The Voice Performance Recap: Imperfect 10?

The-Voice-Recap-Michelle-ChamuelBlake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira get tons of good press for their work as coaches on The Voice — and rightfully so. Even their shtickiest moments (like Adam and Usher hiding behind their swivel chairs during Shakira’s impassioned defense of one of her artists) are fun, frothy distractions from the stresses of our workaday lives.

Once in a while, though, it might be nice to hear them drop their shiny, happy superlatives and offer some brutally honest feedback to the wannabe singing stars in their midst.

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Tonight’s Season 4 Top 10 performance episode served as a prime example of how quickly the foundation of a two-hour episode can crumble when it’s built on soft-pedalled, phoned-in, sometimes disingenuous uses of words like “great,” “incredible,” “amazing” and “fantastic.”

What next? Calling social media menace Christina Milian an adept, insightful interviewer? Perish the thought!

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And while I’m on a rant…considering that said coaches are paid to devote their time and energy to drawing the best possible performances out of their contestants, I’d like to see them cooking up intriguing new arrangements that set the bar a little higher than “solid karaoke.” If that means a little extra time in the studio, so be it. These folks are paid handsomely, after all.

Anyhow, I know I sound a little Grouchy McGriperson, so I’m gonna jump to tonight’s set list — along with reviews and letter grades for every performance. (I’ll be briefer than usual this evening since I’m battling the nasty after-effects of some dodgy street meat. Yikes!)

Holly Tucker: “How Great Thou Art” | Girlfriend has a powerful set of pipes — there’s no denying it. But like a seaside hotel in the off season, there’s still too much vacancy in her delivery. I’d like to see Blake work with her next week on reading (and fully comprehending) her lyrics before she opens her mouth to deliver a single note. Grade: B

Judith Hill: Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” | I liked the way Judith shook up the arrangement with a slowed-down, jazz-influenced intro, but the closing portion of the performance — a howled repetition of “ain’t nobody’s business” — got shoutier than a substitute teacher in a classroom of unruly seventh-graders. [Side note: Anyone else taken aback by Judith’s tearful outburst about how some folks think she’s “taking advantage” of her connection to Michael Jackson? Way to turn a non-issue into an actual talking point!] Grade: B+

The Swon Brothers: Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels” | I’ve been pretty tough on these dudes the last few weeks, but their harmonies were tighter than Josiah Hawley’s abs, and the song was a flawless fit for their gruff-guy vocal stylings. (Now if they’d just stop pretending to play guitar — or actually play the guitar! — going forward…) Grade: A-

Amber Carrington: Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” | Amber’s been my favorite contestant since the live shows began, but tonight, the verses were pitched too low for her comfort level, and she went intermittently flat on the chorus. Plus, adding an aggressive wind machine to the mix seemed to blow away all of girlfriend’s stage presence. (Is this a nice way of saying she’s no Kelly Clarkson? I dunno.) Combined with the coaches’ failure to call out her problems, I worry Amber’s fan base won’t activate, and her first subpar effort will make her Team Adam’s first casualty. Grade: C+

Sasha Allen: Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me” | I’m willing to admit that maybe something in Sasha’s tone mixes with my eardrums like skittles and jalapeños, especially after the coaches lavished praise on her “Next to Me” cover. Was I the only one who noticed how Sasha’s voice trailed off at the ends of certain lines, how she never really got in the pocket of the song’s uptempo rhythm, how she was drown out by the band on the chorus, or how her ad-libs toward the end of the performance seemed to veer off pitch? It wasn’t just me? Was it? Anyone? Grade: C+

Josiah Hawley: Coldplay’s “Clocks” | Usher’s got to know that Josiah’s range is limited — methinks his pantomimed “window” of opportunity was a subtle nod to that fact — and yet he saddled his contestant with a rhythmically tricky ditty that’s got low, rumbling verses and falsetto “oohs” on the chorus. This would be kind of like mentoring Justin Bieber and assigning him “Ave Maria.” Catastrophic! Grade: C-

Danielle Bradbery: Jo Dee Messina’s “Heads Carolina, Tails California” | The kid undoubtedly lights up the stage, and although her Daisy Dukes were maybe two sizes too short, she definitely captured the vagabond spirit of this fun country anthem. Did I detect a couple wince-worthy notes on the final chorus? Yeah. But that doesn’t mean Danielle won’t advance directly to the finals — or prove a mighty nifty retirement plan for her coach. Grade: B+

Kris Thomas: Miguel’s “Adorn” | In the spirit of total honesty, Kris’ on-stage vibe is way too wide-eyed and swagger-free to fully channel the spirit of Miguel’s ode to sexytimes, but on the plus side, he didn’t hit a single sour note — and the horn-centric arrangement allowed me to hear the song with fresh ears. Here’s hoping it was enough to buy the talented kid another week to find his sea legs on stage. He really does have potential! Grade: B+

Sarah Simmons: Jessie J’s “Mama Knows Best” | Moments of raw, almost deranged passion interspersed with some not-entirely-musical holleration. But hey, Sarah sure looked like she was having a blast in her chain-mail skirt. I could listen to this a dozen times, and grade it anywhere from an A to an F. So for now, let’s just settle for…Grade: B-

Michelle Chamuel: Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” | Michelle is never going to deliver the cleanest, pristine-est vocal, but there’s real perfection in the nooks and crannies and imperfections of her voice. The dramatic break in her whisper on the opening verse, combined with the tortured wail of the chorus, was the kind of from-the-gut singing that upgrades her from really cool contestant to potential music star. And it doesn’t hurt that the mutual admiration and love she’s got going with Usher is my favorite contestant-coach dynamic of the season. Grade: A-

Will go home: Amber and Kris
Should go home: Sasha and Josiah

And with that, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Season 4 Top 10 performance night? Do you agree it’s time for the coaches to get tougher? Who was your favorite? Who’s going to be in trouble come results night? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Timmah says:

    Danielle is amazing. A star is born.

    • Joline says:

      People are enamored by the package Danielle comes in. It’s not her voice or on stage persona. (Her voice is above average but definitely better singers in the competition and elsewhere and she comes off as shy and timid with a lack of stage command – of course she is very young but admittedly introverted….) It’s the world we live in but unfortunate that simply because she’s young, blonde and skinny everyone falls in love. (Don’t try telling me that’s not part/most of the reason because I refuse to believe you.)

      • Timmah says:

        Well, if you’re going to be so open-minded, then what can I say….

        • Lydia's Bones says:

          I’m with you, Timmah… I absolutely love Danielle. This girl can be a star in the real world. Not sure how many other singers on the show I can say that about.

          • ETG says:

            She is good, but really not all that. Amber is much better. The Swon Brothers are much more talented. I can see Danielle becoming a star, but there’s really nothing new there, and that’s what I am looking for on this show.

          • Lee says:

            Danielle and Amber have all kinds of pitch problems. Last night, Danielle had breathing problems as well. They need more experience before they can be considered the complete package.

        • Danny says:

          @Timmah- exactly. I like her. Watching these people grow is part of the fun. Is she the best on the show? IMO not quite, but she’s still pretty dang good. And the fun in this show is at least we’re all debating about people who are mostly pretty good. If someone felt Danielle was the best I’d certainly have no qualms w/ it. While I felt Holly was the best last night, I can see where a case for Danielle could be made too.

          • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

            Danielle is interesting because she’s a truly fresh natural on stage. I felt the same way about Mathai from season 2. So take your close-minded prejudice somewhere else, Joline.

        • Joline says:

          Maybe I’m still bitter from Idol’s blatant attempt to manipulate voters towards the skinny girls who are easy to market. I do admit there is something “fresh” about Danielle, but also feel she needs growth and experience to hone in her skills/come fully out of her shell before taking on world singing domination. Maybe that will happen by the end of the competition.

      • BillyBob says:

        Looking good in those Daisy Dukes and being a jail bait helps a lot too! :)

      • actually, I’m enamored with her amazing voice!

        just wait until she gets some true top notch professional voice coaching

      • Diane Raetz says:

        I think Blake’s been very smart with her song choices which has helped her tremendously.

        • pmet says:

          Actually, I think Blake has often picked songs too old for her. She has an excellent voice and great control for her age. She is also extremely comfortable on stage. She will be an immediate radio hit. My problem with her is that she has zero connection with the songs and doesn’t have any idea what she is singing about. She sings every song with a sweet smile on her face and looking for the camera. I’m sure as she matures and has life experiences that will improve. Still, she is one of the best of the competition and should stay in it to the end. I just wish younger themed songs were picked for her — even some Taylor Swift. People will roll their eyes at that but it’s her age group and the songs are more appropriate.

          • AlyB says:

            i think her voice is remarkable. There’s no doubt she has a bright future in country music and I totally agree that she’ll be a radio hit. Her studio recordings are pretty impressive. Her vocals on stage are spot on but she’s got something of a deer in the headlights thing going on. She’s so young and this is all so new to her that I get why but that doesn’t mean she’s polished enough right now to win this thing. She’s like a singing doll, there’s no depth there. She’ll definitely go far in this competition but I really wish she’d have waited a few years to come on the show.

          • Analisa says:

            I agree with you on all counts but think she WILL win whether she’s ready or not. She’s always near the top of the iTunes charts, even for forgettable performances, and she’s constantly benefitting from the Top 10 “10x votes” thing, which i still think is an utterly ridiculous rule that makes it completely obvious she’s going to win, just as it did last season for Cassadee.

        • MC says:

          Maybe It was Memphis was a magical vocal. She sounded great and brought some emotion to it. It was one of the season highlights for me.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        @Joline. I would love to cosign on this rant. I am not fan. But saying that the only reason people could possibly like her is because of her looks is just unfounded. The girl has talent and just about the right amount of stage presence considering she is an introvert *and* she literally has no previous experience. And I would argue she has a much presence if not more than some of the *seasoned* singers on that stage this season. Although I would like wardrobe not to oversexualize her with teeny tiny shorts. It’s just a bit creepy, and I think unnecessary.

        • HTGR says:

          I think some people too far removed from it all though seem to tend to forget what high school students naturally wear though and mash HS together with grade school as if they were the same thing.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Oooo…. nicely done. I think some people feel sexually provocative clothing is appropriate – when it’s not, especially on a 15-year-old. I am not saying she needs to wear a paper sack. I am saying she can win this – without going that route.

      • PeaceMaker says:

        I TOTALLY agree with Joline.

        • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

          So why did I like Mathai in season 2 for the same reasons? Please explain that PeaceMaker. I bet you think you are open-minded and non-prejudicial too, huh?

      • Roger says:

        Joline!!?? You seem to be obsessed with Danielle’s size!! Hmmmmmmm!!!?? Is that about her or about you? Danielle is young, yes, but she is an awesome singer…… and she connects!! Don’t take if from me, take it from her song sales……… #1 in iTunes Top 100 Country TWICE since the competition began, not to mention that she has been in the top 10 iTunes Top 100 Songs twice as well. As of this past Tuesday, she had all 5 of the country covers that she has done in the iTunes Top 100 Country….And she can’t sing? She is just a pretty package? Get real!!!

      • Blakeliegh says:

        Agree with you 100%

    • matt says:

      I thought she sounded flat tonight, as in the high notes she was singing were literally flat.

      • ETG says:

        I’m glad I was not the only one to notice. She went flat MANY times. She has good potential, but she’s not there yet, and is definitely NOT the second coming, like so many people jumping on her bandwagon seem to think….

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Hm… I think it was a huge mistake for Blake tout her as the “best ever…” so early in the season. Clearly, there is already unreasonable backlash. “She has good potential, but she’s not there yet…” I could say that about every single singer left in the competition, not just Danielle.

          • ETG says:

            Judith and the Swon Brothers are ready right now. They are polished, comfortable performers. Danielle and several of the others, but especially Danielle, have a LOT of finish work ahead before they are ready to start touring. JMO.

        • HTGR says:

          OTOH she’s not nearly bad as her detractors are making her out to be.

          • ETG says:

            I never said she was “bad”. Fact is, though, she is not nearly as GOOD as her supporters seem to want everyone to think.

    • Michele says:

      She’s so basic. They want to make her T. Swift 2.0 but she’s not that talented. Almost everyone in the show is better than her.

      • ETG says:

        She sings a LOT better than Taylor Swift, but there are several contestants who are MUCH better singers and performers.

    • Nephtalia says:

      I decided to do a marathon of The voice and of course I fell in love with Danielle. She remind me of Carrie Underwood. She will be the first superstar of The Voice.

      • kaba says:

        Am I the only one who thinks it’s not a good thing to be reminded or ferociously compared to a severely current artist? That just means parallels will appear and then people pay less attention to you because they’ve already got the better supplement.

  2. Zaria says:

    The Voice coaches are honestly terrible. They never offer any honest feedback. Are they afraid their sales will suffer? Many of the contestants scream off key and get praise for their dance skills. Why call it The Voice if singing in tune is not important.

    • Joline says:

      Agree! Sasha is horrible and don’t know why they NEVER call her out for pitch problems and general lack of connection to songs.

      • HTGR says:

        She connected to it and brought a heck of a lot more energy and punch than Candice did when she tried the same song.

        • nia says:

          Candice was better. Sasha is old fashioned and cruise shippy. And Candice sang in tune.

          • HTGR says:

            If anything Candice was more cruise shippy. Sasha brought the energy that Emeli did to it, the pop attack. Candice just did a mellow R&B thing that had no fight or bite and it felt a bit empty, didn’t suck the audience in and power them up, nicely sung and well toned but missing something.

          • Lee says:

            Candice rarely sang in tune. I found her sharp in a number of performances.

          • Vetle says:

            Then again; Candice had to learn THREE songs in one week. JUST SAYIN’.

          • Adam Fachry says:

            @Lee: Candice rarely sang in tune? Are you Lee DeWyze?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            This argument is silly. Both Sasha and Candice are phenomenal singers. Not sure what comparing them accomplishes considering they’re on different shows. And Candice was on pitch 99.9% of the time. Even the best of the best go off pitch in live performances. Can’t be avoided. Not sure why people get so up in arms about that 0.01% of the time. It’s when it’s all the time that it’s an issue.

          • HTGR says:

            They were being compared only because one was given an A- and one a C+ for the same song, which didn’t seem to make much sense in this case. Candice did fine enough, Sasha seemed to do even better (or even if you don’t like her, at least within some ballpark reach of Candice’s performance).

        • Danny says:

          @Hit- This is bad, but I didn’t even remember Candice singing it. So I went and YouTubed it. I agree w/ ya. Sasha’s was better. I wouldn’t go so far as to give Sasha an A. I think she was middle of the pack last night. Still good, but not her best. I like high energy songs and am willing to be more forgiving. I’d have her at B/B+.
          In Candice’s defense, I think she technically sang it well herself. I just thought Sasha was more high energy so I’d go w/ Sasha.

          • daynamonet says:

            I agree; as much as i love Candice and believe her voice is amazing, Her version of “next to me” wasn’t one of her standout performances and i liked Sasha’s performance a bit more. Amber also sang this on AI finale so thats like 3x we’ve heard this song in last 3 weeks. Do the voice coaches watch AI and see what they sing, i guess not cause there are always repeats and it shouldn’t be since voice doesn’t even have themes.

          • kiki says:

            I couldnt agree more and still He gave her an A -.Im a Candice fan,have always beenand love her so much but It wasnt an A performance.I liked Sasha’s more.Not to much of a difference though but giving Sasha a C+ is way too Unfair.

          • JoMarch says:

            What is wrong with you people? Haven’t you noticed Candice and Sasha aren’t competing against each other? Why not talk about the hundreds of other singers who have sung that song throught out the years? That would be just as relevant.

          • HTGR says:

            @JoMarch- Because I was bringing up the question of how can Slezak give Sasha such a horrible grade for this when just two weeks ago he ago he gave Candice a solid grade for a much more empty performance. I mean Sasha deserves to go home after this but then when Candice does it worse she deserves to not only make the finale (and she did deserve that) but to win? I don’t get it.
            I’d say for this song Sasha > Candice (A.I.) > Amber (A.I.).
            Amber seemed way too checked out when she did and while Candice wasn’t as checked out and she sang it tehcnically very well she sucked all the energy and bite and star quality out of it. Look at how Emeli brought tons of pop energy and dynamics and hitting certain notes with an extra edge at times while Candice was just all even even even a bit dull with it.

        • paula says:

          I could not get Candice’s much better version of the song out of my head the whole time Sasha was singing. Candice bopping across the stage full of swagger about how much her man loves her was awesome; Sasha’s performance pales in comparison.

      • Will says:

        Are you serious? If anything, she’s too connected to songs. She was almost crying during Alone. And as far as Michael’s critique of her tone goes, that’s just ridiculous. Her tone is fantastic. Clear and open, and never shrill. And to be fair, these judges don’t call anyone out on their pitch issues, and I’m pretty sure every single person in the top 10 save for Sarah Simmons and perhaps Judith Hill had them.

        • Sherry Friedman says:

          Will, you need to get your ears checked…Sarah Simmons has been so pitchy in her past performances that it was almost unlistenable at times. This week was harder to tell because the band was so loud that it was hard to tell if she was on pitch in between the screaming and growling. She had a decent start to her song, but then it just devolved into a screechy mess…I don’t get why anyone likes her. And while I like Sasha, there was no subtlety to her singing on Alone last week…listen to Ann Wilson and hear the difference. Still, I way prefer Sasha to Sarah, who I haven’t enjoyed listening to at all.

          • Will says:

            I was only talking about the Top 10 performances, not all of them over the whole season. That’s why I said “in the top 10” and should have added “tonight” to the end of it. And I agree that Alone wasn’t a good performance for Sasha. Though Sarah’s been great and is one of the most versatile, overall talented vocalists there. You ask most of the other contestants to do what she can do with her voice and they wouldn’t be able to even if you gave them a month to train.

        • Joline says:

          It feels like an act to me. The lack of connection comes from her inability to lose herself in a song and sing from a genuine place. She tries too hard to give people what she thinks they want as a performance piece. Just my impression…

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Gonna disagree here. I think she’s a technical singer and is very focused on making the best sound as opposed to connecting to the lyric. She reminds me a bit of Amber from Idol who had the same problem, that being an amazing voice with zero emotional connection to the song.

          • HTGR says:

            Hmm as she growls and cries she is focusing purely on technique and not connecting at all? How did she manage Broadway with no connection??

          • Will says:

            Once again, Alone begs to differ. She was lost in that performance, nearly crying. Though it was by no means a good one for her, to deny her emotional connection would be to be telling a bald-faced lie.

      • Whitnry says:

        She was on Broadway as Dionne… That’s the gal who opens the show and sings Age of Aquarius. She is so much better than how she’s being seen on this show.

    • @JennyS714 says:

      I don’t think they are terrible, but they do beat around the bush wayyyy too much. It’s like just be direct and say what you wanna say! When they do give actual criticism or get close to, they covered it up with “but that was great”.

    • nia says:

      The Voice coaches have no standards. American Idol has very high standards. They don’t even offer constructive criticism on The Voice. They are just shills for the contestants. When they get into the real world, they’ll have to face the music. That’s why no Voice contestant has had success after the show.

      • Luciana says:

        I do agree that The Voice coaches don’t offer honest criticism. But I think that the American Idol judges are no better. Now and then there’s a real ‘thumbs down’, but usually it’s the same ‘amazing’ thing. The most we can look for from them is ‘damning with faint praise’.

      • BillyBob says:

        That’s why Idol was so great with Simon Cowell.

        • HTGR says:

          He did keep everyone, well other than Ellen and Paula, willing to speak up. OTOH, he was willing to play a fake dirty game a bit too much for my taste in the end. And on X-Factor….

        • Owen says:

          Oh, please you hypocrites! NIkki gave amazing (and often times negative) criticism. And yet you hated her (and love Simon Cowell who was not a singer, had no idea what a singer goes through, and was smug about his criticisms where Nikki was sincere.

          • kaba says:

            Nicki gave the most 1 dimensional criticism ever. People need to quit deluding themselves that she was a good judge. Her commentary consisted of “never do that”s and “do this”s and never anything genuinely constructive.
            She was good in the sense that she was honest, but she was just honest. Not constructive

          • Danny says:

            @Owen- I didn’t like Nikki because she’s selfish. She can’t sing herself. The worst performance ever on that stage was Nikki (the season before she was a judge). Everything about her is fake. I’m one of the few I guess who didn’t love Simon. I couldn’t stand how he’d run good singers down. Allison & Siobahn were awesome. He ran down a lot of others who were good too over the years. Then he goes on his other show and tries to tell us how good this boy band + other terrible acts are. So no, I didn’t like him either.

          • Sorcha says:

            No, Simon Cowell is not a singer! But I would he say that his expertise as a record label manager and executive are far more in need. I don’t particularly like the prat at times, but he does know what he’s talking about. I think of it like football (soccer, whatever) a Great Manager, doesn’t have to have been a great footballer. It’s about knowing all the ins and outs of the game, rather than the specifics of one player. End of.

      • Alley says:

        You’re right. Josiah may be hot, but he sounds like a screechy cat. He was really bad and they never say anything. Sasha is pretty, but her voice is not suited to pop music. They should be telling the contestants the truth instead of kissing their behinds.

      • Danny says:

        @Nia- American Idol has high standards? Did you see the top 20 guys? Did you listen to Nikki Minage?

    • HTGR says:

      Probably the team format makes it a bit tougher (granted on X-Factor they tear into people, but in that case, they sometimes take it the other way, falsely tear into someone just because they are not on your team). Yeah they do beat around the bush. I mean you can tell, like for Josiah Shakira and Adam both added but of you did great but you could tell the way they were rambling on it was a pretty heavy negative.
      But yeah they should be a little less Mariah beat around the bush.

      • Anna says:

        I understand that they are reluctant to give constructive criticism to the contestants on their own team, but they don’t give any to the contestants on the other 3 teams, either. The most negative thing I ever hear is that maybe they picked the wrong song — nothing about the actual vocal or performance.

        None of these contestants wow me, anyway. Danielle is the only one I see with star potential in terms of sales, although my favorite is Michelle, because she is a risk taker and quirky and fun and has an interesting, cool,, if imperfect, voice. I also like Sarah, who is the other real risk taker in this group. Her performance last night was part very cool and part a little too shouty, but I appreciated the song choice. Danielle is very poised and has a very nice voice and is marketable, but I agree that she doesn’t seem to connect with the lyrics/meaning of a lot of the songs she has performed.

        Hopefully people won’t vote for Josiah just based on his looks. He’s not a bad singer, but he is very generic. And he isn’t an alt rocker — I have no idea why anyone thought a Coldplay song was the best choice for him. Coldplay songs are very hard for anyone other than Chris Martin to sing because of the way they are constructed.

        I liked that Sasha did an uptempo song and performed it with a lot of energy, but she had a lot of vibrato going on in her performance that didn’t appeal to me. Kris is adorable and has a terrific voice. But he lacks stage presence and that hurts him.

        • Lee says:

          If you think Josiah is generic, then what about all the Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey/Celine Dion wannabe’s?! Also the Carrie Underwood wannabe’s.

    • Mikko Makitalo says:

      I think they gave critics and were edgy before the live shows. I think mentors giving critics will influence to voting public, and they have chosen the politics to be very careful not to manipulate America, especially that somebody great would not be outvoted because of one mistake. Also, they are mentors more than judges. I hope and believe, each mentor will give critics to their team members privately.

      The problem is us getting bored with the same flat words like “amazing”, and with the thing, that if somebody opens his or her mouth, he or she should say something with content, even if shortly – what is the use comments otherwise? They should sit down in The Voice to discuss it. Maybe the right approach could be to think: “After wittnessing this performance, what would I like to give to this singer?” , and say that aloud.

      • Danny says:

        @Mikko- EXACTLY!!! They’re giving all kinds of help (criticism if you want to call it that) to their own contestants before they go out there and sing. It’s like people forget when a coach will say something like “hold this note out longer” in the coaching session. That’s also criticism. Just because a coach isn’t telling a contestant that they were brutal on national tv doesn’t mean they’re not criticising them.
        Add to that, overall I thought these singers were pretty good. I liked 8 out of the 10 performances. Could a few have been improved upon? Sure. But no one needed to be told that they stunk. The 2 who didn’t do so well were told where they needed to improve.
        Overall I thought the judges did real well.

      • log says:

        This is so spot on. I’m so bored with hearing the same old thing.

    • Ansa says:

      I actually thought they gave a bit more constructive criticisms tonight than usual. I think the reason they soft pedal so much is because they really like each other and don’t want to turn this into coach against coach drama. It wasn’t pleasant when it happened one season with Adam and Xtina. So they give long complicated critiques like the one Shakira gave Josiah to say…wasn’t good dude. I did enjoy a lot of the performances tonight. I really liked Amber and think she should stay in longer than Holly. I really liked Judith Hill’s homage to MJ. Her reaction to it seem genuine enough but truly is a non issue but she probably got a lot of those comments before so she is sensitive about it. I didn’t like Sara’s performance at all. If Adam needs to lose someone I hope it’s her. Sasha was terrible! Very pitchy! The Swon Brothers are getting into the zone now…they really sounded great! Danielle was adorable and she was very entertaining. But the best of the night was Michelle…well deserving of the pimp spot. Bought the following people’s songs in ITunes, Michelle, Amber, Danielle and Judith…they all sound wonderful…well worth the money!

    • Danny says:

      @Zaria- I disagree. They’re miles better than any judges on any of the other shows. They don’t need to give as much terrible criticism because they picked better talent to start with. I thought the 2 who really needed it (Joshiah & Kris) got it. Yea, they might be a bit to cheery, but overall I think they’re doing well.

      • daynamonet says:

        I think u guys are misunderstanding constructive criticism with just being nasty. The voice coaches can afford to be a little more honest for no other reason but to help these contestants be better. They need to say things that will push them. Its ok to call the coach out on sing choice (love Amber but didnt like her singing breakaway honestly i hate that song and she couldve prolly killed on any other Kelly Clarjson song and adam chose the boring breakaway) anyway josiah needs to push harder not seeing desire. Danielle is cute and can sing but she doesnt connect and looks a little unsure. I did feel like sarah was yelling, but she took a risk it was fresh and different and she raised the bar for herself. Loved michelle abd judith. Kris has the goods just needs more confidence and that alone will improve his voice. Just some thoughts.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Clearly, the judges are no longer relevant after the battle rounds. I think they have value when they are in the studio with singers, but in the “chairs” they have zero. This is something they could work on in the future, but the ratings are so good that I doubt if they will fix a concept that is garnering such high ratings. NBC is probably happy to have a show that is a hit in the first place…

      • ETG says:

        LOL about NBC. I think the judges’ main role at this point is to advise and mentor, and get their contestants ready for the show. They might as well not even make comments after the performances.

    • syb says:

      I agree with Zaria and Michael. My problem with the show is too many “you’re amazings” and not enough “That wasn’t so greats” from the commentators. The coaches on the Voice are likeable and entertaining individually and as a panel. But I don’t see that they help the contestants much either in coaching or critique. It’s not a great show for getting to know the contestants and watching them grow. It’s essentially Dancing with the Stars. If you like shows centered around celebrities competing, it’s kind of fun. If you watch for undiscovered talent to blossom before your eyes, it’s not a format given to that.

  3. kavyn says:

    I don’t understand Danielle’s popularity. She has yet to impress me… She’s not the worst singer or anything, but her performances always sound like (above) average karaoke to me.

    • BillyBob says:

      I think you are in a minority, her itunes sales says otherwise. It’s number 12 right now.

    • Temperance says:

      I don’t ven like countye music (at all) and Danielle is staggeringly good. It’s kinda shocking. So, it’s you.

      • Owen says:

        Danielle is amazing. And I too don’t like the country genre. But she is stellar.

        • Sookie says:

          I agree. I am not a country music fan and I don’t recognize most of the songs from Blakes singers but there is no doubt that Danielle has an amazing voice!

          • Kelly says:

            Maybe that is part of the difference. I know all of the songs Danielle has sung, and each one I have thought, “pretty, but not as good as the original.” I like her a lot, but am not blown away like so many people seem to be. I think I most enjoy it when contestants bring a new twist to a song, and she hasn’t done that yet, so that may be what is missing for me. I’d love to see her sing a guy’s song, or make a pop song country, so she can really make it her own.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Agreed. I don’t understand the hate at this point. I think a person should be able to appreciate a singer or talent even if it is not what they would *normally* listen to…

      • I8A4RE says:

        Not a country person at all. She has truly amazing clear voice and mature tone. Like I said before country is not my thing, but I’ve enjoyed listening to Danielle. She’s sings with such ease.

    • BillyBob says:

      Danielle is attracting many non country listeners. I’m not really into country either. Maybe pop country. But there’s something about Danielle’s voice. The tone of her voice is so pleasing. Her voice in all her songs sounds so pleasing, professional, effortless, and flawless.

      • Ansa says:

        Another non country fan that bought her single tonight! Her tone is truly very pure and she is also adorable. I think Blake might have a third champ in her!

        • lucy27lucy says:

          I’ll give one more vote for the ‘non-country’, or pop-country only fans who support Danielle. I understand and agree with the critics that she is just a drop young in experience and connection to the material she is singing. But her beautiful tone and control keeps me listening and wanting more. Her sweetness is appealing, and in short time I think she will mature and grow out of any shortcomings…bottom line, she is a joy to listen to, which is music.

          • Cathy says:

            Wow, I think I am the only person who doesn’t get Danielle at all…her voice actually grates on me…she sounds like she’s singing the same strained one note over and over again in every song, absolutely no range. I’m not a country fan, but I love a beautiful voice like savannah berry. This girls voice is not beautiful or even pleasant and she seems like she absolutely isn’t connecting in any way to these songs. Judging by iTunes, I’m alone in my opinion but completely lost here.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        @BillyBob. I totally agree. She is a pleasing – that is a great way to explain her and her voice. Uncomplicated. There is something to be said for that… And every judge on that panel *knows* this girl is a money train. She has is it all and at such a young age. They might actually have an artist that we hear about *after* the show is done. That is the one thing that the show needs for more credibility.

    • Michele says:


    • Mir says:

      Finally someone who agreed with me. It’s true that Danielle has a really unique and good voice, pitch and yada yada… But honestly, I can’t feel the connection between her and the songs she sing. Sheryl Crow even pointed that out during her rehearsal. And up till now, the songs she sing are always the same type, nothing to show a different side of her.

    • Lisa says:

      It’s not just you. She’s a good singer, but she doesn’t come off as connecting with the songs. I don’t get that she’s feeling any of it. She’s just singing the song how she learned to sing it. High note here, low note here. Nice packaged pop country. If she learned to actually listen to what she’s singing and feel it (and show that she feels it) that would make her a far better singer. Right now, she’s just hitting the notes (most of the time).

  4. @JennyS714 says:

    I agree tonight was an average night in terms of performances.
    Personally, I still find Holly boring. It didn’t do her any favors that she was going first, because the performance was so forgettable. She has a great voice, but I don’t know who she is or wants to be in terms of artistry. She exudes absolutely no star quality.

    I really enjoyed Judith’s performance, it was fun and personal for her….I do agree those “Ain’t nobody’s business” lines were a bit painful to hear.

    The Swon Brothers are a generic yet likable country trio. That’s it. I don’t see any more to em.

    Sarah Simmons. Boy, I still don’t get the big deal with her. Her voice is so inconsistent, she needs to learn control! All I heard was an angry woman screaming tonight. Ugh.

    Kris Thomas does indeed close himself off. He has an ok voice, but he just needs to give more. I think he may be eliminated tomorrow.

    Josiah was given a bad song choice. Usually he improves week to week but he took a step back today.

    I think Sasha had a fun performance, it was nice to see her do something up-tempo. I didn’t like how towards the end she could barely sing the last lines. Sounded faint and out of breath. I still think she, like Kris, is closing herself off just a bit.

    Danielle. She has an amazing voice, but she hasn’t connected to a song yet. She’s just singing, belting out beautiful notes, and that’s exactly what registers on her face..”I’m singing beautiful notes.” There’s no emotion no passion, no connection. It’s definitely cause she’s so young, but as an artist she should be able to emote that emotion even if she can’t relate.

    I love Amber, she’s one of my favorites in the competition, but I think she sang the wrong Kelly Clarkson song. Amber could definitely take on a more complex song of Kelly’s. I felt she was so much better than what she presented tonight. It was a good performance but it could have been great.

    I love Michelle. She’s always enjoyable to watch. She is so original and unique and becomes so invested in a performance you just can’t take your eyes off her. I really hope she makes it to the finals. Team Usher’s only hope really.

    I think Kris and Josiah will be sent home tomorrow.

    • Joline says:

      “Breakaway” is a tough song to cover and most singers are drowned out by the background vocals and arrangement, but Amber deserves another chance. Michelle is my favorite right now. She always delivers an original, fresh performance.

    • BillyBob says:

      OMG! If Kris and Josiah goes home then Shakira and Usher will each have 1 player left. :(

      • Joline says:

        Yes but Michelle and Sasha will go far (even though I can’t stand Sasha personally…) I want Holly to go home.

        • HTGR says:

          Are you sure you aren’t being colored by the marketable girls thing for her too? Candice wasn’t quite my style and I didn’t always quite feel everything she brought but I definitely could stand her and heck I think she deserved to make the finale (I could even see how people could argue she deserved to win, although by the last weeks not sure I could quite agree).

          • Joline says:

            No…I think it’s just a personal preference with Sasha. I get why people like her and agree she has a strong voice, but I guess after years of watching these shows you start to appreciate originality. Michelle, Sarah and Judith stand apart for me and not sure I’ve ever seen artists quite like them before. Sasha over-sings for my taste and honestly I don’t see her being all that marketable because she doesn’t have a strong, unique identity. I think she caters to what she believes others want from her (and was funny on results show her asking for fans to send her suggestions) instead of brining her own point of view. But just my opinion.

    • Sookie says:

      I agree about Sasha sounding way out of breath and I didn’t understand half of the words. And Michael is right that Amber was way too low in the beginning of Breakaway. Danielle has a beautiful voice and I don’t know how important it is for her to “connect”. If I am hearing her on the radio I don’t realy care what her performance is like. I actually like the Swon brothers and wish they would do an Eagles song like “Take it Easy”. (And they are a duo not a trio). I have not been too impressed with Kris and Josiah was way out of his league. I think Michelle was the best of the night and if she can’t sing her own songs then Pink is probably the best fit for her.

    • italianjew82 says:

      Josiah will go home but just as Vedo went irst last time and went home so will Holly

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I hope Josiah and his smirk are sent home. I am disappointed in Holly. She has the ability to sing the crap out of that song. Everything just stayed at the same shallow level when I was waiting for her to breakout. At this point, say what you want about the Swan Bros but they can deliver a song to its full potential [and I find that annoying, trust me]. I just don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. Sigh.

  5. analythinker says:

    I will never understand Danielle’s appeal. She’s on pitch most of the time, but her tone is average at best (in my ears). I’d take Holly’s tone over hers any day. I always thought Sasha was behind the beat almost through the whole song (this week & the last). Somehow it feels like her voice is dragging the band along with her, forcing them to comply. I think Sarah sounded better tonight, at least to me her runs were more precise. Michelle, love her!

    I was fortunate enough to watch the show live last week and The Swon Brothers really are growing on me. About the coaches’ comments, I can probably attribute it to a couple of things: 1) one of the crews said before the show started that The Voice is all about promoting positivity, audience are only allowed to boo silently to themselves; 2) each is only given 20 secs to comment & the artist’s coach 30 secs (not enough for both constructive criticism & positive encouragement, maybe?). I guess things (reality TV) just can’t go our way sometimes, huh?

    • BillyBob says:

      Really? WOW! I guess that didn’t applied to the audiences at the Billboard Awards, when they booed Bieber. 20 secs and 30 secs, I wish they had that 20 secs or less limit for Mariah’s rambling on Idol.

  6. mommamisha says:

    Danielle is a great and talented vocalist, but she lacks heart in what she sings. I think your critiques of the other artists are pretty harsh and perhaps should be directed at the coaches? They are following direction after all ex: Sarah, Sasha, Holly and Amber. These girls have some serious talent and you reduce it to screeching and hollering for the most part. IMO you shredded some of the best performances. I suppose if music was supposed to be devoid of heart and emotion, not just notes followed on paper, you would be pleased as it wouldn’t be ‘kareoke’? There is a big difference between what happens on that stage and in a pub.

  7. matt says:

    I love Michelle Chamuel (she is in my top 5 favorites to win along with Sasha and Adam’s entire team) and I know it’s impossible for these shows to treat everyone equally, but is it really fair to give one competitor a cool current Pink song and another competitor a dated Michael Jackson song that most people under 30 will probably find incredibly boring? Really hoping Judith and Amber will survive tomorrow night, I’m worried about them.
    Also I did notice how there was absolutely no constructive criticism from any of the coaches tonight, just borderline vapid praise that might even embarrass Paula Abdul. Usher tried to go there a bit, and I respected him for it. One thing good about crazy Christina is she was never afraid to be critical.

    • BillyBob says:

      Hey, this is a feel good show. Everyone is amazing, even if they sucked. It’s like watching a panel full of Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. Everyone is Amazing.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I know. Right? I am missing Xtina right now. When I heard what Judith would sing MJ – I said “UGH! Enough with MJ songs already!” Most people don’t sing them well *and* they are no longer relevant if you don’t completely change them. She started with something interesting and then just made it something karaoke. Not good. I really haven’t been impressed with Judith since her audition song. And you are right. Song choice is EVERYTHING and you can completely blame the nonsense choices on the coaches.

    • daynamonet says:

      idk why ya’ll are hatin on the fact that judith sang MJ; first off never heard a female sing “The way you make me feel” she changed up the arrangement in the beginning, picked it up in the middle, gave it her own spin and flavor, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d much rather hear MJ than the 17 million times i’ve heard Whitney Houston at this point.

  8. Amber says:

    I thought Sasha was by far the best of the night. Josiah…please go back to just being a model (i.e. standing, looking pretty, but not singing).

    Try as I might but I just don’t “get” Judith. It’s kind of like modern art: I [think?] I can understand why people appreciate her but it is leaving me perplexed.

    • BillyBob says:

      Sasha really rocked it with Jessie J. I’m bias to Danielle though. I agree that Josiah should go and be a male model. Also, Judith has no more improvements to make. She’s like a pro already, it’s tiring to see that every week. She even dresses like she’s a pro. I want to see an unknown improve every week.

      • HTGR says:

        Sarah did Jessie J.
        Sasha did Emeli Sande.
        It does seem like Judith is getting punished for being too polished already or something.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Judith bores me. And maybe you are right. She has already peaked and it’s just boring to watch.

        • ETG says:

          It’s interesting to me how people have such different tastes. I find Judith incredibly entertaining, from her clothes to her hairstyle, to her vocal delivery, to her stage movements. Danielle, OTOH, is boring to me, as are Holly, Sasha, Kris, and just about everyone else up on the state (‘cept the Swon Bros, lol)

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            @ETG. Totally agree about the different musical tastes. It also baffles me how nasty the disagreements can get. I guess with Judith I wonder if she has found the right song choice. I am always underwhelmed – in that, I am looking for the audition performance again. The rest? Eh. Been there, seen that. My fave is Michelle, those glasses and the squats she works into *every* song. How is it possible to squat in *every* song? I LOVE that :)

          • Sookie says:

            I agree with Teeny about Judith. I don’t find her so appealing for some reason. I think I just get tired of the jazzy inflection or the screaming notes.

        • May says:

          She is anything but boring! What is wrong with you people? You have such talented performers like Judith Hill in your country and instead of treasuring them, you tear them down. For shame!

      • Anna says:

        It was Sarah who did a Jessie J song

        Sasha sang Next To Me, which is an Emeli Sande single

    • Lee says:

      Although Josiah was given the wrong song this week, I like the tone of his voice as it was shown in last week’s performance. I also like how he’s connected to all of the songs he sings unlike a lot of the other singers–both on the Voice and Idol. I think Josiah should stick to slow songs.

      I love Judith Hill. She’s one of my favorites this season. And I like her more than any of the singers on Idol this year–including Candice. Like Josiah, I like the tone of her voice and how connected she is to the songs. My other complaint about Judith’s performance tonight would be that I wish she sang the entire song the way she started it off in the intro. I would’ve been great if she reinterpret a Michael Jackson son into a jazz number.

  9. Rj says:

    I don’t like Danielle because she’s “young, blonde and
    skinny.” I actually do like her tone best out of all the contestants… It’s very clear and I can hear every word.
    Do I think she’s the most talented or the “best” singer. No, I think Judith probably is.

    • Timmah says:

      That’s what I really like about Danielle. She has a clear, beautiful tone, and sings the songs as they were written while still adding her own personality to the performance. Judith is good, but over-embellishes too much for my tastes.

    • BillyBob says:

      Yes, Judith appears to be the most talented and seasoned. But she’s not even in the top 100 on itunes. She may have the vocal chops, but people are not willing to pay$1.29 to hear her song(s).

      • AlyB says:

        That’s because Adam keeps giving her ancient songs to update. She’s fantastic both as a singer and a performer. Everything she’s done has been just stellar but the songs are just not anything that people want to add to their collection no matter how well she sings them. Adam really has to start giving her something more current or people are going to lose interest in her altogether. That would be a shame considering she’s probably the most developed singer/performer in the competition.

      • Sheilalala says:

        She hasn’t perfomed a record made in the past 30 years-that’s why she wowed with A Xtina song. When she puts out original music crafted by her or some serious songwriters, she is Jennifer Hudson material. (And if Jennifer Hudson was on TheVoice this season, all we would see is bitching on the boards about ‘all her overdone runs, bla blah, too much emotion, not enough emotion, bad song choice, too professional, bla bla.) Americans usually want “the surprise underdog” to win-NOT the most talented and consistent. Thus, Danielle is odds on favorite. She has a simple, beautiful tone,and *shouldnt* be so confident and on key under the stress-but could you recognize her singing on the radio if you didn’t know who she was? I doubt it. How about Judith, Amber or Sarah? That’s why I’m #sarahforthewin. She’s the most versatile, most unique, most exciting, still has a ways to grow AND is an underdog. (Thank GOD)

  10. Maggie says:

    Ah! Thank you for mentioning Breakaway being pitched too low for Amber! She swallowed those low notes and the words disappeared! I wanted to like it but I just didnt…

    I’m not a gigantic Swon Brothers fan, but they took a recent number one hit from a solo artist and made it into a successful duet, sometimes easier said than done. I was also happy to see they were able to have some fun on what has to have been an emotionally trying day, glad to hear their family and Blake’s family are safe.

  11. BillyBob says:

    Danielle #12 on itunes. She’s has the voice that is addictive. Even non country fans like her voice and singing. Obviously, people are paying $1.29 for her song. I love this girl and her voice. I’m not a country fan. Something about her singing makes me want to listen. Please Blake, have Danielle do Martina’s “Independence Day”

    • The Beach says:

      Uh, sorry BB…I like Danielle too and thing she has a bright future. But the major complaint is she doesn’t connect with her lyrics. Having her sing “Independence Day” about a mature woman extricating herself from an abusive relationship is certainly not the type of song she should be singing.

  12. Lois Benton says:

    Sasha should go home? Please. Her tone is like velvet. If tonight were the measure, she’d deserve to win. I think Holly and Josiah should go home, and they just might. If this were Idol, Danielle would go home. She’s got a big country voice, a big talent IN A FEW YEARS, but she’s 16, hasn’t got a clue about the lyrics, lacks humility, has a face that screams “brat” and therefore is not as likable as she needs to be to win.

  13. Jason says:

    Josiah, bro, trying to sing Chris Martin is like trying to sing Chris Cornell, almost f’in impossible.

  14. HTGR says:

    Good grief, what with all the Sasha hate? Should go home this week???? WHAT?! What? Realllly? Really? So I guess Candice should’ve gone home too then? Because I think she actually didn’t sing it as well. She didn’t give it as much punch or energy. I don’t get it. Go back and listen to both. Maybe Sasha doing as well (or better actually) than the Idol winner meant a C+ as punishment for daring?
    Judith only a B+??
    There certainly were some rough spots that were not perfect this week, that said, I still feel like you grade anything not Idol on a clearly tougher curve. After the Candice win how can the mood be so bad?

    • HTGR says:

      Oops missed the part about the spoiled NYC street vendor meat, maybe that explains it all, sorry to hear that.

    • kiki says:

      I don’t get it,Sasha was my favorite tonight but anyway Slezak always bash him,remember “Oh Darling” ?Everyone thought it was terrific but he was still hating.I don”t get it.Im gonna stop reading his BS because I get too defensive when it comes to Sasha.Should go home ?Am I seeing right.Althought IM a Candice girl I hought she did better than her and he gave Candice a B+ or A .
      Anyway I dont think she will be going home,she’s yet to prove that she is here to stay.It maIt makes sense If you dont like a contestant but at least you should recognize their talent when they do great?That was me with the Swon Brother because I always skipped their performances because it was too annoying but last week Was excelllent and it was a break out .
      Kris to me unfortunately is he most inconsistent.He fell short today although the song suited him like a Glove .
      I thought Michelle was great but it wasntan A performance to me.Amber wasnt that good.Josiah ,compared to last week didnt adjust at all.I liked seeing Judith be so vulnerable.That’s what her performances lacked.
      Im just shocked about the Sasha thing.MI may have a soft spot for her but she is the best vocalist Like WTHHH

      • soundscene says:

        Michael has the right to say what he feels, but he does tend to gush over average performances from his favorites and over-criticize good performances from the rest. A lot of people do it, really (just read the comments); it’s just that Michael gets paid to do it.

  15. HTGR says:

    Swon bros man that one dude I just see scream even when he doesn’t make the face.
    Judith was perhaps best of the night. Then Sasha. The Michelle.
    I liked Josiah quite a lot last week, but this week was rough. I kept thinking of Chris Martin and even Cathia all the time which kinda tells the tale.
    Yeah Amber wasn’t quite as amazing this week (or last) the entire start was a bit shaky although it got a lot better once it got going.
    Kris easily had his best week although it didn’t blow me out of the water.

    • BillyBob says:

      Kris would of made a very lasting impression if he did a flying leap into the audience just like Miguel did the other night and landed on a few fans. :)

    • Temperance says:

      The song choice for Kris was terrible, and R&B is so very out of style…

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Not really. R&B, especially male r&b are all the rage again at the moment. The aesthetic is more obscure and experimental though compared to the heyday of Boyz II Men, K-Ci & JoJo, BLACKStreet, or even Usher circa late 90s-early 00s. But names such as Miguel, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd. They’re not necessarily uber successful though but very critically acclaimed.

      • daynamonet says:

        you must not listen to R&B. gonna say it’s out of style please. You must be a country fan or something. Although my personal preference is r&b music, i can still appreciate talent, for instance I really like Amber, not so much last night but overall she’s great, i also like michelle. U need to just have an appreciation for different types of music while still having your personal preferences

    • BillyBob says:

      I have that scream face on that Snore Brothers dude forever implanted in my memory. So did Adam.

  16. ZL says:


    With every post you make about Sasha Allen – the more unqualified you become to recap singing competitions.

    Seriously – it makes you look like you have ZERO clue what you’re talking about.

    • Owen says:

      Well…that’s because…he has ZERO clue what he’s talking about…

      • TonyTiger says:

        We’ll shut my mouth, I thought this was a free country. The review has his opinions. You don’t need to shoot this poor man down. Every time I hear Sasha, I have that scream face reaction, just like that one dude from the Swon Bros.

    • kiki says:

      They should hire someone with more experience in the musical industry or something.This is beyond ridiculous.I never really comment and get defensive but I can’t understand this.He’s never been fair to Sasha and saying she should go home is just…
      He is probs recapping based on he likes more,not being objective because how can you give a C to Sasha and a B to Kris.Okaaay maybe he was texting while watching or something.SASHA IS ONE OF THE BEST RNB SOUL VOCALIST THAT I’VE EVER HEARD.

      • matt says:

        Well he asked in his recap if he was alone in his being underwhelmed by Sasha, and maybe after reading our comments he will realize he is. Hopefully next week he will listen to her as if he never heard her before with an open mind, and give another honest appraisal of her. Personally I thought Sasha was awesome last night. I think it’s hard for such exciting singers as her and Sarah Simmons to do everything they want to do with a song in just 2 minutes, if they had the full 3-5 minutes the peaks and valleys would make more sense. That’s why some of the blander singers like Danielle and the Swon brothers are doing better than them I think.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          @Matt. Now, that’s an interesting theory. Some singers need more time to fully realize their vision of the song. I will keep that in mind.

        • kiki says:

          Yes!!!!!Round of applause +10000000000000000000000 .

        • ansa says:

          Well Michael is not alone in his opinion of Sasha….I also thought she was terrible and very pitchy tonight. I think her problem is the placement of her voice is not really suited for pop. Its rather Broadway or even operatic…I think this is where the discisnnect is…when she tries to “rock” it out she ends up screeching or shouting…

        • TonyTiger says:

          Sasha sounds like she’s giving birth. It’s stressful to listen to on this number. There’s no need to scream like you’re in need of help. Not good.

        • Sheilalala says:

          +1 Matt-well put.

    • I don’t get his comments about Sasha Allen. Whenever I read them, I ask myself what it is, he is hearing. Maybe he needs a better amplifier and some better loudspeakers.

  17. HTGR says:

    Hopefully anyone here from OK is fine.

  18. pablo velazquez says:

    The swan brothers should have been swimming in the pond with the others swans long ago. They are horrible singers. Your decision to get them in A tells me you must have really been sick tonight. Danielle is clearly the best of the bunch followed by to the Judith. Unlike American Idol and the other wannabe shows that don’t pay any attention to singing. This show concentrates strictly on your voice.

    • BillyBob says:

      You mean you don’t care for the Snore Brothers? Yeah, but they will stick around for a week or two. I agree that Danielle is the best in terms of being young, fresh, and a voice that is so addictive and is the front runner. In terms of itune sales, Danielle is running away from the pack. Seems like ALL of Blakes team members made the top 100 itunes chart.

    • Elena says:

      I actually really like the Swon Brothers! I think the harmonize amazingly! I think they could be a success in country music! I listen to country all the time and they are great. Danielle needs some work still but definitely has a future. Judith has a great voice but personally I’m just not connecting with her music. I think the Swon Brothers are better than Sasha, Holly, and Sarah who are still left at this point!

  19. katyoo says:

    michelle brings something different to the table… always. the only performance i look forward to and never disappoints. she makes songs new and fresh and i love that she sounds honest and connected. just give me a reason was an ok choice but the high notes on the end part was so delicious! do i sound like a judge? MICHELLE CHAMUEL LOVE! straight A’s all the way. nuff said.

    • Sheilalala says:

      Meh. Michelle is in my top 5, but don’t go crazy-listen to last night’s performance again, she’s pitchy and off key a LOT. It was her worst performance. Surprised no one else noticed. Lots of itunes downloads though, so hopefully the studio version was better..

  20. Mike says:

    I really don’t understand the lack of love for Holly. She connected this week more than anything I’ve seen from her so far. I thought she was amazing. And Usher’s comment about her drove me up a wall. A different shift? A departure? Country music and gospel go hand in hand. Maybe he needs to learn a little more about music before he critiques others on the topic.
    And as much as I liked Michelle this week, she and the Swon Brothers were NOT the best of the night. Sometimes I feel like we didn’t watch the same show. :(

    • BillyBob says:

      Holly is #36 on itunes. So, a lot of people are connecting with her song this week. Usher is one does not know beans. All he knows is R&B, Rap, and bubble gum pop just like the stuff his cash cow Bieber sings. It’s almost like Idol where that one singer doesn’t know who the Beatles were and Candice never heard of U2’s ‘One’? He’s lucky his strongest contestant is Michelle.

    • I don’t understand the lack of love for Holly either. I agree last night she connect more to the song than other performances, and I felt it was her best performance yet.

    • Danny says:

      @Mike- I agree. I felt Holly was the best of the night. I thought 8 of them were pretty good. Michelle, Sarah, etc. I just didn’t think they were quite as good as Holly. I hope her going first doesn’t hurt her too much.

  21. Karen says:

    Danielle is like a stepford singer, she has a lovely voice, but no emotions behind it, maybe that is why she doesn’t get nervous!! If she could put some emotion into her singing, I would be a fan.
    I liked Michelle and Sarah best tonight, they were fun. The Swon’s are improving, but no winners to me. I wasn’t familiar with the song that Josiah did, so I didn’t mind it, don’t think he will win either. Sasha was pretty good tonight, she should smile more often. Amber has done so much better, but I don’t think she was bad, I think we are at the point where people are voting their favorites more than the performances, so if someone didn’t totally suck they will get votes. Judith, I love her, tonight was the most emotional she has been. I really loved her battle with Karena and wish she would sing something more in that vein. Chris did a nice job.
    Coaches: Shakira gets an b for song choices, A for defending her team. Adam I love you man, pick some songs that people will buy, you did that last season also, Amanda anyone?

  22. Deb says:

    Uh Adam what’s wrong with you and your songs choices for Sarah. She could’ve easily won on team Blake. Shame she chose Adam. Judith is still brilliant and too good for this show. Josiah, it’s time to go home. And I’m waiting for Blake to pick a modern country song for Danielle. It’s about time.

    • Josh says:

      She sang Carrie Underwood last week Carrie is modern Country

    • daynamonet says:

      I believe that Sarah actually picked her song this week. I get a little confused but if you listen closely on the pre-package i think Adam said something along the lines of “you” chose the song this week, and i also think michelle chose her song as well.

  23. Ram510 says:

    Judith and Sarah were the best of the night! Michelle would be a close 3rd best.
    Kris and especially the Swon Brothers both sound amazing this week, I just didn’t care for the song choice.
    Josiah needs to go home, he has no range and doesn’t belong with such a talented group of contestants who actually have a shot at winning.
    And I don’t understand why people like Danielle? I think she has the look of a pop star I just wish she sounded as good as she looks. And she definitely hit some sour notes towards te end.

  24. Whitney says:

    Kris will not go home… Holly will and Josiah will… Michelle will win and vocally amber is the best!

  25. BillyBob says:

    Just going over the comments and the itunes chart rankings. Josiah, Kris, Sasha or maybe Amber will go home tonight. Danielle, Sarah, Michelle are safe indeed. I wish list to head on out the door are Josiah and Kris.

  26. BillyBob says:

    Danielle #10, Michelle #23, Holly #35, Sarah #50, Snore Brothers #68 on itunes right now. So, I think they are safe. Looks like TeamBlake is all safe at the moment. I think either Shakira or Usher will be left with one singer, maybe even both will be left with one singer.

  27. kaba says:

    I personally want Holly and Sarah to go…personal preference.
    I thought Holly’s performance was a piss desperate appeal to votes and I do not support that.
    I think people need to understand that Sarah shouted “Mama Knows Best” for 80% of the song. It was bad

    • Mike says:

      So you can prove that the song meant nothing to her and that she was just pandering for votes? Really? :( Religious songs tend to bomb…if anything, that was a ballsy move.

      • kaba says:

        Why are you putting words in my mouth? I just said it was a desperate performance. It was

        • Mike says:

          “appeal to votes” Your words, not mine. She sang the song because she loved it. If it wasn’t evident by what we saw last night then maybe we’re not watching the same show.

          • kaba says:

            She can like it, doesn’t mean it didn’t come off as desperate. Not on her part, Blakes.
            Either way I thought it was beyond bland

    • blueashtj says:

      You do realize that they begin preparing their songs a week ahead of time, so there was no way for them to know that the country would be suffering from a devastating tragedy right before the show began?

      And even if gospel is not your thing–all these coaches keep telling the artists to “be themselves.” Holly even said that she knew some people wouldn’t like her song, but she had to be who she is and take that chance.

      Seeing as how she is #34 this morning on iTunes, the 3rd highest chart topper from the show, it would appear much of America disagrees with you and let Holly be herself.

      • kaba says:

        Where did I say she was appealing to the Oklahoma tragedy? I said it was a desperate attempt to win over more votes cause she’s not interesting.
        Idrc if people disagree with me cause I have no intention of changing my mind just a cause America says so.
        Got a problem? Idrc

        • blueashtj says:

          Read my comment again. As I said, it wasn’t a “desperate attempt at votes” if that’s who you are. Holly has grown up singing in church with her parents. The connect between country and gospel is inescapable. I’m glad you don’t really care that people disagree with you, which I do.
          I personally don’t really care for screaming performances like Sarah, or herky-jerky out of breath performances like Michelle. But I recognize that’s who they are, and I’m not going to badmouth them for being themselves.

        • Mike says:

          Nobody is asking you to change your mind. We’re just asking you not to state what you think she’s doing as fact. At best you’re guessing and from what I’ve seen so far between the show and her online presence there’s no evidence to think it wasn’t genuine.

      • daynamonet says:

        where do you guys find these specific itunes charting information because i was looking for it but cannot find it

        • Mike says:

          If you click on the music tab on the Itunes store main page it gives the main page of just the music. On the right hand side it lists the top 10 songs as well as albums. If you then click on the header “Top Songs”, it will take you to a page with the top 200 selling Itunes singles. Most of them are in the top 100(all but Kris and Josiah who did make the top 200) and Danielle’s the only one that made the top 10.

        • HTGR says:

          Just open up itunes and it’s all right there. (on the right. click top songs.)

        • Maggie says:

          My fave way to check iTune is to go to the LivePopBars website and there is a pull down menu to pick all the various iTunes charts for singles/albums. Don’t forget that Blake’s team can chart low on the pop chart and be #1 on the country chart. I wasn’t sure if this site would allow a direct link, so just type LivePopBars into your browser to reach it.

          • TonyTiger says:

            @Maggie: Thanks Maggie for the tip, you always learn something new every day. Oh my Danielle is in the top ten. #1 in the country charts. How does it work? If your in the top ten it’s multiplied by 10? I’m confused. I like Danielle, but Amber is great! She reminds me of Carrie Underwood with more meat. Yippy Skippy!

          • HTGR says:

            10x bonus only goes by over charts though, sub-charts don’t mean anything for the voting (or predictions).

    • analythinker says:

      I don’t think Sarah shouted her performance. I believe that’s called preference.

  28. noa says:

    Michelle is just the kind of person i think should be winning the voice. she’s a great performer and super unique and special. she really moved me with her performance tonight, and the original version is on repeat on my ipod these days, so that says something. she’s by far my favorite, although there are things i love about each of Adam’s girls. and i think Judith should be in charge of fashion for her team.

    • JoMarch says:

      I might enjoy Michelle’s singing if I didn’t have to see her. Her calisthetics while she’s singing are off-putting. There’s no need for leg thrusts and to bend down into a squat for every song (or at all, IMO). It’s not an organic expression of emotion when it’s used continuously. Just looks as if she has to go to the bathroom.

      • ansa says:

        Its funny how people really differ in their taste because this is what I find so compelling about her. She sings with her whole body…not just her voice. There is actually a really good reason for her squats, singers often need to open up their lungs or push more air out when singing and some singers have found different ways to do that push…this is probably why she developed this idiosyncrasy, I find it very exciting to watch….

        • Every performer has habitual mannerisms and moves, but some are much more dramatic and noticeable… like Michelle’s squatting and the way she tends to grab her shirt or jacket when she’s “making a point” in the lyrics. I don’t mind it at all… it’s just Michelle, and I have come to adore her.

          Really, it’s no different from MJ’s crotch grabbing, Jagger’s strut, or Celine’s chest beating. Some will find it off-putting or distracting, and some will accept it or enjoy it as part of the artist’s persona and stage presence.

  29. ABC says:

    I really hope Danielle Bradebery doesn’t win this thing. She is bland!

    • analythinker says:

      Amen. Like I said before, I was there in the live audience. Holly projects emotion way more than Danielle ever could. Of course, this is just my opinion.

  30. Karen says:

    Hey, I noticed that if you buy a song on itunes, that only the first purchase counts toward voting, which is great. Seems like last season if you bought a song 3 times it counted each time. May be why we aren’t seeing as high a numbers on the charts, the uber fans aren’t buying 10 copies of their favorite singers.

  31. Bernie says:

    According to: By Michael Slezak | – 4 hours ago 5/20/13

    Will go home: Amber and Kris
    Should go home: Sasha and Josiah

    I guess my question is, why did America & I waste our time voting? If votes don’t count on 5/21/13!

  32. Adam Fachry says:

    I can’t at these coaches. Some of them picked the wrong songs for the contestants imo. It somehow makes me feel that some of them don’t completely know their contestants’ weakness and strengths. You can’t expect Josiah to nail Clocks. And as much as I love Sarah, that Jessie J song made her overwhelmed therefore she delivered some not so flattering notes.

  33. Aya says:

    I’m glad that someone else thought that Holly’s version of “How Great Thou Art” was so-so. I’ve heard that song in many a church and been brought to tears. Holly’s version? Not so much. It was clearly missing something.

    The same is true of really every Sasha performance. She can sing; I’ll give you that. But there is never a connection to the song. I never believe her; it always feel so staged. Many of the other performers, you can see their connection with their music (e.g. Michelle, Judith…even Josiah when he did the Muse song), but never with Sasha. She should go home, but will probably continue through to the finals anyway.

    I really liked what Judith did with the song (I didn’t see it as shouty at all). I didn’t really that there was a jazz/blues number hidden in that song and that parts of it were almost scat. Thanks, Judith, for showing me that.

  34. kiki says:

    Sasha was great.I liked better her “oh darling “but that was so FRESH and liked the energy.Candice Glover,my girl did it and I honestly thought it was an A performance but yeah Slezak highly praised her on that and gave her the A.I dont understand how can he give Sasha a C because I feel like she did the best cover,aside from Ruth Brow, from last year Xfactor.

    Fortunately it’s not up to him.PLEASE VOTE FOR SASHA.I’Mso voting for her all tthe way froom France.This woman is so talented and she will really blossom more If we allow her to.I liked her energy and moves.
    I also liked Judith,Sarah and Michelle,respectively a lot .

  35. MrTemecula says:

    Coaches in professional sports rarely criticize their own players in public. They save their critique for practice and the Voice coaches can be seen pointing out problems in the studio rooms, too.

    Coaches in pro sports rarely talk about players on other teams and if they do, it’s usually to praise them in order to motivate their own team. It’s an old trick, but usually works and the Voice coaches also do that. Coaches behave this way because if they are honest, they gain very little and it doesn’t help their own singer and if they are criticizing other singers it would unnecessarily distracts sympathy from their own singers.

    • log says:

      I really like this comparison and completely agree with it, even though it is boring for me as a viewer to not hear more in depth critiques.

  36. kiki says:


    10. Danielle Bradbery – Heads Carolina, Tails California (The Voice Performance)
    22. Michelle Chamuel – Just Give Me a Reason (The Voice Performance)
    34. Holly Tucker – How Great Thou Art (The Voice Performance)
    48. Sarah Simmons – Mamma Knows Best (The Voice Performance)
    63. The Swon Brothers – How Country Feels (The Voice Performance)
    72. Sasha Allen – Next To Me (The Voice Performance)
    78. Judith Hill – The Way You Make Me Feel (The Voice Performance)
    99. Amber Carrington – Breakaway (The Voice Performance)
    142. Josiah Hawley – Clocks (The Voice Performance)
    187. Kris Thomas – Adorn (The Voice Performance)

    • matt says:

      I can’t believe Danielle is at the top. I guess people like singing with lots of flat notes in it.

      • ETG says:

        Not sure why everyone is so enamored with her. I also noticed all the flat notes on the high end. Her popularity must be because she is so young, tiny and cutesy.

        • BillyBob says:

          I think those are factors. Being tiny, jail bait young, and Disney cute. Wearing Daisy Dukes doesn’t hurt either. :) Also, her voice is pleasant. Many non country listeners are liking this young star. The reason why, I think Danielle tops the itunes chart is she is drawing tons of non country listeners and of course the country listeners will buy it up. If Holly and Swon Brothers exits, Danielle will have those votes too. So, Danielle looks to be the front runner to win this thing in my opinion.

      • kiki says:

        Me tooo!!The country vote is so Huge!!Ughh !!!My guess she is here to stay but I think she has great vocals ,especially at her age but I can’t connect,just like with Holly

        • HTGR says:

          I am fearing a total take over of this show by country and basically anyone on team Blake just gets votes like mad. Danielle isn’t bad though, but I don’t think she is the best either. I don’t know what to say about Swon, they are country country not bad not really my thing. Holly seems to be way over rated. I think if she were not on Team Blake she’d be in more trouble.

    • Elsa says:

      Thank you kiki :)

    • BillyBob says:

      Danielle moved up to #6, Michelle #14, Holly #30. Josiah and Kris is really in danger being out. If Kris and Josiah are gone, then that leaves 1 singer each for Shakira and Usher. Adam and Blake would have full teams. That’s wild!

    • HTGR says:

      I still hate the 10x bonus thing, it should be a rolling curve. A couple more weeks and Danielle will have built a lead so large nobody will be able to catch up and it will be like last season where you knew nobody had a remote shot to win other than who did a few weeks away from the finale already. I mean someone could get 9 or 10 each week and someone 11 and 12 and the 11 and 12 would be sunk!

      • The Beach says:

        You are so correct. The Top 10 cut-off is way too arbitrary. Someone makes #10 gets 10x the votes but someone else at #11 gets nothing. This is a glaring fault in the voting process.

  37. Leondre says:

    This season is really boring. Not season 2 boring, but still very boring.

  38. Stacie says:

    I thought all the performances sounded off last night. Amber’s my favorite, her recorded version on iTunes sounds a lot better.

  39. ETG says:

    To me, the REAL stars of this season are Judith Hill and the Swon Brothers. They are SO creative and amazingly entertaining, and I would buy front row concert tickets in an LA second. Danielle, everybody’s darling this year, is OK good, but WAY overhyped; she is no different from the dozens of country chicks you can see on CMT; nothing new or creative.

  40. Danny says:

    For starters prayers to those in Oklahoma.
    -As for the show, I thought it was another good show. Sarah made a huge comeback IMO. I liked Michelle a lot too. Both Adam and Usher have points about who the best of the night was. I felt the best of the night might have been the first one. Holly Tucker hit me good.
    -I liked how Cee Lo was willing to be a guest and didn’t try to run the show as a mentor. I give him props for that and thought it was really classy.
    -I’m glad Judith did a Michael Jackson song. I think she’s classy too and in no way do I think she’s trying to exploit her working w/ him. On that one I felt she probably didn’t need any coaching because she knows the guy better than her coaches. Maybe the could coach for moral support, but I don’t think technically they could help her any. Huge props to her. I thought she did great.
    -I liked 8 out of the 10 performances. Even then, I thought Josiah kind of got a not so great pre-amble. Saying he was intimidated by something isn’t what ya want to do for your artist.

    • ETG says:

      I am surprised that so many people didn’t like last night’s show; I thought it was one of the better ones in quite a while. No “stinker” performances at all. My favorites were Judith and the Swon Brothers. Kris was probably my least favorite.

  41. Mikko Makitalo says:

    People critisizing The Voice usuallu point out – and fairly – that The Voice has not yet really produced out any (commercial) stars.

    I am REALLY surprised if any of these – if not several – contestants will not emerge as well selling, admired artists. Even in the moments when they are not at their best and are just singing “well”, but not miraculously, their quality is high. There is so many great contestants this year! (and many, like Midas Whale, Catherine Glacer, Mary Miranda, Savannah Berry, Ryan Innes, Patrick Dodd are already gone).

    • daynamonet says:

      I think it’s mainly the marketing as to why “the voice” contestants aren’t as successful as Idol contestants. Doesn’t matter how talented you are, if u don’t have the marketing, you won’t really sell.

      • HTGR says:

        I read a study on such things and it was pretty amazing just how true that is (lots of other rather interesting tidbits too).

      • Sheilalala says:

        That’s why I tweeted to #askthevoice “why doesn’t the show do a top 10 tour like So You Think You Can Dance” . so we can support (and fund) our favorite artists, rather than wait and hope that either A. Blake has a few play back up on one of his tours, or B. Adam chooses someone randomly to jam with that we never hear about or C. Wait for pervy Cee Lo to maybe do a duet with someone 2 years later.Not to mention the record deal that hasn’t done anything for the last 3 winners due to zero PR

  42. Mel says:

    I think Michelle and Judith are definitely the Top 2 of the show. They were both perfect last night!!

    Personally, I would send home Josiah and either Amber or Sarah.
    I usually like Sarah but she was SO shout-y and growl-y last night that I completely lost what song it was she was singing. There was nothing but negative points in my head when she was done. Then there’s Josiah, his song was out of his range and he sounded like he was straining through the whole thing. Usher needs to give him a song that doesn’t do that if he’s still around next week, which he probably will be, but there’s only so long that you can hang around on “good looks” (he does nothing for me tho). Amber was pitch-y and boring. Simple as that. I usually like Kris but wasn’t really fond of it last night. I don’t get the big deal about Danielle, she’s like a younger, not a good Carrie Underwood.

    I think the Swon Brothers are excellent, i’m not into country music but their harmonies are great and I actually bought their song last week cause it was that good. Sasha I usually like, and it was great to hear her do something different but it definitely wasn’t my favourite of hers.

    And Holly….well….I hate when someone brings religious songs into a singing competition. That’s all I have to say about that.

    • Mike says:

      ‘.I hate when someone brings religious songs into a singing competition”

      Why? Why does it matter what kind of song they sing as long as it’s well done? It’s a singing competition, Where does it say that we can only have certain types of music in it? It’s funny how people say the Christians are intolerant. Seems like it’s the other way around here.

      • It’s no different than someone saying they’d hate if rap music or heavy metal music was sung. You like what you like. Some people don’t care for religious music, but how is that intolerant? It’s a matter of taste. It’s not like she’s trying to pass a law banning it.

        No matter how well a song is sung, if you don’t like the lyrics, you’re not going to enjoy it very much, are you?

        • Mike says:

          Actually, Mel said they hated when that type of song was brought into the competition. Sorry, but that’s intolerance. I don’t personally enjoy most rap, but I wouldn’t be criticizing someone for singing it in any of these competitions. I wouldn’t vote for them but you wouldn’t hear those words from me. Because it’s their choice.

  43. TW says:

    Wow…you were hard on Sasha. I actually loved the performance. But her outfit….hmmmm.
    I think some combination of Josiah, Kris or Holly should (and hopefully will) be going home. And sorry, I just don’t get the Swon Bros. Meh.

  44. Titina says:

    I really LOVE the Swon Brothers. I see potential for these guys to be a very successful duo in country music. Love their vibe and you are right, those harmonies are amazing.
    Plus they are so likeable too!

    • ETG says:

      I agree. Country desperately needs a new group… Rascal Flatts is getting SO old and is very irritating to me!!!

    • Rain says:

      I agree, I really think they have a shot even if they don’t win the whole thing (which I’m still hoping actually happens) I enjoy them so much every week!

  45. David says:

    I was starting to root for Josiah after last week. This week he let me down. The other bad one this week was Amber. I agree with those who say the key needed to be raised for her song. Good performances for the rest.
    On a controversial note, I wonder how many people (like Adam and Usher) shut down when they heard that Holly was singing a church hymn.
    Finally, Sasha gave her best performance since the blind audition. So did Kris. Pretty sure the naysayers never liked them from the beginning.

  46. Jess says:

    Danielle is #8 right now. Good job. I don’t think she will win The Voice, but she’s one to watch.

  47. Eva Lilac says:

    Sadly, when it comes down to it, I think every judge but Adam only has one contestant in serious contention for winning. Blake has Danielle, Usher with Michelle, and Shakira and Sasha. The others, while very good, I just can’t see winning. That being said, I think a lot of the contestants are very unappreciated and should be getting a little more credit then they get.

    Holly: She has a wonderful voice, but as Michael said she doesn’t seem to connect with her songs enough. If the remaining talent wasn’t so high I think she would have a much better chance, but she can’t become a frontrunner without that connection.

    Judith: It was incredibly refreshing to see Judith show she can sing and move at the same time. The problem with these kinds of songs is they don’t knock you off your feet, but they do show you a great time! I thought she did that very well and gave a version of the song that was her own.

    Swon Brothers: Haters can hate, but I enjoy seeing them every week way more than about half of the competition. They know what they’re good at- old fashioned country- and they do it well. This week especially, Colton sang his solo verse with strength and zero pitch problems, which hasn’t happened before! They are definitely improving week by week, and while I don’t see them winning, I’d be sad to see them go. Also, kudos to them for getting onstage and singing a happy number during such a horrifying time for their home state. That is not easy to do. At all.

    Amber: She does have a Kelly Clarkson-esque voice, but the problem is that everyone knows this song and there isn’t much you can do to change it up without it sounding strange and wrong. Not the best song choice. It certainly wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a stand out.

    Sasha: Honestly, all I could think of was how glad I was she was doing something upbeat and current, after last week’s “Alone.” She did have some problems with being overtaken by the music, but other than that she did the best she could have with the song she was given. Current radio songs are hard to do, and hard to connect to. These are the type of songs that get in your head because they’re catchy, not because you feel any connection to them. Again, not bad, but not memorable.

    Josiah: This was the performance I feel strongest about, because I feel like Josiah got screwed over by Usher with the song choice. For one, Coldplay is incredibly hard to sing. Shakira was totally right when she said that we’re always going to think of the original, and that’s partly because Coldplay is so unique. When you listen to “Clocks” and “Viva la Vida,” you want to move to it, “rock” to it, because the lyrics are so poetic and strange and lovely. However, they tell more of a story and have less of an emotional connection. It’s HARD to sing those kinds of Coldplay songs with any connection, because they’re just…odd (which is why we love them!) Blake was also right when he said that they have lots of “oo”s and “oh”s, which again, is hard to connect to. Really with these kinds of songs you need to be the original writer to sell it. That’s why performances of “Viva la Vida” on these shows usually fall flat. If Usher had picked “Yellow” or “The Scientist,” it would have been a Coldplay song that Josiah could have emotionally connected to, which is what we need to see most from him. That all being said, the performance wasn’t terrible, and I felt like he looked much less model-Josiah than we’ve ever seen him before. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” proved that he can sing, but his coach needs to guide him better.

    Danielle: Not going to comment much on Danielle because I don’t really understand her hype. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a great singer. But is she the best singer in the competition? Not at all. Also, people are using her age as an excuse for her inability to connect with her music. Honestly? Too bad. If she wants to make it in the business, she has to connect, or she won’t win anyone over with her music. Pure singing ability only gets you so far. Performance is just as important. (Also, the judges need to stop over hyping her. She is really good, but I fear the praise may someday be her downfall.)

    Kris: He’s good. He has a very good voice. But he didn’t sell the song at all, and it felt very disconnected. He doesn’t need to be able to become an expert at these types of songs, but he needs to learn how to grab the audience.

    Sarah: So impressive. Her voice has so many qualities to it, and she does all of them so well. She sounded amazing and performed very well. The only issue is that sometimes it’s hard to see what she’s saying in her face. She looked a little disconnected from the lyrics at the end.

    Michelle: Michelle was made to sing Pink. It was wonderful, and I’d argue the best of the night. Everything about her is endearing. Her voice, which is just so earnest, even her squats! :P I really do think they saved the best for last last night.

  48. Mikko Makitalo says:

    Just watched the show, a few remarks:
    -I don’t think, that the mentors were that bad in giving critics
    -I do not think, that any of the performances were really awful
    -Sarah has been my favorite, but to me this performance was a bit of shouty mess (I hope it does not harm her)
    -I did not find Amber’s and Josiah’s performances that bad. Also, I think, that even if Josiah would fail in his performance, he is exciting in some way (and I do not mean his looks here)
    -I would be surprised, if Kris would not be outvoted, but the other one leaving is a mystery. If there is straight relation to iTunes, that would be Josiah. (is there relation?)
    -Josiah is very very well liked, so it can be somebody else, who? Hopefully not Amber or Judith. To me, Judith was the best last night.
    -If the country artists are eating each other’s votes, it could be Swon Bros, because Danielle and Holly are placed very high in iTunes

  49. Wil says:

    Right now the show is a down to Michelle vs. Danielle. Sarah can sing better than either of them, but not everyone who votes will think of this as just a singing competition. It’s about charisma, stage presence and singing. Michelle’s geek-humble makes her feel like an underdog and voters love underdogs – but Michelle isn’t really an underdog. Still, she’ll be around til the end. Sarah has stage presence and a voice, but doesn’t leave an impression on the charisma side. Danielle has all three, admittedly owing some of her charisma to her youth and the cute-factor, but the cute factor backfires with some of the older crowd – like so many of the haters above. These people let their jealousy of her appearance make them search for flaws in her singing. Everyone has flaws in their singing during every live performance. Notes will be missed.

    Michelle, with her geek-appearance, has an opposite affect – being more appealing because she doesn’t invoke jealousy. She knows this, which is why she is sticking with the glasses. With appearances, Danielle’s natural cute-factor is far more sincere than Michelle’s contrived geek-factor. Michelle could uses the beauticians available to be as pretty as anyone on the show, but she choses to brand herself as the glass-wearing geek-queen. It’s a saavy move to seperate herself from the rest, and I don’t hold it against her.

    I just don’t get people holding Danielle’s appearance against the young singer. iTunes sales are clearly telling us who is out of touch with contemporary music–the folks who don’t see Danielle’s appeal. Honestly, the winner of any music competition should be the one who will sell the most records.

    • BillyBob says:

      Very well said. Also, you said Danielle’s cute factor backfires with some older crowd. It’s the same for Judith. Her flawless professional singing and appearance is backfiring on her, as many have mentioned, she’s too good for the show. They rather see a no body amateur win it.

    • Mikko Makitalo says:

      Like any other theory, that theory in your last sentence is not waterproof. William Hung of AI has sold more records than for example Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Dannu Gokey of AI, altogether 240 000 copies, which is already a huge number, and he is the 26th in AI alumni all time selling list. But how long time would people be really watching the competion consisting of “Hungs”?
      Thus, luckily, quality consists of also some other dimensions than possible selling well.
      Anyway, many times and usually, the person winning the competion is most liked by people and will thus sell the best also, there is no brainer there.

    • Timmah says:

      I agree with everything you said, especially about Michelle’s whole contrived geek persona which I have disliked from the beginning. I like the fact that Danielle is genuine and down to earth. She has got the X factor, and she will win and continue to sell records.

  50. Chablis says:

    Are the iTunes purchases the only criteria?