Drop Dead Diva Boss Talks Jane's Complex Love Life, Losing Parker and the New Hottie Angel

Drop Dead Diva Season 5 SpoilersOut of the ashes of cancellation, Drop Dead Diva is back for a surprise fifth season this Sunday (Lifetime, 9/8c).

Although the revival was cause for much joy on set, creator Josh Berman tells TVLine, Jane’s life remains full of complications and turbulence. This is especially true when it comes to her two paramours, Owen and Grayson, and the woman whose body she inhabits.

Below, Berman talks about the premiere’s big “surprises,” why Parker is no longer around and what’s in store for Kim and Stacy. Plus, have you seen the new guardian angel?!

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TVLINE | Since the show got a second chance at life, did anything change from how you originally envisioned starting the season?
Only in the sense that there’s a renewed enthusiasm on behalf of everyone involved with the show. It makes coming to work all that more fun. We were dead, so to speak. The fact that we’ve been resurrected, there is glee in getting a second chance and there is joy in writing and the actors are at the top of their game…  I never would have ended Season 4 on a cliffhanger had I not already worked out Season 5. I feel the first four seasons are building to Season 5. Brooke Elliott and I were really bummed when the show was cancelled because I couldn’t wait to write, [and] she couldn’t wait to act, Season 5. Now that we are given this new season, it’s just fun. We are doing everything we had wanted to do and more.

TVLINE | What was the creative thinking, storyline-wise, behind cutting Parker?
Let me start off by saying I love [his portrayer] Josh Stamberg. I loved working with Josh. He and I have talked about him potentially coming back for episodes. That being said, as a show ages, there’s a natural progression. The storyline we had set up with him and Brandy and a child somewhere else, naturally, comes to a head in Season 5. Now, getting to write a story for Kim about a woman in her mid-30s that has an accidental pregnancy and now has to raise that child on her own actually creates more drama. For me, it’s an interesting area that I don’t want to back away from. I’m really enjoying writing her character this season.

TVLINE | Kim and Parker aren’t going to do a long-distance romance?
No. I was much more interested in seeing Kim as a single pregnant woman. She is such a fine actress. Most of the time, when you think of a woman being “abandoned” by a man, you think of a young woman. What happens when that woman is a mature, adult partner in a law firm? How does that affect her? It’s really rich territory for actors and writers to mine.

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TVLINE | How will last year’s cliffhanger with Original Jane play into the new season?
The first episode back will both reward long-term viewers who are fans of the show and will also be easy access for new viewers who have never seen us before. I’m a huge fan of TV. I love TV. And I love when a show can subvert my expectations in a good way. If I come to the TV set expecting a storyline to play out a certain way, and then it doesn’t, but it’s just as plausible, that’s what gets me excited. That’s what we’re doing with Drop Dead Diva. I want to continually challenge the viewers. I want to answer questions, but I want to subvert their expectations.

TVLINE | So Original Jane coming back in Owen’s body is not necessarily what you think it is?
Yes. I love the way you said that. The campaign Lifetime’s using right now is, “You don’t know Diva,” and there’s a lot of accuracy to that. The season opener is a big, splashy episode with lots of surprises.

TVLINE | Where is Jane’s heart at? We last saw Grayson confess his feelings to Jane at her wedding to Owen.
Jane is in a unique situation. We have two very viable love interests for [her], and the question is, “Who will she choose?” That’s part of the fun of Season 5.

TVLINE | What does that mean for Grayson?
He will continue to fight for her, which only makes things more difficult for Jane.

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | What does the new angel Paul [played by Justin Deeley] bring to the table that wasn’t there maybe before with Luke?
It was always anticipated that Luke would be on the show for just one season. The reason for that is, for me, in developing the angel character, I always want a really good counterpoint for wherever Jane is in her personal growth — someone who can add conflict to Jane’s life, but also show us new colors on Jane.

I thought it would be great to introduce a male angel that had the same energy of Deb. Paul is a vapid, superficial, very good-looking guy who is happy to go through life without having to make any major decisions. It’s everything Jane was when she was Deb, but nothing like who she is now as Jane. Watching Jane have to deal with this male version of herself is so much fun.

TVLINE | What’s ahead for Stacy?
Stacy is going to be forced to make a decision on whether or not she’s going to sell The Pakery. Barbara Corcoran, one of the sharks from Shark Tank, comes on the show, playing herself, in Episode 3 and gives Stacy an offer which she may not be able to refuse. This is the season where Stacy really has to decide what she wants out of life. Is it being a business woman? Or is it something else? We’ll watch her grow a lot this year.

TVLINE | I heard you’re not doing any musical numbers this year.
We’re not doing a big musical number with Brooke. But we do have some musical surprises in the show.

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  1. Mika says:

    I am excited to be able to get my “Diva” fix again this summer. It is a guilty pleasure.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m excited for this season and am so glad it’s coming back after being cancelled! It’s the perfect summer show.

  3. Ashley says:

    Can’t wait luv drop dead diva

  4. Sara says:

    I’m uber excited for the new season, been a fan all along, but I’m sad to hear the statement in this article about no musical numbers with Brooke. She’s so amazing, I love the musical bits featuring her talents. Alas, DDD is my favorite show and I’m pumped for s5!

  5. CR says:

    Glad this show was resurrected for a new season, here’s hoping that Kim Kardashian has no part in it.

  6. albtrex says:

    Kim & Parker were one of the most interesting and beautiful part of the show… I HATE that they are cutting off Parker this season, it doesn’t make any sense!!! :((((

  7. wth?! says:

    After the whole story-line with Parker wanting to be a part of his son’s life, leaving Kim alone makes NO SENSE. It’s RIDICULOUS! Kill him off or something if you have to get rid of him but that completely makes all the build up and growth of the character completely redundant. Nonsense!

    • Kristen says:

      I’m so glad you said something, b/c that was my first thought when I read that. There is nothing plausible about that storyline. Parker will move cross country to be with his son, and leave Kim pregnant with his baby? That makes no sense! Only thing that would make it believable is if he asks Kim to go with him, she says no, and then lies to him about losing the baby so he’ll leave knowing that’s where he truly wants to be. There’s no way Parker would leave Kim to raise their child alone. Makes no sense.

    • I agree!! That makes no sense whatsoever. I HATE what they did with that. They should have come up with a better storyline. Why would Parker abandon his baby to be with Eric’s mother (forgot her name)? She was such a B—-!! And kept her son a secret from him all these years. Makes no sense that he would leave Kim and miss out on a chance to be part of his new baby’s life. TERRIBLE writing. Makes me not want to watch anymore. And the new angel is an idiot…so annoying.

  8. mia says:

    I’m excited for Kim’s storyline, the way they’ve decided to handle the loss of Parker sounds really smart.
    And Team Owen all the way!! Greyson is a putz who wasn’t attracted to Jane until he knew she might be Deb. Owen was interested the first moment he met her.

  9. Nikki says:

    I am SO excited DDD is coming back!! I was so upset when I heard the cancellation rumors. It is such a great show!! I love Brooke’s energy :)

  10. Tina says:

    A) Not a big fan of Owen/Jane, but not a huge fan of Greyson/Jane either. You know who I think should come back? Tony! He and Jane were AWESOME together!!

    B) Why no mention of Fred? That character was a lot of fun, and he needs to be back as her guardian angel. The creator has said that he might be back this season. BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  11. There has been very little talk on the boards about the actress playing “Original Jane”.
    This leads me to believe that she’s, at best, a minor plot thread. As in, “Well, gee, Deb hasn’t screwed up her life as much as she thought, so she’ll go on.

  12. Matilda Parvati Deku says:

    Because of drop dead diva,i broke up with my boyfriend.since its coming back,its time for me to say sorry.

  13. Christy says:

    I was scared after the season/series finale in season 4, but the first two episodes have been really great.

  14. James says:

    Bring back Fred please!! His character is so missed.

  15. megan says:

    Team Grayson all the way!! I do miss Fred!

  16. Abraham says:

    Well now i know the storyline of Parker and makes perfect sense,he had an happy ending so the focus does fall on him,Kim in the other hand has more to tell,its all about the story line people’s thing that i’m worried about is Jane,will she end up with Grayson happy ending has two ways,for me Owen is a distraction and the true story is Deb getting back to Grayson,but where it gets intense is that she is now Jane and where would they draw the line giving Deb the happy ending or Jane.Hopefully they will satisfy the viewers my biggest concern.

  17. Penny says:

    Hate, hate, hate the new angel. PLEASE bring back Fred!! I’d love to see Jane “outgrow” Grayson and end up with Owen who loved her for who she is now.

  18. Nicole says:

    I am team Grayson. I’ve never liked her with Owen. And I miss Fred, he was the best!

  19. chrissy says:

    I have to agree with one of the other comments that I would love to see tony back. He was my favorite match for Jane. If she can’t have tony, then I vite grayson. I don’t like owen for her.

  20. Cathy Rippee says:

    Love, love, love DDD!! How could they ever fathom the idea to cancel a show with such a huge following??? What were they thinking!! There’s nothing else like it out there :) that said can’t wait to see Jane with Grayson! Ugh don’t like Owen or the new angel! Nothing personal he looks great, but the show is much more than looks – right? Why do they have to change a show that works?? I guess Kim is getting back the Karma she deserves, yeah but doesn’t make sense Parker left after discovering he has a heart – blooper!! Love it when the stars have cameos!

    • I am not watching the show after last night August 4 2013. I think it’s disgusting that Stacy wants to have Owen’s child it speaks to me of disloyalty . What’s the deal – she dies and leaves the child to Jane ? Looks like the writers don’t have any ideas left . Please stop putting out there plots which spell of disloyalty

  21. Mary Lou says:

    DDD is one of my favorite shows on tv. Love the characters. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  22. Bee says:

    First of all I would like to say that we all miss funny Freddy!! He made the show fun to watch!!! I didn’t care too much about the other 2 new angles because they were pretty annoying to me in my own personal opinion!! The thing that upsets me is that when Grayson is available–then Jane is not, and when Jane is available–then Grayson is off dating some other girl!!!!! It is just so annoying to keep having to see this repeatedly going on!! I am also frustrated because I am wondering if Jane is ever going to tell Grayson that she is really Deb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Please producers of this show–do something to fix this already so that us viewers could finally get what we had been waiting a long time for!!!!!! I also thought that Stacy wanting Owen to be a sperm donor, so she could have a kid from it is just awful!!! In real life –I don’t think a friendship wound be able to last like that!! But hopefully the producers just did that to close out the relationsp between Owen and Jane
    It’s irritating too because now that this is going on and Jane possibly might truly be single again–there Graon goes again with a new girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaahhhhhhhhhh I tell you!!!!! Hopefully the writers could possibly make this show end with a good happy ending of Jane being with Grayson, because they had built us all up from the beginning to feel this way, so to give us all a false hope would not be a good Judgment on the writers part!!!!!!!!

  23. petite says:

    I love DDD I hate that this the finale. Please be bring the show back, I want Owen to forgive Jane so she can get Greyson.

  24. Karen Heruska says:

    My daughter, Danielle (26), n I always watch this show together. It’s our Mother Daughter time. As a mom to 12 children I enjoy sneaking in one on one time w my adult children when I can. So every Sunday night Danielle n I have girls night with Jane n the cast. We love love live the show n hope it’s NOT the last season. Please no. I think Jane n Greyson need to end up together n buy the firm if it’s the last season. So much negative in the world we need a tv series ending on a HAPPY note. But hopefully that’s in season 6!!! We love you guys! Thanks for making Mom n Daughter time so fun every week!!

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