Revenge Finale Recap: A View to a Kill

Revenge Declan Dies Season 2 FinaleWarning: The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains mighty spoilers from this Sunday’s Revenge finale.

The Revenge season finale was so jam-packed, it included not one but two arrests, the death of a major character (maybe two!) and the kind of big reveal for which the term “game-changer” was coined. So let’s dive in, shall we?

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SUITABLE FOR FRAMING | After Aiden reveals to Emily that Takeda wanted revenge as much as they did – his fiancée had been on Flight 197 – they amicably break up and he leaves for parts unknown… only to be arrested for blowing up Grayson Global (more on that later!). As soon as he’s released from custody (more on that later, too!), the Brit heads right back to Emily’s, where he warns Daniel to set her free. (Since there’s a gun in the room during their scuffle, and since Daniel ends the episode with blood on his shirt, it seems safe to assume that their brawl doesn’t conclude with a handshake.)

COLLATORAL DAMAGE | Enamored of Charlotte, Regina accuses Declan of beating her up and robbing her. (Lies, of course… all lies!) But he’s no sooner set the record straight than he’s caught in the Initiative’s explosion at Grayson Global and – gulp! – dies! In a blind rage, Jack – Conrad’s desired victim – shows up at Grayson Manor packing heat. “Do it,” Victoria says when he points his pistol at her. “I deserve it.” Instead, he allows her punishment to be her own miserable existence… which seems likely to get even more miserable when castoff son Patrick comes knocking. (And on Mother’s Day, no less!)

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TRUE LIES | Victoria is so livid when Conrad admits to her that “there is no Initiative,” just a bunch of corporate blood-suckers – and he’s now one of them! – that she spits on him! But, ironically, it’s neither Conrad nor any of his Initiative cronies that are ultimately arrested for the cyber attack that blacked out New York and led to the blowup at Grayson Global – it’s Nolan. Adding insult to injury, he’s implicated from beyond the grave by a video Padma was forced to make!

AW, SHOOT! | Determined to make Conrad pay for taking away both Amanda and Declan, Jack plans to assassinate the new Governor just as he is giving his acceptance speech. Luckily – or not, depending on your feelings about Connie – Emily gets to Jack in time to stop him… by revealing that he hasn’t lost everything, because – dun-dun-DUN! – she’s Amanda!

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Highs? Lows? Hit the comments!