Mariska Hargitay Returning for Law & Order: SVU Season 15 After Closing New Deal

Mariska Hargitay Season 15 Law & Order: Special Victims UnitBullet. Dodged.

Resolving a months-long behind-the-scenes cliffhanger, Mariska Hargitay has inked a new deal to return for Law & Order: SVU‘s 15th season, the actress trumpeted on Saturday via Twitter.

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NBC execs, which renewed SVU earlier this month while negotiations with Hargitay were still going on, aren’t the only ones breathing a sigh of relief. The show’s fans — who watched as Hargitay’s alter ego Olivia Benson literally dodged a (potential) bullet in the closing seconds of last week’s season finale — can take comfort in knowing their favorite heroine will survive the ordeal.

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The financial terms of the deal are TBD, but it’s safe to say that Hargitay — who pocketed a cool $500,000 per episode for Season 14 — will hold onto her title as TV’s highest-paid actress.

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  1. Karen says:


  2. Char Richo says:

    Olivia: done. Ziva, you’re next!

  3. livvy says:


  4. Joshua Reguin says:

    I’m hoping they don’t just have someone bust in and save her. That would be a terrible premiere. She needs a personal storyline, let this be it, overcoming what happened to her.

    • Trickie says:

      I totally agree. I hope they don’t take the easy way out. Mariska can act, give her something juicy/edgy/emotional to work with for this cliffhanger.

    • Zoe says:

      I agree, but I really don’t want to see her be raped and tortured, even off-screen. I’m hoping she’ll save herself. She’s a fighter, she’s totally capable of doing that.

    • Makayla Booker says:

      I know what your trying to say but she already overcame something like this. Undercover season 9 episode 15. The only difference is that she didn’t get raped in that episode. She almost did, but didn’t.

    • maya says:

      i hope she’ll shoot him or beat him up or be really close and kick him in the nuts that ill watch but if she gets hurt and will be on another leave ill be pissed and gosh can they like bring her brother or munch to save her if someone at all you know mix the whole finn or stabbler saving her for a change i mean heck ill even settle for cathy or a pedestrian saving the day but if its stabbler again ill be bored and irritated.

  5. cecilia says:

    You all wasted no time reporting this worthless bit of information.

    • Cassie says:

      TVLine reports TV news. This is TV news.

    • Lauren says:

      Go to tv guide or E! and read about Justin Bieber’s new hairdo. Let the rest of us enjoy tv news, thx.

    • lyn says:

      And yet, you took time out of your fascinating life to read it AND post! Talk about worthless.

    • Esaul says:

      I never find anything on TVLine worthless information, even if it doesn’t pertain to a show I follow. I love all TV news in general, it’s a huge passion of mine. I comment a lot and enjoy this site and the discussions I have, even if I disagree with people. This is excellent for SVU fans, and for the show. NBC still relies on SVU, even if people criticize its ailing numbers. No one can brag that NBC has created any shows in the past five years that could possibly take SVU’s place. Revolution is fading, Smash received the ax, The Event didn’t last long, Trauma, Chase, Prime Suspect, etc. How many people recall any of those failed shows within the past four/five years? They’re gone, SVU’s still on air. It matters.

      • Zoe says:

        I liked Prime Suspect… anyway, yes. Even if it’s information about a show I could care less about, TVLine wouldn’t publish something if it wasn’t useful.

      • Dory says:

        I agree. I think tv line is the most prolific message board on tv. Matt is a great monitor.

      • Larry says:

        I couldn’t even name another NBC show in the last 5 years, I dvr law & order, ci and svu.

    • Babygate says:

      And you wasted no time in commenting. This is TVLine’s site. They can post whatever they want. You are not obligated to visit it.

    • dee123 says:

      Bitter Stabler fan are we?

    • klo says:

      The only thing worthless is your post

    • Tania says:

      Someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning cecilia?

    • CluelessCecilia says:

      And you wasted no time commenting on this ‘worthless information’. Seriously. If you don’t like the show or care about this why comment? You must have a boatload of time on your hands.

  6. Jacky says:

    Why is this important?

  7. beckie b says:


  8. mia says:

    Excellent news. Good for her, good for the fans

  9. Raiza says:

    Phew glad she`ll be back!! :D

  10. Esaul says:

    I’m glad she’s back :D

  11. Johna says:

    *Yawn* Overpaid actress on an overrated show. 9 years ago when she wasn’t phoning it in and the show had double the viewers this would’ve been big news.

    • Esaul says:

      Viewers does not equal ratings. No, it doesn’t have the viewership it used to, but it still has a decent rating for NBC. It’s proved to be a reliable show for the network. And still makes great numbers in syndication. I’m pretty sure NBC is satisfied with securing her contract, even if you’re not.

    • Zoe says:

      She is NOT phoning it in. She’s one of the only actresses out there who puts 110% into every scene. I’m an actress myself, so I can tell you- she is a phenomenal actress, and continues to be.

    • CluelessCecilia says:

      I bet you watch this ‘overrated’ show every week including the marathons on USA.

    • Kitty says:

      Wow rude you obviously not a fan because her real fan don’t speak bad about her.

  12. Jay says:

    Just out of curiosity, how much does Ice-T make for the same job?

    • Esaul says:

      I read 450K per episode. I don’t know if that’s true, it’s not a source I’ve looked to before. I don’t recall my TVGuide from the fall stating either.

  13. Marc says:

    It is good that she’s coming back. I just hope that that writing is up to snuff next year. Regardless of the cast, you cannot have a good police procedural without well-written cases.

    • Esaul says:

      I agree. This year has been pretty strong, but by no far perfect. Although each season has had its cringe worthy episodes, nothing could possibly be bad as the Chris Brown/Rihanna episode. I did enjoy Raul Esparza though joining the cast this season. I’m not sure if he was cast for anything (thought I read that he was), but I hope he’ll continue his role on SVU. It does bring some life to the legal side, and he’s better than the past ADAs since Cabot and Novak.

  14. Babygate says:

    What am I missing here? This show may be sort of iconic but it makes no waves in the ratings department. How can she be the highest paid actress on TV? This never makes any sense to me. And then I read that two of the actresses on Criminal Minds had to fight just to get equal pay than their males counterparts. Hollywood is just as twisted and bad as the corporations they love to demonize.

    • kajar says:

      Why is she paid so much? ‘Cause she’s been front and center on the show for the last 14 years, that’s why. And though SVU is certainly not drawing in the numbers it used to, it still gets a decent demo and is a stable show for a network in desperate need of stable shows.

      As for CBS, there is no excuse for them… they seem to have a habit of treating their women stars poorly, with CM in particular.

      • Sasha says:

        A decent demo? What are you smoking? They’re last in the demo every week. 1.7 rating with 6 million viewers is laughable, even for NBC. They should save the money they’re wasting on her and invest in something (&someone) better.

        • Alex says:

          Sasha, you are so spiteful. Control your anger that is bad for health. If NBC renewed SVU is because it is profitable. What is your problem?

        • JEst says:

          Sasha, based on NBC’s current standards AND the money that can result from more episodes (due to syndication) it is considered decent. Not great, but decent. It was a good choice of a word. The laughable thing is your ignorance to that (what should be) common sense fact.

        • kajar says:

          Yes, when a show that has been on for 14 YEARS is pulling above a 1.5 on a consistent basis while many shows are delivering 1.5-2.0 ratings in their freshman seasons and trending downwards… I call that a decent demo. Plus, it makes a killing in syndication. There is something to be said for stability. But I’m not a network exec (thank the universe) so… whatever. I really don’t get my knickers in a twist over these things.

          And I don’t smoke. I like breathing too much.

    • JEst says:

      What you’re missing is that, even though it doesn’t makes waves in the ratings department (and therefore gets less advertising dollars than other shows) each episode that airs means another episode to sell into syndication, which makes big money ina different way. What is so difficult to understand?.

  15. Katie says:

    Elliot Stabler needs to return… no one can save Liv like Elliot .

  16. EJ says:

    What I’m disturbed about is the distinct possibility that Olivia will be brutally raped and tortured over an extended period of time following Wednesday’s cliffhanger. Cragen made a point of saying to her that she had to go home to decompress and even made a joke about her being arrested if she showd up at the squadroom within the next 48 hours. If she isn’t somehow saved by this sick piece of work relatively early then I suspect a very different Liv will emerge next season.

    • Zoe says:

      That’s a good point. But I’m hoping someone will show up well before that happens. Cassidy could easily show up and stop the guy in his tracks. He’s still a cop too, remember? And for that matter, we never saw Liv fight back, and if we know anything about Olivia Benson, we know she’s a fighter. I get the feeling Liv will save herself, or someone will save her, well before the unthinkable happens.

  17. kukumo says:

    500,0000 grand! HOLY CRAP!!

  18. Zoe says:


  19. Of course she’s back. Where else would she go?

  20. kate says:

    this is good. if she was leaving, this would have been a terrible way for her to go. seems like a real disservice for fans if they’d have had to say goodbye to Olivia Benson by her being murdered off screen.

  21. Broadwayfan says:

    What a surprise…read that sarcastically. When I hear such ‘news’ I think of the inspector in RICK’S PLACE, in CASABLANCA. “I’m shocked…SHOCKED to find gambling in this establishment.”
    NBC’s big scare certainly got everyone all worked up about the finale episode. I’m glad she, and the show, will be back. But I never, for one moment, doubted she’d be back.

  22. Bobbi says:

    Great news!

  23. SVU better have a “final season” this upcoming year.

  24. Vicky says:

    When is Chris Meloni coming back because that’s the only thing that will help SVU. He is sorely missed.

  25. Alex says:

    Very happy with the news. SVU needs the talent and beauty of exotic brunette Mariska. She is a fantastic actress and I love her character.

    And the few negative comments are spiteful. The money she earns and its success.

  26. bcma says:


  27. Kathy Agel says:

    I’m happy she’s coming back, because I don’t think the show would have survived without her.

    Now — can we please get Munch back?

  28. luvdsvu says:

    I’ll be interested to see what the actual deal is. Two years ago when she negotiated her contract it was initially announced that she would cut back to half time the second half of the season – that she wanted to spend more time with her now three kids and her family. The rumor being that she would become Captain of the SVU. Then it was announced that they couldn’t come to a contract agreement with Meloni and they backed off of her cutting back real quick. They obviously knew it would be way too damaging to the show to have Meloni gone and her cutting back. So I’ll be interested to see if she negotiates fewer hours on set and if the agreement is for one year (In the past they have always made two year agreements).

  29. Kristin says:

    I am very happy she is back…I don’t know how I feel about the cliffhanger it seems too Hollywood to have her saved in the nick of time… but they have already done the whole Liv PTSD thing when she was almost raped when she went undercover at the prison. I don’t know if I want to watch that again.

  30. DOT says:

    Yeay am so happy now I hope they bring. Back henry connick jr back I loved there chemistry!

  31. Liz says:

    I hope Elliot returns. It would be awesome if he visits Olivia she doesnt let him in & bam he kicks down the door & gets the guy trying to rape her. :) That is how well Elliot knows his partner. That’s just my view of it.

  32. JaimeLynn says:


  33. ellen says:

    that is so good that she will be back for season 15 and i hope nick get there in time to help her and save. and i am so happy now.

  34. ally123 says:

    I already knew she was staying. Mariska loves it there! The show wouldn’t survive without her.

  35. bill says:

    This IS great news. I love Mar…..wait, Justin Bieber has a new hairdo?

  36. brenda applewhite says:

    here’s what i think should happen someone is already there to save her, the gun man will be caught he has probably totured his attorney, or Cragen may just show up. Maybe Cassidy will drop in, she’s his girlfriend.

  37. Joan Olsen says:

    The season finale was so disturbing! Not sure if I will be back, maybe yes, but if the season premiere is anything like the finale, then goodbye!

  38. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    She is going to come back for the 15th season!!!!!!!!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    I hope she is not raped again, that would be devastating for her, although she is a tough cookie she is also very sensitive and could get PTSD and when she gets all sad and depress like that I can’t see it so If she gets raped I won’t watch.

  40. Fan says:

    She has to kill him!!!!

  41. Kitty says:

    In a comment made by Danny Pino about the season finale ” He said that Amaro would not be in time to save Olivia.

  42. Kitty says:

    I think someone has to come and save her. She fought the guy on undercover but she could not escape from him. If it wasn’t for Fin who came on time rescue her the story would have been a different one.

  43. Kt says:

    My guess is that Olivia beats the guy up and he manages to escape like he planned all along. If Olivia beats him badly, he can return to his lawyer who believes Olivia is obsessed with him. The defense attorney will argue Olivia followed and attacked him. Remember the perp in this case likes to manipulate the system to his advantage. I think his lawyer is the one who will get it right in the end just before he is caught.

  44. KC says:

    I think Liv is gonna get naked and beaten up, and burned a little I guess, but she wont be raped. That would be weird. And I’d definitely stop watching the show. I do want an episode for Barba, I like his character.

  45. I am hoping that Benson don’t get raped by this creep!I hope she kick his ass!Benson didn’t handle the sexual assault on her when Harris attacked her in the episode Undercover,and that was when Stabler was around,she suffered from PTSD for a very long time,an she did not suffer as much like what I am seeing here in the promo,this attack is even worse and more devastating,because it happened in her home.Is why I am Still hoping that at some point they bring Elliot Stabler back,he is the only one that will be able to keep her sane after an ordeal like this,just like he did in Undercover,in truth,he was the best partner for her,I think Nick will try to help her,because he have come a long way in getting to know her as a partner and friend so is all of the others,Fin of course is going to intervene,because she is like a sister to him,that’s his baby girl!If the writers had to stick with the real format and reality of how the show should have gone,even after Stabler left,I think it would be fitting to write Fin going after Stabler to tell him what happen to Olivia,this would make a great come back for Stabler’s character,even if only for a short time to visit her in the hospital and so on,of course,we all would love for him to return for his love full time,but a little of his presence is better than nothing at all!Do I Get An AMEN!As for Cassidy,I hope they get rid of him soon,I still think he is a dirty cop,and I also think,that Benson’s attack is going to damage their so call relationship,because we all know that the relationship between her and Cassidy is as real as a million dollar bill!All I am saying is that,Olivia is going to be in for a very long recovery after this horrendous attack on her life,as a matter of fact,I think that after this,now will be the time to ease off her character from romantic relationships,as they all seem so faked anyway,then down the line either bring Elliot Stabler back as a love interest,because honestly, he was ALWAYS the one true love of her life from the inception of the show,or I kinda like the Barba ADA guy,only thing with that scenario is that the last time they hook her up with an ADA,it became a conflict of interest,so I am not certain how that one will work out,but he seem cool,or option three,It’s about time they give her a kid,as a matter of fact,I prefer to see her with a child of her own,more so than a man,because Olivia Benson don’t need a man to protect or save her.Of course the child would have to be one of adoption,if the writers choose to keep in character because of her age,either way I think a baby would make a great addition to her life.I would still love to see a Stabler baby with her though,Like the guy told Stabler on the episode ‘BANG’that Elliot would love to see Olivia swollen with his child,and that they would make beautiful babies!I could not agree more.So Dick Wolf and Company,PLEAZZZZZZZ,Write Elliot Stabler back in the show,as a returning undercover cop or FBI agent or something,the same way you wrote back Cassidy as a beat up dirty homicide cop,you can do the same for Stabler,he was a class act,use to keep the show alive,with his sexy brooding intensity,I miss the chemistry between him and Benson,especially the interrogation scenes,these two just use to light up the screen!we miss his character immensely.Thank you.BENSON/STABLER FOREVER.Do I Get Another AMEN?!

  46. First I want to say that Mariska did a fantastic job in season 15 episode 1/2,she deserve an Emmy for that! Great job Ms.Hargitay! You go girl!The episode did go down as I expected I was glad she was not raped, and I said I hoped she kicked Lewis ass and she did! Oh yes She Did! LOL! I also said that her personality will evolve after this, and it is already, the hair cut, which look almost like her season one do! It is like she is going full circle, of course she will do therapy, the flash backs are going to be in full effect, Benson did not handle the HARRIS attack very well she suffered from PTSD for a long time, so I imagine this time around it will be longer because this attack was much worse, at least the psychological aspect of the attack. People, don’t get me started on the Brian Cassidy issue again! For a man who found out his girlfriend was in peril, he hardly showed any emotion, Stabler showed more emotion than him in the episode FAULT when Olivia got her throat slashed, the horror and total devastation on Stabler’s face is to this day memorable, epic! and he was not her boyfriend! Now that reaction was of a man panicking because he thought he was going too lose the woman he love.As usual Cassidy’s reaction was fake!I remember when he made the call to Benson telling her he won’t be able to make it home for there date or what ever, when a man call to cancel a date with his girlfriend that he is suppose to be in love with, you would expect him to at least be more affectionate, to say something like, sorry babe, don’t be mad at me, but I can’t make it home for our date, they have me lock down at work, but I promise to make it up to you, love you, bye! Something like that you know, not the emotionless message Brian left for Liv! When he walked in the squad room with to cheap looking flowers, that didn’t help either and again he just sat there responding to Cragen and the team like it was just another case! Stabler would have been frantic!When they found her same thing no emotion on Brian’s part.when Olivia asked to go to his place instead of the hotel, you felt the distance and again lack of emotion between them. Lewis’s character was great, he too deserve an Emmy. My favorite part of Lewis’s character, is when he started to psych out Benson! Again, it took another perp to point out what was so obvious between Benson and Stabler from the beginning and still is! When Lewis started talking,I jumped out of my recliner when he said to her “What about that OLD PARTNER of yours? He sounds macho doesn’t he?” And Olivia got defensive! she was like ,”You dont’ get to talk about him!” DAYUMMM!And Lewis kept going at her, and I quote, “All those long nights in the car did he ever DO YOU?!He did didn’t he?”I was like HOLY S…T!Benson’s reaction was priceless!The last nail in the coffin was when Lewis said to Olivia, “You still WANT HIM,I CAN HEAR IT IN YOUR VOICE,YOUR’E ALL BOTTLE UP!”I was Oh man! WOW!Finally someone had the “NUTS” too call Benson on her feelings for Elliot Stabler! And it didn’t end there either, when she was speaking to the psychologist, she told him how Lewis kept TAUNTING her, Benson said and I Quote “But he still got to me, But not the way you think”! I felt that again Benson was telling the shrink that Lewis got to her by getting into her head and pulling the real truth out of her about her feelings for Stabler,the conversation right then had nothing to do with her assault. This is just my opinion people. I hope to God that they bring Elliot Stabler back before this show come to a close for good. I said it before and I will always say it to the end of time, without a doubt or question in my mind, Benson and Stabler belong together, not only on the job, but as a couple. I couldn’t agree more when I read a comment that said something along the line that Stabler is probably not married anymore especially after what he been through, keep in mind that he only stayed with Kathy because of his kids. I can picture him going through a rough time trying to get over what happen at work, getting therapy just like Benson and so on, if the writers keep in format, this is how it should play out in the end. This show can NEVER turn into a soap or love story if Benson and Stabler hook up, the show has too much real life drama for that to happen. E/O characters are being portrayed as real people with feelings, and its about damn time they get to explore them! The writers don’t have to have them kissing or having sex every second on screen, it can be tastefully initiated by just the one kiss we are all dying to see! HA HA!Finally acknowledging them as a couple, I think that’s all the writers has to do and what the viewers crave to see.DO I GET AN AMEN PEOPLE?AMEN AMEN AMEN….

  47. I also forgot to mention, when Lewis was psyching her out, another very important remark Lewis made to Benson was something along the line of, “It’s not your dad or boyfriend that you are thinking about right now is it?” No, it’s someone else you would do ANYTHING to see right now!” People I don’t know about you, but when Lewis made that statement, a DUN DUN went off in my head! Lol! And Elliot Stabler was the person Lewis was referring too, and she knew it! Olivia could not for the life of her come back with a smart remark to that!Lewis shut her down in one with the nerve racking truth!The look on Olivia Benson’s face and in her beautiful brown eyes said it all. PRICELESS!

  48. okay,so I finally watched the episode season 15 Internal Affairs,and I must say that this is the best I have seen from Brian Cassidy and his acting skills since appearing on svu. The role playing the dirty cop fits him to a Tee!I guess because he is a dirty cop!Have anyone noticed that even the cops that he was assigned to knew he was dirty and didn’t let him forget it?Cassidy’s partner reminded him of his dirty deeds of sleeping with prostitutes while undercover?The cop started to point out a lot to him about his dirty deeds!So I take it now they are trying to make it look like Benson and Brian is the perfect couple,last week he was the toothbrush and robe man with no key to Olivia’s apartment,now this week he is moving in with her!So next week or tonight’s episode,will they be a marriage proposal?EEK!Lets go back and profile a bit,I am going to take you back to Cassidy’s return to svu,Lost reputation and Above suspicion were the two episodes he appeared in both of them they carry very high suspicion about him being a dirty cop and later on he was accused of being a rapist.Benson and Amaro had the most doubt about his innocence back then,they felt at some point he was guilty of the crime in some way,but they still went on and hook him up as Olivia’s boyfriend.To this day,this is the worse,most pathetic,misfit relationship EVER to hit our televisions!Like in the Internal Affairs episode,Benson again got to witness Cassidy doing what he does best,messing around with ho’s! I felt that he was too ‘COMFORTABLE going into a room probably screwing the woman that his partner hook him up with!And Benson had to sit in the car and listen to it all!I was WTF!It was bad enough for her to have to listen to Brian confessing in court back then about how many whores he slept with!And this is why I will never be satisfied with the writers choosing him as a serious love interest.they are making her look desperate and clingy with a very low self esteem,this woman’s character was always about confidence,respectfulness and professionalism.Detective Benson has MORALS,and no way she would have gone for this after sitting in court room hearing all that nasty stuff,this is way out of character!Are the writers of this show for real?Benson’s character is becoming more pathetic!For them to have her saying to Brian it’s okay,you were just doing your job,then go home like a loving couple after that and act like nothing happen?Oh no no!This is not acceptable at all!People,did you also realized that Olivia was irritated with Brian when he came to the office trying to explain himself about what happen?She wouldn’t let him!Season one deja vu!Who has the balls here?!He is like a puppy dog with her,Stabler would have NEVER let her walk away from him without resolving the matter,even if they fought!And that is why Elliot and Olivia were so great together,CHEMISTRY people!Brian and Benson don’t have anything going for them!At the ending of the episode,Brian tried explaining again and Olivia just shut him down,I think she is afraid of what he is going to say about him and the woman in the room?Since we may never know the answer to that situation because the writers again pulled that important piece of info that would have proven Cassidy’s nasty fetish for Ho’s!We have to move on,I think they are trying to make the relationship seemed like it is working out,this is my take on what may have happened!If Cassidy was given the opportunity to explain to Olivia what went on in that room with that woman,Brian would probably lie like he did in the first two episodes in season 14!especially in the situation when he was charge for rape,I still think that he was lying through his teeth about that!As for what I witness on Internal Affairs,just like Benson and Amaro,we heard moaning coming from the room,Brian would have probably told Olivia like he did when they asked him about what happen in the room when he was being questioned about the rape,and he said he just went into the room told the girl he was a cop,and that they PRETENDED to have sex,Yeah right!So I think that is why Olivia is so afraid to hear what he had to say because as we know and like the psychologist told her at the beginning of the episode,Benson has ABANDONMENT ISSUES and if Cassidy had confess to having sex with the woman that would be more disappointment in her life since on top of everything else she is still dealing with her resent assault.So people we all will just have to wait and see how all of this will play out!I hope for Benson’s sake Cassidy do not turn out to be as dirty as I think he is,and that Olivia Benson don’t end up God forbid marrying and living with a rapist and dirty cop!Another thing I would like to point out,during the Lewis assault,which was very recent,Lewis made Olivia confront her feelings for Stabler,he told her she still wanted him and Lewis also pointed out that she was not thinking about her ‘Boyfriend’ at all and would do ANYTHING to see the other person one more time!and we all knew it was Elliot!And her feelings for Stabler was still in full force even after three years!For God sake,the woman is wearing Elliot’s Semper Fidelis necklace around her neck and she has his mini badge welded on at the base of her gun!You can clearly see it when she points it at Lewis and when Lewis forced it in her mouth!Look at the back of her slacks people,it is seen again when she push it at the back of her pants! Brian Cassidy has to know that she is in love with Stabler,she may have feelings for Brian but she is not in love with him,love and being in love is two totally different things.Lewis also brought to our attention that the relationship between her and Brian was not as close as were led to believe!But now the writers are contradicting what we saw on Surrender Benson,they are now all of a sudden portraying the relationship as more between her and Brian!Lewis mentioned that Cassidy ONLY had a robe,tooth brush and nothing else at her place and he also put out there that Cassidy had no key to her apartment!So why is it that this week we come back and they are shacking up and seemed ready to start a family and get married?!EEK!Are you telling me that Olivia just turned off her feelings for Stabler over night especially after going through the ringer from a sadistic perp who all but made her confess to being in love with Elliot Stabler?!Mr Leight get real!Stop teasing the viewers for a few rating to stop a sinking ship from going under!You need to just get rid of Cassidy it is him that is causing the MAYHEM that is making the show to go under!Whether some of us like it or not,the majority of viewers had already chosen who they two favorites are from years ago!Benson and Stabler is it!End of story!Please give Olivia a break from relationships.I know that Christopher Meloni is busy with his new show and all over at Fox and that network may not allow him to appear at an NBC base because of conflict of interest,but I am sure that Chris is not going to be in that comedy forever,comedies usually don’t last that long,not to say that his won’t,but the reality is that they usually faze out after a few seasons.Who knows,Fox may allow him a break to do a few svu scenes,either way,make it that before this wonderful show of yours is over,that Mariska Hargitay get to be with her co star once and for all!They were meant to be together on the show,end of story!Back to Internal Affairs episode-That scene at the end with her and Brian is a joke!You guys realize that the fact that Olivia shut up Brian without letting him explain AGAIN!Brian was doubtful of her believing him,he was like.”You believe me don’t you?”Why would he even have to ask her that?Things that make you go mmmm…This is questionable,if this was a real life situation,that right there would be the beginning of MAJOR trust issues between a couple who is now moving into a home together with the intention to start a family.Look at Cassidy’s face looking over her shoulder at the end of the show,does that look like a happy face,he looked more like he had a lot of other things on his mind that has nothing to do with him and Olivia’s relationship,time will tell!I guess you all must have realized that when Olivia was interrogating the female officer,she was actually talking about herself and Stabler’s situation!You can see the heartache and pain in her eyes!I was OH WOW! This woman really love Elliot Stabler.The part that caught my attention though,is when she told the officer and I quote,”You think he was just going to leave his wife and his kid for you?You spent the last five years sitting in that car thinking that one day he would look over and suddenly realize that you were the woman he could’t live without!” I was,OMG!Stabler was really between a rock and a hard place to,the man love his kids,he may not have been in love with his wife anymore,but he love her enough to sacrifice himself for the children.Oh Liv,Stabler do love you,please do not give up on him you two were always complicated!OMG!This was Benson venting her true feelings about what she wanted,needed,dreamed ,wished and desired all those years from the one and only man she trusted and truly love,Elliot Stabler,and is thinking that she will never have them.She was also letting the the cop know,that as badly as she wanted all that ,it would never happen and that at some point you have to give up and let it go.Elliot Stabler will ALWAYS be the ONLY MAN Detective Olivia Benson will EVER TRULY love,there is no doubt that Stabler has her heart,but she is now looking to SETTLE for second best because they never really was a choice in a situation like this for her and El,People,don’t get me wrong,even though the show right now is not exactly going in the directing we all would of hope for,I still strongly believe that Benson and Stabler belong together and is FOREVER.Benson and Stabler ALWAYS use to say this to each other,THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS!So if they believe this we can too.Whether Elliot return or not,Elliot and Olivia will ALWAYS BE FOREVER.We are always in for surprises when it comes to SVU,So please,do not give up on E/O ever! When Captain Cragen call Benson to his office to tell her Munch was leaving,it took me right back to when they told her Stabler was leaving!So sad!The look on her face seem to say once again,”Why is it that I always seemed to lose the people I truly love and was my only family?”Anyway folks,enough of my venting!Never stop keeping it real no matter what!E/O FOREVERRRRRRRR!

  49. The beauty about being your own boss,is that you can say and do what you the hell you feel like!That’s me!if I was the boss of SVU,we won’t be having this conversation because the show would be going in the true direction it’s suppose too!Lol!Anyway,I was asked by some viewers to come on stream to comment about the SCRIPT on the episode ‘Surrender Benson ‘ and ‘Internal Affairs,’First I want to say that Mariska Hargitay and Pablo Schreiber did a fantastic job in both of there roles.As for the script,I personally thought that they had too many ‘OUTAKES, meaning,that who ever is in charge of making the final decisions about what should stay and what should be removed,took out too many important aspects that could have made a difference to the outcome of the script/episode.The person making these decisions do not realize this sometimes until after the fact.I was asked why Lewis conveniently changed his MO when he kidnapped Olivia,and why every time she is in a life and death situation like this one fighting for her life that she is conveniently rescued in the nick of time?!My opinion on this,is that we have to remember that Benson is a sex crime detective,she is trained to handle herself in situations like this,so she was able to work the psychology on Lewis and in doing so bought herself time to plan her escape and to keep Lewis’s advances at bay during her ordeal.The other victims were not so lucky because they are not trained,and the first thing they probably did was to show weakness and fear and we all know that those two combinations are what fueled Lewis’s rage!Lewis saw something different in Benson,her over confident and cocky attitude in the interrogation room,that encounter was enough to motivate Lewis’s imagination and hunger to go after her,he wanted to bring her to her knees,show her that because she was wearing a badge and carrying a gun she was no different than the rest of his victims,and that is why he made sure that he profiled her first like she did him!How do you think he knew so much about her and Stabler?!Was she raped?This is another question that is being asked,I guess this is from when Olivia’s psychologist I think it was who asked her about having the rape kit done and she confirmed that she did,so the question is if she was not raped why the rape kit?To my knowledge,you don’t necessarily have to be raped to have one done,in some places it is mandatory,but the victim have to agree to the procedure without being coerce.I believe that Benson was sexually assaulted and was raped,but not by Lewis using his penis,or at least I hope not!I think that he touched her on the most intimate parts of her body by using foreign objects,meaning that he probably used for example the hanger he used on the other victims,he burned her of course,and in order to do that at some point he would have had to get under her clothes,because she was burnt on her chest.Then there is the scene where she wanted to go to the bathroom,and this is where it gets tricky for the viewers,they are wondering,since she was bound and gagged both arms and legs the whole time,four days at his mercy and out of it because he also forced vodka down her throat!I don’t want to even imagine what he could have done to her when she was under the influence and out of it!At no time we saw Lewis untie her,and it is doubtful that Lewis took them off for her to go pee,so the question is “Did he rape her then?Or touch her down there with his fingers?if or when she had finished her business,every woman should wipe after that,so did he do it for her and touched her in the process?Guess we will never know because that is one of the OUTAKES right there!But it is possible that he did.As for the episode Internal Affairs,that pretty much went down the same way,lots of missing pieces making you wonder if the writers are for real.The episode was not all bad,it just didn’t grab my attention in the case file area,the plot was all over the place.I was not surprise that the ratings fell tremendously on this one,usually when we get the big bang opener,the next episode comes over a bit lack luster.Season fifteen opener was huge not only because of a well written case file,it was mostly fueled by the viewers and fans alike that sat on edge wondering and hoping that there favorite detective got away without being hurt badly or raped from the sadistic perp Lewis,and of course the Elliot Stabler’s bone that was dangled by Mr Leight when he appeared and was interviewed in September on Today Entertainment,and I quote,”When people are in these situations,they think about THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THERE LIFE,SO WE HAD TO GO THERE!Meaning drawing the Elliot card!”Mr Leight didn’t have to go there,because if Benson is happy with Brian and Stabler is not ever coming back,the first person she should have thought about was Cassidy,and not Stabler.So what Mr leight is saying,is that Elliot Stabler is and was THE MOST important person in her life,we all saw the clip with Lewis taunting her!How do Mr Leight expect viewers to take Benson and Brian’s relationship seriously and move on,when he is still continuing to use and keep Elliot Stabler’s character in the picture?He did it again on the episode Internal Affairs,when Benson pretty much admitted that she is in love with Elliot Stabler.It seem like up until very recently,Olivia was still hung up on Elliot,and she has been working with the therapist trying to deal with her abandonment issues and at the same time trying to deal with the Elliot thing as well ,so it leaves me to wonder,because of all the back and forth Elliot/Brian situation,Is Olivia”s relationship with Brian going to last?Is Benson finally realizing she is with Cassidy because she love him?Or is she with him because she finally realize how many years she has wasted putting her life on hold for Stabler?and she just decided to move on just to have someone to come home to?Time will tell.I may not be a big fan of the Brian/Benson relationship,I can’t help it because of the above I mentioned,and on top of that,Olivia is hardly affectionate with Cassidy even before her assault,remember Olivia is the one that initiated the relationship this time,not Cassidy,Brian seem not to be too keen at first as I recall of the episode Undercover Blue,Brian was really annoyed that Olivia didn’t trust him after the trial when he was charged for rape.The same thing is happening between them again in the trust department,Olivia said she accept that Brian was doing his job,but at the end of the episode he is still trying to ask her to let him explain himself,he is asking her if she don’t believe him,and for the second time she shut him down without allowing him to get in a word.Benson is the one controlling how SHE expect things to go in the relationship,notice that most of the time she is the one that does the touching when they are together!The only time I saw a little something between them was at the ending when they cuddled on the couch,and even then it look forced and not relaxed and natural.I am still not convinced that the viewers are ready for the happy ending,happy family scene!At least not just yet.I am sick and tired of the huge attention that is focused on the relationship,and not on the actually events that took placed,for example,I love the scene with Nick and Benson on the undercover stake out on Internal Affairs,You can still hear the disdain in Nick’s voice at the mention of Cassidy’s name,but what I love the most about this scene,is that Nick Amaro is the ONLY one who has come remotely close to talking to Olivia about her therapy session and making sure she knew that he is there for her, I wish the conversation had gone on longer,because she feels comfortable around Nick and I think he is a great shoulder for her to lean on,that was wonderful.A scene like that should have been reserved for the happy couple in the privacy of there new home right?I just don’t know where this show is going anymore.When Mr Leight spoke about the Benson/Brian relationship,the interviewer asked if the relationship will survive that kind of stress, Mr Leight smartly answered,”In situations like this,people either fail you completely or step up..and even if people step up..you the victim coping with surviving,may not be able to accept it.So I guess we have to wait and see if Benson accept her assault for what it is and move on with Brian permanently,or if Brian is going to fail her down the line.For her sake I hope its the former and not the latter.Knowing Benson’s track record with men,we all have to wait and see.I still don’t think Cassidy is the right choice for obvious reasons,as it stands it is what it is.I would prefer right now for Mr Leight to focus more on Benson’s recovery from the assault among other things that has been going on in her life,how she is evolving from a detective to higher ranking,and seeing that the door now has just been open for her to take the Sergeant exam,if down the line they choose to marry her off or just settle her with someone who she would be comfortable and happy with, and I would honestly prefer it to be someone who is not familiar or connected directly to any of the precincts, that would be great.Let me leave you all with this nice piece that I landed on Huff post Live!it is an interview with Chris Meloni this time!The video can also be found on youtube under the title of ‘Chris on Elliot &Olivia!Its an interview he did last month,around the same time Mr Leight had his!The interviewer:asked Chris Meloni if there is anything that would bring him back to svu?Interviewer:Lots of money?Chris laugh!And then he said,I am going to answer you honestly:You know that never hurts!”Its been brought up Chris said.” But the part I enjoyed the most is when the interviewer asked Meloni,if he return how would he write the scene?!Chris was all smiles and the interviewer cut in an said something about a wedding or friendship scene,and Chris Meloni was like,maybe CONSUMMATE!!Oh no you didn’t chris!Lol!Naughty boy!But can you blame him?!He deserve it,he was in love with Olivia Benson for as long as he could remember,he had her back for twelve long years,they even said that to each other on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2010!They both wanted to be together on the show,they just wouldn’t allow it.If there is one man who deserve to be with detective Olivia Benson,it is Elliot Stabler.Why do you guys think it is so hard for viewers to get pass Benson and Stabler?They were made for each other that’s why!.So go view that sexy adorable video of Christopher Meloni talking about the love of his life,,his Liv!Just my opinions folks.Thanks for the vote of confidence you have in me for putting our thoughts out there.Peace out!