Big Brother Slapped With Disclaimer -- What'd It Say? And Are You Buying What Aaryn's Selling?

CBS further distanced itself from the prejudicial views being expressed by certain Big Brother Houseguests by slapping an advisory on this Sunday’s episode.


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The installment that followed found Aaryn and Candice openly confronting the former’s racist comments, after she lost HoH and was sent to bunk with her African-American castmate. Hearing Candice complain about the set-up, Aaryn tossed her roomie’s bed, teeing up a tense encounter ‘tween the ladies.

“Whatcha gon’ do, girl?” Aaryn asked, antagonizing Candice. (“When is the black gonna come out?” could also be heard during the fracas –perhaps coming from GinaMarie?)

As Howard and others (including Helen) consoled distraught Candice, Amanda confronted Aaryn and her cohorts about their repulsive ‘tudes — and how their racist remarks could affect them outside the house (which seemed a bit on-the-nose for a random observation, hmm. Already Aaryn and GinaMarie unwittingly have lost jobs, while Spencer’s been censured by his employer).

Aaryn later apologized to Candice and fretted that her “jokes” were being misconstrued as racist. In the Diary Room, Aaryn claimed she was sincerely upset that her words were taken the wrong way — while Candice in her own DR piece made clear she didn’t buy that mea culpa for an instant, and will continue treating Aaryn accordingly.

What was your reaction to reading CBS’ viewer advisory, right there in black-and-white? And how about Aaryn’s “I was joking” defense?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Heather says:

    It was Kaitlin who said the part about her black coming out… Classy.

    • SF says:

      Actually it was GinaMarie

      • kat says:

        Yep, it was clearly GinaMarie, it is one of the things she has been saying the whole time, about when Candice’s ‘black’ comes out at different times. She is horrible. And then she actually got in her face yelling it over and over, so yeah, GM. The usual for both of those blond aberrations.
        Spencer is getting off really easy with them just revealing the girls’ stuff. He is a totally disgusting white supremacist animal. He has been homophobic, racist, misogynistic and just mean and stupid. (He thinks Hitler was a great speaker!)

        • Matthew says:

          Hitler was considered a great speaker. How else do you think an insane psychopath takes control of a military power and causes the biggest war humanity has ever had? I guess “good” speaker can be interchanged with “manipulative” in this case.

          Spencer is racist though, for sure.

          • heyang says:

            I agree. Just because we don’t agree with Hitler doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a good speaker. Same is true for other cult leaders (ie. Jim Jones) that get theri followers to commit mass suicide, etc.

          • Daisy says:

            Some things can be both true and not said out loud on tv.

          • Matthew says:

            True, but whether it’s said or not wasn’t the point of debate. The point of debate was the statement’s accuracy. Which is, unfortunately for the human race, true.

          • KevyB says:

            Actually Hitler wasn’t that good a speaker. He often came off as severely whackadoodle in many of his speeches. But when you are giving a message that the people want to hear (and 99% of Germans wanted to hear it), it doesn’t matter how much of a whackjob you are. Hence, the continued existence of crazy nutballs like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck, who don’t say things well but are still paid to say them. Hatred doesn’t require good speaking skills.

          • says:

            Spencer also added that Hitler’s doctors did a good job!!!!!!!!!!Their job was to carry out the extermination of the Jews in Europe …He is a disgusting bigot.

      • Brandy Tincup says:

        I’ve heard racist and nasty comments by Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin. They should all be removed from the show. Incidentally, there is a petition to remove Aaryn from Big Brother at

    • A says:

      It was definitely Gina. I saw it on the live feeds as well.

    • sharon says:

      no. gina marie

    • xwiseguyx says:

      You mean “Klassy”…

    • Debi says:

      Aaron really showed her true colors when she made remarks such as calling Candace shinequa and doing her arms the way she did. She should have been made to sleep on the floor with no pillows or blankets…

      • debbie schaffer says:

        Aaron is a racist bitch no doubt about it. 100% I just don’t understand BB I have watched BB since season 3 and when a house quest was doing something wrong BB would yell at them to stop that. but not a word came out of BB with her. tossing the pillows and clothes and turning the mattress over. goes to show CBS is all for her and they are just as much at fault as she was. that’s why BB has not thrown her out. I don’t watch it like I used to I could never get enough of BB but this season sucks. look what happen to Dean after it came out she said the n word 26 years ago so it goes to show you CBS have no intensions on doing anything to this girl for the things she has said and done. I hope she gets shunned when she goes back home from the towns people. she will always be known as the racist. her family did a good job at raising her goes to show how they are she was raised like that.

        • Stephanie East says:

          I agree that I do not understand BB’s inactions this season. I hope the producers will do more than disclaimers and are not of the mindset that “any press is good press”!
          Just for the record though this interaction was broadcast live on BB after dark and parts of it were edited out for the CBS show last night. When Aaryn flipped the bed BB did yell at her and say “aaryn stop that” she was then called to the DR and when she returned to the room Jeremy asked her if she “got in trouble” to which she then laughed and said no. However I don’t believe she would have openly admit that they reprimanded her especially since on the planet she lives on her comments are not racist!!

        • Grant says:

          Totally agree with both your comments. Aaryn and GinaMarie should have been out the door and wish they could have done a package deal with Kaitlin included as well :) But as inappropriate as these comments and behavior are, CBS won’t do it because it will hurt ratings with that villain element gone from the show which gives it that extra edginess and tension I guess many viewers are drawn to. I really couldn’t stand Daniele Donato either, or her dad Dick who was worse, but don’t think Daniele is close to as bad as those girls are (Dick may be debatable). There always seems to be those girls who try to take on that Daniele type role in the newer Big Brother installments and I guess either many viewers like those types of people, or just makes it more interesting to watch.

          • Tonja says:

            I agree Aaryn and GinaMaire and Kaitlin should’ve been kicked off the show that night! I used to love this show, but allowing people like that to stay on the show for ratings . They are mean and fiscious girls

          • Lyn says:

            Why are you watching it?

        • Jennifer says:

          I agree with you, have watched this show for quite a while but will stop after this seasons horrible cast, not to mention CBS promoting this hate.

      • Nancy says:


    • bunch of white trash on BB15 says:

      Honestly, this season of BB is so boring – the cast couldn’t be less interesting if they tried. If BB booted the disgusting pig racists, then no one would watch – myself included. I keep hoping that one of the houseguests will get a spine and oust one of the pigs – any of them, but start picking them off. Aryn, GM Kaitlin and now Amanda are disgusting, racict pigs and bullies. I hope all of these pigs return to a life of being shunned, job loss, and lost opportunity. If any of them win the season, I will not watch again.

  2. Bravo CBS! This is certainly another step in the right direction.

    • Ruby says:

      CBS needs to step up to the plate and advise the red necks that their behavior can not last any further or they will lose their stipends too.

      • Tyler says:

        Rednecks?! You mean the Texans (Aaryn and Jeremy) and New Yorkers (GinaMarie). It figures that Aaryn and Jeremy are from Texas. That whole state is messed up–including the education system. Aaryn and Jeremy probably learned from the Texas reformed textbooks that eliminated any talk of slavery, Chinese immigration, gay rights, etc.

        • David says:

          Racists show their ignorance when they speak. Anyone different than them is automatically deemed subhuman. Of course, any speech made in ignorance should be called out. For instance, lumping the entire Texas educational system under the racist banner. I’m from Texas and racism was acknowledged and condemned in all my schools.

        • Bebe says:

          As someone from Texas who is abhorred at these people comments your comments that the state is messed up and their ignorant attitudes are because they are from Texas is just as ignorant and repulsive. We may have an idiot for a governor, but we are not all idiots or racists.

        • Melissa says:

          Your complaining about her rudeness and you just did the same thing judged a whole state. I am offended by her actions and I am also from Texas but to make a comment about the whole state and the people in them when you don’t even known them is just as bad. I hate to break this to you but in life no matter what state your in or country for that matter your going to run into rude people and wrong people. If everyone was perfect we wouldn’t have a criminal justice system. So, stop judging people or being rude like her your just making yourself look bad!

        • Lyn says:

          I don’t think you should judge an entire state for a few trashy people. We here in Texas don’t like them either. Are there no racists in your town?

  3. Jason says:

    I watch the feeds so there is less editing… Aaryn was not joking she is a racist pure and simple. After the first comments I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she is human and as wrong as it is who has not at one time or another made an off color joke. Sadly she has persisted and in anger. CBS is right to put the disclaimer up and remind people of what they are doing… but Aaryn just joking? No not at all.

    • Nancy says:

      No, she is not joking and is disgusting. I fell she is one of the worst players (as far as personality) to ever play the game. I am truly sickened by everything about her. When the players first entered the house I thought she was a very pretty girl, however since all of her comments and actions I find her truly ugly inside and out. I can not wait for this vile person to be voted off…I hope she goes right after Jeremy!

      • Irene Rudolph says:

        Could not agree more! In this day and age, there is no excuse for prejudice of any kind. It is very sad and heartbreaking that people are still so ignorant and hateful towards one another. What is so difficult about being kind to people different than yourself?!

        • Debbie says:

          Yes, I agree. I liked this show better when it first began. The contestants were nice to each other even though it was a competition. Every time Aaryn is shown on the screen, I mute the sound so I don’t have to hear what she is saying. I find it ironic that her name is so similar to the word Aryan.

          • I thought the same thing. It made me wonder if her family belonged to this group and she was taught as a baby to hate like you see in those documentaries where the toddlers are walking around saying racial slurs as soon as they can talk. That’s what she reminds me of.

  4. Sarah says:

    Aryn’s disgusting

  5. Beth says:

    Aaryn is awful, and I don’t believe she meant a word of her “apology”. I just can’t figure out if she knows how racist she is or if she’s just that ignorant and naive.

    • John Gull says:

      I don’t know her but I would put my money on being Dumb, and naive and self serving, egotistical, obnoxious, and had bad parenting.

      • MARION says:

        You hit the nail on the head, where else would someone learn to be so racist. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets out of that house.

        • Robin says:

          Aaron is from Texas. I live here and the amount of racism is extreme and sad. I luckily live on the border of Austin (an oasis of sorts), but when I venture out it is rampant. I have lived in 6 states and been to 43 of them and Texas would place in the top 3 for ignorance and racist behavior. I know her parents are paying money to clean up her ‘online image’, they definitely contributed here.

          • Lyn says:

            Why have you been in so many states? I moved to the Dallas are in the 80’s. I pick and choose my friends and it seems that the ones who are racists are people who moved here from someplace else, and….they learned to be racist from there former home town, and most likely from their parents. Please stop blaming Texas, or any other place. That makes you a sort of a racist too.

      • C. Hallberg says:

        You hit the nail on the head totally, and in just one short sentence. Good job!!

    • Tenney says:

      Aaryn’s apology was not really an apology at all. She said in the DR that they showed that she wasn’t apologizing for what she said, she was apologizing that Candice took her comments the wrong way. That’s not an apology.

      • tripoli says:

        Exactly. I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt when she started apologizing to Candice but that quickly went out the window when she clarified that she only “apologized” so that the idea of her being a racist wasn’t spread throughout the house. It’s been pretty apparent that she is not joking. It’s been too frequent and mean spirited for me to believe she is in any way joking. She seemed to think that it was just Candice who felt she was making racist remarks which is odd since it has been mentioned to her, more than once, by more than one person that the majority of the house feels she has been racist. Is she really that clueless or lacking in self awareness? One has to wonder.

  6. Patty says:

    engineered scene with Aaryn apologizing to improve worlds opinion of her too bad she didnt pay attention two hours before show aired she was making jokes about flies in African Commercials and laughing at another houseguests racist comment

  7. Kevin says:

    This crap. CBS needs to do the right thing. EVERY single country that has Big Brother evicts house guests for racist comments! One warning and out the door is he rule. CBS needs to do the same!

    • sara says:

      Agree 1000%. It seems all Big Brother USA cares about is ratings. No surprise there.

      • Wmddamron says:

        U have said the magic words! Or word” RATINGS”! Is it not obvious!?

      • Sad to say, but ratings are important. It’s ratings that decide whether or not a show comes back next season. I would not like to see BB disappear because of a few very obnoxious people. On the other hand BB would be boring without the bad element. ….Just sayin’

    • J says:

      if they don’t want to kick them out for racism it needs to be done for the verbal abuse alone. Its so ironic that if anything got physical or if anyone reacted physically to the racism/mysogeny/homophobia they would immediately be evicted. Its just frustrating how CBS is both allowing the abuse to continue without airing the nastiness and hatred that is within these people

    • A says:

      If they evict her, they’d have to evict Spencer, Jeremy, Amanda, Kaitlin, Ginamarie, etc., because they have all made derogatory, racist, homophobic and mysogynistic remarks. That’s almost half the cast right there. I think that people seem to forget that this is a social experiment. We are getting a look at what happens when people are put in a house for 90 days and the kind of people they are/become.
      What they should do is not shy away from what is happening in the house and ignore it which they seem to be working on. They have shown how awful Aryan and Ginamarie are which is great because it lets the viewers see who they really are. Now if they’d only be fair and truly portray how disgusting Jeremy and Spencer are with their constant derogatory and mysogynistic remarks towards the women in the house, it would be more fair.

      • macy says:

        What has Amanda said?

        • CountryQueen says:

          I don’t know exactly, but I know that McCrae confronted her on it, and she didn’t think her gay jokes were bad ‘cuz they were so over the top it was obvious she was joking. This happened in the early days of the feeds – and so much has happened that I can’t remember exactly what she said – but it was bad enough that her “boyfriend” called her on it.

    • Natalie says:

      I have always enjoyed watching BB and look forward to it every summer. With that being said I am slightly disappointed that CBS is allowing this on their show. I have watched faithfully every season and this one is consumed by racism and CBS is allowing it to continue. This show is not about race it is a game I am disgusted and tempted to stop watching!

      • Rhonda Casey-Willson says:

        It gives CBS ratings!! That is why they are allowing it. They want people to watch them instead of another station. They are not worried about anything else but what they will get out of it!!

        • Irene Rudolph says:

          Sadly, I think you are right. I am hoping (ever the optimist who is doomed to failure) that people will see the prejudice and realize how it affects others. I’m not holding my breath ’till this happens, but if just a few people change their views maybe there’s hope.

          • Lyn says:

            As I have said previously, it HAS to be about ratings, or there will be no more BB at all. I don’t want to see it go off the air. The cursing and ethnic slurs are bleeped out on public tv, but are on the live feed. It is a reality show after all. As I have said before, I would like to see the two evil blondes become have-nots and suffer
            before voting them off.

    • James says:

      In the case of CBBUK, they late Jane Goody play the game until she was nominated and eventually evicted off the house even after all the shizzle she caused with Shilpa Shetty..

    • partisan says:

      US Big Brother bears almost no resemablence to other BB’s around the world. There the audience decides who goes and as a result the Ayrans are quickly gone. US version is more like survivor and the producers are LOVING this!! The ratings are up and people are talking, that means the blode KKK barbie doll will be around for a while yet.

    • LMK says:

      Who knows? They may have planted controversial people this season to get the ratings up. and it is working. How disguisting. Even her name- Aryn- sounds like Aryan. I’m suspicious. And, I won’t give Big Brother a second of my viewing time because of it.

    • Actually that is incorrect, in 2006, when Shilpa Shetty was on Big Brother UK, no one was expelled from the show when she was a victim of racism as well.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree, they should be evicted for racist comments, and bullying!

    • Stephanie East says:

      I totally agree! Unfortunately in the US “any press is good press” and the “mean girls crew” as I call them are driving press and ratings for them. I’m afraid that they think that if they remove these houseguest from the house that it becomes a very “boring” show and they aren’t going to do that! Its so sad. My heart breaks for the houseguests that this horrible behavior is directed at. This game is hard enough without having this kind of added stress to it!

    • tripoli says:

      That would be great. They’ve kicked out past houseguests for damaging their mics or refusing to put them on. Why is raging racism and homophobia okay?

    • Tamra says:

      CBS it’s time to let Aaryn go. I don’t care how much money you’re getting from having all this continue it’s wrong. Your fans think/ thought you were better than this. And to have Julie Chin have to listen to her each week is out of line. Words hurt much longer than a fist. You’d take her off if she punched someone!!! Guess what?! What she did is worse and more painful. Take her ass of the show!

  8. sara says:

    Aryan is disgusting. Kaitlen, Jeremy and Gina Marie however have also made many racist comments that haven’t been shown. They are all a pack of ugly racist bullies.

    • Rhonda Casey-Willson says:

      Absolutely those that have made the racist remarks should be forced to leave. Especially since this Zimmerman trial has made racial tensions even larger than they already were!!

  9. Hannah says:

    I’m ready for Aaryn to get out the door and face Julie Chen. We’ll finally have something worth watching then. Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Jeremy, and Spencer are the most despicable people they’ve ever cast on this show. Being nasty in game play is one thing. These are just nasty people, plain and simple.

    • Jill says:

      I just hope Julie actually confronts her about her words. And I really hope she tells her on air that her words have cost her her job. I’m not holding out hope that any of that happens

      • Rick says:

        She might ask her a couple seeded questions, but won’t do anything like we all want to see. Remember this now, NO ONE WILL BOO OR YELL WHEN SHE COMES OUT!!! CBS will tell them not to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • lynne says:

          I agree! They have become a ‘family friendly’ show. They used to allow the evicted hgs on the jury to ask the final 2 any questions they wanted – even if it was mean spirited because they were still angry at being evicted. Now they give them the questions to ask and they are lighthearted stupid questions like “What are you planning to do with your winnings?”

      • Annie says:

        Julie should not even give her the airtime. Let poor, little ole, blue eyed, dyed blonde girl from Texas get her public humiliation that she deserves by being scorned by CBS

        • Annie says:

          Wonder what her family is thinking about this? Probably had to go into seclusion. Move out of Texas? Shop at the grocery store two towns over?

          • jamie says:

            Where do you think she learned it from? You don’t just become racist, your raised that way.

      • partisan says:

        I wish she would walk up, hand her a bowl of rice and say “Bye now.”

      • jennifer says:

        I have been watching big brother now for ten years.And after this season I willnot watch anymore due in part to producers not taking responsibility and kcking these racists out the door.In a time where racism is extra sensitive [ like the trayvon martin case] this is not acceptable and the producers need to be worried about people banning the show and less concerned about low ratings at the cost of totally alienating people.

        • Pat Ruge says:

          Burying your head in the sand and pretending this does kind of thinking does not exist, is not the answer. This is a learning moment for all of mankind. It allows us to examine what it is we do or do not do to make things right. What are you willing to do besides turning off the tv station and banning the sponsors. That in my opinion is not enough. Where is your voice? When are you willing to confront that neighbor or friend or relative, that this kind of behavior is not enough – not in this day and age. Find your voice, not your pocketbook.

      • Lori says:

        I wish she would too.. but I think she is too classy to confront her… I think that the three in question… GM, Aaryn and Kaitlin should all be given warnings.. and then let go if they don’t comply… they think they are so invinciable.. wish i could be a fly on the wall when they find out they have lost their jobs!

  10. Sam says:

    Sure she should be ousted but she won’t win, there’s no way that’ll happen.

  11. John says:

    So glad I don’t watch this joke of a show anymore.

    • Lyn says:

      Come on John. You are watching it or you wouldn’t be here commenting. Let’s all be honest, none of us would be typing here if the beasts that are racists were not interesting enough to hate.

  12. Sandy says:

    I think Aaryn should be removed from the house, expelled for violating the moral cause. Willy was expelled for a simple head butt and he broke no laws doing it! Racial Discrimination is a federal offense! Big Brother continues to allow the hatred to fester and is by doing so, condoning this behavior. This has been going on since week1. Enough is enough! Expell her!

    • Rick says:

      Very good point!!

    • JB Smooove says:

      please tell me someone else sees the irony in aaryn’s name being ever so close to aryan (you know, the skinheads). i cant be the only one, right???

      • partisan says:

        It has been noticed.

      • Irene Rudolph says:

        At this point, its really hard NOT to notice! Sometimes bad apples do come from good trees; lets not condemn her folks too quickly. A sociopath is not made that way by others. A sociopath has a serious mental illness that harms many who come in contact with them.

    • Debby Keene says:


    • I agree. I’m not sure if CBS feels like it would be messing with the chemistry of thew show or if they like the negative attention this whole ordeal is causing. Either way, I think she needs to be removed from the house.

      • Lyn says:

        I don’t want CBS to remove her. I want her to suffer first. I would love to see her wind up as a “have not”, and then be booted out by the votes.

    • CountryQueen says:

      I don’t believe they have a moral code written into their rules – they do, however, have a rule against physical violence, and a headbutt is physical violence – so Willie deserved to go. You know that is what GinaMarie wanted Candice to do last night – then Candi would get kicked out.

    • A simple head butt? He was a physical danger to everyone in the house. That’s like saying Aaryn just said a simple racist remark.

  13. Sherry says:

    These houseguests make me sick to my stomach. I have always loved this show…but not this season. CBS should have at the very least, ejected those houseguests responsible for the horrible behavior and racial slurs. There is a gang mentality going on as well such as what was directed at Jesse and Candice. The alternative is CBS should pull the plug on the remainder of the season and attempt to come back next year with “normal” people. They use to have a very age mixed group which provided an interesting dynamic, but now, with the exception of about four people, they are all young punks. The producers severely screwed up this season and for them to just sit back, not do anything to rectify the situation and either remove those people involved or cancel the show entirely is reprehensible.

    • Rick says:

      1000% RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But CBS has a record of not caring about people, only money. Every product that you see during a BB broadcast, email them to let them know you will not buy their product and tell others not to because they condone racism. They ONLY way CBS will do anything is if they lose money.

    • partisan says:

      Season two after 9/11 they debated for almost a week if they should tell Monica her cousin had gone missing in the tragedy. The producers have NEVER cared about the people in the house or how the audience feels as long as they watch.

      • Lyn says:

        CBS did not debate it about 911. They waited to hear from her family to give their input as to whether or not to tell her. I think consulting with her family was the right thing to do.

      • Lyn says:

        CBS did not debate. They contacted her family, and did as they asked.

    • I think if they ever took out people for being racist, that would just set a precedent for future contestants to be fake all the time and not be who they are. Then what’s the point of watching a reality show? These things happen- there are racist people in this world. I think this is a big wake up call to everyone. They are being punished for there radical behavior where it counts.

      • Irene Rudolph says:

        Exactly! We watch this show to see other people do great things and horrible things. They suffer the consequences when they return to the “real world”. Hopefully, we all can objectively see characteristics we possess that are wrong and change them by seeing how others are hurt by our own thoughtless crap!

    • brooke says:

      Exactly what I was telling my husband. They totally blew it. They picked based on age and looks, and it was a total fail.

  14. Wrstlgirl says:

    Aaryn’s apology came after Amanda told her that America was going to hate her for being racist. All shes trying to do now is CYA. Nothing sincere about it. Hopefully she’ll go home this week.

  15. I’m just going to say today is not a good day to be seen as a racist…

  16. Rick says:

    Yes this cast is the worst cast in BB history. Racist, Hitler loving people. Then the better ones are total bullies and think women are trophys. But one does sound like Donald Duck and thats funny. NOW, when one of the “Trash Crew” comes out, do you think CBS will warn everyone before hand to not boo or yell at them??? Would be the PERFECT time to let them know what America really thinks of them!!!

  17. Ashlyn says:

    This girl is so vile. I can’t believe the despicable things that continue to come out of her mouth. Enough is enough. For her own safety and well being, CBS really needs to get her out of there and send her to an undisclosed location where a psychologist is waiting. Kaitlin and GinaMarie are both horrible human beings as well, but I don’t think they will face the wrath of the public in the same way that Aaryn will. Don’t get me started on Jeremy and Spencer. Their mothers must be mortified. So sad.

  18. Rick says:

    Dont complain about all this and then do nothing. Email every product you see during a BB broadcast and let them know what you think. You won’t buy their product and will tell every one you know not to. CBS will do nothing unless it hurts their pocket.

    • pat says:

      Great idea, and I will be following up with e-mails of protest to all advertisers. Also I am over CBS for allowing this behavior for ratings. I’ve watched CBS since the 1950’s but now it seems they are allowing a mockery of the life I live everyday. Goodbye CBS until you are not so thirsty for ratings.

  19. Steven says:

    As much a I abhor the racism, misogyny, and general bigotry committed by Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Kaitlin, and Jeremy, I don’t think they should be expelled. This show is about throwing a bunch of people together in a house and seeing how these personalities interact with each other, possibly even clashing. If someone is attacked personally, they should stand up for themselves, and so far they have. No one’s safety has been threatened yet. They will be dealt with by being evicted very soon, as well as the effects that have already been dealt outside the house. It should be allowed to play out. I think CBS has taken the right approach.

    • Rick says:

      Look everyone we found the 1 person in America that likes whats going on. Has to be related to CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Winter says:

        I don’t like what’s going on but I agree with Steven. Would you rather the producers tell them stop it it’s making you look bad and we never see what they are really like? This way it all gets aired out. Candice and Howard are coming out looking like saints and we all know how horrible Aaryn and her cohorts are.

      • CountryQueen says:

        Reread that first line. Some of us realize that this is a social experiment, and find it interesting. These people KNOW they are being scrutinized for racism, and still the comments they make are flabbergasting. I find that interesting, that these young people just don’t seem to really care what we see – they are just who they are. And that it is really allowed to continue by the houseguests. A few things have been said, but when someone is making a racist comment, they need to start calling them out. Jeremy making a racist comment, just yesterday, in front of Howard, should have resulted in Howard saying that he was making a racist comment – but Howard just walked away. All very interesting. And all very real world – it is making many uncomfortable – but it has gotten us talking about how we treat each other.

        I also find it interesting, and personally satisfying, to see the pretty/mean girls and boys from high school finally realize the world isn’t like high school, and just being pretty won’t win you $500,000.

      • You clearly misunderstood what Steven is trying to say, I agree with Steven as well, boycotting a show does not change anything. These people still exist in this world. Also for someone as young as Aaryn- obviously her environment contributed to the fact.

      • Lyn says:

        You are a fool. It Is a reality show, and what we are seeing is real.

    • Alyssa says:

      I completely agree I think they should stay on the show! when this season is over their actions will forever be broadcast on BB re runs. Hopefully being forced to watch yourself behave in such a horrible way over and over again will be a learning experience.

    • Lyn says:

      Well said Steven.

  20. I think Aaryn’s apology to Candice was insincere. She only did it because she saw how it was affecting her standing in the house. She keeps accusing Candice (and now Amanda) of spreading things that are untrue about her and making the other houseguests hate her. She just doesn’t get it. She has had chance after chance to reflect and change her words, but she always claims to be a victim of people who are out to get here. Unfortunately for her, she is right. People will be after her once she leaves the house. She thinks that Howard is cool with her because he said that he thought he was joking, but Howard didn’t really think she was joking. He just didn’t want to start a confrontation with her that could get him evicted from the house. He should have come right out and said that her words are offensive and hurtful Why give her a pass? Howard should just stand up to her once and for all.

  21. Allyson McVeigh says:

    This year CBS has gone over the top in its search for ratings. To allow this group of Americas misfits to represent the youth of the nation is disgusting. I’m wondering if the application asked for ugly, thats what you got people that are ugly on the inside. It is NOT acceptable in any circumstance to be racist, homophobic or a bully. Our youth today are committing suicide because of this treatment and CBS is condoning this by throwing up a bs disclaimer shame on you

    • kavyn says:

      The only contestant CBS can take blame for is Elissa. The rest of them were hand picked by Robyn Kass.

      • Vickie Cooley says:

        Robyn Kass picks people for Allison Grodner and her crew to choose from. She does not make the final decision. That is all on the producers shoulders. Lets put blame where blame is due!

        • kavyn says:

          Don’t be ridiculous. Robyn is the casting agent, of course she makes the final decision. Allison Grodner’s decisions come from whatever twist they decide to implement, and the only thing she decided casting-wise was Elissa.

          If Aaryn comes back for an Allstars season, THEN you can blame Grodner.

    • I’m pretty sure CBS did not know that they were racist when they were in the interviewing process

  22. Matt says:

    CBS disclamer is not good enough! Big Brother and CBS must condone this because if they didn’t something would have been done by now! And yes this is the worst cast and season ever of Big Brother. I am done watching it and will not watch it when it returns next year! Because of this, I am also done with any CBS show and networks!

  23. Georgette Alcocer says:

    What are you thinking CBS? I’ve watched BB forever! But these racist comments have gone to far! These people need to go! It’s gone to far! Shame on you CBS!

    • Shirley says:

      I am with you on this. By leaving them on the show, CBS is giving a message that everything is fine. They should kick them out without telling no-one in BB. Aaryn first then GinaMarie. Leaving them on the show is just wrong. Kick them out. It’s the least CBS can do.

  24. JB Smooove says:

    ill say it again, i am glad CBS is not hiding, they are putting these horrible, stupid, young adults on blast. i also hope some day (waaaaay sooner than later) these dipwads realize how dumb they were and regret what they have said.

  25. Southland Fan says:

    The live feeds showed that Amanda confronting the girls actually went on for a solid 20 minutes and at one point Amanda even told Aryn that the producers are asking her in her Diary Room Session if she thinks Aryn is a racist. Aryn said that was stupid and continued to just seem completely ignorant of everything that she has said. Thus, her apology was totally fake to save face because she finally is realizing that this is how she is being portrayed on TV. However, I do think that CBS is handling this fine as this is a reality show and unfortunately that is just who these people are. Interfering/removing them from the game would just leave us with a bunch of fake PC people. It’s a social experiment so unfortunately we have to live with the good and the bad. Final word: Aryn, Kaitlyn, GM, Jeremy and Spencer are all despicable racist/sexist/homophobic bullies and I hope that their behavior being exposed on national TV continues to haunt them for years to come in their real lives. Their poor mothers must be so embarrassed!

  26. deborah deutsch says:

    the disclaimer is CBS trying to cover their asses. It is to late for me I am not watching Big Brother or CBS anymore. Even my 14 yr old grandaughter said it, does CBS think racism is ok. Also they’re are allowing bullying which we are trying to stop our young people from doing. We tell them it is wrong but it is made to look like its ok on tv….

  27. Debby Keene says:

    I am very upset the CBS has not pulled Aaryn. I think she has crossed the line and has hurt many people inside the house. Even after the houseguests were given a warning it happens daily with her. CBS need to make an example of her. They are paid everyday they are in the house so Aaryn is being compensated for bad behavior. And what about the sponsors? Why are they not speaking up and saying they will not attach themselves to this kind of behavior! I will continue to watch only in support of honest, true people who are in the house like Helen and Elissa.

    • This is a social experiment, you can’t kick someone off the show because they are not doing what you like them to do. They are told to be themselves, she is showing her true colors, let her be consequenced by her peers in the game and society outside of the game.

    • Pamela Newman says:

      Debby Keene you are so right, I watch the show from Sydney, Australia and as I’ve said before some housemates in our BB in Australia have been kicked out of the house for far less than Aaryn’s behaviour. This is simply so wrong, actually I think the horse has bolted already and can’t wait for Aaryn to be evicted so Julie can tell her of all the bad publicity the show has received from her racism, plus the fact that Julie herself was effected by her comments. If CBS had any balls they should have replaced Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer and GM when this initially happened, it is too late now sadly.

  28. Tyler says:

    Ok am I the ONLY person who notice Ginamarie’s last name is ZIMMERMAN? maybe she is related to George Zimmerman the man that just walked for killing an african-american for looking suspicious in florida

  29. David says:

    I don’t believe that CBS is condoning the words of these people. In fact, their attitudes are being displayed in public. It will ruin them for a long time.

  30. Allyson says:

    Aaron is so racist and it doesn’t seem to brother her at all. It is quite sad. I am hoping that she gets evicted on Thursday. I can’t wait to hear about her reaction once she learns that she has been making headlines for her words and actions.

  31. Leah says:

    Didn’t Aaryn say in the diary room, “I am sincere in my apology…in that I’m sorry she took my comments the wrong way.” (or something similar). If so, not even she was claiming her comments were regrettable. Amanda has talked to her about it twice, and Spencer tried once. Each time she denied saying anything gross.

  32. ellay says:

    At first I was upset that CBS wasn’t throwing them out on their racist rear-ends but the more I thought about it, allowing them to stay in the game and show more and more of the country their true colors is more damaging to them then getting booted. Sure you say they are getting paid everyday they are in there. Not a huge amount unless they make it to the end. But leaving them in there has allowed at least 2 (or is it 3?) of them to lose their jobs and I can predict with the press this has gotten it will be very difficult for them to find a decent paying, if any job in the near future. They are digging their own graves and CBS is going to continue to let them do it and let them further destroy their future. Fine by me.

    • Jason Long says:

      I whole heartedly agree with this….CBS is not condoning racism… They will pay for what they have done. I do think that maybe some of their stipend should be docked for each instance.

    • Jonas says:

      Remember, going to finale is part of their contract. If they don’t come, they don’t get paid. If Aaron leaves before jury, there is NO WAY she will come back for that scrutiny, thus no pay!

  33. Jack says:

    You do understand this is a big part of why she was cast, right? This is exactly what the network and producers were hoping to get. It has generated lots of press releases, free publicity reports, boosted ratings, etc. Likely she was even encouraged to act out by the staff and the network people. Personally I find CBS worse than her for using this to get ratings and make money off of it.

    • James says:

      Nah. Without any concrete evidence, you’re jsut speculating. In addition, if Aaryn was acting this whole time, the live feeders would have seen through it by now. And you can’t keep a mask on 24/7 pretending to be someone you’re not. Past HG’s who were pretenders at the start of the game were eventually outed, both by players and by viewers themselves.

      CBS would not stoop this low to cast an actor and start verbally attack a fellow housemate with derogatroy remarks.

      At the end of the day, Big Brother is a social experiment of people from different walks of life, each with their own beliefs, attitudes and personalities so different from each other; with all of their actions watched by thousands on the air and online, 24/7.

    • I don’t think CBS wanted a situation like this, especially when it is hurting there ratings in some cases/opinions.

  34. Hattie says:

    As others have pointed out, your article is incorrect. Aaryn said in the diary room she was sorry only that Candice took her words the wrong way. She is not sincerely sorry for her actions. It depresses me greatly that such racism still exists in this country. She is a beautiful girl on the outside but UGLY on the inside. I also feel that CBS should take some action.

  35. Judie says:

    Why is CBS allowing this to go on? I just don’t understand. Do they really want an open racist winning their show? Why was it so impossible for them to remove the worst offenders? I don’t get it. How Candace is being treated is an outrage. We have huge campaigns about bullying and how it gets better, but when push comes to shove even people in power with the ability to do something about it hold up their hands and say they don’t “condone” it and they’re powerless. I’m completely disgusted with CBS.

    • James says:

      Because as long as a housemate does not incite violence in any shape or form he/she will not be forced evicted by the show. So far, Aaryn’s derogatory remarks are not suggestive of violence.
      However, she already is a target to everyone else’s eyes so she will get evicted soon after Jeremy as long as she doesn’t win HOH on Thursday.

      Let the game be played as it progresses and let the players have the pleasure of kicking her out of the house.

  36. Lah Lah Levy says:

    Are you kidding?! She can’t leave! How amazing would it be for her to make it to the jury and then we can see her (and her victims) all find out together what her hateful comments have cost her? I, for one, am praying for that moment!

  37. Joyce says:


  38. Mik says:

    To be fair to Amanda, in the live feeds Amanda states that the reason she thinks it’s affecting people on outside of the house is because everyone has said they have had questions in the Diary Room regarding Aaryn’s remarks. So Amanda naturally assumes that it’s something people are talking about on the outside, since BB otherwise wouldn’t have asked them quesions about it. I don’t think producers have specifically told Amanda what is going on on the outside.

  39. Sam says:

    I hope Aaryn is kicked off. I hope the audience is allowed to react to her theyway they feel or that Aaryn walks out to an empty stage and Julie Chen. I hope CBS allows America to watch as Julie tells her exactly how America feels about her hate driven, vomitus spewings. This is reality TV…I’m ready to watch as Aaryn gets a dose of reality. She can then be a role model for what not to be.

  40. Cecelia says:

    I think CBS needs to tell her she is off the show but give her the opportunity to self evict with a sincere apology after showing her the footage America has seen. It would hit her very hard to be confronted with herself. She may be too self-absorbed to even comprehend what we all see. She can’t help how she was raised
    and this could be a real eye-opener for her and change her life for the better. She is so young and I’d hate to see this ruin her life. At this point CBS is giving her lots of rope to hang herself with. I think they are culpable despite their disclaimer. And last night they gave her alcohol. Really CBS?

    • lynne says:

      I really feel that Aaryn has no clue that anything is wrong with her behaviour. Even when she leaves the house and finds out she’s lost her job she will think that her employeers are stupid and they don’t understand her and are picking on her. She will think that America is wrong and we have misjudged her because she is blonde or something stupid like that. Sadly, I don’t think she will get it.

  41. Cheryl says:

    Smarten up BB, Look what they did to Paula Deen, for something she said 20 years ago. Take Aryan, out of the game, she should not be able to compete for anything after her racist remarks. I’ am very disappointed with CBS. It must be hard for Julie Chen, also to have to deal with these people.

  42. Pat Ruge says:

    Many of you demand that those hg’s who have been displaying their racism, bigotry and misogynistic attitudes should be thrown off the show. To me this is equivalent to burying your head in the sand and pretending this kind of thinking doesn’t exist in our world anymore. We too must take the bitter pill, for all those times we have heard these kind of remarks and said nothing. In my opinion, CBS is doing us all a great service by exposing this underlying sentiment which festers in our bellies. We have just been pretending it does not exist. BB is showing us it does exist. The question is, “What are we willing to do about it?” You think the answer is to “throw them out”, “get them fired”, “ruin the rest of their lives”. This is not the answer. What is really interesting to me is that , except for Amanda (probably prompted by production in DR sessions) to confront and challenge this behavior, not one other hg has said anything directly to the offenders. Why hasn’t Helen (who is otherwise a very outspoken person) said to Aaryn “It really bothers me when you say, blah, blah, blah, and I am very offended by that remark. I consider it to be racist.” Why doesn’t Elissa stand up to Spencer and say, “When you say such and such about women, and use terms like c***, I am very upset and it tells me how disrespectful you are towards women.” Why can’t Candice confront her antagonists by saying, “I consider what you just said to be a racist remark, and I think it is time for you to grow up and rethink your unpopular view of the world.: Why can’t McCrae or Judd say, “This type of behavior is just not acceptable.” They all of them talk about among themselves, but not one (with Amanda being the exception) have brought this to their attention. Just look at Jeramy, he will be walking out that door believing he is a “Champion”. Look at how many of these hg’s truly believe they should get MVP when their behavior is abhorring. If we are to learn anything from this “experiment” it would be, in my opinion, to stand up and be counted and not to hide our indignation by gossiping about it behind close doors. For those of you who express your own opinions so openly, under the guise of fake names with much anonymity, what are you willing to do to expose your friend or neighbor who makes these same kind of remarks. You have a choice to make. You can go back into your home and express your discontent in your nice safe environment and do or say nothing about it OR you can speak out and STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. CHOOSE!!!

    • Pat Ruge says:

      As a PS to my own comments above, I should like to add that if I were to ask anything of CBS it would be to change the format of the goodbye syrupy messages of why I voted you out, I would suggest they show a few clips of their abhorrent behavior and question the outgoing hg “Do you think this is why you were evicted?” Let them see for themselves, how unacceptable their comments are AND at the same time prepare them for what waits for them outside the BB house. What I would really like to see, is their reactions to their own exposed behavior. Can you even imagine what that might be like? That alone would be worth the price of admission.

  43. Jenerrific713 says:

    Call me conflicted. Bravo to CBS for FINALLY giving an accurate edit (in Aaryn’s portrayal). Not only did they show the racism & bullying, but they showed her half-hearted (BS) attempt at an apology. I appreciate the redemption aspect though. Her life is going to be extremely difficult post-BB. It seems she’s getting an idea of what’s about to come. Either DR is giving her a heads-up, or Amanda is piecing it together based on HER DR questions and is relaying it back to Aaryn. What bothers me though, is that GM isn’t getting the same dose of reality. Her edit is still squeaky-clean and I’m not sure why. At least CBS showed the mean-girl montage of the 3 witches ganging up on Jessie & Candice. Still, not quite enough that Aaryn is taking the full brunt of the racism…oh well. Baby steps. I’m grateful for SOME honesty.

    Funny note: the one thing Aaryn & GM have started, which was a “first of” in 15 years of BB, is the disclaimer about racism and inappropriate views that CBS does not support. They wanted to be known for some groundbreaking TV… now they are.

    • S says:

      Couldn’t agree more. They actually edited out GM (At least I don’t remember seeing it) when GM made the comment about the “black that way, white’s this way” during the fight. It just seems odd how her mic went silent for some of it.
      Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but while Aaryn is passive aggressive GM is aggressive and outright about her views and makes it abundantly clear. So they shouldn’t make this only about Aaryn. After all, it was GM who used the n word too.

    • April Lewis says:

      I so agree, I think they’ve already went to far and they should all three be removed automatically due to the racist comments and bulling. they are no longer in grade school. I say it should be automatic eviction.

  44. Bob says:

    Aaryn = Aryan! Can’t wait to see her exit interview when Julie tells her she’s lost her job. GinaMarie, too. Ratings through the roof!

    • Yellekk says:

      I doubt Julie will get to do that, even if she wants to.

      • Pamela Newman says:

        Really hope Julie gives Aryan hell on the exit interview, she will have to because if Julie is her usual nice self Aryan will simply not get it !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carrie Lennon says:

      I can’t wait! I’m sure they will both be “Boo’ed” when they exit the house…I can’t stand either one of them!

  45. dude says:

    I’m glad they’re continuing to show it. I honestly didn’t think that confrontation would make the actual show. It’s good that CBS isn’t saying “well, we addressed it” and moving on but continuing to show that these attitudes haven’t changed and showing how awful they are to Candice instead of just focusing on Helen. It was very hard for me to watch but I’m glad people say it because the deeper Aaryn digs that hole, the harder it will be for her to climb out when this game is over and she has to face the world after the terrible things she’s said/done.

  46. millzy1987 says:

    Aaryn is the definition of a sheltered small town mean girl. She was probably the most popular girl in high school; she is used to being worshipped by her peers and she is treating the big brother house the same way, she has her lackys (gina marie, and Kaitlin) and she thinks bullying is the only way to gain popularity within the house because that is what has worked for her in the past. I want her to stay on the show because it seems like she is starting to realize what she is doing isn’t working, although I can’t wait for her to leave the big brother house and see how her actions have affected her life. Maybe being forced to watch herself over and over on reruns will open her eyes a little.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Exactly how I feel about her too. And I am personally delighted, as someone who was tortured from the time I was 9 until I graduated by these types of girls, to see them finally get theirs and realize that being pretty won’t win you $500,000. I will say, that many of the mean girls (but not all – the worst of the worst was still the worst) apologized to me at our 10 year reunion for their actions. So hopefully, Aaryn will learn a very big life lesson (it may take awhile for it to sink in as she will be gobsmacked by the reaction to her when she leaves – but after some time I hope she learns).

  47. Yellekk says:

    BB is a microcosm of life and interpersonal relationships. This year just shows how real it can be. The point is to see how people handle pressure when cut off from the real world. I hate that some people this year are racist but finally America sees that racism is still around. It comes in a pretty package with big blue eyes. And it isn’t just the south. Jersey is as racist as Texas or Mississippi. Congrats to BB for standing by their premise and letting the racists hang themselves with their words and actions. Who’s the stronger person? The one that doesn’t take the bait. Good job to the others for siding against the racists.

    • Karyn says:

      I agree with the previous comments. It is, after all, a reality show. Racism is awful but it still exists. Maybe putting real people on tv that are racist will teach the viewers, and the house guests themselves, a lesson.

  48. Russell says:

    I just want cameras to be running when both Aaryn and GinaMarie find out they don’t have jobs to go back to when they leave the house. Let’s see if Aaryn misconstrues the words “you’re fired” said to her face.

  49. Aaryn needs help. I hope she gets it when she gets out. She has so much hatred for people she don’t like and she don’t care what the millons of people watching think about her because she thinks she is doing nothing wrong.

  50. Joe R says:

    Amazing to watch. Hard to accept. This apparent generation of BB is giving a bad view of themselves. I can’t believe how entitled they all feel. Jeremy, Aryn, et al Believe it is their right to win and can’t accept that the world is teaching them a lesson. The cool kids usually always finish second. I interviewed young people for jobs forever and if they can’t get what they want, they quit. I am talking about the kind of kids that are behaving badly on the show.