Supernatural Finale Recaplet: Far From Heaven

Supernatural Season 8 Finale RecapWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s season finale of Supernatural. Read on at your own risk!

The CW capped off its Wednesday night of “Sacrifice” with the Supernatural season finale — but it wasn’t just the Winchesters who lost something.

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Turns out Metatron is a lying bastard. He doesn’t want to close the gates of Heaven. Instead, as payback for ruining the paradise God gave the angels and forcing him out, he wants to expel all of them and send them to Earth. Naomi finds this out after kidnapping the scribe and, after a season of treachery and threats, makes a pretty impassioned plea to Cas. She even promises to accept him back into the fold if he’ll stop this plot. But when he visits upstairs, he finds that Naomi has been killed by Metatron, and the angel has big plans for Cas, as well. He strips him of his essence and tells him to live his life, get married and have a family. Then when he dies and his soul comes to Heaven, he wants to hear the story.

As Cas is sent back down to Earth as a human(!), Dean is trying to heed Naomi’s other warning: That Sam will make “the ultimate sacrifice” and die if he completes the trials. While the elder Winchester has been helping his angel buddy, Sam’s been trying to cure the King of Hell. The brothers manage to get him in their grasps through a clever pair of demonic handcuffs. They quickly set up shop in a church so Sam can purify his blood by confessing his sins and get to work on Crowley. At first, it appears the blood injections are having no effect. The two ward off an attack from Abaddon, who wants a regime change in Hell, after which it’s back to business for Sam. Crowley can’t believe they’re back to step one after they’ve been in a foxhole together. He starts bringing up… HBO shows. Hasn’t Sam ever heard of Band of Brothers? How about The Pacific? Does he never watch HBO in all those motels?

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Hannah on Girls “needs to be loved. She deserves it” just like we all do, Crowley says, rambling on until a confession that inspires a look of surprise and confusion from the both of them. “I just want to be loved.”

This demon cure might actually be working because Crowley is turning into a needy, human HBO subscriber! Alas, Dean shows up and begs his brother not to go through with it because he will die.

Sam’s blunt response: “So?” He reveals that when he was in confession his greatest sin was how many times he let Dean down. He’s forced him to turn to an angel and a vampire. Dean insists that’s not true. He points out that he killed Benny to save him, and that he’s willing to let Crowley and the demons walk for his brother’s life. But Sam doesn’t know how to turn off the trials and collapses in agony as a shower begins above them. However, this is no rainy storm. These are angels falling to Earth.

Finally, some choice lines:

Cas: “You really think it’s wise to be drinking on the job?”
Dean: “What show you been watchin’?”

Metatron on God: “Larger than life, gruff, bit of a sexist – but fair.”

And let’s not forget Dean’s look of surprise upon seeing Cupid’s match for the burly bartender.

Supernatural fans, grade the emotional hour below and then hit the comments to back up your pick! Are you looking forward to a human Cas? Do you think Crowley will still be cured? And was Dean and Sam’s heart-to-heart worth all the brotherly issues this season?