Sharknado: So, So Bad It Was Kinda Great? Plus: Vote for the (Inevitable) Sequel Title

Sharknado - 2013The nuttiest storm ever was brewing Thursday night on Syfy, as a Sharknado — a tornado full of sharks, of course — ravaged Santa Monica and its neighbors.

Did you lay witness to the low-budget, over-the-top carnage? And if so, what made you a believer in fish-catapulting weather?

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Was it the way the lighting shifted numerous times during a single scene, such as early on when Ian Ziering’s character — named Fin, natch — saved a surfer girl during broad daylight/overcast skies/sepia-toned dusk?

Was it the stupifyingly poor ADR, where dubbed lines in outdoor (and some indoor) scenes synched up like a Japanese monster movie?

What was your favorite method of stopping a marauding land shark? Pool cue? Bar stool? Wall unit? Chainsaw, from within the beast?


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And how about that CGI? (In the non-sharks visual effects category, I myself got a kick out of how they would digitally insert the heroes’ SUV on stock footage of flooded streets, without having the tires spin.)

Is it a shame that Tara Reid’s performance didn’t make the cut for 2013 Emmys eligibility? Is Top of the Lake‘s Elisabeth Moss like, “Bullet, dodged”? Were you sad to see Home Alone dad John Heard “bite it” so early, or did you figure his day rate had just expired?

Share in Comments your picks for the best of the worst moments, then cast your vote for what any possible sequel (ratings won’t be in until Friday afternoon, at soonest) should be titled. (FYI, Damon Lindelof and Elizabeth Banks already hashed out a great follow-up on Twitter last night, complete with a heroine with a harpoon for an arm.)

Syfy will re-air Sharknado next Thursday, July 18, at 7/6c.

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