Revolution's Billy Burke Previews 'Brilliantly Implosive' Finale, Warns of Deadly Scenario

Revolution Season 1 SpoilersRevolution‘s freshman run is almost over, but the war is still going strong as Miles and Monroe prepare to face off in Monday’s season finale (NBC, 10/9c).

Billy Burke, who plays Miles, promises a “brilliantly implosive” season ender — including a potentially growing death toll. Here, get the complete dish on what you need to know about the powerful (see what we did there?) finish.

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THE BATTLE IS GETTING MURKIER | While some character motivations will become clearer in the final hour – “You’ll find out Randall’s M.O.,” Burke said during a recent conference call – others will find themselves taking a second look at the forces that have been driving them. “Everything we’ve been fighting for comes into question,” previews the actor. With everyone gathered at the one source that could save the planet – or destroy it – the action will “culminate in the event that’s about to take place in The Tower,” he reveals. “We all find out that what we’ve been fighting for all along may not be physically or spiritually what we thought we were fighting for. What happens after that? I don’t know. But it all comes to a big head.”

MORE WAR CAUSALITIES? | Maggie, Danny and others have already lost their lives during the revolution — and we could be saying goodbye to another fighter in the finale. “We’re all in precarious situations, and all in the same precarious situation collectively,” hints Burke. “The nature of the show is people are going to die in this scenario, the world being the way it is. … As the show moves into the second season, it’s my guess that we’ll see new people” – and we will! – “and we might be saying goodbye to some others.”

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A BOND WILL BE TESTED | “It’s pretty safe to say that I don’t think we’re going to end this season without some sort of final showdown between [Miles and Bass],” says Burke. But will the former Militia man have what it takes to kill his ex-BFF this time? “The brotherhood between them seems to be so strong that it’s overcome a lot of those moments, but I don’t know how long that will continue.” Combine that with this tease, and we’re concerned for the baddie general: “Now that [Miles is] back in the fight, he knows he’s got to do some stuff that’s ugly, too.”

LOVE IN THE TIME OF DARKNESS | Burke promises that viewers will “start to get what’s happening” between the show’s core love trio, Miles, Rachel and Nora. As for whether his character hooked up with his brother’s wife before the two were even married, Burke admits the actors still don’t know when that romantic timeline began. Then there’s the issue of Monroe’s recently mentioned, never-seen son with Miles’ ex-girlfriend. “You don’t [reveal] that if you don’t intend to follow through with it, so I would imagine going into this next season, that will come into play,” suggests Burke.

A NEW ALLIANCE? | The official finale synopsis reveals that “Tom Neville and Randall Flynn bring new meaning to the dark side.” So will they team up for a greater, evil purpose? “Those two character, individually, have their own agendas,” explains Burke. “We will see those come to a head in the finale. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing that in tandem.”