Exclusive Beauty and the Beast Season Finale Photo: Gabe Gone Wild!

This Thursday in the Beauty and the Beast Season 1 finale (The CW, 9/8), viewers will get much beast-on-beast action, now that Gabe’s secret is out and his survival depends on Vincent’s death — and TVLine has a first look at the ADA-turned-B.A.

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Surveying this photo during a visit to TVLine’s Times Square office, Sendhil Ramamurthy explained, “Because I’m ‘Beast 1.0,’ they wanted to him be scarier, more feral… and veiny.” What’s more, as the actor previously shared, Gabe Beast is “much, much stronger than Vincent, and in a totally animal, uncontrollable way — and that will come into play in the finale.”

(Ramamurthy also shared that during one run-through of the scene shown here, set at Gabe’s home, he served up a “Heeeere’s Johnny!” à la Jack Nicholson in The Shining.)

Check out the photo — click to zoom, if you dare — then read below for more.
"Never Turn Back"

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Though Ramamurthy’s animalistic alter ego came “first,” he considers himself “lucky” to have been the second one on the freshman drama to “beast out.” As he notes, “They’d already perfected the whole [prosthetics process] with Jay Ryan, so whereas he started at, like, four hours [in the make-up chair], by the time I got to be a beast they knocked it down to two.

“The prosthetics process is the only part that’s not great,” Ramamurthy adds, “but it looks so good!”