Revolution Season Finale Recap: Power Grab

RevolutionWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Monday’s season finale of Revolution. Proceed at your own risk!

And… boom goes the Revolution season finale.

The fight to turn the power back on took two lives on Monday’s episode. First, Nora is victim to a deadly hit as she selflessly acted to help Rachel and Aaron — whose old code provides the tower’s operating system — get to Level 12. After Aaron successfully turns on the power, Randall Flynn appears and reveals that he wanted them to flip the switch. That way, he is able to send nukes to destroy Atlanta and Philly, leaving the East Coast playing field wide open. (Meanwhile, President Kelly Foster of the Georgia Federation also orders that her troops “throw everything we’ve got at Philly.” New show title: Everybody Hates Philly.)

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“I’m a Patriot,” Randall explains before shooting himself in the head. We then cut to a mysterious figure, sitting in darkness with an American flag behind him. Another man informs him that Randall “did it.”

“Time to go home, Mr. President,” the man continues, as the shot pulls back to reveal that POTUS has been making camp at a United States Colony in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba!

And that’s not all that happened. Let’s review the other major events:

WILL THE REAL GENERAL PLEASE STAND UP? | Neville stages a power play of his own, taking control of Monroe’s troops. He captures and ties up Bass, chiding him for his “borderline erotic fixation on Miles.” However, Neville doesn’t plan to kill Monroe. He has to at least put on the appearance of a trial. That’s the difference between the two of them, he argues: “You frighten. I inspire.” Meanwhile, Jason agrees to help his dad get into the tower, but only if Charlie and Rachel are kept alive. Needless to say, these two are going to have some issues next season after the way Neville ordered the Matheson gals to be killed when they got past him.

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BROTHERS IN ARMS | For a brief moment, Miles and Bass put aside their differences and play on the same team while fighting off the tower’s “guardians.” When they resurface on the outside, it’s back to throwing fists – for a little. “Turn around and fight me,” Monroe commands when Miles takes off. But he’s got more important things to do, like saving Rachel and Charlie. So what caused this rift between the friends? Many things, but one of the big triggers took place 10 years after the blackout, when a rebel bombing hit the spot where the two men were reminiscing. In retaliation, Monroe took out the rebel’s family, and that got Miles looking at his pal in a new, unflattering light. Monroe, of course, sees it differently. “Everything I have ever done was for you,” he counters. “The only thing I ever cared about was watching your back.” The bromance lives on despite everything, as Miles sets Bass free from Neville’s restraints, explaining that the reason he was never able to kill him was because “we’re still brothers.” Then he instructs him to run.

LOVE AND DEATH | In case you’re wondering if Nora was just a fling, Miles is gutted when he finds her bleeding body. She insists that he go help Rachel. “I’m not leaving you,” he replies, disproving Nora’s earlier statement to the blonde that “saving you is the only thing on his mind. There’s no question, he’ll choose you every time.” Although he elects to stay with Nora by carrying her, there’s nothing they can do to help her, and she dies. Miles gives her one final kiss, breaking down into tears. The death also hits Charlie hard. She begged her mom to put her and Nora first over her quest to turn the power back on (in retaliation for Danny’s death), but the Matheson matriarch has tunnel vision. And it appears no “I’m sorry” is going to make Charlie forget Mom’s choice.

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