Fall TV Schedule Moves in Review: The Savvy, the Shocking and the Sorta Snoozeworthy

Can Agent Gibbs’ acronymed crimefighting agency fend off Agent Coulson’s? Should Bones fans feel bruised? Can The CW turn a period drama into an exclamation point?

Now that each of the five broadcast networks has announced its game plan for the fall TV season, TVLine took a step back to survey some of the big swings, including Booth and Brennan’s “new home,” the aforementioned NCIS-vs.-S.H.I.E.L.D. face-off, the curious case of Michael J. Fox’s time slot and CBS’ “no mercy” approach to one particular night of primetime.

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Revisit our extremely handsome, handy and complete fall TV grid, then review our thoughts below on what landed where and why (or “Why?”).