Big Brother Slapped With Disclaimer -- What'd It Say? And Are You Buying What Aaryn's Selling?

CBS further distanced itself from the prejudicial views being expressed by certain Big Brother Houseguests by slapping an advisory on this Sunday’s episode.


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The installment that followed found Aaryn and Candice openly confronting the former’s racist comments, after she lost HoH and was sent to bunk with her African-American castmate. Hearing Candice complain about the set-up, Aaryn tossed her roomie’s bed, teeing up a tense encounter ‘tween the ladies.

“Whatcha gon’ do, girl?” Aaryn asked, antagonizing Candice. (“When is the black gonna come out?” could also be heard during the fracas –perhaps coming from GinaMarie?)

As Howard and others (including Helen) consoled distraught Candice, Amanda confronted Aaryn and her cohorts about their repulsive ‘tudes — and how their racist remarks could affect them outside the house (which seemed a bit on-the-nose for a random observation, hmm. Already Aaryn and GinaMarie unwittingly have lost jobs, while Spencer’s been censured by his employer).

Aaryn later apologized to Candice and fretted that her “jokes” were being misconstrued as racist. In the Diary Room, Aaryn claimed she was sincerely upset that her words were taken the wrong way — while Candice in her own DR piece made clear she didn’t buy that mea culpa for an instant, and will continue treating Aaryn accordingly.

What was your reaction to reading CBS’ viewer advisory, right there in black-and-white? And how about Aaryn’s “I was joking” defense?

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