Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Storm Watch 2013

Grey's Anatomy Arizona CheatsThe hurricane that rages outside Grey Sloan Memorial in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy has nothing on the one that blows through the hospital itself after Alex brings in an unconscious Jason and says — gulp! — “Make sure he doesn’t die.” Is Alex about to trade in his surgical scrubs for prison stripes? Read on and find out!

WHODUNIT | Just as Mer and Cristina are laying into Alex for being dumb enough to open a can of whupass on Jason, Jo admits that she was actually the one who beat the crap out of her abusive boyfriend. Later, determined to protect the object of his affection, Alex blackmails Jason into not pressing charges. At the end of the episode, he’s even poised to (finally!) admit why he’s so protective of her… when the hurricane knocks a tree through the window! (Dammit, Mother Nature!)

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KID STUFF | While Owen leans more and more toward adopting Ethan, Cristina notices a blood clot in his father’s brain that, once removed by Derek and Heather, allows him at last to wake up. “Yay,” Cristina expects Owen to say. But instead, all he does is order Paul transferred to another hospital, stat.

SEASON’S CHEATINGS | After Arizona and Lauren make googly eyes at one another during surgery, Callie’s wife reminds her pursuer that… well, she’s Callie’s wife. But, as soon as a blackout turns off the lights, they’re not only playing tonsil hockey but tearing off each other’s lab coats!

MAMMA MIA | Mer (understandably) freaks when she takes a nasty spill. But luckily, Fetus is still A-okay. In fact, he’s so A-okay that, as the hour is coming to a close, Mer’s water breaks — he’s ready to make his big entrance! (Well, exit, technically… )

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SCRUB IN OR GET OUT | Shane’s thrilled to be chosen to work with Bailey… until he realizes that she’s so scared of operating now that all she wants to do is paperwork. Finally, Richard pulls rank on her, for her own good, and orders her back to the OR.

DANCE BREAK | With the help of a flash mob and The Proclaimers’ “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” Matthew proposes to April. (Watch video below.) Of course, as they embrace following her ecstatic yes, she locks eyes with Jackson. So you just know this is gonna end well…

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Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you think Alex had beaten up Jason? Were you surprised that Arizona cheated on Callie? Can Owen and Cristina’s marriage survive his obsession with becoming a father? Sound off below!