Did Voice Champ Play It Safe? Is Burn Notice Hot Again? Did Piers Morgan Offend? And More Qs!

Mad MenWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, The Voice and Hannibal!

1 | Could it possibly be that Mad Men‘s awkward-slash-creepy Glen has turned out to be almost kinda cool? Did Sally’s boarding school “pals” give you traumatic flashbacks to Blair and Serena? (Did you spot young Chuck from Pushing Daisies as the “Blair”?) And have we really learned all there is to know about Bob Benson (or whatever his real name is)?

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2 | Did Falling Skies slightly overestimate how much the death of Crazy Lee, while tragic, would affect viewers? Or did Pope’s reaction drive it home enough for you? Also: Is Anne nuts, or is that in fact one freaky baby?

3 | Considering that four episodes in, The Killing‘s Mama Dips clearly knows the identity of the voice filming Kallie’s tape — and seeing how pregnant Tiffany confirmed the person who made her video is Mills — doesn’t it seem as though the child porn angle won’t ultimately lead Linden and Holder to the identity of the killer? (Like, it can’t be that easy, right?) And 10 bucks says Holder adopts, fosters or takes in Bullet by the end of the season, yes?

The Fosters4 | Doesn’t The Fosters‘ Callie have the most soul-crushing sad eyes? And has Teri Polo’s voice always been so soothing?

5 | Was Switched at Birth‘s closing scene, with Angelo, Regina and Bay dancing, the first time you thought, “Yeah, I can see how these three could be family”?

6 | Didn’t ABC’s Mistresses promo — which aired during The Bachelorette and showed Savi announcing her impending motherhood and receiving the paternity-test results —  completely undercut the drama of that evening’s installment?

7 | How did the purity ring belonging to Teen Wolf’s virginal lifeguard manage to stay so pristine even though he (and his chair, and the pool deck) were covered in blood?

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8 | Is there any possible (good) reason why Mikey was checking out his own abs in this screengrab from bachelorThe Bachelorette? And did you love the extended footage of Jersey Shore couple Manny and Jan celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary with Des and James’ Atlantic City date? Or should the producers have used that time to show all of the guys (aka Juan Pablo) in the swimsuit portion of the Mr. Bachelorette pageant?

9 | On the Voice finale, why did Blake Shelton pick such a creepy, age-inappropriate song for his duet with Danielle Bradbery? And were you disappointed that Bradbery managed to win Season 4 without making a single risky song choice or arrangement? Or do you respect that she and her coach recognized what’s in her wheelhouse and played to her strengths?

10 | Dear Pretty Little Liars: When you’re looking to a bird for answers, isn’t that a pretty good sign that your mythology has become unwieldy? And was Aria wearing those trendy high-heeled sneakers during her sexy martial arts lesson? If so, why?!

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11 | What was with Twisted‘s weird hairbrush scene?

12 | Does it make us old that we worried about scratched corneas during So You Think You Can Dance‘s cool “playing with sand” routine? And are Makenzie Dustman, Jasmine Harper, Nico Greetham and Tucker Knox already at a disadvantage because they drew Stacey Tookey’s uninspired contemporary routine on Top 20 Announcement Night?

13 | While intrinsically amusing, wasn’t Jimmy Kimmel’s “(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum” video just “Lonely Island Lite,” and minus a full third of the wit?

14 | Were you led to grab a Kleenex during Stephen Colbert’s emotional tribute to his late mother?

15 | Were you shocked to realize that James Gandolfini was only in his 30s when he started playing The Sopranos‘ mob boss? And how unbelievably tacky was it of Piers Morgan’s CNN show to use successive clips of Tony suffering anxiety attacks as its Hot In Clevelandb-roll in covering Gandolfini’s death?

16 | Didn’t Danny Pudi seem completely in his element on the Hot In Cleveland live show? (Take note, SNL!)

17 | Is it possible that General Hospital‘s Sean didn’t actually shoot Olivia, and that the mysterious new Ava Jerome is somehow responsible? Also, why make Michael and Kiki cousins?! Way too much (icky) chemistry there.

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18 | Did Burn Notice bum you out when Michael shaved away his rugged beard? Did we spy black nail polish on Adrian Pasdar’s character? (Is that en vogue for South American crime lords?) And is this final season shaping up as one of the tightest, sharply written ones in recent memory?

19 | On Hannibal, did your jaw drop for an instant when Dr. Du Maurier referred to Hannibal’s “pattern”? Also, did Dr. Lecter really drive Will to Minnesota from Maryland? Were you relieved that none of the main characters wound up as the main course at the end of the season? And is anyone else kinda wanting Will to end up (free and) with Beverly?

20 | Forget Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — how long until ABC orders a spin-off of the NBA Finals?

21 | Can anyone figure out what the hell is the point of ABC’s new This Week promos where George Stephanopoulos leaves an interview in progress to get a muffin from a cafeteria?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. l feel as though Aria wearing those high-heeled sneakers were pretty relevant seeing as the show tends to explore fashion more than it does the actual storylines.

  2. Mrs. Winchester says:

    I am going to miss Burn Notice. Michael Weston is such a great character.

  3. Kathy says:

    Hot in Cleveland live was great. Yes, SNL, let Danny Pudi host.

  4. tlh45 says:

    Loving Burn Notice…hope they reconsider and keep it around! Love the chemistry with all the characters, they are great together.

  5. erika r says:

    #17 Not that its not icky, but Michael and Kiki aren’t blood related. AJ is Monica and Rick Webber’s bio child, and Franco is (allegedly) Alan and Susan Moore’s bio child.

    • Percysowner says:

      Monica and Alan thought AJ was Rick’s son, but a blood test proved he was in fact Alan’s, so yeah Michael and Kiki are blood related.

    • Jen says:

      AJ is Alan’s son, that was proven long ago. Alan is the father of both AJ and Franco, which means he’s the grandfather of both Michael and Kiki. They are first cousins. As of now anyway, we all know that something could always come up that changes things.

    • TVPeong says:

      Yeah, they have so much chemistry. I’m liking Starr in this new role. I hope that they ret-con something soon, because I prefer KiKi with Michael than with Morgan

  6. Tom Charles says:

    20 | Forget Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — how long until ABC orders a spin-off of the NBA Finals?
    NBA-D League or WNBA maybe?

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      WNBA just goes to show why not all spin-off are great ideas. I mean it has its niche fans and I am glad that it exists, but it obviously can’t compare to this year’s NBA Finals (there were actually too many blowout victories in the series but those last two games more than made up for it).

  7. dude says:

    8. That just felt like them patting themselves on the back to me. “Look at us, we’re helping this lovely old couple from New Jersey. We practically cured New Jersey.” Also, wasn’t the episode really just a two-hour infomercial for Atlantic City?

  8. Fyrkat says:

    17. Shawn shot Olivia. She was in his scope as he pulled the trigger. And there’s no way anyone knew Sonny was going to be on that terrace to shoot at if there was a hit on him.

    • Daven says:

      It’s a shame they didn’t head shot Carly. I’m really getting tired of her whining. Sonny needs to do something to make her pay and smarten up.

      • Jen says:

        I’m getting tired of her too. Though I found it odd that Sonny would threaten to kill Carly if Olivia dies…Carly is still the mother of two of his kids.

    • Kira says:

      Yeah but they could always pull a fast one on us. One theory is he had a PTSD episode and only thought he shot her when in fact someone else did. Either way I still say Franco isn’t a Quartermaine. Purely speculation but I think he’s actually Heather’s son whose twin (the real Franco) did all the bad deeds. I really want to know if “Franco” has the Quartermaine birthmark.

      • Jen says:

        I also think that the fact that they are playing up the Michael/Kiki romance points to Franco not really being a Quartermaine.

  9. How come they left out a question about last Sunday’s Daytime Emmy Awards?

    • Betsy says:

      OMG, THIS. altho, maybe they didn’t include a Q as they have successfully blocked it out, while I, unfortunately, am still having flashbacks to Robin Meade singing in her bare feet while the show snubbed Monty Hall.

  10. Angela says:

    #14: God, yes. That was a beautiful, moving tribute. Stephen is such a class act-his mom clearly raised him right.
    #16: Aaagh, darn, I missed seeing Danny on “Hot in Cleveland”! Going to have to catch the repeat at some point.

  11. erin says:

    Yeeeesssssss to Will and Beverly! I’m really hoping for a lot more Will/Katz one on one stuff next season.

  12. Annie says:

    And 10 bucks says Holder adopts, fosters or takes in Bullet by the end of the season, yes?
    I certainly hope not. Not a big fan of the Bullet. How about 10 bucks that she is dead by the end?

  13. Steve says:

    The Voice had pegged Danielle as the winner long ago and like Idol had done inthe past, pimped her to no end and manipulated certain events to make sure that would happen. It clearly showed that she was the one who was more ‘marketable’ and THe Voice credibility as a music show was slipping given the fact that all their previous winners were duds. But when you have winners who all were previous recording artists who had already failed, what did you expect? Danielle was also in the mold of Idol winners plucked from obscurity – and the younger the better

    • Tammy says:

      When they announced that the season long iTunes totals would count in the finals, I knew Michelle was a goner. Yup they set Danielle up for the win big time.

    • scootermcgavin says:

      Pegged long ago? Really? Can you explain just how they “pimped” her over other contestants and “manipulated certain events”. I hear people complain that she performed last on the finale but someone has to go last. And I really doubt at this point anyone was undecided and after twelve performance, thought, “I was leaning towards Michelle, but since Danielle is fresh in my head I will vote for her instead.” The pimp spot might help in the early rounds, but the vast majority of people already have their pick by the finale.

      And the whole Danielle got the pimp slot conspiracy theory is invalid considering she only closed the show once (I am not counting the time during the Battle Rounds because that had more to do with her Battle involved a Steal and the show annoying put steals at the end up every episode ruining any suspense) while Michelle closed the show twice and was second to last two other times. Even Judith, Sasha, and Amber closed the show more times than Danielle. If The Voice tried to manipulate the show to help one contestant this season it was Judith who’s performances closed out the first night of Blind Audition, the first night of Battle Rounds, and the fist night of Live Shows. And that did not turn out well for them.

      These accusations just come off as sour grapes with you just trying to explain away why America did not agree with you. Seriously, look at the iTunes chart, the day of the finale, all thirteen of Danielle’s songs were in the ITunes Overall charts while Michelle only had seven and the Swon Brothers had even less. Danielle was never my favorite, but you cannot say her win was not deserved.

    • RonB says:

      I totally agree with you that Danielle was, and is, the most marketable. She definitely falls into that “american idol” mold. She is The Voices version of Carrie Underwood. Young, unknown, beautiful girl from a simple background, with an amazing singing voice, that, with the proper guidance and career management, could be a big star. I’m not saying as big a Carrie, but certainly bigger than any of the other Voice winners.

      I think Blake handled her perfectly and was smart to not insist she do something she was not comfortable with. She stayed with what the did best.

      I bought all thirteen of her iTunes recordings and every one sounds fantastic. If you didn’t know better you would swear it was a CD of a seasoned professional.

      And, I was not grossed out by her duet with Blake, because I was enjoying the artistry of the performance, and the perfection in her voice and her delivery. I did not pay any attention to the meaning of the words or the message in the lyrics. On the CD you don’t even consider that it’s a 16 yr old girl singing with a 40+ year old man. It doesn’t matter, it a beautiful song performed beautifully.

      Lastly, I think Blake Shelton is going to take her under his wing, and with his, and Miranda’s help, Danielle Bradbery has a very promising future.

      Of course, first the has to graduate High School. :-)

  14. Jared says:

    I don’t watch PLLs faithfully but happened to catch this weeks episode and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A bird is now helping the girls with clues??…REALLY??? so stupid in the best possible way..lol

  15. Tahoe Mike says:

    Every thing about Piers m.Organ is offensive. My loathing for this tool cannot be properly expressed in a curse filtered environment.

  16. Kelly says:

    I agree about SC’s tribute to his mom. Also Burn Notice is so great this season. The team has such great chemistry. It’s ending on such a high note. This season is so good, I wish it wasn’t ending.
    Yes Pierce Morgan’s clip was distasteful.

  17. CR says:

    #10) Thanks for the laugh. You know it’s pretty bad when a bird is the best clue you have in solving a cold case. I will give them an “A” for originality. (sorry for the pun, couldn’t help myself)

  18. Sam says:

    Burn Notice which is being canceled due to its cost, not its ratings, is having a resurgence I have never seen before. Ratings are up 20% in the first two episodes and it appears fans like the new style of tight writing. The show has cut back on explosives (first ones were in epsiode three with two of them) but the writing has more than made up for it. Only 10 episodes left but for me, this is the show to watch this summer. Will miss it when it is gone, and only hope actors like Michael Donovan, Garbielle Anwar, Coby Bell, Bruce Cambell, and Sharon Glece find other shows that we can watch when this winds down.

  19. CR says:

    14) It always amazes me how well both the Colbert Report and The Daily Show can go from hilarious mocking humor to absolute sincerity when their hosts are in a period of morning. I thought I wouldn’t cry about it, but I couldn’t help but tear up once Stephen started choking up.

  20. shadester says:

    danielle did not play it safe at all. She was incredible all season. I am glad she won.

    • Margaret says:

      In a way, you could say that Danielle & Blake didn’t play it safe by having her sing older country songs. It wasn’t my favorite decision as I thought she sounded really good on the contemporary ones, but Blake trusted her voice enough that he felt she could make the older songs relevant again. That being said, I LOVED her performance with Hunter Hayes, it was really refreshing to hear her sing a current popular song and have fun with it too.

      • Zod says:

        Blake seems to know how to play the game better than the other four coaches when it comes to picking songs that the public will buy.

      • Tammy says:

        I thought the older song choices were smart. The 40-50 something watchers could remember back when they were a hit and enjoy the cover. But iTunes purchases are big so the Tweens were downloading the songs because they were so new to them. Why buy a cover of a song that is only 1-2 years old when you probably already own the original. They try to make it sound like the texting and online voting are important but it’s the iTunes sales that feed the votes. Also… Blake did a lot of older song choices for all his contestants. Swon Brothers sang Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

  21. A.B. says:

    I wish there is more to the Bob Benson mystery. Here’s my fan fiction, Bob and Manolo are con artist who steal all of a company’s money and leave them bankrupt. Didn’t Duck say two of the numbers of where he worked at no longer were in service or were wrong? Just wishful thinking that there might be more after all the build up of theories going around its kind of a let down. Oh and I don’t think he’s gay for Pete it felt more like he was trying to distract him from his train of thought at the time with his mom and Manolo.

  22. Whatever says:

    1. Glen has turned out to be a pretty cool guy. I hope he drops in next season.
    Pete Campbell’s reaction to the Bob Benson news was priceless.
    There is definitely more to the Bob Benson story.
    2. I think the Baby is CREEPY and part Alien. They will find the DNA markers in the blood eventually.
    15.It is Amazing that James Gandolfini was that young when the Sopranos started and Tony Soprano was born. RIP JG.

  23. Eli says:

    Nothing on Graceland? Seriously?

  24. GTS says:

    9. I would have respected Danielle winning, and not been so mad about her beating Michelle, if she took some risks. All her songs were similar. Michele, however, did a Katy Perry song, something from Pink, Tylor Swift, and took some sader songs, and varied her performance (like with True Colors).

    And yeah, that’s a great choice for Blake to sing with his 16-year-old mentee. Maybe I just wanted to see the hilarity that would ensue if he sand it with the Swon Brothers.

  25. JAO says:

    Burn Notice is exceptional this season. Going out in style. I’m really going to miss this show. Love the whole cast.

  26. Jaime says:

    Stephen Colbert definitely had me in tears. One of the reasons why I love him and Jon Stewart as much as I do is that why they can be snide, sarcastic a-holes, they’re never afraid to show their vulnerability. As a longtime and proud member of Colbert Nation, when Stephen nearly lost his composure, he was the one to regain it, I was not.

    And I also agree about Burn Notice. I’m so sad to see it go, but I’m so thankful that everyone is clearly giving it their all to send such a great show out on a high note. I just know I’m gonna need some new show in my life to give me my weekly dose of explosions!

  27. KevyB says:

    Burn Notice has been doing well in the writing and plotting department for the past couple years. But it’s not fun anymore! Whatever happened to Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless getting to smile once in a while???

  28. Marco says:

    4. To me she looks more like Samara from The Ring, especially in the photo here.

  29. TVPeong says:

    Doesn’t it seem like young couples who are related seems to be the theme on soaps right now? With Kiki and Michael on General Hospital and Summer and Kyle on Young and Restless

    • Whitney says:

      Agree!! I don’t watch GH but I do watch Y&R. They also pulled this like 8 or 10 (?) years ago w/Billy and Mac when they were dating and were going to elope/roll in the hay until their family told them they might be cousins! Then they got an annulment. Then they found out they WEREN’t cousins. Oy vey. I hope they don’t do this w/Summer & Kyle.

      PS. – What’s w/Kyle’s cro magnon brow?

  30. Roni says:

    3 – I love Bullet; she’s my new favorite TV character. I just hope she survives the season and gets some kind of happy ending.

    4 – Yes, Teri Polo’s voice is soothing, which is nice most of the time, but I wish she’d be (and sound) more forceful and stand up to her overbearing ex-husband more.

    10 – The stuff with the parrot on PLL was awesome. (C’mon, that was hilarious when we thought A had cooked and was about to eat it.) Part of what makes this show amazing is the occasional insane moment or plot twist (the parrot, CeCe beating the snake to death with a mannequin leg, etc.) mixed with genuine, emotionally real moments, like the Paily scene at the end of the episode.
    Also, one does not question Aria’s crazy wardrobe, one just accepts it.

  31. Bill says:

    #2- oh yeah falling skies did. What a painful episode to watch. If I don’t care about a character I don’t want to watch an hour episode dedicated to them

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