Once Upon a Time Finale Recap: The Lost Boy

OnceUponaTime_Season2Finale_EmmaWarning: The following recap contains major spoilers from the Season 2 finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on Once Upon a Time, with Tamara and Greg set to “blow Storybrooke off the map,” a most unlikely hero stepped forward to declare that the needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few (or the one). But as the season drew to a close, one additional twist found our heroes setting course for an altogether different fate.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Gold is at the playground, entertaining a dark daydream about pitching grandson Henry — aka his “undoing,” per the seer — off the swings and into a craggy rock. He is however interrupted by the Charmings, who report that Neal/Baelfire was shot by Tamara and then plummeted into a portal. Though devastated, Gold has no revenge on his mind. “They didn’t kill my son; I did,” he posits. “I brought magic to this world to find Bae, and now he’s dead. I’m prepared to pay the price.” But with inaction, Mary Margaret makes clear, “We’ll all die!” “I’ve made peace with that,” Gold whispers.

Down in the mineshaft, Tamara and Greg reveal to a skeptical Hook the next step of their plan — the destruction of Storybrooke and all who are not of this realm. After Hook attests that he’s willing to die for his vengeful cause, Greg uses one of the dwarfs’ pickaxes to activate the trigger, rattling the town with quakes and sending vines snaking through Storybrooke, as it begins to transform back into a forest.

As Mary Margaret, David and Emma pick Regina’s brain about the “trigger” that Tamara and Greg activated and will leave Henry orphaned in this world, Hook arrives to say he values his life more than revenge, and thus wants to help thwart the ne’er-do-wells. David and Hook track down Greg, but Tams intervenes and bullets fly/a melee ensues. T & G get away — again! — but not before Hook snags one of the two remaining beans.

With the destruction of Storybrooke underway, Gold arrives at his shop to find what he thought was the dwarves looting the place, when really they are just seeking an old stein of Sneezy’s, so that he could drink a potion cooked up by the Blue Fairy and get his memory back and die among family as a dwarf, and not as “Clark.” Will Gold use the second dose, supplied by Grumpy, on bad girl Lacey?

Down in the mineshaft, Emma gleans that to even slow down the destruction, Regina must give up her life: “When you said goodbye to Henry… you were saying goodbye.” Regina asks Emma to “tell Henry that in the end, it wasn’t too late for me to do the right thing. Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen — including my son. Let me die as Regina.” And with that, madame mayor goes about working her magic, as we wipe away a tear.

Gold toasts “the end of the world,” then decides — after Lacey carelessly uses Bae’s scarf to mop up a mess — he doesn’t want to die alongside a stranger. So he resurrects her shattered teacup (Chip!), has her sip the potion, and they are reunited (for now). “I’ve failed,” Rumple cries to his long-lost love, now aware of his losses. “I’ve failed.”

At the diner, David arrives with the bean he and Hook pinched from Greg, while Emma informs Henry that Regina won’t survive her effort to slow the trigger. When the lad mentions the wraith, Mary Margaret gets the idea to send the trigger through a portal, saving Regina. Though Emma is skeptical, Archie argues, “Snow White and the Prince always led us before, and we always won.” Adding to that, Mary Margret tells her daughter, “We haven’t had a lot of chances to be parents but give us this one” — and Emma sees her point. “I just don’t want Henry to be alone and grow up the way I did.” Hook threatens to bail, but the “quite passionate” Miss Swan (seemingly) convinces him not to, and he (seemingly) turns over the bean. (He also then learns that Henry’s father was (is?) none other than Baelfire.) The Charmings return to Regina in the mine, only to realize that Hook’s pouch is empty! We then see the nefarious pirate steering his ship away from Storybrooke, portal-opening bean in hand.

As the forest consumes Storybrooke and Regina’s “battery” reaches a single bar, Emma pulls “Mom” (!) and “Dad” (!!) into a hug, while Henry embraces Regina. But Emma then is prompted to wonder if adding her own magic to the effort could dispatch with the device. (Um, coulda had that epiphany sooner!) And after great effort and with a boom, the trigger is shut off — but Henry is now missing! Tamara and Greg have grabbed the boy, with the latter explaining, “We came here to destroy magic, but then we found something more important, something that changed everything — you.” With the good guys in pursuit, Greg lobs the last bean into the ocean, and he and Tamara leap with Henry into the portal it opens.

Just as everyone — grandpa Rumplestiltskin included — is about to give up hope of finding Henry, Hook returns on the Jolly Roger and offers his services to track Henry with the last bean. Rumple leaves Belle in charge of keeping Storybrooke safe, using a cloaking spell he wrote down for her, “The boy is my undoing, but he is also my grandson,” he explains of his mission/defying of the prophecy. “I will see you again,” Belle insists, and they kiss, lots. And just as Belle says Baelfire would be proud of his father, we see that Neal has washed up in Fairytale Land, where Aurora, Phillip and Mulan tend to him.

“Where did they take Henry?” Regina asks, as Rumple conjures his magical globe. “Neverland,” Hook notes, gravely. As everyone braces for the ride into the portal, Rumple announces that Tamara and Greg are but pawns who have no idea who they’re working for, someone whose power is greater than they can conceive. (And he also makes a mediocre peanut butter.)

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IN NEVERLAND-ADJACENT…. | Hook and Smee speculate about the boy they fished out of the ocean, whose clothes “are certainly not of this land.” When Smee suggests that the boy belongs to a mysterious “him,” Hook sees an opportunity to assure their survival in Neverland. Chatting up their catch, Hook learns that a pirate killed the boy’s mother and his father is a coward. “What’s your name, boy?” “Baelfire.” Hook lets that bombshell sink in, then welcomes his enemy’s son to the ship: “It’s a pirates life for you!”

Believing that “providence is at work,” Hook refuses to give up Bae to the Lost Boys, lest he lose the key to his revenge against The Dark One. Felix, the lead Lost Boy, says “he” has a particular interest in the boy who was seen floating in the sea, but their search of the Jolly Roger comes up empty. Felix warns Hook against cheating “him,” explaining, “He rips your shadow right from your body — r-r-r-r-rip!”

As day breaks, Hook gives Bae tips on steering a ship and they bond over difficult childhoods and lost parents. Bae ‘fesses up about his dad being The Dark One, revealing his weakness — the dagger. Later, Bae finds Hook’s drawing of Milah and lashes out at “the pirate that killed her.” Hook counters with the truth of Milah’s death and Rumple’s role in it, claiming that he and Milah planned to one day come back for him. But Bae wants to go back to his “real” family, the Darlings. Since Hook can’t help with that, Bae begs off the ship and later gets taken away by the Lost Boys. “You have the boy,” he says to Felix. “He will be pleased…?”

The Lost Boys deliver Bae to Neverland, only to learn that he is not the boy he wants, and thus shall live. The child he does want? Henry, as revealed in a drawing. “It may take time” to locate their leader’s prey, Felix allows, “but Peter Pan never fails.”

What did you think of Once Upon a Time‘s Season 2 finale? Any early casting suggestions for Peter Pan? (What’s Cathy Rigby up to…?)

Also, if you have questions about Once Upon a Time‘s finale or for Season 3?, email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hook remains the biggest letdown of season 2. So disappointed.

    • / says:

      My friend was just saying the other day that Hook was like a dog who goes with anyone that throws him a b

    • Mike says:

      Sorry to hear that, I liked Hook tonight more than I ever have, he won me over.

      • AL says:

        I adore Hook, he’s a fantastic anti-hero. I thought he is was in a class all by himself tonight and Colin was fantastic. I could really see/feel the inner conflict and struggle as Hook struggled in Neverland of past and in the present with doing the right thing. I really enjoyed the finale and can’t wait to see more Neverland next season.

      • rowan77 says:

        I like him more now, too. Instead of being one note, he showed the capacity to care for someone other than himself. His affection for Bae, knowing he was Milah’s son and wanting to e a father to him was touching. And now he wants to save Bae/Neil’s son (Milah’s grandson). He’s another member of the extended family now.

        I WAS a bit disappointed that the pirates were afraid of the shadow without seeing any interaction between them, but what can you do?

      • gdv says:

        I agree. I wasn’t the biggest Hook fan but I rather enjoyed his parts of this episode. Hopefully they give him some good plot points next season. So, I guess this means that Hook isn’t Peter Pan after all? Who is? And are Greg and Tamara really working for him? Why else would they take Henry to Neverland?
        Also, did anyone else think “Robin Hood” when Hook said his father was a fugitive?

      • Sam says:

        What a fabulous finale and such an improvement over last weeks lame episode. A little more show not tell is always welcome.

        Loved so many things. Hook is finally being fleshed out and his emotional range was extensive. Young Bae was amazing -heartwrenching.

        OMG Gold almost killed Henry if the Charmings hadn’t arrived on scene.

        The cup is back – glad Lacey is gone, while Belle needs to find her former kick ass self, Lacey was too dark to be enjoyable. Gold having a change of heart to save his grandson that was good -not sure though why he left belle behind – makes me a bit leery.

        Regina as always marvelous. Emma finally calling snow and charming ‘mom and dad’ sweet. Hook and Charming as the cop team were so much fun – more of this please I want them to be buds at some point.

        Hook and Emma – as always chemistry laden and entertaining.
        Hook’s humor about the ‘bickering’ priceless

        Peter Pan being the evil one and I guess the leader of the anti magic realm – weird. I was hoping at least one of the tamara/greg team would be dead by the end but sadly no.

        Hook sailing his ship back shown as a beacon of light was perfection. Handing the bean to Emma and Emma later handing him the bean back, made me think of their time on the beanstalk. Well done.

        Neal being alive – eh already knew that.

        Overall really enjoyed it enough to at least tune into the beginning of Season Three. Hope they do more work on their characters as they did in this epi, and not make it all about telling instead of showing.

    • Tessa says:

      Hmm, that is disappointing. I think his story is getting more interesting by the episode! Looking forward to more, especially his story in Neverland.

    • cassey says:

      I agree. I mean, he’s nice to look at but not very interesting beyond that!

    • K says:

      He’s such a dull, paint-by-numbers character.

    • Jessie M says:

      I’m always torn on Hook. I like the character, but the flip-flopping is so incredibly irritating. He’s on the good side. No, now on the bad. Now on the good. I’m not even sure he even knows whose side he’s on. But the worst part is that they keep trusting him. “Okay… even though you’ve screwed us over three other times before, we believe you.” I feel like I would like the character so much more if he just picked a side and stuck to it.

      • ej says:

        Dito. Hook changes allegiances as often as Henry decides he loves or hates Regina. I’ve said before that I think Hook is like Spike on Buffy. The only difference is that the Scoobies were smart enough NOT to trust him as far as they could throw him when his “out for number one” philosophy happened to coincide with their plans. And Spike’s character was actually well written as far as his bad sexual banter and inept villainy. Of course, Spike did redeem himself by getting a soul (which he didn’t even want!), so maybe Hook will take a side to try and honor Milah and Bae or get forced magically into being good, but I kind of doubt it will last. And I don’t really care. The writers may be trying to make him Spike-ish in his general characterization, but he’s written about as interesting as “Captain Cardboard”, IMO.

        • As a fellow Buffy fan I feel that I need to clarify that Spike actually fought for his soul, he went to Africa to look for the demon who could restore his soul to him, he hasn’t been forced on it, that was Angel.

      • Ronnie says:

        What you wrote is exactly the problem I have with Gold and Regina. When Gold is with Belle he tries to be good, when he’s on his own or with Lacey, he’s bad. When Henry talks to Regina she tries to be good, when away from Henry she’s bad. The good guys always try and give them the benefit of the doubt and at times they get zinged. That’s why I liked this episode. All three of them made decisions on their own.

    • Elly says:

      I don’t think it’s just him but I think he’s being used a sort of lump of clay they mold to fit their needs.. The writers have really just lapsed with most of the characters. The point of characters is to show some growth and the only characters who really had any was Gold, Regina, and Emma. Everyone else is basically in the same stand still they were at the beginning of season 2. I really hope season 3 is better than they just left it on.

    • Chris says:

      Hook ruled the show last one, one would have to be a cold hearted soul to not see the longing for love and family in his scenes with Bae. He knocked my socks off! Fantastic episode!

    • kath says:

      I disagree, I think the biggest letdown character is Neal, who is unrecognizably sleazy as what Bae turned into.

      Then there are Tamara and Owen, who are just broing.

      But I think the biggest letdown of the season is Regina and all the time spent on her. I got whiplash with how many times she was evil/cried/redeemed/evil/cried/redeemed…..

      It got so bad, I’ve been channel-flipping the last few episodes when it’s yet another Evil Queen or Evil Character on the show.

    • Pokie says:

      I do agree, somewhat, about Hook. But the biggest letdown for ME has been the whole storyline with Greg and Tamara and the “Home Office” bull. THAT has to be the worst storyline of the series. AND the worst acting.
      I’m glad Neal is alive.

  2. Jesse says:

    “Peter Pan” is the big bad? Pan was looking for Henry before he could have biologically been born? (As Baelfire was just a child when caught, yet the Lost Boys already had a sketch of Bae’s future son, Henry, at around age 10??) Who can the producers cast in Season 3 with the gravitas to play a Peter Pan that Gold, Regina, Et all will be frightened of? Interesting…

    • Mari says:

      You’re right–it’s going to be tough to build a character that all of those people are afraid of. That’s got the potential to be excellent or cringeworthily bad.
      As for the Henry picture, apparently he’s been prophesied? What makes him special, though? We know Emma is special because she’s a True Love child, but what about Henry?

      • Joey says:

        Who said Henry wasn’t a “True Love” child?

        • Mari says:

          I have no clue if he is or isn’t–I just got the impression from the way they talk about Emma being a True Love child (like those words are capitalized) that it was extraordinarily rare–and love by itself wasn’t enough to create a TLC. Its entirely possible that we’ll find out next season that Henry’s beginning met the TLC requirements and they didn’t want to hint at that because they didn’t want to hint at a reunion between Bae/Neal and Emma.

          • Tessa says:

            Right, I kinda thought the same thing. Not saying the Henry’s not a TLC, but if that’s all it took to create an Emma, I think they be much more common, especially in FTL. Then again, like you said, maybe he is and we just don’t know it yet. Or. Maybe Emma and Neal weren’t true loves. Ugh. SO MANY QUESTIONS! :)

          • Joey says:

            Well, there has to be /something/ special about Henry, or else this Peter Pan shadow creature thingy wouldn’t be willing to wait hundreds of years (if not longer) to get his hands on him.

          • Will says:

            I thought it was obvious. He was a permanent fixture of magic. He was born of two magical people in the human realm and even if all magic was wiped out a la the curse trigger, he’d still be standing. He’s probably a child of true love to boot, and he is the only person to have those traits. That’s what makes him special. Anything else is just extra-special.

          • kath says:

            Neal sent Emma to jail so that he could get off scot-free (he could have gone to prison himself and left Emma free) and then his “apology” was all about his pain not hers.

            No way does that meet my definition of True Love. And since Neal had been alive about 200 years longer than 17 year old Emma, it comes close to abuse.

          • shannon says:

            I think there was more to that than we have seen. 1. August chased down Neal into an alley and stated he needed to leave Emma and he did not want to when August stated let we tell you a story and what I have in here will change your mind..(we later learned August had typed “I know you are Baelfire”) still do not know how August knew let alone had the printer. Emma was only caught with the one watch Neal gave her which coincidentally she got back somehow.
            Neal sold the watches and gave the money and keys to the bug to August to give to Emma and we know August stole the money because in prison Emma only received the car keys.
            August also said he would send a postcard when the curse was lifted..
            The whole dynamic never has been clearly explained or explored. August stated he looked after Emma and thought foster care would be best for her..
            Hopefully they will delve back into that more, same withe book etc..

        • Mike says:

          He is the son of the the savior, he doesn’t necessarily need to be a TLC in order to be special.

        • Ronnie says:

          We’ll have to see how that plays out but I would be very surprised if Henry is a true love child, that title is reserved for Emma’s and it would be silly to have two when they have made such a fuss about her being the one. I think there is a more sinister motive involved with why Peter Pan and the anti magic head office wants Henry. He might have the power to destroy all magic.

      • fiona says:

        I feel like part of the reason hes so special is that not only does he link all these characters togetherbut he was the first child to be conceived and born on earth by fairytale land characters

        • Mari says:

          That’s possible–especially if Peter Pan can mine people from ordinary world, but not fairytale land. Henry might be the first fairytale land child he has access to–and it’s possible there’s some extra magic just from being a fairytale land child. It seemed like most people in fairytale land had the potential to do magic, but they didn’t have the willingness and determination. That could be usable and provide serious motivation to search Henry out.

          • Cory says:

            I wonder if Peter Pan wants him as a protege to replace him. Like you mentioned, maybe he couldn’t mine people from fairytale land. Whoever takes over for him would need to be magical, thus Henry fits the bill.

      • J322 says:

        I’m pretty sure that Henry’s important because

        A) He’s the son of True Love

        B) He’s the grandson of the Charmings

        C) His grandfather is the Dark One

        D) He’s the son of Neil

        E) Regina adopted him

        F) Peter Pan is looking for him

        In my opinion, they really should air season 3 now. I can’t wait for it. I have to know what happens!!!!!

      • Tamim says:

        I think Henry is kind of the product of “Pure Love” Good and “Dark One” Evil — though Bae was born before the Dark One came to being. Maybe being the Dark One is an all-life kind of thing that just has to be awakened, but is always present nevertheless. That makes Henry potentially even more powerful than everyone. In all honesty, I would like to see Henry darken up a bit. He’s too good, so he gets annoying at times because you know what he says will be the absolute right choice. And his Mom (one of them) is the Evil Queen – that has to have rubbed off on him at some point.

        Bae always rejected magic, but he still ended up as a thief for a while, so he wasn’t perfectly good. Henry needs some scruff marks as well.

    • Jeff says:

      While the timeline makes my head boggle too, it wouldn’t be the first time in this show that characters or realms are aware of multiple periods of time at once. We don’t know where he got the drawing of Henry – it may have been through someone like a seer like the one who warned Rumple. Someone who can see across realms.

      The better question to me, is why is Pan looking for Henry? Is it because he’s Neal’s son – in which case you’d think they’d be interested in Neal, but they tossed him aside, so probably not. (And there’s still an interesting story to see how Neal gets from Neverland back to our world). Connection to the Dark One – probably not, they would have been after Neal the same. Child of both worlds approach again? (But technically both Neal and Emma come from magic, so he’s really not of both worlds…) What’s Henry’s appeal to Pan?

      AND… what “time period” will Emma, et al, arrive in Neverland? Will they encounter young Neal or will it be years after what we’ve been seeing? And how will all of this adventure in Neverland eventually connect with Mulan, et al, with the injured Neal back in the Enchanted Forest?

      I also guess this puts to shame the theory that Wendy Darling was connected to the “Home Office.”

      • Jesse says:

        Ooooh — I love the theory/possibility that even though the Storybrooke Crew realm-jumped minutes after Henry, Greg and Tamara jumped to Neverland, the Storybrooke group could end up in Neverland much later, like 20 years later. This way, childhood Henry will be grown up, and Emma will have failed in her goal to make sure he didn’t grow up alone, like she did. This would make for some very interesting dynamics in Neverland! (Henry resenting them all, 3-generations all being the same biological age, etc…)

        • A says:

          Omg I never thought of that but I love it and maybe they can cast a better Henry that can actually act.

        • francisca says:

          But in Neverland kids are kids forever, so I don’t see how that would work?

          • A says:

            This version is Neverland-adjacent. Also if you notice they referred to them as Lost Ones not Lost Boys and they look more like teenagers/young adults than boys

          • francisca says:

            I was referring to the “Henry becoming an adult” thing. Henry is just 10 or 11, how could he become an adult in Neverland if they’re never supposed to become adults there? Yes they could’ve jumped to 20 years later and then finding him, but even with the possibility of Henry being 20 years older, he still would be the 10 or 11 year old boy he is now. He would be a pre-teen 30 year old, just like Rumple, who is about 40 something 50 years old for the past 200 and some years.

          • Tamim says:

            In the last close-up of Henry, the actor looked like he was well on his way to hitting young puberty, so I could easily see a time jump to teen or pre-teen years, at least in appearance, and then a longer time period spent in stasis before the Storybrooke clan finds him. He would still end up growing up alone though (or at least spending a lot of time alone).

        • Tracey says:

          According to legend and myth people do not grow old in Neverland…so it may 20 years later but Henry would still look like Henry

      • Neal is in Fairytale Land that’s why Sleeping Beauty, Mulan & Phillip found him, not in Neverland

    • ej says:

      So, Peter has the same foresight as that Seer who warned Rumple? Is Peter trying to defeat the Dark One using Henry to become the uncontested ultimate evil in all the realms or something else? Did Neal coming to the LWoM allow Pan access to it, so he could brainwash Greg, Tamara, and other magic-hunting operatives? I’m not sure how this fantasy/sci-fi mash-up will really work. Right now, I’m not loving the idea.

    • Mikael says:

      The Henry drawing reminded me of Page 47 from Alias, the drawing of Jennifer Garner’s character made centuries before she was born.

  3. Kat says:

    the last 5 minutes of this episode had me jaw-dropped. SO MANY QUESTIONS

  4. The Dark One says:

    So Matt, is Peter Pan the big bad we didn’t see collecting children? Because it seemed Felix, by saying “Peter Pan never fails”, was talking about himself.

    Am I wrong?

  5. Patti says:

    I hope Neal is a regular next season and is with Emma finally

    • Darla says:

      I agree. Neal should be a regular next season.

      • ej says:

        Yes. Love MRJ! Just hope he gets more screen time than he did in season 2 and reunites with the rest more quickly than Emma and Snow got home from FTL. That split-worlds stuff was the worst!

      • Tamim says:

        I think Neal will be a regular and will also be the way that everyone eventually gets to either the Enchanted Forest or back to Storybrooke. Peter Pan doesn’t use magic beans, but crossed realms all the time. How did Neal get to “our” world? Gold and Regina may not know a way to cross (without beans or a hat), but Neal probably does.

        • MaryAnn says:

          It seems obvious that the return to our world from Neverland is through flying, the way the Shadow returned Wendy Darling home. Bae could have gotten back the same way, putting him in the timeline to physically grow up in modern times.

    • Bailey says:

      I better get that announcement soon.

  6. girlinmd says:

    Wow what a great way to set up the next season didn’t see the end coming with Peter being the one looking for Henry and possibly being the “home office” but only question I have is how did Tamara and Greg know that the portal would open up to never land not sure if I missed something

    • Platypus says:

      Here’s what I think — they’re going for continuity on the magic bean portals.

      – Use a magic bean in the water anywhere (well, at least EF and our world) — you go to Neverland
      – Use a magic bean on the ground in our world — go to Enchanted Forest (Neal found by Aurora, Prince, and Mulan)
      – Use a magic bean on the ground in enchanted forest — you go to London (our world).

      Overall, I’m loving how they keep with the theme of making a lot of the charcacters not nearly what you expect so as to make things surprising. The ‘Neverland’ history in OUAT clearly has Peter Pan being a dick and Hook being simply an unfortunate victim who landed himself in Neverland.

  7. A says:

    HOOK is my favorite addition to season 2!
    Those last 5 minutes were epic I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to handle the wait.
    So happy they are finally leaving Storybrooke. Looking forward to seeing them navigate Neverland with the evil Peter Pan!
    I totally knew it that Neal was alive and would be found by Mulan, Aurora and Phillip.

    • Tessa says:

      Seriously, Hook was amazing tonight. Loved seeing more of his backstory and emotion, though he still has enough ambiguity to keep it interesting. I totally hissed ‘yessssss’ when his ship sailed back in at the end. Even though I’m by sure who I ship her with yet, I have to admit Emma and Hook had some great chemistry tonight!

      I also loved him with Charming…that punch in the face! Ahahahhahahaaa!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        ITA, Colin O’Donoghue really impressed tonight, especially in the FB scenes.

        • Tessa says:

          Yep, especially since he was having to act against Smee, aka He of the Wooden Exposition Acting. ;)

        • ej says:

          I agree that Colin acted Hook well. Maybe the “break a leg” thing really works! Still wish he was better written this season, over all, though, and the switching sides multiple times an episode is tiresome.

        • Chris says:

          Colin was AWESOME – one would have to have a pretty hardened heart to not appreciate the depth of emotion he showed when Hook talked of Milah and told Bae what his father did. It was heartwrenching. LOVED Hook even more in this epi than ever before and trust me I didn’t think that was possible. His scenes with Emma were passionate and chemistry filled – love these two because of the depth. Even though no doubt there will be a reunion with emma and neal I am hoping hook and emma are on an eventual journey towards each other. Damn they look great together and their scenes sizzle.

          My only problem with the show is lack of character exploration in general. Neal (who heard what happened to his mother from Hook) never questioned Rumpel on what he did to his mom once they were reunited, Belle (who I generally adore) never questioned Rumpel after Hook told her what he did to his former wife. There is a lot of brutality instead we get Belle saying “rumpel’s heart is true and yours (hooks) is rotten” if I just found out the love of my life brutally murdered his former wife – I’d be asking some questions, DItto if I found out my father brutally murdered my mother I would have at least confronted my father once I laid eyes on him again. Makes those two characters come across as very weak and timid and enabling. It seems a lot of important character interaction is dropping on the wayside in favor of hurrying the plot along.

          • A says:

            THIS! It really bothered me after finding out that his own mother was murdered by his father that Neal never once mentioned it to Rumple. It makes no sense and to not have them show that confrontation well that was just really disappointing. When Hook poisoned Rumple and Neal said “Papa” and was worried about him, I was like okay this is his dad who he hasn’t seen in so long who came all the way to find him and that maybe he never knew the truth about what happened to his mother. But finding out he knew all along and he showed no real anger towards that makes me dislike Neal a little bit.
            Also agreed with the Belle/Hook thing. I hate how no one really acknowledges how truly evil Rumple is and all the heinous things he’s done. But Hook being out for revenge for the murder of someone he loved before his eyes is deemed as “rotten” while Rumple’s “heart is true”. That is just disgusting and I was really disappointed in Belle. You find out your boyfriend murdered his own wife. At least show some concern for your own safety and confront him about it.

          • SL says:

            Belle doesn’t know Rumple killed Milah because he never told her.

          • A says:

            @SL Of course he never told her. yes, that’s true, but after Hook told her what really happened, she just shrugged it off as if it was nothing and never questioned it at all. Then she had the nerve to call Hook’s heart rotten and Rumple’s heart true. That’s just laughable. Rumple is way more evil than Hook will ever be.

      • Steph says:

        Colin KILLED as Hook in the Finale. I’m so glad the writers finally kicked it up and showed us another side of Hook that didn’t include shipping him with the floor. I hope they take it further in Season 3, and I certainly hope we get to see some scenes between Colin and MRJ… they have the potential to be amazing onscreen together!

  8. I’m confused… Was Felix actually Peter Pan, or is “he” Peter Pan?

  9. “Felix, the lead Lost Boy” boo.. Rufio

    • Abernathy says:


      • ej says:

        I wanted to see Rufio too, but Adam and Eddy said in a podcast that they could not get the rights to Rufio. But they love Rufio and in their minds he is in Neverland, even if we will likely never see him. So feel free to imagine him there, having evil adventures with Felix and his cohorts!

  10. Mari says:

    Are they dropping the Storybrook location for a while? Because if this last season struggled from the jumping around, trying to keep up with three separate storylines and locations next season could be undoable.
    Also, I really enjoyed the little scene with the dwarves and their mindwiped brother.

    • ej says:

      I think they are dropping it, perhaps for the whole season. The crew packed up all of the signs and told locals they would not be returning, according to Vancity Filming.

      • sara says:

        That’s too bad. The Storybrooke tie in was pretty much the only thing that made Once different from any other fantasy show.

  11. Laura says:

    Wasn’t Phillip dead?

    • Lia says:

      Cora told Aurora his soul was taken to another realm, but could be brought back. Looks like she and Mulan were successful in this new quest that they accepted when Snow and Emma went back to Storybrooke.

      • ej says:

        Probably an excuse to have contemporary FTL flashbacks of how Aurora and Mulan got Philip’s soul back and possibly a tie-in to whatever’s going on with Peter’s wraith-shadow-thingie. Perhaps the two worlds will connect through the netherworld? At least Aurora can let Henry (and Snow and/or David) know that Neal is alive. Much as Hook has disappointed me this season, I liked the flashbacks with Bae and it would be criminal not to have Colin and MRJ extend their off-screen bromance to the show. More MRJ WITH Colin to annoy the SwanCaptain shippers with some even more than that pseudo-incestuous CaptainFire! Boom!

  12. m.d says:

    I have not watch the episode yet, but i hsd to know if Neal was alive. Hope they make him a regular.

    • EL says:

      Me Too!!!!! I also enjoy Michael Raymond-James as part of the cast and like you, “M.D.” I hope they make him a regular. I love Bea/Neal & was hoping he was still alive in another realm. Otherwise there would have been way too much build up & Bea/Neal backstory without enough conclusions (if thats the right word?) with his character and Emma, Gold/Rumple, Henry, Hook and so forth.
      I know there are a lot of people Emma can be linked to romantically, but I do think she and Neal deserve a chance, especially now that all of their cards are on the table. They had a wonderful connection in “Tallahassee” & there was some of that same spark in parts of “Manhattan” as well, and I hope it is explored next season. Whether they are end game or not, there is a lot of unfinished business, and I am excited to see how that is navigated.
      Lastly, I am curious to see the Neal & Tamara relationship unfold a tad bit more. Neal was in love with her and trusted her completely & she used her and now stole his son. I am interested to see how Neal deals with that.

  13. david says:

    And let the complaints began

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      But… but… the long-lens paparazzi photos/rogue iPhone videos from Vancouver already revealed the entire finale to everyone, I thought? ;)

      • Steph says:

        Even after seeing all the spoilery photos and videos, everything pretty much happened how I expected it to. No complaints here, though! I loved the finale!

        • Tessa says:

          Totally agree! The actors were all just so great tonight, and I felt like the ep as a whole was really well paced while answering questions and setting up new ones for next season. Can’t wait for the fall!

        • Tamim says:

          I had the Neal ending pegged, but I did not see all the grumpy people voluntarily getting on the same ship to work together. Once the bean was missing I was pretty sure that Emma and Regina would end up having to work together. I love Belle, but I’m glad she’s been left behind. Gold is so good when she is within arms reach. He was so loving and tender saying goodbye, then a total B to Hook once on board (probably because Belle wasn’t there). Gold means well, but the Dark One is corrupting. I think it’s going to be interesting with all the bad apples in one boat and Emma and David just trying to keep the peace.

  14. Loli says:

    I don’t think that “the shadow” is actually Peter Pan. I think is only his shadow. Maybe Peter Pan is any boy that the shadow want, and being Peter Pan is like a duty that the shadow want Henry to perform. And we saw that you could see the future, Rumple knew about a lots of facts from the future.

    • MaryAnn says:

      It seemed clear that the boy in the drawing would die, since Bae was allowed to live when he did not match the picture.

  15. Seriously, i had chills and tears while watching the final shot ! i KNEW they were gonna cut clean with the shot of the boat going in.

    Things i liked : Emma finally calling her parents Mom/Dad , That moment Regina & Emma shared stopping the diamond and how young Bae/Hook interacted on the scene where the latter explains how he knew Milah and told the truth.

    Also, i was happy for about 5 seconds, telling myself than since the diamond didn’t destroy magic in storybook, maybe it would work backwards and destroy all things NOT magic, why happy ? Because Henry was out of the pic for 5 seconds and i thought he got booted out of the show for good ! Good grace, he needs to take some acting lessons this summer, especially if he is getting more screentime with the whole Peter Pan thing.

    Things that bothered me : how easy (and convenient) Belle and Sneezy got their memories back. Tamara being Tamara and how this whole “we wanna destroy magic” isn’t sinking in due to the fact that since they came they started using magic more than anything. Plus, grown up Borefire acosting to the “safe haven” i presume, since we got a glimpse of a thiner Philip, and back to Burqa Mulan !

  16. David says:

    Based on the summary provided above, I’m glad I gave up on this show and didn’t watch the season finale. None of the “plot twists” interest me. Good riddance.

  17. lb says:

    Can someone please clarify….is Philip alive again? Or did Neal return to an earlier time?

    • HeatherC says:

      Mulan and Aurora must have figured out a way to save him because he was alive in that brief scene we saw of them finding Neal on the beach. Hopefully they get back to that sooner rather than later in season three so we know Neal’s fate and also how the heck the women managed to save Phillip. There are definitely stories there and I am SO GLAD Neal is still alive! =)

      • Lia says:

        Cora told Aurora there was a way to bring his soul back to his body and she and Mulan were on that quest.

    • WayneInNYC says:

      We will undoubtedly get the back story of Philip’s revival next Season.

    • Lara says:

      I am going to say Phillip is alive because the whole time he knew Milan aurora was under the sleeping curse. Therefor it cannot be an earlier time because I do not think they were ever together earlier

  18. I have loved this season of OUAT but one aspect has pissed me off. Captain Hook should not be a good guy, he is a VILLAIN! The fact that it looks like they are turning Peter Pan, one of the all time greatest HEROES into a villain, just pisses me off to no bloody end!

    • Kermit says:

      I actually really like this angle. It seems like one of the truly original and interesting ideas they’ve had for tweaking the characters.

    • Tessa says:

      Ehhhhhh, I wouldn’t call Peter Pan one of the greatest heroes of all time, or really a hero at all, especially if you’ve ever read Barrie’s original tale.

    • francisca says:

      To me Hook is a joke and Peter Pan a creep. I don’t care how the writers will develop that storyline because I doubt that it can make me change my mind.

      • ej says:

        I’ve honestly never liked Peter as a hero. Hook as the villain was always more interesting to me. Getting a backstory for both will be great, although Hook had better stay a jerk (and it would be nice if he’s less of an inept villain) just for some continuity. I’m hoping that Tink will be an evil fairy like the one that gave Snow that bug dust. She was a rather vengeful little pixie in her jealousy of Wendy and obsession with Peter. It would be interesting if Tink acts as a go-between with The Home Office.

    • Leave Comments says:

      This is what makes it fun and a like a fractured fairy-tale! Besides I do not think Hook is good really. He is unpredictable and Peter Pan may still be a hero in the end if he is controlled by the evil shadow. Don’t get yur knickers in a twist matey.

    • AL says:

      Once isn’t the fairy tales we grew-up with or you watched on Disney it’s an interpretation of those stories or have you the ‘real’ version of the story before it got written in ‘our’ world. So Hook isn’t the villain from the Disney movie, and Peter Pan may be darker like in the original novel that’s okay with me. I won’t be upset if and when Ariel is introduced if she ends up as sea foam like in the original tale. I loved watching Hook’s development as a character this season and thd different sides of him. I can’t wait for more of his backstory and hopefully more banter with the Swan girl :0)

  19. GTS says:

    Does it occur that this episode has a fatal flaw? If they leave Storybrooke, they loses their memories, but don’t DIE! I like living more than my memories…

    • Khorrie says:

      Portals seem to be another matter. Snow went back to the Enchanted forest at the beginning of the season with her memories intact. It seems it’s the physical Storybrook town line that takes their memories.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Well Emma and Snow left Storybrook through a portal to return to FTL and they didn’t lose their memory. So portals don’t count – they’re not crossing the line between Storybrook and the rest of our world. They’re going to another magical world.

    • Allison says:

      If they left Storybrook in our world, they list their memories. MM already went to EC and didn’t lose hers.

    • Deena says:

      I think what GTS meant is why didn’t they just leave Storybrooke before the town disappeared. They would have no memory of who they were but would still be alive. I wonder if it would have mattered though as the trigger was meant to destroy the town and (from what I understood) everyone who came with the curse (the whole not from this land explanation). Interesting theory though.

    • MaryAnn says:

      The issue seems to be that they could go to a realm with magic and not lose their memories, but if they crossed the town line into our world, a world without magic, then they would become only the person the curse had created them as.

    • Name That Tune says:

      No I think it has to do with the curse that established Storybrook. In order to keep the town unknown to the outside world, you can’t leave and enter our world. If you do, you lose your memory. We know the town is cloaked to outsiders and no one from the outside could get in except Owen and his father, who just happened to be there when the town was created. So leaving Storybrook to go to another magical world is different and more difficult.

    • Name That Tune says:

      It’s clear that the black Diamond would destroy everyone “not born of this world”. So crossing over the city line wouldn’t save you.

  20. HeatherC says:

    LOVED the finale and it sets up what’s sure to be an exciting and crazy trip to Neverland in season three!! I’m glad that Neal is alive (his journey back to his family should be one of the themes for next season), I LOVED seeing Emma & Regina work together to stop the diamond, I’m glad that Sneezy and Belle got their memories back, LOVE LOVE LOVE that Emma finally called Snow & Charming “Mom” and “Dad”, and it was very cool to see everyone work together for once. This season hasn’t been as great as season one but it’s still been very enjoyable IMO and I’m stoked to see what’s coming next for season three! =)

  21. A fan says:

    It was good. I like that the core 5 were working together. Hope to see more of them working together like that next season.

    I also liked the Regina and Emma moments. There magic working together Like that again was very nice to see. Would love to see Regina teach Emma magic. :)
    And it’s nice to see Henry hug Regina ( about time).

    Emma’s ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ moment made me smile,

    Looking forward to season 3.

  22. A says:

    Did anyone else find Emma’s ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ moment a little awkward? I know it’s a sweet moment but it was a little weird seeing as her parents are pretty much her age

    • Lia says:

      Well, we did have 22 episodes to get used to that fact, hehehe.

      • A says:

        Lol ya I know and I got used to that fact, but I don’t know something about hearing it actually being said out loud was just……….

    • ej says:

      Yes. I get the “we’re about to die” moment, like her telling Neal she loved him in the heat of the moment. The “I need you. I love you” should have been more awkward than “Mom and Dad” considering the build of time, but for some reason it was the opposite, and I actually cringed. I don’t know why.

    • sara says:

      I thought it was awkward but more because they’ve neglected the relationship between them so much that it didn’t have any emotional history or baggage behind it at all.

  23. Khorrie says:

    Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey issues with Henry aside, I’m going to bet that Peter Pan wants him because he doesn’t have his own body anymore. If he can rip people’s shadows from them, surely he can attach his own to someone else. Also, his original, shadowless, grown up body is probably in “our world” running the Head Office.

    • ej says:

      That’s a creepy but interesting idea. I think Robert C. said they were going to cast a teenager to play Peter and he was excited to see how that would work up against Hook, so unless he was spreading misinformation or just guessing himself, that’s probably unlikely and Peter and his shadow are both in Neverland. I do hope we get a flashback of how Peter separated from his evil shadow, though. Could be Peter himself isn’t evil, although it would more interesting if he is and is seeking some revenge on magic for himself having been trapped in Neverland by the fairies or something and due to some vision, Henry is the means to achieve that, perhaps through Rumple, or being the biproduct (or second generation product) of true love. It’s been hinted by Adam and Eddy that Henry might have magic and we might see the consequences of that in season 3.

  24. Mike says:

    Great finale, I’m so happy Storybrooke is out of the picture for at least a little while.

  25. RobMF says:

    I seriously hope they keep Peter Pan as the bad guy and Hook the good guy in this story. I love the idea of it playing out that way. Though from what we’ve seen I’m guessing the actual Peter Pan (if it isn’t Henry) is being held captive and the evil Shadow Pan is the one in control so Peter will still end up being a good guy.

  26. Isaac says:

    An interesting setup for season 3. I prefer Peter Pan as a villain, so that (less than surprising) twist was welcome. I just really hope the writers learned their lesson and won’t try to switch between the four worlds they have now (Present Neverland, Present FTL, Present Storybrooke, Past all over). Occasional updates on Storybrooke and Bae would be nice, but they should stick to two main stories for the majority of the season.

  27. Alia says:

    In answer to your question, Cathy Rigby is still playing Peter Pan (at age 60!!!) in the national tour. :-)

    • MaryAnn says:

      I have always found it very, very creepy that an adult woman is traditionally cast as the stage version of Peter Pan, even more so if that woman is no longer young.

  28. kavyn says:

    A very predictable finale, I was practically reciting half of the things the characters were saying within the last five minutes. The only major twist was the Lost Boys hunting for Henry instead of Bae. I was also hoping they would have kept some of the main cast (ie Rumple) back in Storybrooke instead of having all of them travel to Neverland.

    • Mike says:

      The question is will Belle be demoted, or will we still check in on Storybrooke on a regular basis.

      • Khorrie says:

        I would expect so. There isn’t really anyone left for her to interact with and what Rumple wanted her to do was not left ambiguous. Things in Storybrook itself were pretty neatly wrapped up, so I’d guess there won’t be much action there for at least the first half of S3. The main go-betweens will probably be Neverland and Present FTL with Aurora, Mulan and Neal.

        • Mike says:

          I wonder what they do with Mulan, since she was cast in a pilot that was picked up.

          • BS says:

            I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not much EF..with both the actresses who play Mulan and Aurora having shows picked up. I not a huge Neal fan (Do we even know if he makes it? he was nearly dead when they found him) , but I am looking forward to seeing Bae’s adventure in Neverland and how it made it back to our world. Loved tonight’s episode

        • ej says:

          Exactly. All of the signs were taken down in Steveston and the crew said they would not be returning. There could be in-door, soundstage sideways flashes to show Belle or stuff with the Home Office, but Main Street, at least, has closed shop for what seems to be the whole or the start of season 3 and both Megan and Rapha have left the show to be regulars on other series. It will be sad not to see much of Belle and the others, but I will miss Herbie the most. That car got far too little screen time after “Tallahassee”.

      • Azerty says:

        I am sad that she will, I love Emily de Ravin and even if Storybrooke seems wrapped up pretty well I hope we will see her again somehow.

    • linds says:

      If the next season has flashbacks, storybrooke, neverland than I will stop watching. It’s so many at once. I hope they limit on the characters-too many.

      • Mike says:

        I assume it will be Neverland and flashbacks.

        • A says:

          This is what I’m thinking with a few episodes here and there popping into present FTL to check on Neal and maybe popping in on Belle in Storybrooke. Although, I am hoping they stay away from Storybrooke for a while. Really looking forward to seeing them all in a new setting!

  29. david says:

    it wasnt a amazing surprise. I feel like the show got back on track since last week but it was a weak season. Lets hope that 1) next year will be better 2)revenge can pull it of as well tonight

  30. Grrrrp says:

    I absolutely love this new theory that Peter Pan is a villain. I can’t wait to see who they cast as him. It’s going to be a looong summer

  31. Mark says:

    So what’s the big plot twist? Can’t be “Peter Pan is ‘him’, the bad guy!” cause everyone must have seen that coming from miles away. I mean….Neverland? Wendy? Hook? And no actual Peter Pan around? Well then gee, who’s the missing person that could be “him”?? Aren’t plot twists supposed to be shocking surprises?

    And what about the game-changer related to Rumpelstiltskin/Gold and Bae/Neal that we were promised?

    (Could it be that LOST just raised the bar for plot twists and gamechangers….and that OUAT just doesn’t reach it?)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The game-changer was Neal being shot/falling through the portal, Episode 21.

      • linds says:

        It was shocking, but I thought the writers did a better job in game-changer moments in season 1.

      • sara says:

        Wait, that’s was considered a game changer? Even though it didn’t really change any game and was pretty much what has already happened multiple times on the show?

    • francisca says:

      The gamechanger is Rumple not wanting to kill Henry anymore and wanting to go find him and save him from Greg and Tamara, even though he is his undoing because he thinks his son is dead and that makes Henry is only blood related family (I’m considering Belle as his family too because they are a couple and live together, or did before her losing her memory).

      • francisca says:

        *…makes Henry HIS only blood related family…*

      • Lisa says:

        I personally believe that Henry is “Rumple’s” undoing, not his original character. By saving Henry, he once again becomes Gold (or his original fairytale name – do we know what that is?), and, in turn, saves himself from being Rumplestilskin.

        • francisca says:

          His name is really Rumpelstiltskin. He became the Dark One (DO) after killing the previous one but everyone kept on calling him Rumpelstiltskin. Henry is the DO’s undoing and Rumple is the DO, and I’m not sure but I think the DO can’t be killed without Rumple also dying, but if it were possible, he would lose all of his powers and go back to what he was before, and that’s what he fears the most, not being powerful anymore and having everyone thinking of him as a coward again. That’s why he wanted/needed to kill Henry, but not anymore. But I don’t think he will lose his powers anytime soon.

          • Tamim says:

            Could he die and come back? Emma probably knows CPR. Modern Science sometimes brings people back from the dead. Maybe the Dark One can jump bodies, then people can revive a powerless Rumple (though I like Rumple having a constant flaw — his dark moments, even for the sake of good, are much more interesting than the really-good solutions others try to use.)

          • ej says:

            I have a theory that Henry will be Rumple’s “Dark One” undoing through the power of names. I think Emma named Henry when he was born, and that’s why she kept calling him “Kid” for so long instead of “Henry” and his birth name will eventually be revealed in some connection to the dagger and the curse not transferring to him, so Rumple can be saved somehow. Or something similar!

          • francisca says:

            Although that would be an interesting theory, I’m pretty sure it was Regina who named him with her late father’s name when she adopted him.

        • Kacie says:

          I completely agree. Henry is the dark ones undoing. Henry saves him from magic and evil. Henry redeems rumple.

    • AndyF says:

      Am I the only person who felt like they were hinting that Hook might actually be Bae’s father? I thought it from the moment Hook realized who Bae was (Milah’s son) after fishing him out of the water and then playing father-figure to him on the ship, etc. Do we know WHEN Milah started palling around with the pirates? That would certainly be a game-changer between Rumple & Bae.

  32. Mike says:

    My question is where the portal will take the Storybrooke gang, since the bean that took Neal took him to the Enchanted Forest, where are the storybrooke gang headed as well Henry.

    • linds says:


    • jrex says:

      In earlier episodes Hook and Regina’s mother Hook had the magic compass and thus ability to sail his navigate the magic realms. The only thing he needed was a way to create a portal.

      I liked that Hook seemed to form a parental bond of sorts with Bae being Mila’s child. It seemed to be why he went back to Storybrooke

      • ej says:

        I forgot about the compass. Shouldn’t Emma or Snow still have it? Maybe they can use it to get back to FTL and reunite with Neal. I have wondered if Hook had the compass previously and used it to get to Neverland — maybe it belonged to his deadbeat dad or he stole it from the captain of that ship as a boy and used its magic to enchant his own ship — and Anton somehow acquired it between the time he returned from FTL and Regina cast her curse, or Cora actually planted it there as part of a ruse to learn about Emma and Snow.

      • AndyF says:

        I got the impression (whether it turns out to be true or not) that Hook either is, or may think he is, Bae’s actual father. I haven’t noticed anyone else commenting on this so I may be crazy, but re-watch those interactions between the two with that in mind and see if you don’t agree…

        • Tracey says:

          Many have mentioned about Hook being Bae’s father; however, that is very improbable. The reason Bae’s mother strayed from Rumple to start with was because of her shame regarding his “coward” like actions to get released from his war obligations. She believed him to be a coward and was so ashamed of him and how he made people look at their family that she lost all love she had for him. Since Bae was born prior to the war (or during, I can’t remember) and was the main reason for Rumple’s actions during the war; Bae being Hook’s son makes no sense.

          However, Hooks fathering of Bae does make sense. He was very much in-love with Milah and new of her intentions to take Bae away from Rumble to be raised by her and Hook, but she was killed before she could. Bae being a part of the woman he desperately loved and knowing how much she loved the boy drew Hook to Bae and contributed to his caring for him. Maybe he felt that it was what Milah would’ve wanted him to do.

  33. LM says:

    I do hope Belle will get to do something next season because I do like her and feel her character has a lot of potential. That Lacey plotline was a waste.

    • Zachary Flye says:

      Eh, I don’t think the Lacey storyline was a total waste, I think it showed Rumple that even if he had a Belle who supported his dark side he would still want the real Belle, the one who brings out the good in him. Though I do think that it was a bit random and too short to have any real impact with the audience.

    • Catherine says:

      If Belle is left in SB without Rumple, then having Lacey’s memories could actually be useful in some way. She’ll know how to drive a car, use technology, etc. I also hope she will be used next season and have a storyline for herself instead of only serving as a prop for Rumple.

  34. linds says:

    I’m confused. How could Peter Pan people in Neverland get a photo of Henry when Bae (Henry’s father) was a kid himself? I’m guessing that Peter Pan can see from the future of something. I’m not sure what Peter Pan wants from Henry. I feel like Peter wants Emma Swan. Its my little theory. Neal/Neil is not dead because we will get to see more of Mulan etc.

    • MaryAnn says:

      It was a drawing, not a photo. I am guessing it is from some sort of prophecy. Remember, we saw in Fairy Tale Land a woman who could tell the future.

  35. Kacie says:

    The shadow wants the boy in the picture dead( Henry ). It’s possible that Henry is his undoing too. I still want to know how Henry new about everyone in story brook being fairy tale characters and how he new his mom was the savor. Why does he know this? Henry has been the key all along. Why is he rumples undoing? Can’t wait to find out.

    • MaryAnn says:

      They abandoned the plot thread that the adult Pinocchio was writing the fairy tale book, and WHY he was doing it, and why (and how) he got it into Henry’s hands. If I missed something here, please let me know. If not, then I really hope at some point, they fill in the blanks with this.

      And in answer to your question, the book was how Henry knew all this, although he was the only one who believed it was real.

      • lyn says:

        Mary Margaret gave the book to Henry. I don’t remember them saying where she acquired it, but I always assumed she’d bought it in Gold’s shop.

      • Platypus says:

        We’d need to re-watch that episode/the one after again, but I recall Henry getting the book after August doctored it up (presumably adding pages or a story) and him noticing that one of the stories wasn’t in there before and it was relevant to that episode’s storyline. I think it may have even been the Pinocchio story.

      • Kacie says:

        I get what your saying but Emma is just a baby in the book. What makes him think that she is his mom and that she is the savor. If I was handed a fairy tale book am just suppose to assume everyone in my town is one of those characters. Nobody in town knows who they really are except a few people. Mary margret gave him that book not knowing what it ment. How does Henry know and why.? It’s never been explained.

        • SL says:

          Emma also tore the last pages of the book out so Regina would not know the ending. I was not sure if the last pages had to do with Emma being born and placed in the cabinet or what. They never went back there.

          • sara says:

            Which is hilarious because at the end of the same episode we already know that was silly because Regina knows Emma’s the saviour.

  36. mdtindc says:

    I haven’t read all the comments.. but I’m curious… now that we know that Bae/Neal is alive in fairy tale land and Henry is in Neverland along with young Bae… what are the chances that young Bae and Neal/Old Bae end up in Neverland AT THE SAME TIME!! :)

    • Someone says:

      No, Henry is not in Nverland with young Bae, he’s not traveling through time.

      • mdtindc says:

        When Mr. Gold dropped his blood on the globe to find out where they they were taking Henry and where they needed to follow, he said Neverland which is where young Bae is. Not sure how the time thing works, just curious

  37. denz says:

    I think Niel is Peter Pan and he captured the shadow that made him Peter Pan by making it his shadow to have powers (remember on the cartoons when Wendy stitched the shadow to Peter? something like that) but as time passed by Niel had to leave Neverland. When he left the shadow was furious and wanting vengeance against Niel…and this where Henry comes as the price of what Niel did.

    • ej says:

      Um, no. Adam, Eddy, and MRJ have all said that Neal is NOT Peter Pan. Neal is JUST Baelfire. Did you not watch the episode? The temporal paradox of your comment makes no sense. The Shadow was looking for Henry before Bae came to Neverland — that’s why the Shadow is kidnapping boys — in an attempt to find Henry, unaware that he hasn’t been born yet and Neal will be his father. Pan must have the same problem as Rumple with seeing the future, that you can’t necessarily tell when or how something will come to pass.

  38. dizzylie says:

    I was not a fan of Snow and Emma being stuck in the Forest at the start of this season and I can’t help but feel that we’re heading right for that again with Neal separated and now all of Storybrooke separated.

    • ej says:

      Me too. The actors have said they can’t wait to see how the new land will affect the interpersonal dynamics, but since that was not a major focus of the Emma/Snow relationship in FTL, I doubt very much that they will get their wish of intense family drama. Probably, it will be lots of crummy CGI. At least there will be few or no Storybrooke flash-sideways, since Steveston has been packed up, so we’re still keeping the universes down to 3, with the flashbacks. Still, that was too many this season. Not very excited about that.

      • sara says:

        Same. The biggest disappointment of the first 9 episodes was that you got almost nothing of Snow and Emma’s interpersonal relationship and it should have been the entire point of them being there.

  39. Angela says:

    As I wrote in the earlier recap:
    _ I think Henry could become Peter Pan.
    _ then he could meet young Bae (as in Neverland time goes more slower than real world). This would be a “Terminator” situation like.
    _after that another possible situation is that young Beal has to land in real world (Manhattan) on time, otherwise Henry won’t be able to born to break the curse.

    I know that the time issue sounds a little bit machiavellian,
    otherwise I never understood “the Planet of the Apes” either.

    • Angela says:

      I forgot to say that I thought Tamara an Greg being the “Ghostbusters” :)))

    • Angela says:

      and where is Ariel???

      • Tamim says:

        Well, there are mermaids in Neverland…

        • ej says:

          Adam and Eddy hinted we may see Ariel in Neverland, but then didn’t Regina and/or Rumple mention something about a certain mermaid way back when? Maybe that establishes Rumple having knowledge of Neverland but not knowing Bae is there. I would love if Ariel was a villain, since Hook doesn’t seem to think the mermaids in Neverland are beneficent. I always thought her pining for some guy she didn’t even know was lame and that she got what she deserved in the HCA story when she realized that the price of her wish to get legs was the prince falling in love with the chick she sent him off with to get medical attention; that’s Dark One irony right there! Probably, in the OUAT version, it’s Rumple who makes the deal with her, and she gets the original depressing ending, not the Disney one.

          • gdv says:

            Interesting theory about Rumple making the deal with Ariel. However, I was going to guess that Ariel shows up in Neverland, and the guy she falls in love with is Hook. This probably won’t be the right theory, but it’s just in the back of my mind since Hook looks a lot like Prince Eric to me.

          • Mikael says:

            I REALLY hope they don’t add Ursula to the characters that Rumple has taken over. They’ve combined enough characters into him. I’m still upset at the way they glossed over Maleficent. With Regina walking the line between good and evil, it would be nice to have a full-on evil villain. Ursula would be perfect.

          • SL says:

            I agree about malificent and how they could have used her more etc.. I also dislike how Prince Phillip and Aurora are teenagers I thought it would have been better having her/him older like Snow. The well of restoring waters is interesting because it is an exact replica from the animated Snow white movie. I was re-watching season 1 and wondered how August knew about everything in the town including the well.

    • Zachary Flye says:

      Whether time moves slower or not is irrelevant, and I just realized I’m going to sound like a total ass hole so I apologize ahead of time, but unless they travel through time which I don’t believe the beans have the power to do, though you never know, they might, we won’t see Henry with a young Bae. Even if a microsecond here equals an hour there, the time Bae left from and returned to The Land Without Magic would still be before Henry was even born, no matter how slow time goes.

      • lyn says:

        The beans must transcend time because Bael left Rumpel at the very start of his being the Dark One. He landed in Neverland after Rumpel killed Milah. And he was in New York when Henry was 10, hundreds of years after Rumple was with Belle the first time.

        • Zachary Flye says:

          Okay, so Bae left Rumple and spent at least 6-7 months in our world. That is plenty of time for Rumple in FTL to try and find a way to reach his son, and learn of the magic bean, kill Milah, cut of Hook’s hand and have Hook enter Neverland, where he later finds a newly traveled over Bae. Since you never grow up in Neverland, hundreds of years go by and somehow he escapes back to our world and grows up a thief, meets Emma, conceives Henry, and frames Emma for the stolen watches. 11-12 years later Emma, Gold, and Henry show up. The timeline fits without there being any transcending of Time, I’m not saying the beans can’t transcend time but we have no current proof that they have.

          • SL says:

            Wendy mentioned time runs differently in our world compared to magical ones. She asked how long she was away and Bae stated a few hours and she mentioned the time running differently because she thought she was gone for weeks.

        • SL says:

          Wendy did mention time moves differently in Neverland and we can assume all the realms are different with time and how they run. I wish Jefferson/Mad Hatter would return.

          • A.B. says:

            Ok so what time frame is Peter Pan actually set in? Is it the late1800s or is it early 1900s, like pre-WWII? Cause if its early 1900s then Bae wouldn’t have been gone but some decades and not hundreds of years. Still Wendy would be too old to be involved in th”Home Office” as some suggest.

  40. A.B. says:

    Since they are going to neverland will we get Gold in full Rumple makeup for S3?

  41. Cate Amos says:

    I can totally see Peter Pan as a big baddie. If anyone is familiar with the book, you’ll know he was far more sinister than how Disney portrays him.

  42. Gerald says:

    What a lame/disappointing episode…and yet another useless character is coming. Everything was so boring and predictable…I just was expecting more.

  43. Rick says:

    Here’s a theory I’m surprised no one has mentioned: Storybrooke was under a curse where nothing changed and no one aged for 27 years (like Neverland, where no one ever gets old). Henry was the one that brought about change by bringing his mother. It it possible that Neverland is under a similar curse and Peter Pan just wants Henry to help break the curse?

    Anyways, It’s a shame that Emilie De Ravin probably won’t be back full time next season. It’s also a shame they didn’t get Ruby back for the finale. Did Meghan Ory’s pilot get picked up?

  44. Great Episode :) Can’t wait till Season 3 :)

  45. Leave Comments says:

    I love Hook. I am glad they have in all in for the set of stories. It was a pretty good finale.Looking forward to next year in Never Never land.

  46. Stephanie says:

    If Greg and Tamara want to rid the world of magic and they take Henry as the key to that, why has Peter Pan been looking for him since Neal/Baelfire was a boy his same age? Peter Pan has never been an evil character so I don’t get the angle here for the story. Matt can you please clarify this for me??? I am so confused – is Henry related to Peter Pan somehow or is Bae related to him somehow? This has to tie together.

    • Tamim says:

      Except for Greg and Tamara, none of the “Evil” Characters have been fully evil. Hook, Regina, Gold, Cora, they all chose to do evil things, but at some point had good intentions. Or they mean to do good, but get tempted and fail. Even Greg had a personal revenge-vendetta as a motivator because Regina kept and killed his Dad. I don’t know Tamara’s motivation (which is probably why I don’t like her). I am fairly certain that Peter Pan looks ominous and does scary or even bad things, but probably has a reason that may have started as something noble, but because corrupt as he gained power. It seems to be a theme. If Peter is simply an Evil character, then things will get boring.

      Also, if gaining power does lead to increased temptation, and if Gold and/or Regina decide that they need to train Emma, she may also start to be tempted by a darker side. Emma does want to save Henry, and Snow already proved (when she killed Cora) that a powerful and quick, but Dark, solution is an easy, yet corrupting choice. This show seems to focus on cycles and breaking cycles in families.

  47. Spencer says:

    Honestly Hook and Regina are the only reason I still watch this show. Everyone else irritates me, especially Henry.

  48. JE! says:


  49. Louise says:

    I can’t hear over how awesome the Snow/Charming, Henry, Emma, Regina stuff was. ;) Henry’s “I love you” to Regina was a well-deserved moment of emotional pay-off, just like Emma calling Snow and Charming “Mom” and “Dad”. The Regina and Emma conversation in the mines when Emma realiized that Regina was going to sacrifice herself was some of the finest acting I’ve seen on the show all season. Props to Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parrilla! And Emma and Regina stopping the diamond with their combined magic was a nice nod back to the season premiere and a wonderful moment for everyone who enjoys their dynamic. Also nice: WE did it. I’m excited to see where they take this relationship next season.

  50. ncisfan says:

    Rumple has become my favorite character! And this episode just solidified it!! Saving Belle, no longer wanting to kill Henry, his selflessness…