Orphan Black Star Tatiana Maslany on Helena's World, Cosima's New Pal and a Possible Death

Orphan Black Season 1 SpoilersAfter the craziness of Orphan Black‘s visit to Alison’s abode in last week’s episode, another clone will take center stage in this Saturday’s installment (BBC America, 9/8c).

Below, star Tatiana Maslany previews the Helena-centric hour, the dangers of Cosima’s new gal pal and the next step in Sarah and Paul’s twisted relationship. The actress also hints at a possible death and serves up scoop on the “insane” season finale.

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TVLINE | What can you say about Episode 7?
We start to see Helena’s world a little bit more and what motivates her and what the hell is going on with her. She starts to be fleshed out a bit more.

TVLINE | Sarah came out with the truth to Paul. How does that change their relationship going forward? Are they partners? Or are they still distrustful of each other?
A combination. Her and Paul have this strange understanding and also this total distrust. Both of them live in a world where they can’t really trust anybody. And Sarah, especially, has always distrusted people, and she kind of operates from that place. So as much as they have a common language now or some kind of understanding, they can never get too comfortable. That’s what makes their relationship so compelling, that there’s such inherent tension in it. Also, are there feelings? We don’t know. Who are they to each other is definitely a question that plays out throughout the rest of the series.

TVLINE | And Vik can’t possibly really be out of her life, can he? He just seems to keep coming back like a boomerang.
[Laughs] That’s right, and it’s like, “Why?!” And why does he need her? Why does she need him?

Orphan Black Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | Delphine appears to be connected to this idea of Neolution. How does that start to affect the clones, Cosima in particular?
Cosima is quite taken by Delphine, and it starts to tread into territory that can be quite dangerous for her. It’s like the Paul-Sarah relationship – you don’t know who’s on whose side, if anybody’s on Cosima’s side, if anybody’s on the clone’s side. So it’s really dangerous territory. It’s also very important to Cosima. This is her life, this is her heart, this is a person who could be quite important to her. We really start to understand Cosima better through the relationship with Delphine.

TVLINE | How would you describe the season finale (airing June 1)?
[Laughs] Oh my God, whirlwind! It’s insane. It’s nuts. It’s really exciting. … There’s so many questions answered, and at the same time, there’s so many questions posed. These doors open… It’s a really gripping hour.

TVLINE | We’re not going to lose anybody by the end of the season, are we?
[sing-songs] I don’t know. I can’t say. [Laughs] I’m not going to say.