Beauty and the Beast Finale Recap: Up, Up and Away -- Plus: One Star's Take on What's Next

Beauty and the Beast Finale Recap Vincent CapturedWarning: The following contains monstrous spoilers from the Season 1 finale of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast.

How does the saying go? “‘This better to have loved and lost…”?

As Beauty and the Beast‘s freshman run drew to a close, Vincent — despite having his beastly tendencies tempered by Gabe’s pills — attempted to infiltrate the duplicitous ADA’s home and rescue Catherine, who was being held captive, as bait.

And indeed, Vincent was able to help pluck Cat from her confines just as Gabe went full-on beast, but there was no avoiding the ferocious face-off between the two men. Vincent at first had the snot beat out of him, stuck in his “neutered” state. But Cat thought fast, fetched a flu vaccine from Gabe’s in-house pharmacist and plunged the needle into her love’s neck, amplifying his antibodies and thus quashing down the meds.

That allowed Vincent to fight back and hard, and it was a blistering brawl up until Gabe got the upper hand and went to drive an iron spire into his foe. But then shots rang out from a hovering helicopter, and a perforated Gabe slumped to the pavement. The men in the whirly-bird than cast a net onto Vince and hauled him up into the air, as Catherine, upon regaining consciousness after a tumble, stood there helpless.

In fact, Cat herself was almost also gunned down, but the lead guy in the chopper called for a cease-fire, revealing to his goon, “That’s my daughter” down on the ground. All of which jibes with what Heather had learned earlier, that Thomas Chandler was not a DNA match for his eldest girl!

TVLine spoke with Jay Ryan at The CW’s Thursday Upfront event, picking his brain on such hot topics as….

TIME-JUMP AHEAD? | “I don’t think they have decided yet, but I would love to come back for Season 2 and have it be, like, five months have passed,” the actor shared, “so there will have been this huge ordeal he’s undergone with the people who captured him.” Speaking of which….

WHO EXACTLY TOOK VINCE? | While Muirfield is an obvious suspect, Ryan can’t help but wonder if it’s more specifically “some subsidiary that Catherine’s [biological] father is now running — and maybe they offer a more sinister take on things.” Ryan then (jokingly?) offers one idea that “maybe they capture the beast and take him to Prague, to have him fight with tigers and stuff!”

IS GABE A GONER? | Yes, he took a hail of bullets to the sternum, but, these beastly beings do have accelerated healing abilities. “I think Gabe is going to live,” Ryan posits. “He’s a strong character, and it’s great having another beast out there.”

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  1. Tiffany A Nelson says:

    When is the new season coming out?

  2. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles.

  3. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME Season’s over WAY TOO FAST :D Can’t wait till the fall and see Catherine rescue Vincent and meet her REAL father O.O

    • VPH says:

      Yes!!! You and me both.. We know that Catherine will not stop until she’s found Vincent.. I’m anxiously awaiting their reunion..

  4. Shan says:

    Gabe is probably Okay maybe weakened and not able to control his “beast out” plus he and Vincent play very well off of each other one Good/One bad Beast. I figured that Cat’s real Dad had something to do the Muirfield stuff, but thought it would be her other Dad. This show has a lot of elements of the 90s show “The Pretender”, but I liked that show and like this show. I am glad it is renewed so we can see what happens. I am glad it has found a solid basis to grow upon. The Beast fight was really put together well. I am just figuring why they would want Vincent more over Gabe. Maybe because Vincent is able to control his “beast” w/o meds?

    • Shan says:

      Muirfield was sinister and still looking for Vincent and it appears that even after death the appendages do not die as we saw in Muirfield’s lab. I do not think so, but it would be interesting if Cat’s real Dad is actually working for a good Agency while her other father worked for Muirfield or still is. I would wonder aside from probing etc why they would want Vincent over Gabe. What about Gabe’s G/F? How did Cat’s real dad find where she was at? Gabe may have taken a hail of bullets, but since he is Beast 1.0 he is probably going to be Okay mostly I hope because I like Him and Vincent the actors play their roles well. I believe Vincent was shot before and able to heal.

      • CC says:

        I don’t think Cat’s biological father knew she was there. He was just looking for Gabe, and then took Vincent. As for Tyler, I believe she’s dead.

  5. Autumn says:

    So I finished the season but barely. It just got worse for me unfortunately. Too much cheese and repetitiveness. How many times does Catherine need to decide she doesn’t need normal? Seriously. This goes back to episode thirteen or fourteen I believe. Overkill. And turning Gabe into a complete psycho that didn’t even care about his girlfriend was absurd. Wasn’t he the one in the beginning showing second thoughts? I expect nothing less of course from Souders and Peterson. I cannot take their writing anymore. I wish it would be run completely from Levin and Cooper. The only thing this episode did was remind me of episode thirteen of Moonlight in which Mick had a temporary cure and had to turn back into a vampire to save Beth. He of course makes this sacrifice and it was much more romantic. So superior in every way. Pity since I want to like the show and really did sometimes.

  6. Anyone else find it really strange that Cat and Heather’s step-mom was not even by her husband side? Also, what was with the doctor revealing such a private matter (to Heather) about Cat not being her dad’s biological daughter before ACTUALLY speaking to Cat? Really unprofessional if you ask me.

    • Alichat says:

      Thank you! Where in the world was the new wife? We get annoying Heather, but not the new wife? And I agree, that doctor was out of line. But then again, she did diagnose someone who had been run down by a car to have nothing but broken ribs and a few scraps and bruises. Oh no wait….he has massive brain trauma, and we’ve had to put him in a medically induced coma. Oh but wait, I know it’s been just a few hours, but his swelling went down. Now we can take him out of the coma, and then put him under again to do a surgery on a shattered leg that we should have diagnosed the moment he came into the ER hours and hours ago. And if Vincent was so beasted out that he could kick Lowen across the courtyard, why couldn’t he rip the netting that was tossed over him?? Why didn’t Cat shoot at the helicopter? What about Lowen’s guards who were just standing at the front door minutes earlier? Could they not shoot at the helicopter? How’d the newly christened ‘Cat’s real father’ find Lowen’s house? He shot the one person that could tell him where Lowen was. So, what, did he Google it or something?? Why’d Cat let go of his hand? Why’d Vincent let go of her hand? Cat’s father isn’t her father?? Lame.

      • Krysteena says:

        Wow! Really??????? It’s a tv show for crying out loud. Give them a break! So critical. if you don’t like it, then don’t watch.

        • Alichat says:

          I always find these replies humorous. As if I’m not allowed to criticize this show, and to expect stronger and more intelligent writing. TV Line has a comments section to their recaps for people to comment….positive and negative. If you don’t like my opinion, then perhaps you should offer a differing one more in-depth and thought-provoking than “if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it.”

  7. I honestly think “Beauty and the Beast”‘s season finale is the best episode by far! I have read another review concerning this episode alongside some comments and am disheartened that people have grown to dislike this show. For the past six or so months, BATB has always kept me on my toes and although it won’t return until October, I love how they ended Season 1. It left many opportunities for S2 to start with. Some people might find it weird that Brooke wasn’t at Thomas Chandler’s side but it maybe because the actress couldn’t make the shooting for those scenes so the filming company may have had to go with what they could for the scenes. I have confidence that the BATB writers will bring Season 2 back with full force! :)

  8. Alex says:

    It beats me how on earth this show got a renewal, first of all. Secondly – hahah, beastly fight, it was hilarious more than anything else. And if that’s not enough – serious gaps in the believable performance book for some actors … I`m not saying Kristin, I`m just thinking of her. And talk about predictability, if the fact that Catherine’s dad is not her bio dad was the big WHAAAAAT !?!?! moment Jay was talking about, I think it was obvious ever since she started talking about how she’s always been mommy’s girl. As a story – okay, it’s a manageable show, but delivery !? I don’t know about you, but for me the two main character are rather boring. The other story lines are much more compelling, as well as the characters.

    • Mel says:

      I do not find the show boring I like Kristin & jay on beauty and the beast I find it more modern and to date and I like how they bring a lot to the show . So all I can say is that I don’t find any of the cast boring .Especial Kristin &Jay they bring a lot to the show

      • Shannon says:

        I agree. While the first few episodes were slow and boring the momentum started getting in gear and it became a great season. (I like the addition of Beast 1.0 and the actor who plays him it has really increased the drama, action etc..) I really enjoyed the whole season after catching up on missed episodes via I-tunes. I do not understand why people have such a hard time and bad attitude for it especially when most of the people who dislike the show have not seen the show or only glimpses of episodes before forming an opinion. I usually try to give books/shows/movies more than a a sideways glance before forming an opinion. I really like the show and glad it got a second season to build on the momentum the first season has developed.

  9. Magically Suspicious says:

    Two things that bugged me: 1) In what world would a doctor discuss something like the “He’s NOT the father!” DNA results with the sister? and 2) Are we seriously supposed to believe that in the middle of a raging fight with bullets flying, Cat and Vincent took a time out to have a tete-a-tete about their relationship and future and their earlier misunderstanding?

  10. Kristina says:

    I hope Gabe survives too. I love the actor, would like him to stick around.

  11. lll says:

    This finale was a joke. Like everyone said before, you don’t have a conversation in the middle of trying to escape. You don’t capture Vincent and allow Catherine to hold his hand before he barely gets air-lifted off the ground. You don’t wait for Catherine to get whatever serum that was so Vincent can turn into a beast to fight Gabe. And I didn’t think of this unitl it was brought up in the comments: DNA discussions with the now half-sister about her dad while he is fighting for his life. Too many more potholes to count…

    Gabe will survive because he signed on to be a regular staring with episode 15. He’s a beast and bullets wouldn’t’t damage him to the point of killing. He will be back.

  12. Lisa says:

    Can’t wait for next season. Very good finale.

  13. I’m just worried about this thing that was told that Cat Vincent and being apart in the second season. Then I will not like B&B. This show is amazing exactly because is awesome to see them fighting episode by episode to be together. Hopefully Jenifer Levin and Sherri Cooper will not change this dynamic. The time of Smallville is long gone, I mean we won’t see them together in one season and in the other separated. If the producers and writers do this….I’m afraid they will ruin the show. Just because we fought to BATB be renewed it doesn’t mean that we will accept this change.

  14. Roe113 says:

    Returns in October………boy, it’s gonna be a long summer……!!

  15. Sita says:

    Vincent still beast, why didn’t he rip the net. And why didnt Vincent and Cat say I Love you.

  16. Cindy says:

    I really love this show, the actresses are so beautiful. Can’t wait for the next ep

  17. roberta says:

    The show was awesome and so were the actors love jay ryan and kristin cant wait to next season awesome and fanastic

  18. SPN Fan says:

    Remembering Evan discovered Vincent was evolving and the animal genes mutating and taking over? Well what if the same thing happened to Gabe meaning he couldn’t or we think he can’t control the beast in him. I am re-watching the episode any means possible and when the guy goes to Gabe to confess we know Gabe kills him. It seems like Gabe has some control over him beasting out and I am not so sure he is truly unaware of what is going on when he is in Beast mode.

  19. SPN Fan says:

    What if the reason why the pills do not work on Vincent is because the “beast serum” used on Vincent is Gabe’s blood/beast DNA? The Muirfield people had the serum at the ready when they gave it to the soldiers. Muirfield still reminds me of The Centre from the 90s tv show The pretender.

  20. batbaftermidnite says:

    This was a poorly written episode. Yes, plenty of special effects but the dialog was painful. The normal/not normal has been going on since On Thin Ice. And these writers make Catherine look narcissistic and mean spirited. On various viewer polls the Gabe characters fares no better than the Alex Salter character so it is time for him to go. The writers gave him everythng that belonged to Vincent even the use of the name “Catherine” Vincent is now reduced to calling her Cat like casual friends. This story is about Vincent and Catheirne not a troll barging into their space

  21. batbaftermidnite says:

    Plot holes were huge! First of all, it wasn’t a car accident, it was a hit and run, a major crime, a felony, a reason for the entire precinct to be out searching for the car and driver. Second, a medically induced coma isn’t just a few broken bones and bruising. it’s a life threatening brain injury. Third. It is against federal regulations to blithly discuss medical records. Catherine’s blood? Really, the medical professionals would have been fined.

  22. BATB Newbie says:

    I am banking on that Ctherine’s dad is of a different enitity than Muirfield because it seems like muirfield does not even know Gabe existed. i think Catherine’s mom was coerced into the experiment on the soldiers or something. Gabe in his own way tried to do both save himself and Catherine. Tyler it seemed like she was the same from when Gabe was a child playing with a woman with smooth fingerprints. Did she help Cat’s mom in his escape? Tyler did give JT some much needed info/help so he can look to research and help Vincent again. gabe may have beast out, but his beast self stil had some common sense(throwing a car, getting a spike to “kill Vincent”).
    So many questions arose in the finale..
    I really hope that Gabe is alive b/c they could use him or his beast skills to track Vincent. Or JT can use him as a guniea pig to help Vincent. In other words Cat’s real dad did not know about the super soldiers it seems and Muirfield did not know about Gabe, so I am thinking they were for 2 different entities. (So, cat’s dad kills Gabe we think and purposely captures Vincent so he sure caught up quick somehow. He needs to see how they were able to progress from gabe Beast to Vincent beast?)
    What happened to gabe’s guards/ doctor? How was he able to employ them to help him?
    I am thinking Vincent was not “full” beast yet to snap out of the net. it is kind of like most “animals” that are caught usually cannot escape that type of net. How did Cat’s dad know she was his daughter?
    Cat’s stepdad did know more than he was letting on and apparently was arranged to help protect Catherine? Well we know the weak spot of Catherine’s dad and Vincent it is her.
    Actually, usually doctors take blood etc from all relatives because even blood relatives are usaully not a match for let say bone marrow etc..
    They would usually disclose it to the wife or the guardian who needed to sign documents in order for the surgery or other medical needs were needed to save the ife. So, she was w/in her bounds stating that catherine was not a match blood wise to her father, but it might have gone overboard with the whole explanation thing..

  23. jamie says:

    I so cant wait to see cats reaction when she see she bio father for the first time and gets to meet him but most important i want to see cat rescue vince her one love i am so wanting the next season to start soon i know that the first season just finished but i guess i love it to much to wait, i just love the two actors that they put in this show they are like a mach made in heaven cause they are live hot together dont you think and the actor that plays cat is so pretty i just love her and i hope that gabe is all healed up by next season cause it will be nice to have more than one beast the sad thing about this season is that evan died just when he was helping cat and vincent i mean soo sad i am deying to see next season i know some people are just holding on to their seats with this season and what might happen next season love this programme :)

  24. roberta says:

    I agree cat and vincent need to be together i cant wait to the next season but there is only one beast and thats vincent not gabe

  25. Catherine says:

    The finale left us with more questions to occupy our speculating minds while we wait for S2. I don’t mind it coz it keeps my interest in the possible new arcs that BATB can pursue. I just hope there are not too many silly road blocks to the Vincat relationship, and that it keeps progressing forward. They have been through so much already they need a long emotional break! (So do Beasties! :) S2 should have more Vincat-JT-Tess fight scenes against Muirfield.

  26. Charleen says:

    Well I am in South Africa and watching the series currently on our Dish, we are now only on episode 10… I have watched all the previews anxiously awaiting more episodes weekly, I tried purchasing the full series on itunes and amazon but some geographical jargon we are not allowed to purchase this series now :( SUCKS!! I wish that I could watch episodes 11 to 22 already, it’s killing me!!!!!

  27. Miz BunTy says:

    I love this show it is my MOONLIGHT which ended far too soon. VinCat are an amazing romantic couple. I’d be devastated if the writers took this away. It wouldn’t be worthwhile watching anymore. Have to admit some of the dialog is cringeworthy. Yes to the other beast more JT and Tess interaction. Tess dump Joe it will only end in tears……above all more sex for Cat and Vincent. 😍😍😍

  28. Carolyn says:

    We all have an opinion and that’s ok. Me – I am very glad B&B is coming back. I can’t wait to see what happens.I watched the old B&B years ago and I loved it to. Thank You for bringing it back. I hope exciting things happen and there is still some romance.That is my favorite part.

  29. roberta says:

    Vincent and cat need to be back together with jt and tess as back ups finding new ways and challenges in todays world alobg with them having a future together of romance and a family. i have watched the season and now watching the epidsodes again and waiting for the new season.