Hart of Dixie Finale Recap: New York State of Mind

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Finale RecapThe following story contains spoilers from Tuesday’s Hart of Dixie. Read on at your own risk.

Channeling her inner Kelly Taylor, Zoe ends up choosing herself over Wade and George — aka the two men she believes to be the loves of her life — in Hart of Dixie‘s second season finale Tuesday night. But before her independent lady a-ha moment occurs, a bunch of other Bluebell goodness goes down…

Upon waking up in bed with Wade, Zoe freaks out — and, making matters much worse, a newly-single George walks in on them. The pint-sized doc tries to smooth things over with the golden boy she thinks she loves, but he’s at the end of his rope. “My life has completely fallen apart because of you,” a frustrated George exclaims. “This — us — is a fantasy that we’ve clung, too. In reality, the person you really have feelings for is Wade. I saw it when the two of your were together and I saw it again this morning.”

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Zoe, however, ignores those words of wisdom and opts to ditch Bluebell for the weekend to attend a wedding in New York. And wouldn’t you know, Jonah Breeland just so happens to be on the same plane. The two team up to save a man who falls ill during the flight, and — after the jet makes an emergency landing — they hit the road to drive the rest of the way.

Lemon and Wade, meanwhile, are doing some traveling themselves. Their mission: to find the country group Gloriana and beg them to perform at a concert Lemon has already told all of Bluebell about! Tired of his moody, broody ‘tude over Zoe, Lemon tells her friend and business partner, “Being with Zoe Hart made you better — just like you made her better.” (Awww!) And with that, Wade decides to find — and fight for — his ex-gal before it’s too late.

In an unbelievable twist of fate, Wade and Lemon happen upon Zoe and Jonah at a diner along their route. “l know how much I hurt you, Zoe,” the vulnerable Wade confesses. “But everything I’ve done since is to be that man you saw. If you would ever consider giving me another chance, I’m ready.” And, as if that wasn’t he enough, he concludes his declaration with this: “I love you, Zoe Hart.” Zoe admits that she does still have feelings for him, but unfortunately, she just needs some “distance, perspective and time” before jumping back in. And with that, she sets off to New York — now for the entire summer! (“It’s just three months,” Wade notes, hopefully.)

Back in Bluebell, Wade and Lemon arrive at a jam-packed Rammer Jammer (complete with advertised headliner Gloriana). And poor, heartbroken George, heads out on a little musical tour with Wade’s ex Lily Anne, who had earlier helped him write a song to channel his anger toward Zoe and his sadness over Tansy. (Side note: Lavon and Annabeth remain happy and adorable.)

And, while Zoe most certainly does choose herself (and the East Coast) over the fellas in her life, a dapper-looking Jonah has no qualms popping up at the wedding Zoe’s attending, so that, in his words, she “doesn’t have to spend her first night in New York alone.” (Dun-dun-dun!)

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