Beauty and the Beast Finale Recap: Up, Up and Away -- Plus: One Star's Take on What's Next

Beauty and the Beast Finale Recap Vincent CapturedWarning: The following contains monstrous spoilers from the Season 1 finale of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast.

How does the saying go? “‘This better to have loved and lost…”?

As Beauty and the Beast‘s freshman run drew to a close, Vincent — despite having his beastly tendencies tempered by Gabe’s pills — attempted to infiltrate the duplicitous ADA’s home and rescue Catherine, who was being held captive, as bait.

And indeed, Vincent was able to help pluck Cat from her confines just as Gabe went full-on beast, but there was no avoiding the ferocious face-off between the two men. Vincent at first had the snot beat out of him, stuck in his “neutered” state. But Cat thought fast, fetched a flu vaccine from Gabe’s in-house pharmacist and plunged the needle into her love’s neck, amplifying his antibodies and thus quashing down the meds.

That allowed Vincent to fight back and hard, and it was a blistering brawl up until Gabe got the upper hand and went to drive an iron spire into his foe. But then shots rang out from a hovering helicopter, and a perforated Gabe slumped to the pavement. The men in the whirly-bird than cast a net onto Vince and hauled him up into the air, as Catherine, upon regaining consciousness after a tumble, stood there helpless.

In fact, Cat herself was almost also gunned down, but the lead guy in the chopper called for a cease-fire, revealing to his goon, “That’s my daughter” down on the ground. All of which jibes with what Heather had learned earlier, that Thomas Chandler was not a DNA match for his eldest girl!

TVLine spoke with Jay Ryan at The CW’s Thursday Upfront event, picking his brain on such hot topics as….

TIME-JUMP AHEAD? | “I don’t think they have decided yet, but I would love to come back for Season 2 and have it be, like, five months have passed,” the actor shared, “so there will have been this huge ordeal he’s undergone with the people who captured him.” Speaking of which….

WHO EXACTLY TOOK VINCE? | While Muirfield is an obvious suspect, Ryan can’t help but wonder if it’s more specifically “some subsidiary that Catherine’s [biological] father is now running — and maybe they offer a more sinister take on things.” Ryan then (jokingly?) offers one idea that “maybe they capture the beast and take him to Prague, to have him fight with tigers and stuff!”

IS GABE A GONER? | Yes, he took a hail of bullets to the sternum, but, these beastly beings do have accelerated healing abilities. “I think Gabe is going to live,” Ryan posits. “He’s a strong character, and it’s great having another beast out there.”

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