The Voice's Judith Hill on Reworking Bieber & Xtina and Coping With Front-Runner Pressure

Judith Hill The VoiceIt’s a little unnerving to be pereceived as a front-runner in a reality singing competition, says Judith Hill. “It creates a weird pressure that you didn’t really sign up for,” says the woman whose ouster at the end of The Voice‘s Season 4 Top 8 results telecast caught many fans off guard.

Of course, given Hill’s status as Michael Jackson’s backup singer and duet partner while preparing for his ill-fated “This Is It” tour — combined with a sensational Christina Aguilera cover that earned a four-judge turn during the Blind Auditions — it would’ve been hard for her to fly under the radar.

And while, vocally, Hill set an awfully high bar coming out of the gate with “What a Girl Wants,” she says she tried to “show growth in other ways. Once I got to the live rounds, I really tried to put on a show, really connect with the audience, get into working the staging and the hand gestures, and really create memorable moments that people could remember.”

TVLine caught up with Hill to talk about those memorable moments, her sometimes outrageous outfits and even an unexpected YouTube moment with her erstwhile rival Karina Iglesias.

TVLINE | Any discussion of your Voice journey has to start with your epic Blind Audition to Christina Aguilera’s “What a Girl Wants.” Had you ever covered that before? And how did you come up with that particular arrangement?
I’d never sung it before, but obviously I love it. I just decided to take the verses and turn it into more of a soul rendition, while still being a song that everyone recognized. What I did every time, before rehearsals, I sat down and arranged [my song] and charted it out and handed it to the band. So I always came into my rehearsals with [the arrangement] already done, because we don’t have much time to come up with really, really special arrangements. I did my homework. And I have to say, I love my mom because she was also one of the people that I collaborated with a lot during the season.

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TVLINE | You also had a really fun Battle Round performing “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” with Karina Iglesias. You went in as one of the big front-runners, but both of you really killed it. Tell me about that experience.
The Battle Round was a blast. Karina’s an amazing talent and she pushed me to step up my game, to bring a very aggressive, fun energy — which is needed for that song. But it was also challenging for me to find ways I could create musical moments and really make it my own within the Battle. The good thing is we were able to feed off each other’s licks and really create this dialogue on stage. It wound up being a musical experience in spite of the competition aspect.

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TVLINE | I saw on YouTube that the two of you posted a video where you covered the song in Japanese and Spanish, respectively (embedded below). When did you shoot that?
I was on the treadmill at the hotel and came up with this really random idea. So I texted Karina: “Let’s do it in Japanese and Spanish,” and she’s like “You’re joking, right?” [The guys from] Midas Whale shot it for us a couple days before the Battle aired, and we put it on YouTube the day after our performance. Everyone really liked it.

TVLINE | For the Live Playoffs, when you did “Feeling Good,” at one point you put down the mic, then turned and stomped away. Does that stuff come to you spontaneously or do you think about where you’re going to be physically on the stage before you begin?
A little bit of both. I have a general road map: “Okay, right here is where I’ll be at this point and that point,” but then as the song goes on, you get into the character of it and certain things come out. For “Feeling Good,” I felt like I should really milk that particular moment — whether it be stomping, walking away or just shaking my head. Creating a pause is important for the drama of that song, and it is a very dramatic song.

TVLINE | The following week you went in a very different direction with “You’ve Got a Friend.” Was that strategic on your part, to make sure you were serving up different moods?
Yeah. I really was excited, itching to do that, because writing and singing are a big part of my life. I’m so glad I got a moment to show that to people, because that’s a different type of singing that happens when I get on the piano and just play and sing. Carole King is one of my all-time favorite songwriters. That was the most stripped-down Judith Hill moment this season, and I was really, really happy with it.

TVLINE | You got voted out after you reworked and Justin Bieber’s “#thatPOWER.” Reading online comments the day after, a lot of people thought the song choice was your downfall, but I liked that you took that record and turned it into a big funk moment. Did you have initial concerns about choosing “#thatPOWER” or any regrets about it afterward?
At that point in the show, I had been singing a lot of big soulful ballads. I felt like, especially coming off the Michael Jackson cover [“The Way You Make Me Feel”], I wanted something very celebratory and uptempo. Plus, I love the lyrics to that song: “I’m alive, I can fly, I’m living every moment. Power.” The word “power,” it just jumped out at me, like, “Oh my God. That is how I feel right now. Just owning it and saying I’ve got the power.” I also thought it was perfect for me to create a musical experience on stage — to bring the funk in and celebrate rhythm and all the elements. I didn’t really think so much “Oh people might hate this song in its raw form or whatever.” It’s a great song. Maybe people weren’t as familiar with it, but I went in feeling confident, and I have no regrets about it. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t make the finale, but at the same time I’m happy I ended on the note I ended: It was really a blast of high energy, a good way to go out.

Were you a Judith Hill fan during Season 4? Shocked she didn’t make the finale? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. S. says:

    It’s a little unnerving to be pereceived as a front-runner in a reality singing competition, says Judith Hill. “It creates a weird pressure that you didn’t really sign up for.”

    Of course she did. If not, then what exactly was she there for? Since it’s a competition aren’t you trying to be the front runner? Aren’t you trying to win? In trying to be “humble” she only made herself sound stupid.

    • LongDuck says:

      Judith should of presented herself more conservatively during her last performance. She blew herself up and was sent home. Not really shocking to me. She comes across to me as a bit full of herself. Learn from the Swons. Simple, just like two dudes in jeans and nothing really special, not really shocking they are in the top 5. They may bump Amber and Sasha out with a real good performance.

      • Puzzled says:

        Take a note from the Swons??? Seriously??? The guys look scraggly and like they don’t shower half the time. It is hard to be labeled a front runner from the beginning and maintain that. Judith honestly seemed to be one of the most humble people on the show. Please refer to where she didn’t act humble on the show??? I never saw it. I love her music and style and can’t wait for more of her originality!!!!

        • Princess Adora says:

          I’m not gonna comment on the Swon Brothers’ hygiene, but I agree with you about Judith. She was fantastic!

        • Tyler says:

          @ Puzzled: I agree with you too 100%. I think INSECURE people cannot handle secure people like Judith Hill so they want her to be insecure or humble like them. Judith Hill will be a success but you insecure people will still be losers.

        • TeamDanielle says:

          Swons are still in the game and Judith has been voted out. Her style was what turned me off and most of the viewing audience off. What was with the big fro and the cape. She just comes across as being some kind of diva. If Judith was so darn good, why did her iTunes dragged at the bottom week after week? She not all that. She always trying to use Michael Jackson’s name every chance she can. If she’s the greatest thing since slice bread, why is Judith not signed already and has to go on the Voice?

        • MJ says:

          Yes, The swons are a joke. They look smelly and dirty. Judith Hill was
          humble. She’s pretty, poised and a good performer. Some did not see that.
          I agree with all the comments by Puzzled. Swon should go.
          Another Girl will win. We shall see.

      • Liam says:

        I actually liked both girls in this embedded video more then I liked any of their on stage performances. On the stage both Judith and Karina seemed to be forcing the song on me. They both presented an intensity that actually distanced me. Something the aforementioned Swon’s do not do. They are inviting and real seeming. Judith seemed to be trying too hard and Karina seemed to be about to blow a vessel every performance. If you look tense and uncomfortable, that is transmitted to your audience. Danielle has her faults, but one of the things that brings people in is her comfortable stage presence. She is very pleasant to watch. This, in my opinion was what offed me to Judith and Karina both. As I said, in this embedded video, I liked them more then I ever did on stage.

        • TeamDanielle says:

          Absolutely agree with you. Danielle comes across as pleasant and her vocal tone are just comfortable to my ears. There’s no screaming, long runs, vocal acrobatics. Both Judith and Karina made my blood pressure and stress level high. Their screams and over dramatic singing like they are constipated and trying to poop it out. No wonder their itunes charted at the bottom. Listen to those screams would be maddening. Same as Michelle, those moves and squats seems like she is in labor. I hope Danielle wins, she has the most easy to listen voice ever! That’s my 2 cents to all you haters on the board!!!

      • Yo says:

        I agree. She blew herself up. She was very professional, almost too professional for a contest, then seemed to go out of her way to separate herself from the rest of the performers in the contest. It didn’t play well. Also, her choice of songs made her appear to be undirected. I still don’t know what kind of music she sings. if I don’t know that, how can I buy it?

    • AlyB says:

      Of course contestants want front runner status. But it’s a pretty well known dynamic in reality competition shows like this that early front runner status is hard to maintain. You’ve already set a high bar against which your subsequent performances are judged and it’s harder to give the audience a sense of growth and upward trajectory. This dynamic is present in all these kinds of shows. Judith was only verbalizing a well known truth. There is always pressure maintaining your place at the top.

    • Timmah says:

      That plus referring to herself in the third person suggests a conceited vibe that was likely what turned off a lot of viewers/voters.

  2. Becky says:

    I think she never lived up to the first audition. Ironically I loved the Japanese Spanish rendition better than their battle on the song.
    And the voice is not about chances.
    I feel like Adam picked some of the best singers and somehow blew it. Blake is being Blake picking what he knows works that is why his people have stayed on. I don’t think Danielle us a shoo in. So bored by the sets. Her songs have not always excited me. Her performance is predictable. Think michelle and sasha made a dent this week. And amber has held her own. Don’t care for the brothers. They need to go.

  3. Beth says:

    Judith Hill was Robbed! Hands down! and Adam Levine knows it. It seems Americans loves Country Music whether its delivery is good or bad. Judith is super talented. Yeah, maybe a couple of song choices didn’t resonate with viewers, but she, in my opinion, was the VOICE. Good Luck Judith. you will succeed because you have undeniable talent. I, for one will be looking forward to buying your cds

  4. CL says:

    I don’t think it’s accurate that the music team does not have time to create special arrangements. I watched an interview with Michelle where she said that Paul, the musical director (the guy on the piano in rehearsals) stayed up all night with Johnny Natural (Usher’s musical director) working on her “Grenade” arrangement. Maybe she should have asked for some help– sounds like if you want it, they will help you. “#thatpower” had its moments (the “I can fly” parts) but the rest of it was not very well-arranged.

  5. LongDuck says:

    Judith should of have chose her song choice wisely. A hashtag song with an electro-pop club beat? The viewing audience expected better from Judith. Since you had an epic Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants” another good one for you to showcase your vocals would be Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” or “Fighter”. Judith said on an interview that Adam did not want her to do #thatpower. Should of listened to your coach.

  6. juliana says:

    It’s a clear fact that Judith was by far the best artist among the contestants. What I believe got her out of the competition was Blake’s comments about Danielle being “The all American girl”. Where does that comment leaves the charming Judith who just the other day shared her misfitting as a mix of Japanese and black. And the last coup was that she was trapped into sharing her charity work with Japanese children. That did not went well with the “All American” public. It makes one wonder, is this “All American” flavor, a new and refined discrimination?

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I get annoyed by anyone who refers to blonde, blue-eyed girl as all-american. What an archaic, somewhat offensive discrimination!

    • LongDuck says:

      Could be. America is still a very racist society. You may not notice it in public that much. But behind close doors, people still stereo type and this race is that, and that race is this. I read a few comments that mentioned there’s only 2 black women left. I thought. Huh? I think of Judith as neither just black or Asian. Just like when they say Tiger Woods is black or African American. Tiger has the same amount of Asian as black. I remember when Kristi Yamaguchi won the gold in skating. She didn’t get that much of an endorsement deals, people perceived her not the all American type. Michelle Kwan, one of the best skaters, you don’t see endorsements of her? Both ladies were born and raised here in America. I have a friend who is Asian and a few times, someone told him to go back to China. How, he never been to China sir, he was born and raised in the USA. So, yes, plenty of racist people she thinks of an American as Caucasion or blonde hair blue eyed. So if a Blonde hair blue eye Russian girl that just came to the US a few weeks ago from Russian, she looks more American than a Asian girl who was born and rasied in the US. That’s the reality.

      • MamaLis says:

        Uh…. ya.
        Ok first. “All American Girl” at this point in our evolution, is more like a colloquialism of being “wholesome/blond/brunette/wide-eyed, etc.” more than it is a literal translation of what an “American Girl” might be. Plus, just give Blake a break.

        Second, I HARDLY think Judith’s departure had ANYthing to do with her Japanese/Black heritage and EVERYthing to do with her song choice, her vibe, and the simple fact that the viewing public liked her 8th best of the remaining group.
        Need I remind anyone that a Fierce Black Woman just WON American Idol – over a Delightful Country White Woman. And the 4th Place (Beautiful Black) Contestant beat out #5 – Another Lovely White girl!

        Finally – in terms of “jipped” endorsement deals. Ummm…. Michael Jordan much? Or are you saying “Asians” don’t the get the deals? But then look at Tiger. Oh, but then you’re saying only Asians that are (called) “Asian” don’t get the attention? But then there’s break-all-records PSY…
        Ya… I can’t keep up. Seems to me it’s about the person.

        • LongDuck says:

          You have a good valid points! I’m referring to more Asian. Blacks are on the same or better playing field as whites in the entertainment and sports industry. It’s much better today vs 20 years ago or even 10 years ago for Asians. Actually, PSY is cooler than Bieber to many people… GANGNAM STYLE! Just no Williiam Hung jokes please…haha!

        • Timmah says:

          Totally agree, it is all about the person. Look at those who have done well on Idol, they have been country, R&B, indie, pop, rock, just about everything. Numerous African-Americans have won, and Jessica Sanchez is Asian and she didn’t do too bad. Some people just have that indefinable star quality that transcends their musical genre, race, etc. and even to some extent their chops. IMO Danielle has it this season, and Judith didn’t.

          • TeamDanielle says:

            That’s my opinion too! Danielle has that X-factor and Judith does not. Race/emotional connection to the songs, etc has nothing to do with it.

    • Mike says:

      So we’re blaming Blake now? Really? Guys, if anyone is responsible for her departure it’s the voting public. Enough of them liked the other contestants. Fact of the matter is it’s their opinion. It’s neither wrong nor right. I’ve always thought she was great…but I didn’t like that last song she did and I didn’t vote for her that particular week(though I never thought she’d be the one to go home).

      And this little bit about a pressure she didn’t really sign up for is crap. You can NOT use the name of Michael Jackson in your resume and not expect almost instant spotlight and scrutiny. And when her talent backed it up from day 1 then it took that to a whole new level.

  7. PepperJo says:

    Nope, she was never one of my favorites. And her last song choice sealed that deal for me.

  8. Jake says:

    I think I’m one of the few who loved her final performance. She sang almost exclusively older ballads this season, with the exception of her blind audition song, and the Top 8 performance of #thatPOWER was upbeat, current, and exactly the kind of thing that pop music fans would love. (I almost bought it on iTunes, but the iTunes version wasn’t nearly as good as the live one — that happened last season too with Amanda Brown’s “Someone Like You). I missed Judith on the show this week and wish her the best!

    • RD says:

      I actually think her last performance was her best.Not a fan of Will.i.a.m. or the Beiber brat but I honestly can’t get that funk arrangement out of my head.It was terrific,and she should be proud of it. Obviously it was too much for the regular Voice audience to handle.Their loss.

      • Puzzled says:

        Exactly!!! The people who watch and vote are country/pop fans. That is why this type of show is predictable. I didn’t watch Monday and Tuesday, because there is no one else who interests me!!!

    • Agree with that comment it was very good

    • The best interpretation on this program everyone else is a clone of what’s already out there regurgitated same old same old

    • Lilly says:

      I agree about Amanda Brown’s performance last season..she was my favorite and I wanted the itunes to be as fierce as her performance. I didn’t care for Judith’s #thatpower but it grew on me, but on a show like that people make up their mind quick there isn’t time….that is the sort of song that takes time to appreciate I think. as is Judith..but she might have more staying people than some of the other more shallow contestants. lets wait and see…Michelle Chamuel was my winner this year, and Judith is growing on me more and more!!!

  9. zaza says:

    That was an awesome video! The best part was when the guy from Midas Whale popped his head up. Ah..Midas Whale, I miss you guys. They need to have a musical/comedy/variety show, a la The Smothers Brothers. Yup…I’m THAT old…ha ha ha!

  10. Temperance says:

    For me, her elimination was just an example of how really great Judith is. There is great in the immediately popular, mass-market sense, and then there is so great that it’s a little ahead of/ beyond gen pop. Judith is just that.

    • Jo says:

      Perfect. Judith is true art. And just like art it’s how it makes you feel. Even if it is great, it doesn’t
      touch everyone.

  11. joey says:

    I never liked her.

  12. MyaMusic says:

    Judith Hill will be on the Tonight Show with Leno tonight. Singing her single Desperation. Also, Judith appears on the upcoming George Benson album on one song Too Young that features Judith. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater of Judith. She has tons of talent plus tons of opportunities over the years. Everyone knows about the Michael Jackson connection. In addition, Judith has recorded and performed with legendary superstars such as Elton John, Smokey Robinson, Usher, Babyface, Rod Stewart, Josh Groban and many more. Her singing has also been heard in several high-profile movies including Sex & The City II, Dreamgirls and Happy Feet 2. Suprised Usher did not remember Judith in the blind auditions. At least Blake remembered that country singer who auditioned Julie Roberts. Having a great voice and all, like Judith does not make you a star. If you check out youtube, there’s tons of singers with crazy vocals. Her songs from The Voice was always at the bottom. I really do not think she has the IT factor. Look at all her high profile connections. If she did not break out and is a star by now, she is not going too. She’s almost 30 too. If she was going to be a star, it would of happened already. If you look at Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc. They become stars rather quickly. Take a look at Carrie Underwood, about the same age as Judith. Carrie has the IT factor, great vocals and a year or two after Idol, became a superstar. If you have the IT factor, it only takes a short time to be a superstar. But some singers like Judith may have to accept that being a back up singer or duet partner is their calling. For me, Judith does not really wow me at all and her #thatpower performance sealed the deal for me. Hate it. Seems to me she is trying really too hard to be a star. Especially with that new movie she is in… 20 feet from Stardom. If you have the IT factor, you don’t really have to try.

    • May says:

      That’s the point being made- she had always sung with the stars but never had the opportunity to move beyond that! Many had never heard of her before her appearance on the Voice – so I think you are rather biased in your views. And so what if she is ” almost 30″? You got something against more mature performers? She is not destined to be a Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber – thank goodness! – but a performer on another level.

    • @MyaMusic Its not about how you feel about her music after all are you a producer or artist promoter ? …no!! you are therefore not in a position to critique Ms Hill. Interesting how you are promoting all blond hair and blue eyed clones or white singers as the IT factor you sound like a hater which must be really frustrating when you don’t have anything productive to offer.

    • why is it that you can only attempt to critique the performers who are not blond , white and talentless? oh rite then!

  13. AlyB says:

    Judith was a great contestant. She is beautiful, strong, charismatic and creative in addition to having tremendous talent. I loved her. She was someone I really looked forward to seeing every week. She was so much more interesting than your average contestant on these kinds of shows. I hope having had this platform opens door for her. I really look forward to hearing what she does next.

  14. Jessie says:

    The title ‘Reworking Bieber…’ Nooooo! Judith, you had me with ‘What A Girl Wants’, You lost me with ‘#thatPOWER’ You’ll do well, stay true to yourself. I like to hear you do some 90’s style r&b. I’ll be up watching your performance on Leno. すべての最高のSubete no saikō no.

  15. Ashley Goode says:

    She was never one of my favorites either!!! I guess because I thought she could already sing good and with her connections I didn’t really understand why she was on The Voice!

    • ConnieGirl says:

      She was not my favorites either. She was on The Voice because her career is going nowhere. So she doesn’t want to be seen as exploiting MJ’s death? Then why is she talking about it on the Voice and singing his music on the Voice to generate emotion and also doing a documentary about her life as MJ’s backup? For someone who doesn’t want to exploit his death she’s using it an awful lot to promote her self. I wouldn’t care because if anyone’s death should be exploited it’s MJs. I just don’t appreciate the fakeness of telling us she’s not doing something when she clearly is. This lady has been using MJ’s name from day one. Again, I don’t like her fakeness, actually, she’s not that great. I would never buy any of her music.

      • kika says:

        the song was chosen by Adam, and she said to him that she didn’t want to do it… and he insisted because it’s part of who she is. Also she was MJ’s backup singern that is a fact. what should she do? Hide it, lie about it? Even if she hadn’t talked about it people would know it because she was in the documentary this is it and sang during his funeral…. If she had keept it a secret people would say that she was lying about her experience so the audience would think she is an amateur… she only talked about it twice in the show: during her presentation and when the song “the way you make me feel” came up… after that it was other people who were refering her as MJ’s backup singer. The documentary is not about her being MJ’s backup singer since she wasn’t only his backup singer but also stevie wonder’s, it’s about being a “well-known” backup singer but still staying in the shadow, not having recognition for the talent that you have…
        It would have been fake for her to hide it. She is who she is, she didn’t want to be in the spotlight right after MJ’s death.. it’s been 4 years now, it’s her time to shine… SO maybe you should be less negative about people that you don’t know because talking about your biggest experience 4 YEARS after his death is definitely not exploiting anybody’s death… his family didn’t wait that long so I don’t get why so many people giver her sh** about that. she waited 4 freaking years to make herself going in the spotlight. she could have make it way earlier since I do remember the press talking about “the girl who sang at MJ’s funeral”…

        • I8A4RE says:

          Salivating? Phone ringing off the hook? Why did she need the Voice then? Good voice but she leaves me cold. She’s missing something that is the difference between huge success and making a living. Doesn’t necessarily make her bad. Most performers fall into the latter category. Hint, there’s a reason that she is UNsigned. Good voice does not mean success. Recording companies sign up artists up to make money, not because they have a good voice. You want proof?
          Check out the second coming of Justin Bieber, a clone named Austin Mahone. Exact same route. Singing youtube cover songs, cute Bieber looks. Just in a few years time. Opening for Taylor Swift, over 2 million twitter followers, already signed to a label. Oh his just release song is #6 on itunes. There’s nothing special about the guy. His act is like Bieber from two years ago. To me, this guy sucks! But the label already knows he can sell and make money for the company. It’s a business.
          Check out his Bieber like performance on the Today Show:

  16. alexandredit says:

    What is sad about Judith Hill is that she had to go through this process for exposure. I mean seriously, she wasn’t a contestants unlike everybody else on the show. She IS a star and should have a career by now. On the show, she had the experience, the voice and the musicality to bring her to the finale. Unfortunately, she wasn’t presented as somebody who has a good personnality. The producers probably realized she wasn’t as popular as they expected her to be (iTunes sales) and so she was simply used to be yet another reality competitor on yet another reality show (Top 10 and Top 8 performance show she was 2nd/1st to perform). That doesn’t mean anything in particular, but considering a bunch of people who opens the show gets kicked off the same week, it makes me wonder what would’ve happened had she closed the show that night? Dommage.

  17. Robert Henry Eller says:

    Judith Hill does not need me, or anyone else, to explain to those who get it, why Judith is a big deal. On the other hand, I have also learned to anticipate “shocks” like Judith being voted off The Voice when she was. Or, as I would put it, with a verb I invented, and that I expect will be sadly useful in the future, when Judith was “Amanda Browned.” Let’s be real for a moment: Voting audiences have specific demographics, and specific genre preferences. How many in the voting audience are really willing, or able, to sit there and consider something like, “Wow, you know, I’m really into country and western more than I’m into R&B, but boy, that Judith Hill is really good, maybe better than some of the C&W singers I would otherwise be more naturally drawn to.”? And vote accordingly? Likewise, audience members can get as irrationally political about contestants as they do about actual politics that matter. Too many self-appointed Keepers-of-the-Flame-of-Michael-Jackson’s-Pure-Essence were offended that Judith “exploited” her association with Jackson. Not only did Judith go out of her way to minimize doing so, but, in fact, associating one’s self with a revered icon does not make for a good crutch. On the contrary, to the extent that Judith was linked to Jackson, expectations were substantially raised for her, certainly beyond the bar that was set for any of the other contestants. Anybody want to try and tell me that Judith was judged by the same criteria as, say, Danielle Bradbery? Or, vice versa? I rest my case. And while some people found Judith’s last number “too Las Vegas,” all I was feeling was the unimpeachable Tina Turner in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome,” and Judith’s performance at LA’s Key Club (find the video on YouTube). And I am the antithesis of a Bieber fan, so it sure wasn’t the original song that did anything for me; it was all Judith Hill. I’m only one of what I suspect is a big crowd of people waiting for “20 Feet From Stardom,” and I hope it does for Judith, and all the great back up singers, what the documentary “Standing in the Shadow of Motown” did for The Funk Brothers. On the other hand, never forget P. T. Barnum’s sad wisdom: “Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public.”

  18. ishthemish says:

    Judith made that song live. She brought it to life, killed it, and resurrected it in her own image.

  19. Jackie Tortorella says:

    My husband and I were dumbfounded that Judith Hill was eliminated. It really ruined the show for us, because now we don’t care much who wins. I only hope that Hill comes out with some hits that make her really famous. She is so talented. I don’t understand the mentality of voting or not voting for someone based on only that night’s songs. People should remember the big picture. Just because some people didn’t care for one song they eliminated the most talented–by far–contestant. I guess The Voice is going to turn into a country-western competition where the twangy voices and cowboy boots will prevail.