exactly after 5 seasons. And, the only thing I heard before about Simon is what an amazing contract he got for himself, like 50000000 or something above his salary.

            And thank you for this injection of realism, I don’t get why every second person gets so pissed about someone making more money than they do, and having the balls to try and negotiate something else. Like, really? Like if your salary is bigger than someone else’s you have to shut up and put up with anything coming your way (remember, we don’t know any details here)? I guarantee there is someone in the world worse off than you are, so you probably need to shut up too. Or may be go and try to be a successful actor, because it’s such an easy money apparently.

          • AbAlSy says:

            @Sally Ramsey
            I havent seen anything of Nathan since the Castle S5 finale. And the weight gain everyone is pointing to is in comparison with the Nathan of S2 (or S3, at best). I more or less agree with almost everything you have said (except the “weight gain”, obviously). Personal equations between the cast, and specifically between Stana and Nathan, should not be a point of conflict in the fandom, since its BOTH of them that made us love this series in the first place. And yes, why has no one complained that RDJ negotiated and got too much money in his Avengers 2 & 3 deal?? (really good point @Sally)

            @heat (why does that nickname remind me of Stana Katic?? :P)
            If Simon Baker has indeed got a 4-workdays-a-week deal, the wheels of the “who does Nathan think he is” argument will really fall off. And unless the cast and crew start complaining, there is no reason to demand Nathan be ousted or his character be bumped off in the show.

    • Terry says:

      LOL and don’t you understand the kind of pressure the crew behind the scenes will have to go through to finish his scenes in four days. Filming TV shows isn’t easy as you think, they just can’t film everything easy peezy like you think. That extra day makes all the difference in the world to the production crew you idiot.

    • LeighLee says:

      Wgaf if he meant just for him or for everyone? Regardless, it’s an a-hole move to just not show up for work. And if he means just for him it’s even worse. Why cater to him? He should work all 5 days just like everyone else who works five days. He’s not special. Unless he wants a small part in the show like the roles of Alexis and Martha, he needs to be there.

  45. Stephanie says:

    Nathan has always compared every movie or TV show he´s in with firefly. I am a huge castle fan and i really don´t understand why he would do something like that. I just hope ABC can solve it soon :(

    • femmefan1946 says:

      Because Firefly was actually original and challenging, with plot twists and characterizations that grew organically out of the premise of the show.
      Castle is an easy show. The dialogue is good and the characters are well acted, but there are no surprises. For example, the villain always shows up around minute 12 of the story. Check your DVDs. The crime may be solved later, but the villain always appears before the 15 minute mark. To say nothing of the standard tropes. Still ,easy shows are great for mass market broadcast television, because they are easy to understand, and easy to accept.
      I understand that one of the original writers will be returning this season, and I hope that she will add some originality to the stories.
      Maybe Castle could start dating Lanie? Or Kate pairs up with Esposito? Or Ryan’s baby has Down’s Syndrome? Or Kate flunks out of the government job at her six month review? Or Castle moves to England to take the Bond contract.

  46. Jeri says:

    What a jerk… I have no respect for actors who baby their way like that. Bad move Fillion. Sounds to me like he wants to get out of Castle…and tbh he looks bored on screen, also doesnt help he’s packed on the pounds and looks quite ‘haggard’… makes me wonder if he even cares about Castle and honestly after this stunt I dont think he does. I hope the studio doesnt give into his selfish demands.

    • Temperence says:

      Perhaps, that’s why he wants the extra time off, Jeri. Sixteen hours days makes it tough for some people to stay fit and not look ‘haggard’. I’d read somewhere that he’d injured himself (feet, I think), and it’s not healing with his schedule (and it kind of explains all of this).

      • femmefan1946 says:

        He had knee surgery, the scars are obvious in a recent picture of him making faces at a unfazed baby. And he spoke about having foot spurs removed on Letterman earlier this Spring, while publicizing for Much Ado About Nothing and Castle.

  47. Just one thing says:

    Truthfully, as stupidly vindicated as I feel about this… (For a number of reasons, first of which having to swallow a ton of Katic bashing on a number of sites, despite her obvious passion for the show.)
    … I can’t help feeling incredible second-hand embarrassment for the cast and crew that this news got out. They’ve got enough crap to deal with, without dirty laundry being aired.
    Oh well, though. Like I said earlier, when this blows over, I hope fans will properly manage their expectations of the show from here on out.

    • Brenda Dempsey says:

      Do you think that nathan doesn’t get on with or want anything to do with the rest of the cast or the show in general?

      • Just one thing says:

        No, if I had to guess about people and relationships about whom/which I know absolutely ZERO, I’d bet he generally gets along with the crew and cast mates. But he’s also provided plenty of admittedly subjective evidence to suggest he’s not interested in the show lasting much longer. You can reasonably guess this from the things he’s said – and the things he HASN’T said.
        But again, I don’t know him, so I hate to publicly speculate. It’s a shame though that a guy who was so hungry for work and seemingly so hungry for the role a few years ago now isn’t feeling it. Especially since the show is named after his character and so heavily based around him. There’s no way out of his eventual exit but the show’s ending.
        And maybe that’s for the best. There’s another actor on the cast from whom I’d love to see more work, and they’re also pretty tied down to this grueling television schedule.

  48. KCatty says:

    There’s a ball of twine out there that isn’t surprised one bit….

  49. Badpenny says:

    Nathan has a 7 year contract, just like everyone else. This 4-day work week demand is just his way of trying to get more money out of ABC because he thinks his current deal is too cheap for his status. IE, he’s too big for his current contract. He’ll probably get some type of Executive Producer title, which means he makes more money, and it’s a way to get around his current contract. It’s just the way things work in Hollywood. Castle takes 8 days to film an episode and there’s no way they can do a season with 4-day work weeks. It would take 48 weeks to film 24 episodes.

    • Temperence says:

      But this season, he’s likely to be used less, with Beckett in DC; his load might be half, which is only 4 days an episode.