Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Last Day on The View: Professional, Tearless and a Tad Uncomfortable

Elisabeth-Hasselbeck-View-Final-DayElisabeth Hasselbeck marked her final day on The View with a series of farwell speeches, well wishes and no visible tears from herself or her cohosts.

Her boss Barbara Walters kicked off the telecast in surprisngly awkward fashion: “It was reported last night that our Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving us to join the Fox network. As you can see, I’m a little teary, but I always want what’s best for you: You know how I feel about you. And I’m happy that you’re going. No! I’m not happy that you’re going! I’m happy that it’s good for you — you tell us about it!”

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Hasselbeck quickly corrected Walters’ misinformation — she’s actually going to Fox News Channel to co-host the Fox and Friends morning show in September — and then gave a shout-out to her new bosses. “I would first like to thank Mr. Roger Ailes, Bill Shine and the entire Fox News Channel for this incredible opportunity.” After that, she thanked all the behind-the-scenes employees of The View and producer Bill Geddie, before turning her attention to her cohosts. The highlights of her goodbyes are as follows:

* Whoopi Goldberg | “Everyone always asks me, ‘What’s Whoopi like?’ It is undeniable that you are one of the most talented artists on this planet…but you are even more loving and more talented. You are walking unconditional love…I am just blessed to have gotten to call myself a friend of yours.”

* Joy Behar | “Joy, my little putana,” Hasselbeck began, as her loudly liberal sparring partner chuckled heartily. “Joy and I have spent the last 10 years sparring over politics. But you know I have an insane amount of respect for you . I honor all the conversations we’ve had, and I love your knack with lasagna. I even like when Joy has the ability to throw a one-liner in and make me laugh even when I don’t want to. So I love you. I truly do.”

* Sherri Shepherd | Noting Shepherd’s absence from the show today, Hasselbeck said the protest would not work, that she was still leaving, before adding, “I know you are always with me: You’re my sister in Christ, my friend for life.” She then added she planned to hug Shepherd for “three and a half days” the next time they got together.

* Barbara Walters | “I did some math last night, and I believe that I’ve had over 3,000 days working by your side. And I think it’s fair to say that over the course of a decade, I feel as though I have attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism. I feel like I have my master’s degree in communications from being next to you. And I don’t know if there’s a program out there that could offer the depth of knowledge, technique, the art of interview.” Hasselbeck then added it was because of Walters that she felt “more than prepared and confident to move forward.”

Behar then broke the serious mood by cracking, “Fox, gee, won’t you be a fish out of water there?” She then added that “When we got into it, it was exciting. It was exciting for the show,” and praised Hasselbeck’s “professionalism.,” saying the twosome never ended a show mad at one another.

After pointing out Hasselbeck was just a newlywed when she began at The View, and was now a mother of three, Walters added, “Now that you’re going to have the early morning hours, I’m not sure there will be a fourth.” Hasselbeck rolled with the peculiar comment, breezily pointing out she’d be going to bed earlier, too. (I’m guessing she won’t miss sex talks with her boss in her new gig.)

Whatever the case may be, viewers should not expect a replacement announcement any time soon, Walters added, because the show will be working through a rotating roster of guest hosts in the near future.

As the credits rolled, Behar opened up another can of uncomfortable, blurting, “Barbara, you know I was just thinking, you know how you wear two hats — one as a journalist, the other as a lesbian?” Walters, visibly shocked, exclaimed “WHAT?” Leading to the following exchange that left Hasselbeck with bulging eyes, pursed lips and not much of anything to say:

Behar: You have been attracted to Elisabeth, lookin; at her body for 10 years!
Walters: She’s got the greatest body!
Behar: So who are you gonna? I can’t fulfill this because I’ll be gone. Whoopi…
Goldberg: Don’t look at me, man. Don’t look at me!
Walters: Who’s toosh am I gonna push? Listen, on a serious note, I have not just pushed your toosh, but you know how I feel about you, how all of us do. This is your last day with us, we all wish you everything good. Just come back and visit us now and then.
Behar: Where’s the free cake?

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