Scandal Finale Recap: The Truths Are Out There

Scandal Season 2 Finale RecapWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from Scandal‘s Season 2 finale.

ABC’s Scandal wrapped up its sophomore run with a flurry of frantic action, wheeling, dealing and lotsa revealing, snooping, drilling (!), near-deaths and tons of fast talking. But the very final scene, perhaps no one predicted.

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CARD GAME | For starters, we flash back to how Billy “met” Charlie and eluded his own murder with the promise of sharing Sally’s valuable secrets. In the here and now, we learn that David is retaining custody of the Cytron card until Billy is ready to use it. Meanwhile in the White House kitchen, Cabal 2.0 — Verna (quite) out, Fitz in — meets to “cook up” (you see, they’re in a kitchen…) a plan to thwart Billy. Hollis is all for whacking the whippersnapper, but Fitz wants no more blood spilled. The key, they agree, is to get the card back.

As the meeting breaks, Liv avows to Fitz that they’ll fix this sitch, though it’ll be a long four years she’ll have to wait for him upon reelection. But Fitz insists, “I’m running, I’m winning, we’re getting married and you’re moving into the White House.” And how just will such an improbable thing happen? “Do what you do best,” he charges his love. “Handle it. Use your superpower.” Fitz then proceeds to use his (ahem) superpower on Olivia.

After James tattles to his husband that Sally is plotting to run against Fitz, Cyrus reminds the VPOTUS that she has two jobs: Don’t die, and be loyal to the president. But “commandments are being broken,” she argues. “I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t offer the party an alternative.” Sally may not be long for this administration anyway, as the gladiators realize that Governor Reston is backing Billy — and soon enough he visits the Oval Office to force Fitz’s hand: Put me on the ticket, or I blab about Defiance. Upon realizing what’s going down, Cyrus has a heart attack, but regardless finds the wherewithal to ring Fitz and Olivia and strategize. Liv decides to leverage Reston to produce proof aka the Cytron card, and OPA subsequently traces his next call to Billy’s hideaway.

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GET GLUE | Huck sets out to torture the card’s location out of Billy, but the former spook ultimately breaks down. Huck can’t hack it! So Quinn grabs the power drill and takes it to Billy’s bits, coaxing the intel that David Rosen has the card. (Was sadistic, gleaming-eyed, blood-spattered Quinn a bit over-the-top even for this show? Discuss.)

When Mellie visits Cyrus in the hospital for appearances’ sake, Fitz tells her exactly how it’s gonna be, laying out — in a two-page monologue that Kerry Washington tweeted made Tony Goldwyn gasp — the plan to “fix” the Mellie-loving American public. And I must say, it’s pretty brilliant, ushering FLOTUS off to her own career, eventually allowing Fitz a tabloid-fodder date or two, then ultimately spinning the story of how he and his longtime adviser Olivia Pope decided to pursue something more. Oh, and if Mellie goes to rat out Liv as the president’s mistress? He’ll use a whisper campaign to play the “racist” card against her. Even Cyrus has to remark of Liv’s latest glop of Krazy Glue: “It’s good.”

Then things get crazy-with-a-c.

FROM ZERO TO HERO | After Jake saves Olivia from a B613 assassin, he reveals to her his mission — to bed her. As such, he says, “Don’t bother missing me.” But she gives him a goodbye kiss, urging him to “be safe” having defied orders. (Nonetheless, he winds up thrown into “the hole” by boss man Rowan.) Later — and after catching heat from Rowan to handle the president’s girlfriend — Cyrus stresses to Olivia the direness of her situation, asking if the people trying to kill her are “shooting bullets made of bubbles and candy.” “Do you think you and Fitz are ‘MFEO,’ made for each other? Romeo and Juliet were teenagers, and they died,” he scoffs. And then he drops the bomb: “Fitz killed Verna dead, with his own two hands. That is what you’re dealing with. That is who you love.”

For good measure, Cyrus shares with his president a bit of “reality TV” — the Olivia/Jake sex tape that Jake furnished to Rowan. Before that mess shakes out, a Cabal 2.0 meeting is interrupted by David Rosen’s arrival in Cyrus’ office, to turn over the real Cytron card (after OPA got duped with a fake). “I’m going to need something in return,” he says, and we then see how David wore a wire to capture Billy’s confession of mole-dom and assorted murders, leading to a high profile arrest, Fitz’s very public commendation of David as an “American hero” and the new gig of U.S. Attorney for D.C.

WE ARE FAMILY | And then… Fitz and Olivia get around to “the talk,” each now aware of the other’s transgressions. Liv urges Fitz to seek reelection, noting that with Defiance snuffed for good, “the reset button has been hit” — but she can’t be at his side. “I took my people over the wrong cliff,” she explains. “I can’t leave them. They need me. I’m their gladiator.”

One peppy music montage later, everything looks bright and shiny for Olivia Pope, as she dons a pristine white track suit, pops in her pristine white earbuds and heads out for a run… only to run smack dab into a mob of reporters outside, seeking comment from President Grant’s mistress! Liv is quickly hurried into a nearby car, where she is seated across from Rowan… aka “Dad?!”

What did you think of the finale “White Hat’s Back On”?

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  1. Grrrrp says:

    I’ve gone into shock

    • the girl says:

      That was my reaction. I literally fell onto the floor. I think I stopped breathing for two minutes and twenty eight seconds.

    • jhazzael says:

      The only thing I ever guessed right on this show was that he was her father and that was ONLY because, they said at the end of the show the last word she would say will shock everyone. Apparently Kerry Washington was screaming and running around when she saw the script. SO being the scandal junkie that I am I watched over every single episode and tried to figure it out. When I told my sister she say “nah, not even Shonda and them will go dey. I still nearly fall off the hair when she say DAD. Start to jump up like a crazy person,, screaming. My sister is like you she gone into shock.

      Well I wish you great things till Fall, fellow scandal fan.

      • Elly says:

        That was a great twist but did anyone find the whole “Fitz falling into Mellie’s lap” just ridiculous? Don’t get me wrong, even through Mellie’s a bit of a shrew, It’s understandable considering what a cheater her husband is. But the way he just wimped out was gross-the last couple episodes with Fitz having a backbone were great, this was just terrible. And Quinn going psycho that fast? Really?….

        • nptexas says:

          Fitz in mellie’s lap completely believable to me. He thinks w his gonads. Needs a woman if not a mama. Liv wrote the Great Escape strategy, not Fitz. Others guessed about Liv’s dad but I was on the fence about that. Still murky since dad DID try to have her killed. Fitz Iives in sex-driven fantasy & Liv more grounded-mostly anyway. Don’t blame Cyrus. He’s a true political animal. Who outed Liv? No idea right now.

          • Karlene Lyons says:

            Your statement about Cyrus is so true. This is his job that is what he does friend or foe he will protect the President that is his job. Love it. !

          • i actually think he did it more out of love for both of them. Liv was going to die unless she broke up with Fitz so he had to break them up.

          • nobody special says:

            Everybody (including Jake and Cyrus) was assuming she would be killed. Rowan kept saying “bring Olivia Pope to me.” i’m betting (of course, only in hindsight) that he wouldn’t have killed her.

          • mary says:

            Not sure if Olivia was the target of the shooter at the door or Jake. Dad did not trust him to bring her in,

          • Elly says:

            True but it just seemed like the lowest thing/way he could’ve done it. At the end of the first exchange, he had her in the palm of his hand-he could’ve just done something halfway.

            Oh how good was Jeff Perry? I know they never shared scenes on Grey’s but a part of me gets a kick put of Meredith’s parents finally duking it out. Jeff Perry deserves an Emmy nod, he’s been GREAT this season.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @Elly: Jeff Perry is marvelous. I love how he plays Cyrus. That last scene of him bashing the chip was hilarious. He looked like a Harry Potter house elf trying to destroy a Horcrux.

          • DeeKayTee says:

            I really don’t beleive that he was trying to have Olvia killed, he wanted them to bring her to him. I think Jake assumed that the woman breaking in was trying to kill her and just shot first. What I don’t understand is why her daddy couldn’t just go to her apartment and have a nice sit down with her…

            As for Cyrus he totally did the right thing in trying to break those two up! It was getting out of control and they had their head in the clouds.

          • Peaches says:

            So I have watched it several times. He never said he would kill her; just that he would handle her. Makes perfect sense to me, he has been watching over her, she learned all about politics from her father; this was why she has been driven to “right alll the wrongs – a fixer” becuase of her father. Also, every father thinks married men are not what their daughter needs…hes not good enough! Lastly, the woman that got shot was acting on her own, she must be in love or lust with “the captian” because she gave him “the look” when Daddy said something to him.

          • Scandalized says:

            Who all know about Fits and Liv?
            1. Mellie
            2. Cy
            3. Rowan
            4. Jake
            5. Secret Service Agents
            6. Gladiators: Abby, Harrison, Huck and Quinn

            Mellie loves being FLOTUS so she would not out Liv. Because if she did that Filts would lose his Presidency and She and Fits were definitely OVER. She couldn’t do that to Fits and herself. On the other hand if she stays by his side she might find some trick up her sleeve to keep him. She could probably bring the kids back.

            Cy WANTS Fits to be and stay the President. He wouldn’t throw away everything he hoped and worked for so hard. Remember he almost had James killed so he (James) wouldn’t testify against them.

            Rowan is Olivia’s father. But no one else knows it. Because when Cy asked him what he has to do with Olivia Pope, Rowan said “I could tell you, but then I’ll have to kill you”. So Rowan didn’t plant Liv on the campaign.
            Rowan and Liv have some differences but he never intended on killing her. I don’t think Jake was supposed to sleep with Liv, Jake only said it to Liv to hurt her “No I’m not (a good guy), sleeping with you was my mission so don’t bother missing me”.He was suppose to keep Liv and Fits away. THAT was his job. He (Rowan) loves his daughter and doesn’t want her to be with Fits either because Fits has done some bad thing in his past or like any normal father he doesn’t want his daughter to be with a married 50 yr old. He (Rowan) asked Jake to “Bring her to me”. He only wanted to talk to her. But given his reputation Cy and Jake assumed he wanted to hurt/kill her. The assassin at the door was definitely B613 but she wasn’t there to kill Olivia. She was there to take her (Livvie) to Rowan. Else why on earth would a CIA trained assassin ever enter through the front door and make SOOO much noise?

            Jake was in love with Olivia and in the hole, so he wouldn’t & couldn’t out her.

            Gladiator, they would slay dragons for Liv. They would do/give anything for her.

            So, I think the only person who had motive was David Rosen. Sure he gave the Cytron card back in return of his job and reputation. But he wears the “WHITE HAT”. He can’t let Fits and Co. get away with what they’ve done. And according to him Fits is a cheater, first he cheated the people and then his wife. Besides he hates Liv for ruining his life, he blames her for all the problems in his life. By outing Olivia he can take down Fits and bring justice to the people and also hurt Olivia.
            David might have not known abt Fits and Liv earlier but he’s a smart guy so he probably figured it out or overheard someone while in Livvie’s office.

            And Huck didn’t get any deal. Charlie let him live. Huck lived on the metro so no one noticed him until he joined Olivia Pope on the campaign. But Rowan let him live because Huck was his best and Olivia was very careless about her life and Olivia cared about him.

          • jains says:

            It is Fitz with a Z!

          • dasia says:

            Hucks whole B613 crew had deals. Including Charlie. Remember they were all living “normal lives.” So I think Charlie meant something else by that. Maybe he wants to stop killing or being the bad guy for the government.

          • Scandalized says:

            Fitz*… My bad

        • nptexas says:

          All IMO of course.

        • Kerry says:

          I totally agree with you!!!! Fitz looked like a WIMP!!1 I’m also tired of Olivia and Fitz breaking up every other week.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Cy is a master chess player; and Fitz is a just an amateur checkers guy. who cries when his pieces get jumped.

          • Juds says:

            I totally agree with you. I was disappointed in the writing for Fitz and Olivia at the end. What is Shona thinking, playing the viewers like a yo-yo? If someone is the love of your life and you can’t breathe without him/her, how do you go back to your wife looking like a wimp or how do you go back to your apartment smiling? If you have come this far to be together, why not have a honest dialogue about the obstacles that are working to keep them apart?
            I knew that Rowan was her father for quite sometime and linking him to Huck. But, I am tired of Shonda Rhimes trivializing OLTZ relationship and trashing it, once it has been hyped up again, Very annoying!

        • bbseeme says:

          Wimped out?
          I wouldn’t want to date you.
          He went back to Mellie because Olivia chose her crew over him and because at the end of the day, Mellie was STILL there for him.
          No amount of back bone could have solved that problem.
          He can’t force her to forgive him for Verna, a mess which, frankly, she created.
          She never even ASKED Cyrus about killing Amanda Tanner, still hangs out wit Hollis, but Fitz kills the woman who SHOT him ad she dumps him.
          I thought her love was worth more.
          Olivia rejected him again, like she did at the end of season one.

          His life was fine before she came along.
          She lied about defiance for 3 years, never told him about her father??
          She broke him and walked away.

          I don’t for a second think him and Mellie will last, but as for Olivia?
          Frankly I’m beginning to think he’s better off without her.

          • Elly says:

            It’s not going back to Mellie (and I’m 85% certain he’s only going back to her for his re-election image) that made him a wimp-it’s the way he just fell in her lap. He had cojones the past couple eps (both w/ and w//out Liv) but its like he never had any after tonight.

        • badromance says:

          THIS JUST IN
          Fitz falling into Mellie’s lap was a last minute decision. Shonda Rhimes said in an interview earlier today that there were 3 potential endings
          “There was an original scene after he says, ‘What happens to us?’ where [Olivia] woke up in bed and you think she’s alone. We shot it and he rolls over on top of her and you realize they’re back to having their secret relationship again,” Rhimes says.
          But they changed it.
          It was another hit on the Fitz character like Verna’s death.
          Also mentioned by Rhimes here:
          “We came up with the presidential assassination late in the game — like a lot of things — and the idea for Fitz to kill Verna late in the game. Storywise, it was going to be Huck who killed Verna who covers it up for Olivia.”
          For some reason the writers have spent the whole season trying to destroy the Fitz character.
          If I was Tony Goldwyn, I’d just quit.

          • Renata Costa says:

            “For some reason the writers have spent the whole season trying to destroy the Fitz character.
            If I was Tony Goldwyn, I’d just quit.”
            This is exactly what I was thinking.

          • Elly says:

            Thank you for posting that interview, I never thought about it but they do seem to be beating him down a bit. Maybe for a triumphant rise in season 3. I’m kinda glad they left jake situation open, I like him on the show.

          • M says:

            I agree. I preferred it much more when Fitz was a flawed but still high minded one with at least some semblance of directive. Mellie is the whore of Babylon in my book…I think choosing that ending was bad.

          • LaT says:

            “If I was Tony Goldwyn, I’d just quit.” Because you’re thinking like someone who’d want their character to be, if not a paragon, at least somewhat virtuous. But most actors DON’T want that for their characters because most actors think that kind of character is boring to play (those actors are incorrect, but my whole Good Does Not Equal Boring rant is for another day and a different post). Tony Goldwyn probably LOVES the changes, because they gave him the opportunity to play a much broader range of characteristics than he would’ve played if Fitz had remained more like he was in S1 – a likeable guy who had this one pretty big moral blind spot in Olivia. He might feel differently if he were playing a cop, or the character was intended to be the hero in a story that’s clearly a morality play. But Scandal’s not that show. It’s practically noir-ish in the way there’s almost no character who’s truly walking on the side of the angels. Even David let the fact that the cabal STOLE AN ELECTION slide in favor of yes, taking down Albatross, but also restoring his own professional lustre. There aren’t any truly “good” guys on Scandal, so Rhimes, Goldwyn & Co. can afford to let Fitz get dirtier than he might have gotten if this were a different kind of show.

          • samjjoy says:


        • gigi says:

          @Elly, it was unrealistic.
          Unless he’s up to something.
          Their relationship is now too damaged and he has no reason to go back. Mellie has played her hand and lost.
          He might have been having a moment of confusion and boomeranging back to Mellie out of habit, the way Olivia slept with Jake on the rebound, but I don’t see their marraige lasting more than 2 more episodes.

          • Elly says:

            Exactly, that’s what I think annoyed me. He approached her like a man begging for his wife back out of sheer love, and I thinks it’s clears it not that. I could see him going to Olivia like that but even if Liv did write that plan, he delivered it with such velocity that it might as well been his. Mellie’s only interest to him is for image only and for a man that was so “f’ y’all, I marrying Liv and she’s moving into the White House” it just seems like such a far 180 from where he was 1-3 eps ago. If it wasn’t an inevitable that her and Fitz would end up together, I’d hope they’d just add jake full time to make him and Olivia be the new couple.

          • LaT says:

            But it’s not unrealistic. It’s exactly what Fitz does every time Olivia shuts him down. He went back to Mellie at the end of S1 after Mellie & Olivia had the “And now I’ll be taking my husband back” conversation and he was obviously able to get her pregnant to sell the story M&O cooked up to explain the sex tape. Fitz’s demeanor when he went back to Mellie at the end of this finale is exactly the same demeanor he had when he learned about Defiance and Liv’s role in it. Go back and watch the scene between F&M in the Oval Office, when he takes her face in his hands and asks her to swear that she’s in it with him. Or the scene where Mellie blames Defiance on Cyrus and Fitz takes her hand and kisses it while they’re in the limo. Every time Olivia has shut Fitz out, or he’s found out something about her that deeply disappoints him, he not only goes back to Mellie, he goes back to Mellie while acting extremely contrite (remember, at the beginning of the season their relationship was almost warm again; things only got chilly between them when he demonstrated that he couldn’t stay away from Olivia). Also, don’t underestimate the degree to which Fitz may feel he doesn’t *deserve* better than Mellie in the wake of Olivia learning he killed Verna. Cyrus was unruffled by it and Fitz may have convinced himself that if Olivia ever found out, she’d love him enough for it to ultimately not matter to her. Despite what Olivia said about the Gladiators needing her and that’s why she and Fitz can’t be together, there’s NO WAY Fitz thinks it’s only about that; on some level, he’s got to be thinking that she’s only saying that to spare him the real truth – that she can’t abide him killing Verna. We know that Fitz still struggles with feelings of inadequacy. Olivia walking away from him after learning he killed Verna has probably been a big blow to his self-esteem. He may think the toxic – but familiar and steady – dynamic he has with Mellie is all he deserves now, especially since Mellie was still, in this very episode, trying to keep them together. The difference between Mellie and Olivia for Fitz right now is that despite everything, Mellie will still have him.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @LaT: This is an excellent comment and you may be right: on some level, maybe Olivia can’t deal with murder. That may have been the last straw.

          • ruth says:

            They can never be over I think. But they will be apart for a really long time
            Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

          • carter says:

            Olivia can deal with murder. She’s dealt with it from Huck, Hollis, Cyrus, Jake and her father.
            The only person she holds to a different standard is Fitz.
            A higher standard in fact, since his was the only murder of a confirmed killer, who had tried to kill HIM.
            My distaste about the end wasn’t that Olivia left him, but that they implied that he would return to Mellie. He did so in the past before his affair was an established fact between them and known to the world.
            He has no reason to do so now.
            I took the scene as an entreaty for absolution, not necessarily a request to return to her.
            The fact is there are plenty of women who would have him other than Mellie and as toxic as their relationship has become, there is no way he wouldn’t go and find one.
            Returning to her is out of character.
            It’s bad writing.
            I suspect his apology to Mellie was just that. An apology.
            And perhaps a prelude to a more civilised break up.
            The sad fact is that he has a better chance at being re-elected as a single man with no girlfriend.
            American voters can be fairly sympathetic and the idea that his marriage has ended over an affair that is now over anyway, would actually gain him quite a bit of public sympathy.
            Also I’d like to see Fitz back to the way he was before Olivia. their relationship has embroiled him in terrible things.

          • Regi says:

            @ gigi – I agree. Fitz is up to something. When he fell into her lap he had a smirk at the corner of his mouth like the cat that caught the canari. I believe his smirk was about him knowing that Mellie would buy into him coming back to her and she would back him and take the fall for him cheating on her. He would then actually “win” the next election on his own. He is no dummy.

            Also, the chip that Cyrus banged up was the fake. Daddy sent the girl to bring Olivia to him because he know that the guy was in love with her and would not do it. He had both of them followed so he know that the guy would kill the girl (he used her life as a pawn). He did not kill the guy because he also knows that Olivia does care about him which is why he only put him in the hole. Next season he will allow Olivia to see him and Olivia will cheat on him with Fitz at some point (by end of season) and get caught. Quinn is falling in love with Hawk and he will not want anything to do with him. Hawk will go looking for his family and she will be with someone else. etc. Red will get the disk back simply because she is super smart and does not trust anyone.


          • Yvette Egston says:

            There was no smirk on Fitz face. That was a broken man look. He was hurt again by Olivia. He needs a new woman who can accept his love and love him and meet his needs. Olivia runs and rejects too much. Mel just delusional about love. Get you a new love Fitz. You deserve it. Let Olivia chase Jake. She certainly has not earned Fitz. Work on her daddy issues. Harrison will be her brother . I think from 752 episode, Olivia was running from something. I bet she killed someone in her past. Would like to see Harrison love interest played by Jurnee Smollet. Who are Olivia ex besides Edison? Shonda can do better character writing for Fitz. Hope she allows him to be more assertive and manly in Season 3. The comment she made about Fitz going back to his mama was deranged and how do you write so badly for your Lead Male Actor. This is Mr Tony Goldwyn. You will only have his services for a short time. He will move on from Scandal when better scripts and movies come his way. Unless you have another strong Lead Man in the shadow to bring romance, passion and sensuality as Mr Goldwyn, Scandal will not see season 4. It’s Handled June 11.2013. Oh hope Tony directs 2 Scandal episodes S3. He does well.

        • Yvette Egston says:

          June 10,2013 Was not a big fan of the Season 2 Finale of Scandal more so the scene with Fitz bowing to Mellie and placing his head in her lap like a child. Not a grown manly man look. Fitz is too Presidential for that. I knew Shonda would split Olivia and Fitz up again. This is getting to be tiresome. Either split them up for good or let the relationship grow. These two actors deserve better writing for their great acting abilities. I sometimes wish Fitz would kick both Olivia and Mellie to the curve and he moves on with a relationship that meets his needs with a new woman. They both need to see him loving and being loved by a new woman. Olivia loves him , but she is stuck with abandonment issues. She acts immature at times. Fitz has offered to give up a lot for their love but he gets rejected by her. Torture and pain. I want better for him. Season 3 will probably see Mel bring the children back from boarding school as a way to keep Fitz in place. Olivia will see this and runs again. Time for Olivia to earn Fitz. Cyrus loves them and did not want anything to happen to them so he played a hand into destroying them. Don’t think Scandal will make it to Season 4 with sometimes crappy soap opera writing of SR. She has brilliant actors in this emsemble , Emmy worthy cast. If Scandal gets an Emmy nod the writing has got to be way better than what Season 2 showed. Also Scandal needs to know that not only do 18-30 yr old watch show. Write to capture the viewing audience in the 50 -60 yr age group. Intelligent and logical.

    • Memi says:

      You’re not alone believe me we got some serious papa Pope issues to deal with next season. A lot of back story here. Liv’s is big ad baddest dad of the year of the year getting jake to sleep with his daughter just to get it on tape and then trying to kill her? Wow that’s out there. I hope next season we see Liv and co bring down B613. talking about B613 when last episode Charlie asked Liv for a deal like she got for Huck. Did he have amnesia because when papa Pope told Charlie to take out Huck he cut him loose so they thought he was dead. on the other hand papa Pope may have learned that Huck was alive and let him live to keep Liv safe or something. twisted if you ask me. I really felt bad for Huck. Seems like he feels sick like a he became a recruiter for turning Quinn into baby Huck. Have to say I’m so tired if this back and forth with Liv and Fitz. I think it was Mellie who outed Liv because if Fitz gets the notion to leave her again for Liv he could never do it the way he had planned. Plus Shondra would never do it unless it was the Series Finale. Story telling 101 and they lived happily after but in most stories that doesn’t happy until the very end there is too much expectation to live up to and stories tend to go down hill from there so we won’t see it on screen Shondra will dangle that carrot for a while but it cant last cuz it’t getting old let them have other lovers or some thing this back and forth is not working out! Don’t know how I feel about David I guess I’ll give him a pass cuz he could of taken down Fitz and co but decided to just get his reputation and a promotion. He did hurt Liv and I don’t think she mad about how it turn she almost seemed amused.

      • Memi says:

        Correction to my last line I meant to say that David didn’t hurt Liv.

      • Rook says:

        Okay how creepy was Quinn? Can’t wait to see what they do with her next. And can Harrison get a storyline.

        • Erin says:

          You’re right! Harrison was barely in it. Last episode he was trying to make Olivia his client & was absent in this one. Hopefully next season they do more with him.

          • jains says:

            Harrison was also absent when the whole cast went on The Talk last Tuesday morning. I missed the Good Morning Show. Was he there?

          • dasia says:

            I’m scared he won’t come back. That’ll suck. He really does need a storyline considering how loyal he is to Liv.

          • Kelly says:

            Actually I read somewhere (might have been here) that Harrison would get a backstory next season.

          • Moe says:

            From an April 4th interview Columbus Short did on ABCNews Radio,

            “Harrison’s like the gun on the wall that we haven’t fired yet… Because Harrison’s back story… his connection to Liv [Olivia Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington] and his loyalty to Liv runs much deeper and stronger than what we know so far as audience members, and me as a character… There’s definitely some love interest about to ensue for Harrison… You know what I love about [show creator Shonda Rhimes] is that she didn’t write pointless love interests for Harrison… I am a very loyal man and a loyal guy to friends, family [and] my spouse… The kind of fought-my-way-in-and-out-of-any-situations kind of thing that Harrison has, that’s a lot like me. I’m finding a lot more similarities than I initially thought when approaching this character so it’s really nice.”

            Shonda Rhimes, a couple of months earlier stated the same, “I consider Harrison to be the gun on the wall that we haven’t fired on purpose. The story of Harrison and his past — he used to work for Adnan Salif and then he went to jail — that thing that’s going to unfold, that’s a giant story that we want to unpack when it suits us most. We’ve been holding onto it. We will be getting glimpses and hints as to what’s to come.”

            Unless something else personal is going on and CS leaves the show, we should expect his arc Season 3, I think.

        • Guess says:

          Huck, what have you done to that woman? This is definitely not the same Quinn we were introduced to.

      • pat harrison says:

        It almost seems like this a 3 season show. I agree that they can only carry the Liv Fitz story for so long. That being saif I think Shonda should have offered “the morning after” pill to her loyal

        • Yvette Egston says:

          Think SR wants to get back to the Olivia Pope story. Fitz and Olivia relationship went to the stratosphere when Scandal began. This got people hooked into the show. I don’t think SR intended for them to be so prominent. The other writers saw KW/TG chemistry and exploded it. So now Scandal is fueled by them . The audience wants them. S3 will show the gradual destruction of Olivia and Fitz. Seeing Olivia fly off to be with Jake after being happy with Fitz for a fleeing moment is another SR obstacle. So ready for Olitz to be mature and accountable relationship. Will not happen, Breakup to make up is worned out.S3 will show Mellie trying to repair the damage in marriage. Her fixer leaked Olivia name. To remedy this both Fitz and Mellie will have to deny Olivia as the mistress. So buck up Mellie. You want the WH, First Lady status. Hope Olivia does not work campaign for them this time. Let Mellie and Cyrus handle it.If reset button is pushed then let it be pushed for Cyrus too. Earlier this spring on some talk shows, Tony has been getting the audience ready for Mellie being in love with him(Fitz). So S3 will be Fitz and Mellie really working at being husband and wife. We will get background on what went wrong in marriage. Think Mellie may have had a fling with Big Jerry. Think baby Teddy is Hollis or someone else. Another thought was Rowan dislikes Fitz and Olivia together maybe because Rowan wife (Olivia mother) had an affair with Big Jerry . Olivia and Fitz might be half brother and sister. Just saying, it’s Scandal. Oh Pease send Fitz a new lady love.

      • jbabyd89 says:

        I agree with most of both of the above post. I know that Olitz lives on they will always be together and it seems that we are always gonna be going through this back the forth bull crap. I notice that Liv told Fitz to put all of the past behind him and start over and run with Mellie by his side. She said hit the reset button on everything that happen in the past but she did not mention their relationship as being part of the reset. hmmmmm… Which tell me she is not ready either to let Fitz go. I think she know that no matter how much she say that her plan will work, the whole divorce thing during election would be difficult for him. She broke things off out of love for Fitz. The only problem i have with the break-up, although i GET it…it the fact that we watched them for 20 episodes in misery and she(shonda) only gave them 2 episode of happiness. dang there are the stars of the show..I know Rowan was her dad from the jump, it was very obvious to me and Charlie confirmed it for me last week when he told OPA he wanted the deal Olivia got for Huck. Liv’s face was as blank as the senator’s face when he sitting up there lying about not running again knowing damn well he was about to pay a visit to the president…. lol The character assassination in this show is….amma leave that alone. Shonda please give Fitz a backbone and let him keep it..PLEASE is is the POTUS.. that whole getting down on his knees come on! yeah he had to go back but dang, not like that? i think that is what did it for me…

    • Sally-in-Chicago says:

      Well, I’m a voice of dissention….I guess. I was on board with Scandal and Shonda is writing way off the rails for me. My brain can’t wrap around all these different people running around Washington, trying to do each other in. Her scripts have become very “soap operary”, with Liv turning into a confused woman sleeping with the President – on/off/on/off relationship with the President….but this is too X-file-ish for me. Too many personalities, people, everybody trying to kill everybody else. Shonda STOP IT!

    • Andrea says:

      Fitz sent the assasin to kill O. She had asked him to be there that night and he gave a lame excuse. He killed Verna so he’s a killer. He’s lost O and he doesn’t want Jake to get her. He had a smirk on his face when Mellie took him back. He’s got more plans for season 3. Not a nice guy. Mellie’s no picnic, but he takes too much delight in bullying her. Rowan knows that Fitz is bad and wants his daughter away from him.

  2. Sarah says:

    I literally yelled “what?!?!” at the TV…. INSANE!! But you knew it wouldn’t end with all happiness and sunshine!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I went with a loud, “NO. WAY!”

      • Alichat says:

        That was my reaction. And I’m sorry, but what kind of father outs his daughter as the President’s mistress?? Wouldn’t a little pow wow in the car be the better route before you decide to ruin her career? Unless we find out that Cyrus did the outing, which I don’t believe since it wouldn’t be smart for him. And why would Mellie out Olivia now that Fitz is back? Unless she’s trying to ensure that Liv can’t step foot in the White House ever again. Or maybe it was Langston. Regardless, I scared the dog when I blurted out “NO. WAY!”

        • Carm says:

          ‘ I’m sorry, but what kind of father outs his daughter as the President’s mistress??’ The same kind who has his ’employee sleep with her’, gives a sex tape starring her to Cyrus and maybe sent another employee to kill her. Still not sure what was going on with that last one. I think Dad was the one who outed her. It gets her where he wants her somehow..

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah, after I wrote it, I had that ‘wait a second!’ moment where I remembered that he did task Jake with seducing her, and he did send that assassin in to kill her. So, I guess we really know what kind of dad he is.

          • Cherise says:

            The info that the audience has is too circumstantial to assume that we know that Liv’s dad tasked Jake to sleep with her and that he tried to have her killed. I think it’s going to play out that Jake only said that to try to sever the attachment between them. His mission was probably just to report back her interaction with Fitz, but then he fell for her. I also think that we’re going to find out that the “assassin” was a ploy to a) give Jake consequences for not following orders and b) get Liv away from Fitz long enough for her father to try to talk some sense into her. Probably was a tranquilizer rather than real ammo. Also, we’re probably going to find out that more people knew about Liv’s familial B613 connection, which could be a reason that the affair is causing such a problem for so many people. Fixer with links to the CIA and the White House…she’s a moving target for terrorist and anyone else who has anything against the US government. Wouldn’t be surprised if this show starts looking like 24…

      • GeoDiva says:

        It dawned on me when the security guys ushered her into the limo, that he was her dad. Still a great twist!

    • sb says:

      me too with the WHAT! yellingl

    • Sara says:

      Hahaha, me too!

  3. Tony says:

    I think my wife and I both let out the loudest, simultaneous “WHAT?” ever with that reveal, lol

  4. lb says:

    I have never freaked out so much at my television! DAD?!?!!?!!?!?

    • KCC says:

      Did he put a hit on his own daughter? Why would he put Jake in the pit for saving his daughter’s life?

      • the girl says:

        He put Jake in the pit for disobeying orders. Daughter or no, Jake was still supposed to do what he was told.

      • Cheyenne says:

        He put Jake in the hole for disobeying orders. When he says “Jump”, everybody is supposed to say “How high?” Jake paid the price for going rogue.

        • Vonnie says:

          I believe he was placed in the hole to forget he ever knew Olivia. Remember how they did Huck? He forgot he had a family. But I can’t wrap my head around Olivia’s Dad wanting her dead.

          • Phi says:

            True.. I believe that is right but also to remember his obligation is to B613… not Olivia

          • Sally-in-Chicago says:

            I don’t think her dad wants her dead. He said, bring her to me, which indicates they are estranged….I guess we have to wait until next season?

          • cody l says:

            The order he “disobeyed” was to bring Olivia to him. Instead, he brought her to her office. That was not the order given. so- he gets the hole.

      • TVPeong says:

        He put Jake in the pit, because the assassin got so close.

      • Memi says:

        He did tis so he would forget Liv like when they did it to Huck to forget he had a family oh yeah and for punishment for going rouge

      • Rook says:

        Forget the pit, he made Jake seduce his daughter. WTF?

        • Buzz says:

          My thoughts exactly. Can u spell CREEPY ?

        • Chester says:

          I think he wanted Liv away from the president so his organization would not have to kill her.

        • KD says:

          You think he ordered Jake to seduce her? I thought Jake just said that to get her to forget about him.

        • Brenda says:

          Exactly sick as hell.

        • Rozzle says:

          You know, I really believe Jake fell in love with Liv. His orders were to come between Fitz & Liv.

          If you guys recall earlier this season, he didn’t want to disclose to Rowan that he had slept with Liv. I believe Rowan figured that out on his own. I’m not sure that the lady assassin was coming to kill Liv — only to bring her to him. I’m wondering if we find out that it was Dad/Rowan who connected Liv to Huck, helped her get Harrison out of jail, and suggested that Cyrus call her into the Campaign to help Fitz get elected (for the “Good of the Republic). The twists are much more than the surface.

        • Norma says:

          I love this program! Unlike the majority I don’t think Jake was ‘forced’ into sleeping with Olivia.
          As for Fitz, the man always has an agenda; he just hides it better than everyone else (except for Cyrus). With Scandal what you see is not always the whole/true picture and that’s what makes it

        • Annette says:

          Yeah, Rowan wanted to meddle in her life by picking a more “suitable” boyfriend for her, permanently break-up her relationship with Fitz, or to keep her away from Fitz forever but exposing her. It’s pretty cold, calculating and twisted!

  5. Chris says:

    Gasp. Total gasp.

  6. Sam says:

    I threw my phone. Somehow I knew he was her dad!!!

  7. Freddie says:

    They broke up at Olivia’s INSISTENCE, Matt. Not ASSISTANCE.

    I can’t believe Joe Morton is Olivia’s dad. He gave Cyrus a tape of someone boffing his daughter!!!

    Do these people not know that he’s Olivia’s dad? How is that possible?

    • KCC says:

      He didn’t give Cyrus the tape, Cyrus got it from Charlie and he knew about it.

      • Annette says:

        There were two tapes. Charlie created one and Rowan had one the one that Jake made for him. We don’t know which one Cyrus had.

        • dasia says:

          Charlie’s tape that was his job. Find out about Jake and Olivia. But I think he made his own copy because he repeatedly complained about how Cyrus have him baby work. That man has his own agenda. Cyrus kinda abandoned him he’s probably tired of working for and being controlled by the government. I think he may have outed liv if he’s working with Billy.

    • the girl says:

      I don’t think they know. Why would Cyrus worry about her safety if he knew Joe Morton (aka Rowan) was Olivia’s father?

      • Cheyenne says:

        Because he knows Rowan is capable of anything, including having his own daughter killed.

        • the girl says:

          I don’t think he ever intended to kill her, ever. I think he really did just want to see her, and no one knows that’s his daughter, so when he said “bring her to me” they were like, what for?? with the raised eyebrow. If he just wanted her dead, there’s no reason to bring her in for that. HE wasn’t going to kill her – that man doesn’t do his own dirty work.

          • Vonnie says:

            Then who sent the female assassin if not B613?

          • Lola says:

            Agree. No one knows he’s her dad. I think the plot to keep her away from the President is bigger than him, but came down through him to stop since he’s head of this team. I think he sent the assassin knowing that Jake would be there (or maybe even clued him in to ensure he went).

          • the girl says:

            The assassin was for Jake. The assassin was supposed to kill Jake, because Rowan assumed he’d be protecting Olivia, and then the assassin would bring Olivia to Rowan.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @the girl: How did the assassin know Jake was there? The assassin was there to kill Olivia. She never expected to find anyone else there.

          • the girl says:

            I really believe Rowan sent the assassin to kidnap Olivia, with instructions to kill anyone (Jake) who got in her way. Remember, Rowan told Jake “bring Olivia Pope to me” and if he wanted Olivia dead he would have had no reason to see her first.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @the girl: I watched it again tonight and that assassin was definitely there to kill. You could tell by the way she drew her gun. And since she couldn’t have known for sure that Jake would be there, the hit had to be on Olivia.

      • Memi says:

        Because in his sick twisted way he really does love Olivia seems more so than papa Pope

        • Memi says:

          In response to

          I don’t think they know. Why would Cyrus worry about her safety if he knew Joe Morton (aka Rowan) was Olivia’s father?
          Comment by the girl – May 16, 2013 08:22 PM PDT REPLY TO THIS POST

  8. Andrew says:

    I’m sorry, but I expected a lot more during the final minutes. From what the cast had been teasing, my impression was that the ending would be EARTH-SHATTERING. Maybe it’s my fault, but it was a good finale nonetheless. I liked the twist, but it wasn’t the best season ender this week. Cheers to a wonderful season 2!

    • dasia says:

      I agree! And maybe this is just selfishness but I wish the last episode was the finale and this was S3E1

    • Derek says:

      I agree. They went WAY too far in their teasing and hyping the “last five minutes.” I think they over-hyped it, which made me expect way more than what was delivered.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree! I think they greys finale prior to this was a much better finale, had me amped the whole hour… Him being the dad is the bigger shocker?? PFFTTT. Weak sauce.

    • Tracy Elliott says:

      I also completely agree. I was half expecting to see Liv get shot by a sniper or something because that track suit was all sorts of white…I imagined seeing blood spatter, Now that would have tore me up, The last scene really just made me think of the first episode of the first season of Alias, when she is saved in a garage by her “daddy”. Not a bad thing to emulate, but I expected more. I’m so glad no one’s life is hanging in the balance for the next three months! Honestly, after just watching Grey’s, my poor heart couldn’t take another!

    • ha! You folks kill me. Go write a better season finale and then we can tallk. Underwhelmed my a**.

    • Lynne says:

      When I watched last week’s episode, I thought it was the finale and was surprised there was one more episode. I agree with you.

    • Sara says:

      YES! I loved the finale, but I kept looking at the clock waiting for the last 5 minutes & I read a million theories last week & one that stuck with me was Rowan being her father. I swear the internets are spoiling my TV

      • Catherine says:

        Ditto on the internet spoiling my TV. I was not surprised at all that Rowan is Liv’s father b/c I read that theory last weeek.

  9. Lash says:

    still. in. shock. #Dad

    • KCC says:

      Remember how Charlie asked for the deal that Huck got, so that he won’t have to keep looking over his shoulders? Do you think her dad let Huck be, so that he could watch over Liv?

      • dasia says:

        I never thought of that! Interesting theory. But I really think Rowan’s not top dog. I think he’s also following orders or rules or something! I think the answers lie in Olivia’s past.

      • @KCC That is quite possible. I think someone in her dads org wants Liv dead but I think her dad & the prez had Jake follow her for her protection. Jake is in the hole for not bringing Olivia to her dad cuz he fell inlove with her & didnt know what the dad was going to do to her cuz he doesnt know thats her dad. He just wanted to talk to her. Dad didnt want her dead cuz he didnt order Charlie or Jake to kill her. But dad did order Jake to get into her bed to make the tape to show the prez to break them up. Because you know the prez didnt give him that order! lolzzz…

        • Patrick W says:

          Why did Olivia’s dad need to have her “brought” to her. If he wants to see her, go to her apartment and knock on her door. It’s not like he cares about being discreet about seeing her, considering he picked her ass up in a stretch limo in front of a gazillion reporters. This is what i find strange.

          • Cheyenne says:

            What if she doesn’t want to let him in? What is he going to do, kick the door down?

      • Chely says:


        if Huck got that deal in exchange for watching over Liv, and they’re each other’s “person” (borrowing the term from Grey’s), does that mean that he knows Rowan is Liv’s dad and has been keeping it from her?
        Another possibility is that Liv’s dad has been presumed dead or something and she’s in shock because he’s alive? I do think he’s the head honcho, or pretty high up the food chain; maybe he was in the “hole” too at some point and now that he’s on top he can pretty much do whatever he wants, including getting his relationship back with his daughter…. just some theories floating in my head… I can already see the drama and story line potential for season 3!

      • Scandalfan says:

        Not only did she get a “deal” for Huck…remember when Jake brought a shaken Olivia after the assassin attack back to her office, that she also told Jake she could “help him”? The big question is will Huck forgive her when he finds out who her dad is?

  10. KSM says:

    I had read the Dad theory somewhere, so I kind of thought it might be that, but I like the twist!! Can’t wait to see how this allworks out next season! Not going to lie, had to pause for 5 min and get emotionally collected for the episode after Grey’s!

    • MaryAnn says:

      I had been avoiding the spoilers and speculations all week. Am now glad I did. The season ended had a lot more impact that way, but still I was underwhelmed after all the hype. The biggest gasp for me came when Jake landed in the hole that had almost taken Huck’s sanity.

      • the girl says:

        That was awful!! But juicy… meaning Scott Foley might be back!

      • dasia says:

        Maybe Olivia and the crew will save Jake next That is if they can reassemble themselves first. I can’t wait to see what #dad intentions are! And I hope we figure out fitz and olivia’s status soon. Because it’s starting to feel like the first couple of seasons of Greys. I have sooo many questions though and my head is still spinning! And yes KW definitely deserves it!! I’d love to see her win one. And how about that superpower scene?!? I think I’m going through withdrawal already too

    • Sally-in-Chicago says:

      I hope the President and Liv are finished! Move on….now let’s see what Mel will do. I’m surprised that Mel didn’t have Liv killed, that’s what I would have done.

      • badromance says:

        I’m moving on. I’m not watching this show anymore.
        The break up was contrived and diminishes all the love she professed to feel for him.
        Apparently he’s the only person in Washington she can’t forgive murder, although he’s the only one who had just cause.
        Liv’s a hypocrite.
        It pains me to say it, but maybe Mellie was right.

        • Cheyenne says:

          “Life is not a romance novel.” — Cyrus Beene

        • jhazzael says:

          SHE SACRIFICED her happiness for him. She wanted him to run and win withoun interference from her

          • dasia says:

            I think so too! I think finding out about Verna made her realize that Fitz has issued issues to deal with some of which she caused and maybe this daddy reveal will help her see her own issues she has to deal with. Hopefully this is where Harrison comes in! To help her out.

          • Annette says:

            I think that Olivia believed that she had to let Fitz live his dream of being President on his own terms in order for them to be healthy and whole couple in the future.She knows that under the circumstances that he could never win the re-election with her at his side (her race and the affair). He has the best chance of running with Mellie at his side. Olivia’s fix it plan would have worked, but Fitz told Mellie about it. Mellie would just make it tougher if Liv was in the picture. As a savvy crisis manager she knows that he does not need to go into an election with so much drama and baggage.

            Also, I am not convinced that she ever wanted to be First Lady. It was Fitz’s idea as a way to honor her place in his life. She always thought that she and Fitz would be together after he left office. If she hated being “stalked” and guarded by Jake then I can not see how she would really like the loss of privacy from being FLOTUS. Mellie loves the job and relishes in it. She enjoyed having her independence, running her own company, her clients and fixing her Gladiators or leading them into battle. She alludes to this in her speech at the Oval.

            Fitz and Olivia will be apart during the election campaign, but once Fitz becomes President he will be working to get rid of Mellie and get Olivia back. I can see him still trying to implement Olivia’s fix it plan. Olivia revisit it again. Fitz is the love of her life (although I believe that Jake is a better match for her). She never said that Verna’s murder was a game changer for her. It may have lost him some good guy points. However, I do not think that it disturbed her enough to end the relationship.

            Jake loves Olivia, but began to pull away from her emotionally when he realized how much she loved Fitz. Notice he did not initiate any more kissing after her trip to the hospital. He knows she cares about him, does not love him. He saved her life, gave up his career, and maybe his own life for her. It was not enough to win her heart. Olivia never shifted far in her thinking. Even after all that Jake sacrificed Olivia continued to talk about being with Fitz. I am not convinced that the writers could ever resurrect a romantic relationship between Jake and Olivia. SR blew that up! There is not enough crazy glue to put that back together. Plus the OLITZ fans would go psycho on her.

            Guess we will have to rely on Gladiators Abby, Harrison, Huck, and Harrison for the steamy love scenes in season 3.

        • Scandalfan says:

          I think it was a perfect ending. Olivia and Fitz needed a reality check and they’re romance no matter how I wanted it to work – is wrong. She saw the light I believe. Even though she loves him, she has always struggled with the cheating. Imo, I think the murder of Verna was the final nail. She seemed to me in the final scene.. relieved and back to who she is..She got her “gut ” back, so to speak. I hope now we get to see her redeem her rep, save sexy Jake, and hopefully get the scoop on the rest of the team. One thing for sure, season 3 will be a rollercoaster ride. Woo hoo!!

  11. Mellissa says:

    Good season ending for tonight but I don’t want to see the Fitz and Olivia romance played and played again. Either break them up or have them together. I’m worried about Cyrus, he’s going to have another heart attack. Mellie will be cold freezing Fitz for a couple of episodes next season but then she’ll take him back.

    • KCC says:

      Cyrus for the win! He was on point this episode.

    • carter says:

      I’m hoping Mellie and Fitz will divorce anyway. it’s a toxic marriage and they both deserve better.
      This must really be screwing their kids up.
      I agree about the relentless relationship loop. It’s a little tiresome and frankly I think Fitz ought to be single for a while, as should Olivia.
      If he’s not careful, Cy’s gonna have a stroke.

  12. Whitney says:

    Now I want to know who the hell her mother is!

    • Jains says:

      Was Verna her mother?

    • Sarah says:

      It’s Ted Mosby’s wife.

    • jains says:

      There have only been two older women. One is Sally, so conservative and religious and the Verna. I think Verna was Olivia’s mom. (I have a really hard time picturing Sally as Olivia’s mom. Ug.) Verna had a relationship, got pregnant way before it was acceptable for blacks and whites to intermarry. Abortions were that easy either. And she had high ambitions, a legal career that took her to the Supreme Court. She carried Olivia to term and put her up for adoption. For some reason her dad got in contact throughout her life but her mother’s identity was never revealed to her.

      Stunning ending. Cyrus recovers from a heart attack, Olivia saved from a bullet (from the previews it looked like she was going to be kidnapped), a plan for Fitz and Liv that then unravels so we can have more romance drama, and Jake in the hole. Except for Jake, everything seemed pretty grand and then, WHAM, “Dad??!?”

      • shuayb says:

        Seriously? Anyone with half a brain can tell u that verna is NOT Olivia’s mother. Its obviously uncast as yet. Cch pounder would be a good choice…
        No one excluding Cyrus knows that Rowan is Olivia’s father. It was probably Rowan who thought Olivia could help Cyrus on fitz campaign. Rowan probably needed to keep his daughter from harm but Jake did not know that, that’s why he got boxed.

        • Chely says:


          I don’t think even Cyrus knows that Rowan is Olivia’s dad. Also, if you think back to the first season, Cyrus hired Olivia to come work for him because he had trained her and was sort of her mentor.

        • dasia says:

          I agree! I would even be disappointed if her mom was verna! I’m really excited for her backstory and hopefully Harrison too!

        • nana says:

          I dont’ think Cy knows that Rowan is Liv’s father. He actually thought that he was going to kill her. I think that Liv has been watched by Rowan for a while and i think it wasn’t coincidence that she got moved to help on Fitz campaign nor her having Huck. I think Huck knows Rowan is Liv’s father and he was placed at OPA to protect her and also report on her. For an inteligent woman, Liv seems pretty clueless and doesn’t want to face reality. She knows that Cy killed Amanda Tanner and he’s still her best friend. She knows her job is dangerous but yet she uses 0 security. She’s lucky other people are watching over her. Just because she’s doesn’t kill anyone, she demands that other people do the same thing in politics. She is out of her damn mind. Fitz had every right to kill Verna. I would have killed her myself if he didn’t. We are taliking about a woman who participated in rigging a national election so she very well knew that Fitz had 0 knowledge of it and she still paid an assassin to kill him. To make matter worse, right before she died she decided to screw everyone else by calling David to talk about Defiance putting the all country in jeopardy. Not counting that she lied about her sickness so she can be supreme court judge, sold Huck to Sally so her legacy wouldn’t be tarnished, and wanting to murder Fitz despite knowing how much he meant to Liv who supposed to be her best friend. She deserved to be killed. If Olivia had listened to Huck, that whole Billy Chambers, mole, Defiance would not have happened. She needs to wake up and snap out of it like Harrison said. You profess your love for a man, he left his wife for you like you asked him to and know you just use BS excuse to let him go. What about just telling him the truth about how you think that the plan you came up with is too difficult for you to handle at this time. What about you stop kissing Jake. You told Fitz you wanted to be with him, what are you doing lipkissing Jake? Are you serious, Olivia. and Fitz is the one with Daddy issues? What about figuring out why you keep putting yourself at the rank of a mistress and Fitz is always putting you at his level. Both Liv and Fitz but especially Olivia needs to stop acting like children.

      • carter says:

        Joe Horton and the woman who played Verna would have much lighter skinned child. Her mother is either a new cast addition, or dead.

  13. dasia says:

    I literally yelled “I KNEW IT” lol! But whyyyyy I gotta know whyyyy! And is David really done is there a copy of the card?! Season 3 hurryyyyyy!!

  14. Heather Long says:

    I am dying laughing. I actually called this one. I never get Scandal right. EVER. Shonda always manages to twist and turn ahead of me, but I did call this one.

  15. luvlesnow says:

    I wish they hadn’t put Jake on the hole.

  16. Miranda says:

    There were more than five scream-worthy moments. I’m angry. Shocked. Heartbroken. Shonda Rhimes is an emotional terrorist—hope she owns up to it. Matt, I am in need to Scandal Therapy—I hope you’ve got some awesome zingers up your sleeve. It’s going to be a long four months.

  17. Rachele says:

    What an insane finale!

  18. stephanie says:

    i need an interview with Shonda Rhimes to explain this STAT!

    • the girl says:

      YES! Ausiello call that woman first thing in the morning and tell Shonda she got some ‘splainin to do!

  19. Linds says:

    Poor Olivia Pope her life is like a roller coaster that never ends. I’m excited to see Olivia’s backstory and why she hasn’t mentioned her father or her mom. Maybe her father killed her mother in front of Olivia?

  20. Cheyenne says:

    O.M.F.G. What the hell kind of father does that to his daughter? Color me mindf**ked. Shonda, you are a genius and I hate you!!!

  21. Lp says:

    Halfway through I knew it was her dad. Still by far the most gripping of the finales this season! My real question when I thought it was her dad was does Cyrus know its her dad and does fitz?

  22. Lisa says:

    I had seen guesses that he was related to Olivia but not that he was her father. Her own father tried to have her killed?!

  23. luvlesnow says:

    I wish they hadn’t put Jake in the hole.

  24. Midori says:

    Only on Scandal can “Dad” make me go “Awesome!” and laugh.

  25. TVPeong says:

    Poor Jake

    • KCC says:

      Can you imagine Fitz said he was going to say, “I forgive you for sleeping with Jake”?? Fitz is a married man who was sleeping with his wife. Liv and Fitz weren’t together, he was barely even talking to her at the time. Liv was single and able to make her own choices. What’s there for Fitz to forgive?? #TeamJake #PoorJake

      • the girl says:

        I was worried that he wasn’t going to let the Jake thing go, though, which would have been unreasonable, since they weren’t together when that happened. That wasn’t a real reason to stop their plans to be together, so I was glad that he quickly got over his emotions on that.

        • TVPeong says:

          I hope next season they get away from Olitz and move on to Olake

          • badromance says:

            Yeah Olake for the win!
            Jake’s slept with her under orders, lied to her, burgled her, made a sex tape of her and just stopped short of watching her be murdered.
            What a hero.

      • LaT says:

        It was also really silly of the show to even try to equate the revelation for Fitz of Olivia having consensual sex with Jake at a time when she and Fitz weren’t even speaking to each other with the revelation for Olivia that Fitz KILLED SOMEONE. It only lasted for a few seconds because Fitz got over himself once Olivia said she knew about Verna, but that was still a few seconds too long. Olivia didn’t do anything wrong. Fitz, OTOH, killed someone. It’s ludicrous for the show to even suggest, however briefly, those two things put them on equal footing with each other re: not wanting to continue the relationship!

        • Yeah Fitz did kill someone but that someone tried to kill him first & was suffering on her death bed already and was going to expose him so like republicans like to say ‘its fair game’ ! But I get what you mean.

      • hotgranny says:

        I agree! She is a single woman, able to sleep with whomever she pleased. Fitz was barely speaking to her and she had no reason to believe that would ever change!

      • bbseeme says:

        She demanded apologies and explanations for Amanda Tanner 2 YEARS after they broke up. Fitz demanded nothing.
        He forgave her, she DIDN’T forgive him.
        It’s now clear who loved who more.
        But then she was ALWAYS the one who left.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Are you forgetting how he treated her after he found out she was part of the Defiance group? When he dragged her into that closet, had mad sex with her and then tells her “we’re done”? He treated her like a street whore. Then he set Jake to spy on her and even slandered her to Jake. He told Jake she was not a good person. He treated her worse than she ever treated him.

          • webbied says:

            If you think that’s how people treat street whores, you’ve led a charmed life.
            He was nasty to her in the corridor, but considering she engaged in a federal crime that got him SHOT and lied to him for 3 years, it’s hardly surprising.
            She had 10 months to come and explain to him. Did she ever intend to?
            Because it doesn’t seem that way.
            Fitz words were nasty but Olivia has done WAY more to Fitz than he has to her.
            Her motives may have been good, but how was he to know that?
            In the entirety of this show, she has said she loved him exactly twice.
            The first time she left him a day later without any explanation.
            Can you even count how many times h has said it?
            Is it any wonder he doubted her?
            And after the events of the finale, after he took on public disgrace and risked his career for her, she left him again.
            I don’t think Olivia’s the victim here.
            At the end of the show, he was crying and she was actually GRINNING.

      • Annette says:

        I agree…that statement really disturbed me. It was like she had to stay faithful and save herself for him and only him. How twisted? I think she should have checked him on that “I forgive you” comment like she did in his office when he summoned her to the White house. He should have apologized for hurting her so badly that she sought solace in another man’s arms and explained that he put her in that situation.

  26. Guest says:

    I didn’t realize until it was over that I wasn’t breathing at full capacity.

  27. Alena says:

    Wow. Help me understand one thing, Olivia’s dad sent someone to kill her?!? Or do you think that was some kind of a test for Jake? Wow again.

    • the girl says:

      I think the girl was supposed to kill Jake and take Olivia. Just my theory, anyway.

      • KCC says:

        Interesting theory!

      • LaT says:

        I can’t quite figure it out. Because Jake said the woman was a B636 (B613? IDK) agent by all accounts, Rowan seems to run that Division (and Olivia gasped when Jake said it in a way that suggested she knew about it; that could be because of Huck, but it could also be because she knows the division’s connection to her dad).

        • Lola says:

          She’s definitely B613. She’s the one who gave Charlie the donuts last week when the other woman “got sick.” I think Rowan is trying to protect Olivia while not giving up that he has a daughter (for obvious reasons – look what he did to Huck). Someone wants Olivia to stay away from the President.

          • Kelly says:

            Yes! Someone does want Olivia to stay away from the President…the President’s wife, Mellie. Remember that “fixer” Mellie was talking to after she disclosed that the President was having an affair? I believe he is going to show up again in season 3. I would not be surprised if he has ties to the B613 agent that was killed by Jake in Olivia’s apartment. I don’t think Olivia’s dad had any intentions of killing her. All he wanted to do was protect her from whoever else was trying to hurt her…Mellie. Remember Mellie has powerful friends too. Just don’t sleep on Mellie…the true woman scorned.

          • LaT says:

            Yep. I watched it again tonight and the woman who came to Liv’s apartment was actually standing guard when Rowan and Jake were talking towards the beginning of the episode. She and Jake exchanged glances as Rowan was walking away from Jake. Nevertheless, I agree with the person upthread who suggested that the woman’s gun was filled with a tranquilizer dart and Jake’s decision to kill her was mistaken (because she wasn’t there to kill Olivia, but to knock her unconscious and bring her to Rowan). Understandable – because Jake obviously doesn’t know Rowan’s connection to Olivia and he does know that Rowan is dangerous, and thus he couldn’t/wouldn’t simply assume the woman WASN’T there to harm Liv – but still mistaken.

        • cjinsd says:

          She & the team knows about B613 because of Huck and the meeting of the assassins at OPA.

      • Zoe says:

        I didn’t think of that, but I think you’re right.

      • Moe says:

        That was my thinking too. That and the gun being used to threaten Olivia.

  28. JP says:

    Hats of to Shonda. What a season finale:
    – Quinn going all Bad A$$ on Billy
    – David Rosen twist. Thought for sure he was going to turn on OPA
    – The return of the hole
    – the white hat
    – #dad

    after this season can Keri please get an Emmy nod. She Brings it EVERY episode.
    Finally just let it be September. Already going through withdrawal.

  29. the girl says:

    Mellie outed Olivia as the mistress… to try to derail any possibility that they might get back together? To force Fitz into permanent submission? To embarrass and cripple Olivia socially and professionally? Doesn’t she realize that dragging that scandal out further can only hurt (not help) Fitz’s re-election chances? Does she not care??

    Good god my head is spinning. Whoa. Yeah officially dizzy.

    Slow clap Shonda Rhimes. Between Scandal and Grey’s girl you are on FIYAH. Plus, not for nothing, I still miss Private Practice.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I don’t think Mellie outed her. I think her dad outed her.

      • the girl says:

        Good thought. I didn’t consider that. Man I cannot wait to find out why.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I think Rowan will go to any lengths to keep Fitz in the WH because he thinks Fitz is weak and he wants a president he can manipulate behind the scenes. Olivia is in his way. No matter what kind of fantasies she and Fitz have deluded themselves with, he needs to stay married to Mellie if he wants to stay in the WH. He wants Olivia out of the way so she won’t pose a threat to Fitz’s marriage.

          • the girl says:

            Do you think, then, that Cyrus and Rowan work together at manipulating Fitz? Or maybe Rowan is one of Mellie’s guys? I’m just wondering what would be Rowan’s way of having access to Fitz – how is Fitz someone HE (Rowan) can control?

          • Cheyenne says:

            @the girl: Oh absolutely, Rowan and Cyrus are working together to manipulate Fitz. Cyrus plays Fitz like a trombone. Rowan can get to Fitz any time through Cyrus. Look how weak Fitz was, literally crawling back to Mellie. If Olivia had seen that she would have dumped him right then and there and never looked back.

          • the girl says:

            @Cheyenne, I do often think that Cyrus is more of a president than Fitz is. Fitz is a figurehead. Cyrus isn’t electable, so he used Fitz (and he pretty much said that in an episode a while back, about how his looks and predilection for men make him a terrible candidate). Last night, Cyrus was way more presidential than both Fitz and Olivia. They were truly losing themselves in that fairy tale. But I never imagined that there was someone else working with (or through) Cyrus to manipulate Fitz. I am intrigued by the idea.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @the girl: Have you ever thought Olivia has some major abandonment issues? Remember the first thing she said to Fitz when he went to the hospital? “I hate you. You left me all alone.” What grown woman says “You left me all alone”? She sounded like a little girl lost when she said that. I’m speculating off the top of my head now but I think she had a love/hate relationship with her father and he abandoned her early in her childhood. As for him, I don’t think he cares about her at all except as a pawn he can use like he uses everybody else. I think Rowan is a genuinely bad man. But we’ll see how next season plays out.

          • the girl says:

            @Cheyenne – I did take note of when Olivia told Huck that his eyes were sadder than hers. This had to be before the affair with Fitz, because she met Huck before she was hired to work Fitz’s campaign. So what did she have to be sad about? We really don’t know much about Olivia’s backstory, and the fact that she was surprised to see her father indicates a less-than-stellar relationship. A lot of people are saying “well, if her father wanted to see her he could have just gone to her house!” Maybe YOUR father could just show up at your door but clearly that’s not what we’re dealing with here. I wouldn’t be surprised if he DID abandon her at a young age for his work; I assume at some point he started off on Charlie’s level and worked his way up the ranks? Father issues in women almost always result in poor mate selection. I think Rowan cares enough not to kill her, but not enough that he won’t hurt her (releasing her name as the mistress!) to get what he wants. Perhaps this will be the opportunity for Harrison to shine – maybe now Olivia really will be his “client” and he will step in to “fix” the situation.

          • webbied says:

            If Cyrus or Rowan think they’re manipulating Fitz, they’re delusional.
            The only person who Fitz takes orders from is OLIVIA.
            EVERY TIME Cyrus tries to get Fitz to do something and he refuses, he turns to Olivia.
            When Fitz was going to resign in season 1, and again recently, Olivia stopped him.
            He’s gone back to Mellie, it’s where Olivia sent him.
            If Fitz is weak, his weakness is Olivia.
            And Fitz ALWAYS does what she asks in the end.
            Without Olivia, they’ve got NOTHING.
            And that may actually be a good thing.
            Watching him crawl back to Olivia and be kicked back to Mellie like a dog again and again is a little tiresome, frankly.
            Mellie never loved him and Olivia’s love for him was conditional.
            If I was him I’d get away from Mellie and stay away from Olivia.
            Their plotting has already gotten him shot once.

      • TVPeong says:

        I think Billy outed her

        • KCC says:

          Billy didn’t know that Olivia was Fitz’s mistress, did he? In Season 1, he had the tape, but didn’t know who the girl was, so he set up Amanda Tanner. So it couldn’t be him.

          • TVPeong says:

            True… Maybe it was Fitz. He’s trying to force her hand to get her to come back to him.

          • Sarah says:

            Maybe the governor figured it out when she was at lunch with him trying to bring out the Cytron card. Or Sally figured it out and is trying to use it to get her party to back her instead of Fitz.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Correct (I assume).

    • A says:

      No I have a very strong feeling it was her father. He knew where she was. He knew about the paparazzi and how they will show up and was there to get her. I really think it was him!

      • Phi says:

        But why when he was trying to have her killed? I just dont understand when his goal was to keep Olitz apart. (this was my theory… im so confused lol)

        • Cheyenne says:

          Rowan is a power-hungry monster. He wants to control the WH behind the scenes. That’s why he wants to keep Fitz in office, because he thinks Fitz is weak. The last thing he wants is Fitz giving up the presidency. Remember what he said to Cyrus last week? “With me, there are no boundaries.” He will kill anybody he thinks is in the way. That includes Olivia.

    • LaT says:

      It’s not made clear in the episode WHO outed Olivia. Mellie looked furious when Fitz came in to her and she certainly didn’t, at that point in the episode, have anything to lose by outing Olivia. Remember, she didn’t do so initially because she still thought there was a hope that Fitz would come back to her, but once Fitz made it clear in THIS episode that he intended to force her out of the White House, Mellie had no reason NOT to go for the nuclear option. In politics, it’s all about being the first person to speak in the conversation so you can spin it. If Mellie outed Olivia, she could put the necessary spin on it to diffuse any possible “Mellie Grant’s a racist” repercussions that Fitz threatened; she could spin it such that Olivia’s status as a “homewrecker” trumped everything else. OTOH, Rowan & his people were RIGHT THERE to whisk Olivia away from the reporters and that could be because he knew she was about to get swarmed because he’s the one who outed her. I suspect the question of who really named Olivia as Fitz’s mistress will get answered in the first part of next season.

    • Memi says:

      As Olivia said in the past Mellie is her own worst enemy or was it Cyrus not sure but it was said

  30. leo says:

    Loved the ep but I can’t believe the safe didn’t lock up with that many bad combos!

    • jess k says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought about that!

    • Scandalfan says:

      It didn’ t lockup because he did it over and over for days..the scenes with him at the safe showed him in different attire. I’m wondering did he take a peek at the secret folders in there too!

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Quinn… damn… who would have thought…??

  32. ms berry says:

    I screamed….wtf!!!!

  33. Chrissy says:

    All I can say is OMFG!!!!!!!!

  34. Ann says:

    Holy cow, holy cow, holy freekin’ cow – I had to rewind my dvr to make sure I did not mishear it! Wow! BEST SHOW EVER!

  35. Caroline says:

    Great Finale! I can’t believe Olivia and Huck is surprised that Quinn is starting to be like Huck. She has been spending so much time with him. When Quinn drilled Billy, did she kill him because I thought I saw him get arrested in the end of the episode?

    Someone PLEASE tell me that Jake will be back for season 3!!!! Olivia needs to get him out of that hole. I don’t think I can last until this fall (it’s coming back in the fall, right? or is it next spring?!)

    I don’t understand Fitz. Just because Olivia backed out of their plan, he doesn’t have to completely go back to Mellie. He could just keep the plan they had minus Olivia. Seeing him go back to Mellie the way he did at the end made him look so pathetic.

    Lastly, JAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      He went back to Mellie because he has nowhere else to go. He is kind of pathetic.

    • Vonnie says:

      I agree- Fit did look pathetic crawling back to Mellie.

    • Memi says:

      Yeah I’m on team jake now risking his life for her. Why are they making Fitz look so pathetic crawling to Mellie total turn off.

    • JaneFr says:

      +1. I was shouting! like is there no alternative in your life ? Do you etheir have to be with Mellie or Oliva ?
      He could have stuck to the plan and given Olivia and OPA some time. But noooo. the big baby can’t be alone for a minute.

      • the girl says:

        I don’t think it had to do with not being alone. I think he let Olivia convince him that he needed Mellie to get re-elected. He went back to her and begged her to be on the team. The look on his face, he still doesn’t want her. He is just willing to continue using her. This goes back to Fitz being amazingly weak. Both Cyrus and Olivia can run him in any way or direction they want. This usually isn’t an issue because Cy and Liv are usually on the same page. Fitz knows he was being handled too, and he thinks he wants them to stop doing it, but if he REALLY did, he wouldn’t have gone back to Mellie at Olivia’s insistence.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Some people said they saw a smirk on his face when he had his head in Mellie’s lap but it looked more like a grimace to me. What did it look like to you?

          • the girl says:

            I agree with you, I thought it was a grimace like, damn I can’t believe I’m doing this. I felt like he was ashamed and disgusted with himself. Every movement in that scene felt so heavy and burdened, like it was taking all his strength to do it.

      • webbied says:

        Olivia didn’t ask for time. She asked him to go away.

    • badromance says:

      Why wouldn’t he go back to Mellie? After being kicked in the teeth by Olivia AGAIN?
      It’s no more pathetic than her sleeping with Jake because she saw Fitz and Mellie on TV.

  36. GS says:

    I actually saw that coming. Curious to see where they go from here. Shonda tore my nerves up b/w this and Grey’s. Hope David stays a good guy. Hate to see Jake go in the hole. What kind of horrible man sends a hit woman after his daughter? Quinn went bats**t crazy on Billy Chambers! Great finale.

  37. A says:

    I am still in shock and I really wasn’t expecting that.
    The way Fitz just crawled his way back to Mellie and put his head on her lap made me sick! Disgusting!
    Quinn is scaring me. She enjoyed that way too much. I think more than Huck used to.
    Jack in the hole :( and why would Olivia’s dad need Jack to bring her to him? So many questions!
    Seriously can both Kerry Washington and Sara Ramirez be nominated for an Emmy this year!

    • A says:

      She went full on Dexter!! :S

    • Cheyenne says:

      Old Chinese proverb say, man who have no spine soon brought to his knees.

    • Maybe because he is an undercover agent who cant be seen with the likes of Olivia Pope and/or in public? Quinn did surprise me this ep. After seeing what being an assassin makes a good guy go crazy – Huck, I would think that toruting someone would be the last thing a good person would want to do and I always thought of Quinn as good. But I gues its like that saying “desperate times call for desperate measures”. Even though I couldnt do it.

    • Moe says:

      I LUUUUVVVVV Sara Ramirez. I hope the Emmy’s (ATAS) recognize Shonda’s work this year.

  38. KCC says:

    Awww… David got Olivia a white hat

  39. DJ says:

    An unbelievable finale! I screamed and an hour later I’m still in disbelief. Can’t wait until next season

  40. Nika says:

    #dead … Like WTF! I loved every moment. Her flippin’ father tho tried to off her. #noloyalty Hated when Fitz came crawling back to mellie. I was too thru. Just keep olitz and pray no more death threats

    • TVPeong says:

      I don’t think her father tried to kill her. I think her father wanted Jake there to protect her because someone else wanted her dead.

      • dasia says:

        I think so too! I need him to be a good guy! I need him to be protecting her. He needs to be testing Cyrus or something. His intentions have to be good!

      • KCC says:

        But then why would they put Jake in the hole?

        • TVPeong says:

          Because he let the assassin get so close.

        • dasia says:

          Good question! Maybe the others don’t know Rowan is her dad. Maybe he has a hidden agenda!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Because Jake disobeyed orders and in B613 that is a no-no.

        • Vonnie says:

          To destroy his memory.

        • Chely says:


          All the theories are possible in a Shonda Rimes show! I think that as bad as Rowan is, he’s still looking out for his daughter. No way a gladiator like Olivia has a crappy dad… I mean is possible, but having a “nice” mean dad is better for the story. My theory is that he’s protecting her… as much as she loves Fitz, Olivia cannot be Olivia Pope in the White House. And even though Jake is fliippin’ amazing (face it, this guy is amazing in pretty much anything he does), if he works for B613, he can’t be with Olivia. Knowing her as we do, you know she would try to fix things so that they could be together, and being with someone with that kind of history is no life any father wishes for his daughter.

  41. Tiffanie says:

    Best season finale out of everything I watch and that’s a lot of Tv I definitely didn’t see any of that coming. Shondra is the best writer I don’t care what anyone says

  42. ishthemish says:

    Dad? Dead.

  43. sladewilson says:

    Awesome season finale. I saw the GA ender a mile away, but this? Dad? OMFG. Huck back in the corner rocking like a chair, Quinn looking like a lead recruit for B56 (or whatever their name is – my brain is fried). Fitz crawling back to Mellie like the punk he is (and for all of those who still don’t believe Mellie doesn’t love Fitz, you’re off your rocker). Cyrus outs both Romeo (Fitz) and Juliet (Olivia). And soooo much more…. whooooooo I need September here like NOW!!!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      LOL and if you believe Mellie loves Fitz, you’re off your rocker. Mellie doesn’t love anybody but herself. She doesn’t even love her children.

  44. Anna says:

    Seriously? It was good but fitz was pathetic in the end – why did he let Olivia walk away? According to her plan that we heard in the hospital room, it would be 3 years or so until they could be together in public so she could easily keep being a gladiator until then. Why did he just walk away and then just beg Mellie to take him back. So silly. And while I like the idea of him being her dad, I didn’t want it to happen – did the one older black man on the show have to be her father? Are there no other african american men in all of DC?

  45. reddevil93 says:

    The season finale was flawless but it was Fitz’s pathetic reaction that got me, it seems saw out of character. Thought he grew a pair over the past two episodes and he literally ends up crawling into Mellie’s lap. I don’t know it just seems ridiculous.

  46. laura says:

    The character I am happiest for: David Rosen. The character I am saddest for: Jake! The character(s) I heart the most: Jake/Huck
    PS: Olivia sucks – but with a Dad like Mr Rowan B613 Boss go figure…

  47. Roxie says:

    How did you get this posted so fast?

  48. JL says:

    soo many scenarios going on in my head as to what’s going to happen next season. shonda has mu pressure too high. i hope she finally gets the recognition she deserves and wins. if not, i’ll know why. #scandal #hurryseason3 #shondaisabeast

  49. RG says:

    Does anyone have any idea who dropped a dime on Olivia and Fitz?

  50. Amy says:

    Holy frickin crap….I so didn’t see that coming. This is the best show on TV.