Exclusive Kitchen Nightmares Season Finale Video: 'Amy, No One's Licking That!'

If Gordon Ramsay shouts in a kitchen, and nobody’s paying attention, does he really make a sound?

That’s the question hanging over Kitchen Nightmares‘ Season 5 finale (this Friday, 8/7c on Fox), where the hard-charging celebrity chef visits the troubled Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, AZ and finds that proprietors Amy and Samy aren’t really interested in his input.

In the following exclusive video, Chef Ramsay tries to drive home the point that when a customer leaves almost an entire entree on his or her plate, it’s a problem that needs to be confronted, not scraped into the trash. Amy’s response? “Just ignore him. I am ignoring everything that’s happening.”

Press play below for the full serving of ridiculata, then sound off in the comments with your antiticpation level for the episode!

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