Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym on Andy and Nick's 'Connection,' Working With Sam's New Squeeze

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersBrace yourselves, fans of Rookie Blue‘s Andy and Sam: Difficult times are ahead, starting with the drama’s fourth season premiere this Thursday (ABC, 10/9c).

After six months undercover together, Andy and Nick have formed a strong bond. Meanwhile, there’s been some major developments back at 15 Division, professionally and romantically, which come as quite the blow to McNally.

TVLine spoke to her portrayer, Missy Peregrym, about why Andy/Sam fans should be concerned — working with your ex’s new girlfriend is no picnic! — as well as whether someone else catches the rookie’s eye and how her relationship with Nick might cause trouble for another coworker.

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TVLINE | The theme this season is, “Change or die.” What’s the biggest change in Andy as a character?
She opens pretty strong. She’s kind of come into her own a little bit. This is a pretty big assignment that we’ve been on. It’s a big deal to be gone for six months. I think she thought everything was going to be the same when she got back. When she gets back to Division, there’s a lot of changes. There’s new people there, which changes the dynamic. Sam is a detective, which means we’re not partnered to work [together] all the time. Essentially, he’s an authority [figure] again, and he’s moved on from me… So Andy has to step back, and she’s on the outside of everything. She’s having to adjust and adapt to everything that Division is now, the dynamic and the relationships between the people. If she doesn’t adapt, she’s not going to be able to do her job.

TVLINE | Did a part of her expect Sam to wait for her even though she disappeared with no word?
Kind of. [Laughs] Just because we’ve been through so much already… Well, yeah, of course. He broke up with me because he didn’t know how to do his job and be with me. But he didn’t say he didn’t care about me. And I wasn’t going away to be mean to Sam. I was doing it because I was choosing myself for the first time in my life and making a decision for me…. It was a personal thing. It wasn’t against him. So you assume you’re going to fall into some sort of step together when you get back.

TVLINE | It’s no secret that Sam has a new girlfriend (played by Rachael Ancheril, right). How is Andy dealing with that — and with having to work with her?
Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersIt’s hard. It’s really difficult actually. Andy takes it really personally because, like I said, she thought we broke up because he didn’t know how to be in a relationship and care for someone and do his job. And then I come back, and I’m like, “What is happening?” That’s painful to deal with. That’s something you’ll see play out… There’s always this chemistry between [Andy and Sam]. That never goes away. That’s the most difficult part about it. I thought I would be a lot stronger coming back into this. Then I see him again, and it’s just undeniable… And there’s some unresolved issues. We both have two very different ideas about why we weren’t together.

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TVLINE | The Andy/Sam fans are, obviously, brokenhearted.
I really like what they’ve done with it, because this is life. Just because you have chemistry with someone doesn’t mean you’re naturally going to be the best for each other. You have make choices and prioritize. You have to work at a relationship, and it was something that Sam wasn’t willing to do. It was too overwhelming for him with Jerry’s death, and he shattered Andy in the process. So now Andy’s trying to pick up the pieces. Yet, Sam really does love Andy. He just didn’t know how to deal with it properly. That’s life. That’s what happens. So we continue that journey this next year. It’s not about whether we’re together or not. We’re constantly growing. We’re constantly learning about ourselves. As those things get unveiled this season, I really love it. It’s not about a title of being with somebody; it’s way deeper than that. Fans don’t have to be really upset.

TVLINE | Is anybody going to catch Andy’s eye in the meantime?
Well… [Laughs] I’m not going to answer that. I can’t answer that properly.

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TVLINE | Andy and Nick have been gone for a long time together, and their relationship has really grown. What’s their dynamic going to be like moving forward?
We already started to establish a friendship last season, and now we’re even stronger because of how we’ve been working together. We’re posing as a couple. It’s very easy to do with him. I trust him. I get along with him really great. I’ve never experienced a relationship like that with anyone in any of the seasons… There’s a foundation there that’s strong. It’s more equal. We respect each other. We call each other out. It’s healthy. And it’s not dramatic. It’s very practical. If there’s an issue, you just talk about it. It’s so different from what I’ve gone through with Sam, where it’s just so up and down and everything is feelings.

TVLINE | I love that Andy and Nick are already fighting like an old married couple in the premiere.
[Laughs] I know! That’s the difference – you can do that when you’re comfortable with somebody. You can do that when you don’t expect someone to take off on you. You know they’re going to have your back.

TVLINE | Does their new closeness make it difficult when they get back to the precinct, like with Gail?
Absolutely. Naturally, when you spend that much time with somebody, you’re going to grow together. We go through a pretty serious adventure in the first episode. You get to see the dynamic that we’ve built. And that’s the problem. If you’re not going to spend time with the person that you are with, who you cared for in the past, and you’re spending time with a new person, you’re naturally going to build a connection. Even though it’s not truly romantic, [being] under cover, there’s a connection. And of course Gail’s going to see that. But that’s their thing that they have to work out.

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