Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Last Day on The View: Professional, Tearless and a Tad Uncomfortable

Elisabeth-Hasselbeck-View-Final-DayElisabeth Hasselbeck marked her final day on The View with a series of farwell speeches, well wishes and no visible tears from herself or her cohosts.

Her boss Barbara Walters kicked off the telecast in surprisngly awkward fashion: “It was reported last night that our Elisabeth Hasselbeck is leaving us to join the Fox network. As you can see, I’m a little teary, but I always want what’s best for you: You know how I feel about you. And I’m happy that you’re going. No! I’m not happy that you’re going! I’m happy that it’s good for you — you tell us about it!”

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Hasselbeck quickly corrected Walters’ misinformation — she’s actually going to Fox News Channel to co-host the Fox and Friends morning show in September — and then gave a shout-out to her new bosses. “I would first like to thank Mr. Roger Ailes, Bill Shine and the entire Fox News Channel for this incredible opportunity.” After that, she thanked all the behind-the-scenes employees of The View and producer Bill Geddie, before turning her attention to her cohosts. The highlights of her goodbyes are as follows:

* Whoopi Goldberg | “Everyone always asks me, ‘What’s Whoopi like?’ It is undeniable that you are one of the most talented artists on this planet…but you are even more loving and more talented. You are walking unconditional love…I am just blessed to have gotten to call myself a friend of yours.”

* Joy Behar | “Joy, my little putana,” Hasselbeck began, as her loudly liberal sparring partner chuckled heartily. “Joy and I have spent the last 10 years sparring over politics. But you know I have an insane amount of respect for you . I honor all the conversations we’ve had, and I love your knack with lasagna. I even like when Joy has the ability to throw a one-liner in and make me laugh even when I don’t want to. So I love you. I truly do.”

* Sherri Shepherd | Noting Shepherd’s absence from the show today, Hasselbeck said the protest would not work, that she was still leaving, before adding, “I know you are always with me: You’re my sister in Christ, my friend for life.” She then added she planned to hug Shepherd for “three and a half days” the next time they got together.

* Barbara Walters | “I did some math last night, and I believe that I’ve had over 3,000 days working by your side. And I think it’s fair to say that over the course of a decade, I feel as though I have attended the Barbara Walters School of Broadcasting and Journalism. I feel like I have my master’s degree in communications from being next to you. And I don’t know if there’s a program out there that could offer the depth of knowledge, technique, the art of interview.” Hasselbeck then added it was because of Walters that she felt “more than prepared and confident to move forward.”

Behar then broke the serious mood by cracking, “Fox, gee, won’t you be a fish out of water there?” She then added that “When we got into it, it was exciting. It was exciting for the show,” and praised Hasselbeck’s “professionalism.,” saying the twosome never ended a show mad at one another.

After pointing out Hasselbeck was just a newlywed when she began at The View, and was now a mother of three, Walters added, “Now that you’re going to have the early morning hours, I’m not sure there will be a fourth.” Hasselbeck rolled with the peculiar comment, breezily pointing out she’d be going to bed earlier, too. (I’m guessing she won’t miss sex talks with her boss in her new gig.)

Whatever the case may be, viewers should not expect a replacement announcement any time soon, Walters added, because the show will be working through a rotating roster of guest hosts in the near future.

As the credits rolled, Behar opened up another can of uncomfortable, blurting, “Barbara, you know I was just thinking, you know how you wear two hats — one as a journalist, the other as a lesbian?” Walters, visibly shocked, exclaimed “WHAT?” Leading to the following exchange that left Hasselbeck with bulging eyes, pursed lips and not much of anything to say:

Behar: You have been attracted to Elisabeth, lookin; at her body for 10 years!
Walters: She’s got the greatest body!
Behar: So who are you gonna? I can’t fulfill this because I’ll be gone. Whoopi…
Goldberg: Don’t look at me, man. Don’t look at me!
Walters: Who’s toosh am I gonna push? Listen, on a serious note, I have not just pushed your toosh, but you know how I feel about you, how all of us do. This is your last day with us, we all wish you everything good. Just come back and visit us now and then.
Behar: Where’s the free cake?

Did you watch Hasselbeck’s final day on The View? Will you miss her, or simply follow her to Fox and Friends? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. andrew says:

    really? that bitch always cries ! have fun with the misinformation network!

    • Ann says:

      Andrew, she’s not going to CNN, the misinformation network, she’s going to Fox News Channel, the number one rated cable news channel in the US.

      • heyang says:

        ‘, the number one rated cable news channel in the US.’ for conservatives.

      • meme says:

        The number one rated “news” channel in the US that absolutely misinforms its viewers. This is not opinion, this is fact.

        • meme says:

          As an example. A poll showed that 67% of Fox News watchers believed that Saddam Hussein was directly involved in 9/11. 57% believed that Iraq gave aid to al Qaida. Both of these memes were pushed by Fox News to justify the invasion of Iraq. Both completely untrue.

          • MichaelTX says:

            Actually, NOT untrue. Sadaam Hussein hosted several Al-Quaida training camps inside Iraq, and several of the 9/11 hijackers spent at least some time in one or more of those camps training for things like taking over airliners. NO ONE ever said Sadaam was DIRECTLY involved in the 9/11 operation, but he was giving aid and assistance to the very terrorist organization that pulled off that attack. THAT is fact, whether you liberals like it or not.

          • moobear says:

            @Michael, I know your type are allergic to facts, but UBL hated Saddam, thought he was heretic. Christians lived peacefully in Iraq (I know because I shared a taxi with a couple of girls who’s family was forced to flee into Kurdistan during our invasion), women walked the streets without veils if they chose, freely and safely at night.

            Saddam was an evil man, slaughtered Kurds, but there were no WMDs and he was not helping UBL, and if UBL had a say he would of killed Saddam himself and put in a theocratic government. Now Iraq is plunged into a civil war, religious types are fighting for power and Saddam is dead, I’m sure UBL was very pleased with our help, well until our SEALS took him out.

        • Karen says:

          Post your proof!!!

        • Donna Howell says:

          Meme, I have never met a liberal who didn’t parrot your point of view. The other day, I lost a friend (not missed) by simply asking one question, which goes to the depth of hatred liberals have for those who do not agree with them. The Question: With no less than FIVE network news outlets in the pocket of the Left, why does ONE scare you all so much???

          • Trisha says:

            Amen, Donna!! Fox even has Democrats on their payroll but CNN got rid of Lou Dobbs who isn’t a Conservative or Republican but since he’s not an extreme liberal, they fired him. I can see why they got rid of Glenn Beck since he’s right wing conservative and they’re all extreme liberals. Anyone confused on this FACT just needs to realize that CNN is owned by Ted Turner, one of the most extreme liberals in the world. He believes we are overpopulated and need to cut back on the human population. He’s insane and so is CNN. I used to be a fan many years ago but as their obvious bias towards the extreme liberal views, I stopped watching.

      • Elly says:

        Ann, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re adding CNN to the list of misinformed news networks that Fox is at the top of. Just b/c something is “top rated” doesn’t mean it provides accurate info. majority of news orgs. leave out/manipulate info. to fit within their own “standards.” Fox is by far the worst, but many follow suit-both conservative and liberal. Get your info. from 3rd parties that report facts only.

      • Paul says:

        Be honest Ann. It has been well documented that Fox New viewers are among the most misinformed viewers on the planet. Also, simply because they have the highest ratings doesn’t mean that they are the the most respected or the highest quality. The Lone Ranger made $30 million dollars last weekend. I rest my case.

      • bobbie says:

        Faux News Channel

      • kat says:

        Whoa! We should be honored Ann Coulter is in the house. She has Elisabeth’s back already. Go girls. Please. Go.

      • Karen says:


      • Tee says:

        A lot of people also watch The Bachelor, Honey Booboo, etc, so… yeah. People are dumb.

        And news in general is kind of in a sad state, really. I wouldn’t watch MSNBC, CNN, etc, either. But Fox viewers harping about ratings never fails to amuse me.

      • barbara says:

        Amen, Ann!

    • Karen says:

      How envious you must be!!

    • lifetimeca says:

      Andrew, that was a very hateful, obvious leftist comment, and you’re supposed to be with the ‘tolerant’ party??

  2. TV Gord says:

    Another reason an announcement won’t be made soon is because they’re going into reruns soon. They usually take about a month off before the new season starts. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to keep the new co-hosts under wraps until the season premiere. Of course, that didn’t work out too well for Live with Kelly and Michael, but it’s worth a try.

    There may not have been visible tears, but they were clearly emotional. Even Joy’s voice was wavering as she spoke. I don’t know why tears should be expected. I don’t recall tears when Meredith or Lisa left, for instance. Emotion, yes; but I don’t think there were tears.

    As for Joy’s lesbian comment, anyone who watched the show with any regularity would know this has been a running gag between them for years.

    My only disappointment with today’s show is that no one asked Bieber’s mom about his disgusting behavior of urinating in a mop bucket, which broke yesterday. They let her get away with too much, when she should have been asked whether she’s ashamed of her son’s recent behavior.

    • TV Gord says:

      One more clarification: Joy didn’t say, “Where’s the free cake?”. She said, “Where’s the gluten-free cake?”

  3. dcl says:

    Never liked her in first place, so cry me a river shes leaving The View. Thou her going to Fox network is just so fitting for her personality.

    • andree crow says:

      Never liked her either. her voice drove me crazy and happy she is leaving as I was going to quit watching her after Joy left. God ….keep Wooppi or this show is over……

  4. Tammy says:

    I hope they replace Joy with Ali Wentworth. I adore her. Another favorite co-host I have enjoyed is Ricki Lake. I don’t mind getting another conservative voice as long as they are open minded. Elizabeth at least was for gay marriage and she wasn’t as negative as some conservatives they had fill her spot on occasions. But there were times when Elizabeth had an agenda and wouldn’t listen to what was being said. That’s when she would blurt out her predetermined comments and it would sound so out of place with what was just said. Even though we know Joy would have the opposite view, it at least seemed like she was listening. That’s all I want…. co-host that will listen, engage, and debate a topic. Hard to find that without a hidden agenda too these days.

  5. et al says:

    I’m excited for SNL to lampoon her along with the other Fox and Friends idiots next season.

  6. Mia500 says:

    FOX can have her. As a viewer of The View, I will not miss her in the least.

  7. The beginning of the end for The View? ABC needs answers.

  8. m martin says:

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the spawn of Ann Coulter. fox is perfect for her!

    • rowan77 says:

      She’s not as offensive as Ann Coulter. Coulter says things she knows to be false to shock and sell books. She has zero true convictions and is a monster. Elizabeth actually believes the tripe she pedals and is not the pit-viper Coulter is. I’m not a fan of Elizabeth’s, but she’s not the *itchmoster from hell Coulter is.

    • Bob says:

      Some numbnut on another site actually put Coulter’s name on a list of possible replacements. Their heads would literally explode having to listen to her every day.

  9. kelsey says:

    I’m not a regular viewer, but I do think it’s good for any tv ‘news’ medium to have both sides of a story. When I did watch, although I didn’t always agree with her, I thought Elisabeth was diplomatic and gracious. You can agree to disagree. EH will be missed, IMO.

    • Jeri says:

      Yup. I find it interesting how many comments there are about how they won’t miss her because they don’t like what she had to say–but they’re open to a conservative who’s “open-minded”.

      Isn’t that just another way of saying “I’m open to someone who says they’re conservative as long as they actually think just like me”?

      She was routinely polite and professional, and it makes sense to have more than one viewpoint. As entertaining as the others are, when it comes to some issues, there wasn’t a whole lot of diversity of thought..

      • Kristoffer says:

        Exactly. I mentioned this in a tvline post about The View yesterday… While I didn’t always agree with her comments, it’s always good to hear the ‘other’ side of whatever topic they are discussing. That is/was the whole premise of the show. I personally never found her any more annoying than any others on the panel. A person having a different perspective, view or opinion other than what you have doesn’t automatically make them annoying.

      • Donna Howell says:

        You are so right Jeri. Liberals will NOT be happy with a conservative because they are not Parrots for the left. I have never seen it this bad. I stopped watching a while back because of Behar, but I won’t be going back now.

  10. dude says:

    I’ll miss Elisabeth. If you want to kick her cause it’s cool go ahead but even though I disagree with her, I found her a wonderful presence on the show.

  11. Babygate says:

    It is absolutely comical how people love to denigrate Fox News. I guess MSNBC with their ‘Lean Forward’ tag line is a more objective source of news? Or CNN with their ludicrous lack of coverage of emerging news such as the current Egypt upheaval? Neither network would cover the Benghazi attack with even the most remote level of objectivity or journalist integrity. It took Sheryl Atkinson from CBS to shine a light on the journalistic negligence of every other outlet, with the exception of Fox which was reporting on it from the get go. I used to be a huge MSNBC fan, especially Keith and Rachel, until I could take it no more. They don’t even make an attempt to be objective. They are openly and proudly biased. Elizabeth has made a smart move. She can now be taken more seriously as a commentator.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      If you take ANYONE on Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC seriously, then you’re the comical one :P

      • Babygate says:

        I do have to have a pretty hearty sense of humor to take comments such as yours with a grain of salt…

    • TV Gord says:

      I don’t watch either Fox News OR MSNBC. They’re two sides of the same slanted coin. As for CNN, I only watch it when there’s breaking news of some sort, but I wouldn’t waste my time with the likes of Piers Morgan, either. I’ll occasionally check in to see what Anderson Cooper is doing, but his daytime talk show pretty much ruined him for me. I was such a big fan of his, I was at the taping of one of his first shows, but he’s gone down in my estimation over the past couple of years. There’s something to be said for a journalist maintaining a certain degree of distance from his or her audience. The way he gushes over mindless reality shows and other aspects of pop media has made him seem much less worthy of esteem in my eyes.

      • Babygate says:

        Journalism is not what it used to be. I still like Anderson Cooper and Candy Crowley from CNN. Wolf Blitzer also. IMO, at least they try to cover the news, but it really has gotten a little one sided. On Fox, I love to watch The Five because I love their rapport and Bob Beckel, the resident liberal, is always there to balance the playing field. I also like Cavuto, Shepherd Smith and O’Reilly because they don’t care who it is, they will drill people and call them out on their lies. From MSNBC I have the highest respect for Rachel because I think she really has the best intentions and she is very open about her loyalties and affiliation.

  12. So, does this mean that she is going to somehow parrot herself when asked of her opinion?

  13. AmericanCitizen says:

    I don’t care about Hasselbeck or the View. I do think it’s funny that there are so many bitter people out there saying good riddance, etc. What happened to our society where we can’t be happy for one another, whether we agree politically or not.

    • Swearman says:

      Because haters on either side is going to hate, no matter what, because that is the way of the internet. If their information was public, the hating would disappear from the public forums.

  14. Jo says:

    I wonder how long it will take The View to find another self-loathing woman to spout talking points for the ‘God Loves Rape’ Party?

  15. Draven says:

    I just have to say you are all sheep

  16. april-ann says:

    I wouldn’t dream of looking a gift horse in the mouth by questioning any of the particulars of Hasselbeck’s departure from The View.

  17. Susan says:

    I can’t believe these bitter comments…..on both “sides.”

  18. Theresa Summer says:

    It is beyond me to know why Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been on The View for as long as she has. OMG – she’s awful…..I stopped watching a couple of years ago — can’t stand her. All they need now is to get rid of the “know it all” Whoopi, and the brainless Sheri. I agree with previous “posters” — Ali Wentworth — always entertaining and I would tune in just to watch her. Someone else will have to figure out the rest of the cast.

  19. canadian ninja says:

    All in all she had a pretty good run for a 4th place Survivor contestant.

  20. kate says:

    nothing against her personally, but why is she a TV personality? cause she was on Survivor once? she married a mediocre football player? what is it?

  21. arial2 says:

    I enjoyed EH’s balancing the liberals on the panel (except at election time when she stopped being thoughtful and became a Republican commercial) and will miss her. I wonder if she’ll be happy at Fox once she figures out “fair and balanced” is nothing more than a motto there; there’s really no dialogue there, just far right rants. The one thing that surprised me is the apparent lack of two-week notice; her move was announced yesterday with the comment she would leave The View at the end of the summer (another couple weeks away), yet today we found out that this was her last day. I wonder if she chose that or if Barbara Walters was a little miffed, so told her she could leave immediately. Although I understand their desire to make today all about Elisabeth, I couldn’t help but think The View had once again shafted scheduled guest co-host Debbie Matenopoulos.

  22. Heathers says:

    Wow soooo much hatred being spewed by the left wingers! And that is 90% of Hollywoodnow. If a right winger or even moderate came out as a such, they are vilified by the press and Hollywood elite. I’m glad Elisabeth is leaving that horrible talk show, after being viciously attacked daily. Good luck to her and her family!

    • I don’t know where you people come from or where you get off thinking she’s some kind of innocent victim. This is the bed you lie in when you spout controversial, regurgitated talking points of the most paranoid and homophobic extremists on the right.

      • april-ann says:

        …and have no idea what any of those talking points mean, can’t defend them, can’t debate them, but you keep right on spewin’ ’em anyway. Then you say you are all for same-sex marriage after you equated it with marrying a toaster (for fear of losing your cushy job). I think they get off thinking she’s some kind of innocent victim because she portrayed herself as some kind of innocent victim on a daily basis, and the right wing portrayed her as some kind of innocent victim. She was nothing of the sort. She stayed for 10 years and would have stayed longer had she not been fired. TigerNightmare, your comment above is the best one here yet.

  23. ivrn says:

    I’m afraid they are making a bad decision letting the liberal and the conservative go because it was fun and irritating at the same time. Joy is right about that. Wrong in her politics, i find myself siding with Elizabeth always. But I did enjoy the debate. I always tape the show – not sure where to go from here – the guests that are hinted about are not my cup of tea.

  24. M. says:

    ok all this conservative/liberal stuff aside…I watched the show yesterday and what I want to know is …WTF is up with Barbara Walter’s eyes? One is huge and open and the other squinty shut. She looked freakish.

  25. Geo says:

    So very sad she is leaving! Bye!

  26. E Mars says:

    I wish her no ill. Going to FOX! (Along with Sarah, et. al.) No surprise there. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  27. FALCON says:

    I am so happy to see her get fired, now that’s been exciting tv in regards to her. However, not sure what Fox is thinking, maybe a favor to Barbara, since she wouldn’t let her go back in March without having another gig and making an exit in less disgrace. Barbara has always looked out for her, she was nothing without Barbara, and she sucked on Survivor ! and she’ll suck on Fox. Thanks Fox another reason people will stop watching you and you did it to yourself.

  28. Jane potts says:

    Will miss Elizabeth so much I may not even watch the view anymore without joy and Elizabeth!!!??? Love Whoppi but we will see??

  29. Laura Reynolds says:

    I will miss Elisabeth very much! Now all the liberals can agree with each other’s views. How boring that will be. By the way, the show is called “The View” and this viewer would like to hear all views! I will still watch the view because I like Whoopi.

  30. april agler says:

    Elizabeth was my least favorite on The View. HOW she got to be on that show is beyond me. I don’t think being a cast member of Survivor qualified her, but that’s entertainment for ya. I have watched The View for years, but won’t any longer because of the good people leaving the show. All the intelligent woman have left. Meredith left a few years ago, Lisa left several years ago, now Joy. I think the show needs to retire, just like Barbara. It’s ran it’s course, they should have gone out when the show was on top of it’s game. It’s just not the same. Jenny is going to be on now, which is a joke. Who cares what she’s got to say?! She’s spreading the word that vaccines are harmful and cause autism, and kids shouldn’t get them any more. Show’s you how ignorant she is. She’s just a blond, vulgar bimbo. Nope. Not watching The View any more.

  31. Janet Stephens says:

    Yes, she will be missed by myself and millions of other viewers. Elizabeth is smart, articulate, knowledgeable, athletic and attractive. What more do you want or need in a professional newscaster?!! Elizabeth will be missed.

  32. Mary Sea says:

    I haven’t cared for her since she put her nose very far up Sarah Palin’s rear end (actually I never cared for her). That was proof enough for me that she is a moron. I still can not figure out how she got a job in television. I only remember seeing her on what’s that show “Gilligan’s Island”. Oh no, it was “Survivor” and she did. Perhaps she should stay home and raise her children as I’m sure that will be a real learning experience for her.

  33. sal says:

    good by don’t let the door hit you in the ass