Idology: Cheering Candice Glover's Season 12 Win, Debating Finale Highs and Lows, Envisioning Changes for a Brighter Idol Future!

Say what you want about Season 12 of American Idol, but a critical look back at the trajectories of winner Candice Glover and runner-up Kree Harrison paints a picture of two women who delivered as many memorable musical moments as any contestants in recent history. At least that’s what my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I are arguing in the most shocking season finale of Idology ever*. (*Last phrase should be delivered in the voice of The Bachelor‘s Chris Harrison.)

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Among this week’s discussion topics: Candice’s trip to Saudi Arabia during the Wednesday-night performance episode; the moment during Thursday’s finale that had Melinda asking the question, “Gonorrhea?”; Mariah Carey’s catastrophic “medley” and its similarity to botched plastic surgery; and my outrageous decision to take back one of the blessings that Melinda put out into the universe.

Not only that, but Melinda and I talk about what changes Idol needs to make in Season 13 to return the House That Kelly Clarkson Built to its former glory. (Spoiler alert: “Honesty” and “reality” are two of our long-range solutions.) Plus, there’s a side dose of Frankenstein, hot lesbian clones and even shocking Doolittle “bleepage”! And let’s not even get into the OTT discussion of Candice and J.Hud’s “Inseparable” duet.

So press play below for the whole shebang — and do follow me on Twitter for news on when my interviews with Candice, Kree and Angie will post on TVLine.com!