Switched at Birth's Vanessa Marano on Bay's Boy Drama (Ty's Back!), Trading Places With Daphne

Switched at Birth Season 2 SpoilersAnd you thought Bay’s romantic life on Switched at Birth was complicated before

When the ABC Family series returns for Season 2B on Monday (at 8/7c), the brunette will run into an unexpected, but familiar, face: her ex-boyfriend Ty (The Lying Game‘s Blair Redford)!

But that’s not all Bay’s got shakin’. Below,  portrayer Vanessa Marano previews her character’s new living situation, her damaged relationship with Daphne and an “amazing” “What If?” episode.

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TVLINE | What’s different in Bay’s life when the new season starts?
Oh, a lot of things are different. We’re picking up in the summer. We’ve never gotten a chance to see the girls outside of school. So she is working a summer job at an amusement park called Maui, Kansas, which involves a lot of Hawaii-themed wardrobe, let me tell you. And this season, we get to see Daphne living with the Kennishes and Bay living with Regina and Angelo. So we’re getting a glimpse at what life would have been like had they all been living together, and it’s not exactly the happy, picture-perfect image that they had all expected.

TVLINE | What drives her to go live with Regina and Angelo?
Regina’s returned from rehab, so a lot of things have changed. The relationship between Regina and Daphne is very damaged at this point, and that’s a very new thing because that was the strongest bond in our show. So Daphne’s been leaning a little bit more on the Kennishes, which is a little bit weird because they’re so not the mentality that she was raised with. So Bay is finally at a point where [she’s thinking], “OK, if Daphne is literally living with us and getting all of your free time, then why doesn’t my real mom want to get to know me?” And she finally confronts Regina, which has been a long time coming… And Angelo’s over the moon because he thinks that finally everything’s coming up roses, and it’s the way that it’s supposed to be. He’s filled with all this excitement about trying to find his other daughter. So it’s kind of a new beginning for them. But it can’t really be a fresh start when so much has happened already, you know? Like, as much as you want it to be a clean beginning, so much has happened.

TVLINE | I find it really interesting that the girls are kind of switching places, because there’s a “What If?” episode coming up, too.
[It] is a really awesome episode. I was a little freaked out when I heard about it. I was like, “Oh, I wonder how that’s going to go,” and it was amazing. It was terrifically written by two of our writers, Chad [Fiveash] and James [Patrick Stoteraux], and David Paymer directed it. It’s really awesome. I’m super excited for everybody to see it. Basically, the episode is, what if Regina hadn’t kept the secret about the switch and everybody had found out when the girls were 3 years old? How different would life have been?

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TVLINE | Most of last season, Bay and Daphne were in a really good place. But then, of course, the Noah drama happened. Is their relationship now in a worse place than ever?
It’s pretty rough [at] the beginning of the season… but Ty returns, and he was like a brother figure to Daphne. So though they’re in a really tough place, he’s come back from war and he’s in a really bad place. There’s only one person that Bay can really lean on to help her out in that situation when it comes to a boy.

TVLINE | How long is he around for? 
He’s in this season quite a bit. And it’s a refreshing change because with all the new guys that we have coming into the show — and we do have a love interest for Daphne, who’s pretty awesome, coming in — this is the first one that we’ve had return. It’s really cool to play that because it brings us back to a place of where we started. And the little moments of all that first season excitement where we were establishing our characters is reignited with the return of a character.

TVLINE | Do Ty and Bay pick up where they left off? Or is it more of a, “Let’s just focus on being friends for now” situation?
They want to pick up where they left off, but he is coming back from war, so that’s a little tough. And she’s coming back from Emmett and like three other boyfriends after that and going to the deaf school and Zarra and almost running away to Mexico. A lot has changed for both of them. So it’s a big question of, is a relationship strong enough to withstand all that change and still be exactly the way that it felt when you first met?

TVLINE |  Since you brought up Emmett, what does Ty’s return mean for her relationship with Emmett?
It left off pretty badly last season with the whole Noah-and-Daphne-are-together [situation], and Bay being in denial about that and Emmett not really having a right to say anything because he cheated on Bay, too. [Laughs] Worse, he even slept with a girl. They just can’t seem to get a guy to not cheat on her. [Laughs] So she will just be happy if Ty doesn’t have another lady around the corner. [Laughs] So they left off in a rough place.

TVLINE | Is Emmett giving Bay her space? He’s not really pursuing her as strongly as he was before?
Yes… They did have a moment where it was like, “You need to give me my space,” and he’s actually listening now.

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