Fall TV Preview

NBC Fall Schedule Revealed: Parenthood and Revolution on the Move, Community Warms the Bench [UPDATED With Clips of New Series]

NBC Fall Schedule 2013NBC is the first broadcast network to unveil its official game plan for the 2013-14 TV season, and the biggest news regarding returning shows is the relocation of Parenthood to Thursdays at 10/9c, Revolution to Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Chicago Fire to Tuesdays at 10/9c.

Also of note: Parks and Recreation shifts to 8/7c on Thursday, where it will lead into three brand new series — Mike O’Malley’s Welcome to the Family, Sean Hayes’ Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox Show.

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Elsewhere, James Spader’s FBI drama The Blacklist has landed the coveted post Voice slot on Mondays at 10/9c, and Dracula starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers will air Fridays at 10/9c after Grimm.

On tap for midseason, in addition to Community: J.J. Abrams’ Believe (Sundays @ 9/8c), conspiracy thriller Crisis (Sundays @ 10/9c), pirate drama Crossbones (Fridays @ 10/9c) Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago PD (TBD), medical drama The Night Shift (TBD), comedies About a Boy (Tuesdays @ 9/8c),  The Family Guide (Tuesdays @ 8:30/8:30c) and Undateable (TBD)and reality series Food FightersThe Million Second Quiz and the returning Sing-Off. 

The fate of Celebrity Apprentice, Betty White’s Off Their RockersFashion Star and Hannibal will be decided in the coming weeks, per NBC.

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All told, the NBC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8/7c The Voice

8 pm The Biggest Loser
9 pm The Voice
10 pm Chicago Fire

8 pm Revolution
9 pm Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

8 pm Parks and Recreation
10 pm Parenthood

8 pm Dateline NBC
9 pm Grimm

Encore programming

7 pm Football Night in America
8:15 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (Post-football/Winter 2013)
7 pm Dateline NBC
8 pm Nate Berkus’ AMERICAN DREAM BUILDERS (Reality)
10 pm CRISIS

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: 1600 Penn, 30 Rock, Animal Practice, Deception, Do No Harm, Go On, Guys With Kids, The New Normal, The Office, Smash, Up All Night and Whitney.

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  1. rflairfan says:

    Parks and Rec is getting fed to the wolves in the Big Bang Theory.

  2. Babybop says:

    Well, guess we’ll have to say goodbye to Parks and Rec. It’ll never get good enough numbers for them when it’s up against Big Bang Theory!!

    • MrMank says:

      The other way to look at is that NBC doesn’t really have another comedy to put there. Although I would’ve put it in the 9:00 spot. If something like Sean Saves The World ends up a hit, they could always give 9:00 to them.

    • YowzaPowza says:

      I don’t even think it matters too much at this point. Ratings are already low. I don’t think NBC is expecting too much from Parks and Rec. They kept it around because it’s their best comedy and they couldn’t cancel every single show.

      • rflairfan says:

        It has always reminded me of 30 Rock ratings suck, critics love them, both are funny as hell. 30 Rock lasted longer than I have ever thought. Same with Parks.

        • Mitholas says:

          Yeah, I actually don’t think we’ve heard the last of Parks and Rec. Plus, P&R is beloved by its audience. I think it’s the kind of show that its audience follows to wherever it is. Plus, do the people who love shows like Parks and Rec show a lot of interest in a show like TBBT?

  3. George says:

    Well, the good the thing about moving Parenthood to Thursday is that it puts the only shows I care about it/am interested in checking out on NBC all on one night :)

  4. MzTeaze says:

    Looks like I won’t watch much on NBC in the Fall at all.

  5. Susan Jackson says:

    What do you think the chances are for Hannibal to return for another season? Thanks!

  6. corey says:

    we have been spoiled with great thursday nights for 4 years, gunna be a big change next year

  7. Stephen says:

    Hit or miss, I’m going to miss The Office.

  8. Emma says:

    Any news on Hannibal?

  9. silva says:

    What about Hannibal??????????

  10. Rebecca says:

    Looks like I have nothing to watch on NBC any night of the week. Excellent!

  11. Maki says:

    hmmm doubt the move will do good for Revolution. Parenthood will have strong competition, but again unique in their genre.
    Nice one NBC

  12. Teag says:

    Please renew Hannibal.

    Also, interesting scheduling for Revolution. Hope Blacklist does well too.

  13. Rebecca Parker says:

    Wow, I don’t think a single one of NBC’s new shows look appealing. Ouch.

  14. thadugout@hotmail.com says:

    Parenthood on at the same time as Scandal?! Ugh.

    • Mel says:

      I know. That’s a bummer. I liked Parenthood where it was. There was nothing on at that time that I cared about. I guess we’ll just have to see what the other networks put against Scandal and Parenthood this year. And I thought Grimm was moving. So glad it’s staying on Friday night! YAY!

    • robinepowell says:

      Also Elementary on CBS.

    • steph says:

      I give Parenthood about three weeks in this time slot before they come to their senses. It was great on Tuesday.

  15. MrMank says:

    I’ll at least try anything that James Spader is in. Bring on Blacklist!

    • Esaul says:

      Unfortunately, that isn’t the same for me. I didn’t enjoy his stay on The Office for season eight. It killed it for me. It’s relatively fresh in my mind too since I just finished it. I’m not fond of his slow articulation. If someone else were in his place, then maybe I’d give it a try.

  16. George says:

    I’m surprised they tacked on Michael J Fox’s show at the tail end of there comedy block on Thursday. Considering they gave it a full season right off the bat I figured they were so high on it they’d use it to lead off the night or at least the 9 o’clock hour. Placing it where they did makes me a little nervous for it.

    • rflairfan says:

      I agree it should be a 9 o’clock show. If it wasnt for the full season pick up I wouldn’t evwn watch though. I don’t trust Broadcast TV anymore. They have no patience to let shows grow.

      • Jay says:

        You don’t trust broadcast TV. Well let me tell you something whatever that word you use for your name is, I wouldn’t have cable if I lived in any one of those cities! If this show you’re worried about is the last one of the night than they probably think it will bring more viewers to the one before it if they put it there. That’s how they pay to make these shows, selling commercial time. Leave them alone and watch what you want, whatever that is!

  17. Jared says:

    Revolution is gonna fail Wednesdays at 8..mark my words

    • emaegf says:

      Yep. Earlier time period at the start of Prime time. Going to have change it too much from what it is now that made it worth watching. Way to kill one of your best shows NBC. :(

  18. Drew says:

    Much better slot for Revolution. It is not dark and grownup enough for the late slot it has now. Putting it on earlier will make it more accessible to younger viewers, which is where it belongs. I’ve always thought that the show seemed more like a YA story than a serious war type scifi show.

    As for the rest… Meh.

    • emaegf says:

      It’s regularly rated TV-14 not a show I’d let younger kids watch at 8pm (7 pm where I live). It’s too dark and grownup for that time period in my opinion.

      • Drew says:

        I would put Revolution on about the same level as The Hunger Games… if that. Like I said, a YA audience. It really isn’t dark or mature. It is actually pretty tame, in my opinion.

        Could just be my view.

        • tchele says:

          My 11 yr old loves Revolution, but hasn’t seen it in weeks because it’s been too violent. It fits in great as a 10 pm show, not sure how it will play as a lead off show.

          Also on a completely unrelated note, NBC put Grimm on Fridays when it came back & then moved it back to Tuesday so why in the fall are they placing it on FRIDAY AGAIN?

    • Esaul says:

      Keep in mind Revolution has yet to air on a non-Voice night. It’s been nurtured behind their ratings. Now it’s expected to start off Wednesday night? It has decent ratings behind the Voice, but it isn’t enough to command an 8 PM timeslot in its second season run.

      • Drew says:

        A valid point. It should be interesting to see what happens.

        • Jay says:

          Not everyone who watches Revolution watches the Voice. I for one don’t care for these stupid singing competition shows. The only problem I have with Revolution being moved to Wednesdays is that it’s on the same time as Arrow, which I do watch, and while I know I can tape one of them and watch it later, the other networks still haven’t announced there own new schedules yet. Not everyone’s machine can record 2 shows at once you know!

          • Patsy says:

            Agree with you Jay, I never watch these singing/reality shows. I only turned to NBC for Revolution because I love it. On Wednesday it will be hard to compete with ABC’s the middle, more of a family show. Just hope it succeeds. I love the cast!

  19. Derek says:

    This is overall a pretty weak attempt at reigniting NBC. Not impressed with this schedule at all. Should’ve been more risky, imo.

  20. James says:

    not sold on any of the new shows except maybe MJF cuz i’m a fan, and maybe believe. knowing NBC none of the new shows will be around this time next year. why move Revolution?

    • Tiffanie says:

      Yeah. Same with parenthood. And Chicago fire? Its like kill parenthood for sure up against scandal and whatever is on Cbs. NBC IS A JOKE with their logic. Why wouldn’t they put fresh new different show up against ratings winners that are older on other networks. Why try and kill the little life left in shows Nbc has? Stupid Nbc just stupid

  21. Dee says:

    Canceling Go On and then benching Community? Why do you want me to hate you NBC?!

  22. Paula says:

    Hannibal is the best new show NBC’s had in years, If they cancel it there will literally nothing but parks and rec worth watching on the whole channel.

  23. ggny says:

    The most shocking part of this? The Voice isnt on 4 nights a week

  24. TV Critic says:

    It doesn’t make sense for a vehicle like Michael.J Fox to be on the tail end. Needs to either be a lead-in or headline the second hour of the family block.

    NBC needs to learn from FOX: run certain series (Revolution) uninterrupted!

  25. EMA says:

    What’s up with Hannibal, you ask. Think bread that’s gone through a dry heating process and you’ll have your answer.

  26. I would have left Chicago Fire on Wednesdays with it having such a strong viewing.

  27. jane770 says:

    I will miss SMASH…I really loved it, the acting, the dancing the singing and even the story; although, not as much as season one…it is too bad..anything for a mature audience gets cancelled…but I am delighted PARENTHOOD is back


  28. EMA says:

    …and for what it’s worth I wouldn’t worry too much about Community disappearing. At least one of those new Thursday comedies will dissolve fairly quickly and Community will hopefully be on the air long before mid-season.

  29. Meg says:

    Parenthood on Thursdays at 10 works for me. I don’t watch anything else at that time. :)

    And since we don’t have the schedules for the other networks, who knows what will be up against what?

  30. lori says:

    I don’t think Revolution is an 8 o’clock show.

  31. M says:

    One show left on NBC that I actually watch, and Parks & Rec is only a half hour! Frees up tons of space on my DVR!

  32. TV Critic says:

    That Dracula sounds like it won’t last long

    Expect Hannibal to move to Friday night-to ideally be paired with Grimm.

    • Sina says:

      Dracula isn’t meant to last. It’s only 10 episodes. A mini series – or so they said. And I’ll watch anything with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He was excellent in The Tudors.

  33. Don’t know if Believe & Crisis is going to survive the wrath of major cable shows like AMC, HBO and Showtime on a Sunday night during mid-season. The Blacklist is destined to be a breakout hit for NBC and Revolution move to Wednesdays at 8 is prime to join the ranks of TVs “sophomore slumps”.

  34. Superhero says:

    Parks and Rec and Parenthood are both dead in those timeslots. Thanks a lot, NBC.

    • TV Critic says:

      Actually, Parenthood presents a different alternative for those who want to watch family themed programming. Scandal is not for everyone and whatever is on CBS is not best suited for family viewing.

      For the exception of Parks and Rec (which would have best suited for Wednesday), NBC is developing this family block aimed to cover viewing for all ages.

      • Superhero says:

        Maybe, but the fact remains that literally every single drama that has aired there since ER ended hasn’t survived beyond one season on NBC. You have to believe that if NBC puts a show there, they don’t expect it to last for too long.

    • robinepowell says:

      NBC refuses to move Parenthood to 9:00, where I think it would do much better, ratings wise.

  35. Scott says:

    I imagine the thought by placing the MJF show at 9:30 is that it will lead to stronger numbers for Parenthood. Also, is Community a 22 episode order or half season?

    • rflairfan says:

      13 from what I read the other day.

    • David S says:

      13 episodes, but that puts it 3 episodes outside of the syndication minimum needed to jack their CC rates. I’d bet they’ll make the 3 extra episodes but whether they air or are simply DVD exclusive is another matter entirely.

  36. Boiler says:

    Guessing moving Chicago Fire helps Nashville, if it stays on Wednesday. That is a great thing

  37. kavyn says:

    That is a very crammed pilot episode for Blacklist, way too much going on.

  38. All I really care about is Hannibal, although I will give Dracula a chance.

  39. rflairfan says:

    I juat watched the trailer for The Blacklist. It looks bwry interesting but I woun’t watch until there is at least a ful season. Will watch Parks and Rec and MJF show.

    • rflairfan says:

      Sorry for the spelling errors. I hate typing on an iphone.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I understand not wanting to get invested in a show that you believe might get cancelled after a few episodes. However, all you are doing is allowing viewers who decide to not watch the show, decide what you watch on TV.

  40. James Davis says:


  41. Mike says:

    Why do I feel they’re killing their old shows, giving Chicago Fire, Parenthood’s slot and putting Parenthood up against ABCs biggest show, Scandal, and it is only getting bigger, and putting Parks against BBT, they better hope they get some hits next year, or NBC will be even more screwed then they are now, and Revolution will be DOA in its new slot, it will be lucky to get a 1.8 in that slot. Sunday night looks good, but we won’t know for sure until we see the other schedules, if SHIELD runs at 9, Sundays will be even more packed than they were this year. Hopefully Community will replace the first show that bombs.

    • Annie-Claude says:

      I know! I don’t watch Parenthood and Parks and Rec but Thursday night shows are strong. Moving shows against them or putting the new shows they hope will do well there doesn’t seem smart at all.

  42. rflairfan says:

    You would have to think that the CBS schedule is going to stay the same. Most of the shows have been the same for years. Really ABC has stayed the same as well. FOX could mix it up, but the only do 2 hours of regular programming a night unlike everyone else who does 3. Never understood why they do that.

    • Jay says:

      FOX only does 2 hours of prime time because it’s cheaper than 3! The CW and MynetworkTV do it too, so it must work out for all 3 of them. Also you should use your spell checker, because I think you meant to say “they only do 2 hours”, not “the only do 2 hours”.

  43. The black list sounds like a movie I would go to see, I don’t know if It’s a series I would watch but it was a really cool trailer. Like Really Serious Covert Affairs.

  44. catesewell says:

    I don’t even live in the States but I know from UK viewing that 10pm is a pretty late slot for most people so it would end up being Sky+, recorded or whatever the US equivalent is which could bring down the ratings. Bad move NBC, should have kept it on Tuesdays because that worked better for my mid-week download schedule!

  45. Robin says:

    Revolution is not an 8pm show!

  46. Annie-Claude says:

    I really want to try The Michael J Fox Show! But looks like it’ll be against Grey’s Anatomy.

  47. TV Critic says:

    All eyes will be where Marvel’s The S.H.I.E.L.D. If it lands on Wednesdays (8/7 C), Revolution is in trouble.

  48. robinepowell says:

    The only shows I now watch on NBC are Parenthood and Grimm. I watched The New Normal and was disappointed it didn’t get a second season. That might have improved the ratings a bit. I might watch Michael J. Fox, since there’s nothing else on at that time for me, but I’ll see.

  49. Cody says:

    Chicago fire has a one of the best timeslots on nbc. I think revolution could work on wednesdays because its a very buzzy show and its going against weak conpetition in survivor and the x factor. Its better than going against castle and hawaii five-0. I know its not a show for 8 pm but it could work.

  50. Laura says:

    Blacklist = more violence. Just what America needs . I only will watch the Michael J Fox show.