Dancing With the Stars Week 8 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

Dancing With the Stars Week 8 ResultsFollowing Andy Dick’s inevitable departure last week, we entered a new, anything-goes era on Week 8 of Dancing With the Stars. Or perhaps I should say, anyone goes, because from here on out, no celeb (except maybe Zendaya) is truly safe from a shocking ballroom boot.

But leaderboard watching aside, I’d have to say the most epic “highlight” this week wasn’t Zendaya’s perfectly scored Trio salsa, but head judge Len Goodman’s Monday-night meltdown. He initially aimed his rancor at Kellie Pickler’s grandiose paso doble Trio (a ‘7,’ Len, really?), and then turned on poor Bruno, asserting the Italian judge has a pole inserted right where the sun doesn’t shine (“You can’t talk unless you stand up!”). As Tom Bergeron so eloquently put it, I don’t know you anymore, Len!

On the bright side, Len’s latest visit to Cranky Town is destined to garner a special spot in the DWTS Hall of Fame (or Shame), and Bruno’s battering probably landed him a whole new slew of Twitter followers. It’s a win-win, people!

But as we waited to see if ABC (um, I mean America’s voters) would save leaderboard bottom-dweller Sean Lowe for one more week, or shock us senseless with a nonsensical elimination, we had to pass the time with musical performances by Jason Derulo, Emeli Sande and the interminable – if gravity-defying — Macy’s Stars of Dance.

But without further ado, here’s the real moment of truth — tonight’s results:

Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough
Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd

“I’ve enjoyed every second of it,” said Lowe, as sad-eyed fiancé Catherine Giudici looked on. “I truly am blessed to have taken part in this, with all these stars. I’m still just a normal guy from Dallas. What an incredible opportunity!”

And with that, it’s your turn. Which couple should have really gone home tonight, or was it Sean’s time to exit? Which celeb is peaking going to the semi-finals? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tim says:

    OK, the riff raff is gone, but lets be honest, Aly, Kellie and Zendaya are the clear and obvious semifinalists … enough said

  2. isabelmonca says:

    Never liked him, even though I like Peta. So, I’m happy. I want #TeamKellie to win!!

  3. Helen says:

    FINALLY! He was not terrible! His highest score is the same as Zendayas lowest score!

  4. TheFactsR says:

    Sean should have gone weeks ago, he was a horrible dancer and his pro is horrible as well.

  5. TheFactsR says:

    Ingo is horrible as well, when a show is filled with 8 horribles, 2 just OKs, 2 that are worth watching makes for a boring season!

  6. TheFactsR says:

    Jacoby is just OK and his personality is just stupid! He thinks he is funny, he is just sad to watch so stupid acting. He acts as though he has crap for brains.

    • Ally_D says:

      And what about his mom? She is so rude!

    • Kim R says:

      I’m so glad you said this! I’m sure he’s a nice guy but Oh My Word! He acts like an idiot. I know he’s trying to be funny but it is not coming across that way. I can’t watch him when he is interacting with other humans! hahahaha Stop it with the stupid faces already!! :)

    • So you guys can say what you want but Jaccoby is clearly the best male dancer and Ally is ass to me. She is never on rythem and the judges clearly favor the females on this season. Zendaya clearly didnt have her best dance on Monday but still got a 10 from one of the judges. I swear if Jacoby doesnt mak it to the finals I will smash my TV in half. Then you would have a borring finals and Zendaya would destroy both of those ladies…….no offense Go RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Johnny Hoops says:

      Everyone in our house makes ape noises when he comes on the screen. He carries on like a baboon.

  7. TheFactsR says:

    Jacoby’s pro is horrible to watch as well, she thinks she is god’s gift to men, HAHAHAHAHA what a joke! She should be replaced on the show but they are just too stupid to know they should replace her.

  8. caroline says:

    Len was right about Kellie Pickler. It was all smoke and mirrors. The 7 last night was justified. Kelloe deserved to be on the bottom 3.

    • Stacey says:

      The 7 was pure malicious. Not warranted. You can criticize Derek’s design of the dance all you want. I thought it was pretty brilliant. Sure the fog was a little much. But there was no evidence Kellie got the dance wrong, and there was plenty of content. It was a trio. Not the traditional dance to begin with… A 7 is a stupid score when you think of it should have been for some lacking the basics, or someone who didn’t do well like Sean. Who did get a 7. So he was basically say Kellie was a Sean. Which was not right… Sure not give a 9 or a 10. But 7 was too low….Not someone who did the dance well.

      • Meg says:

        Someone else pointed out to me that Len had given Derek a 7 for every trio dance he’s done. Clearly there’s just something he doesn’t like about Derek in a trio.

      • Kim R says:

        I was astounded (in a most excellent way) by their trio dance. I thought it was full of content, so artistic and stunning to watch. I could tell right away that Len was not going to like it because he never likes the dances that are a little different. But a 7??!! Sean was on GMA this morning and when asked about the judges dust up last night, he said he thought Kelli getting the same mark as he did was terrible. I thought it was as well. Badly done, Len!

        • Wild child says:

          Get off Derek’s nuts. The actual content of the dance lacked important Paso elements so while it was dramatic and a great entertainment piece it was not a Paso and I’m glad Derek was penalized. The other dancers work hard to learn the appropriate dance steps so it wouldn’t be fair to reward Derek for thinking he is above the rules. All that being said go back and watch the actual “dancing” done by Kellie and you will see she did very little actual dancing and was flung from one dancer to the next. She did a lot of walking and waiting. It was a lot of smoke and mirrors. People got caught up in the drama of it all.

  9. Wrstlgirl says:

    Any bets on where Sean’s gonna land next for another 15 minutes?

    • paula says:

      Splash? Real Housewives of something? Break up with the brown-haired girl and go on The Bachelorette? Or maybe he’ll start dating a Kardashian.

      Or maybe he’ll go on the Science Channel and explain how to grow back your virginity.

      • GS says:

        OMG, I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that about the virginity or I would have spit it all over my computer. That’s so awesome!

    • B says:

      For real! I am so sick of him. I live in Dallas and the local news website has been following him obsessively since his start on these reality shows (of course, the site shares owners with the local ABC affiliate). He’s one of those wannabe “stars” famous for…looking good shirtless. Wonder how fast his “fiancee” drops him when she realizes the fame train is gonna come to its final stop some day…hopefully soon.

  10. paula says:

    Definitely the right person went home, and well past time for it. No way was Kellie actually bottom three–I think they just did that to mess with us (and with Derek). Ingo was most likely the true third in the bottom three. I think he’ll go next week.

    Len was nuts last night! He actually told Bruno that his vocal cords were in his a$$ and that’s why he has to stand up to talk lol!

    A Kellie/Zendaya/Ally finale would make me happy, and I wouldn’t be upset if any of them won.

    • Lola says:

      I agree about Ingo. They COULDN’T let him sit at the bottom 3 after airing the spot about his cute little son. It’s all about ratings. I prefer Jacoby to Ali, but the judges will make sure she is in the top. For some weird reason they love her. She is good but her athleticism detracts from any artistic interpretation of the dance. She bores me.

      • paula says:

        I think you’re right about the Peanut factor with Ingo. I had forgotten about that segment, but he is an adorable little boy. And you put your finger on my problem with Ally as well. I think she’s very good, but her dances aren’t as exciting as Kellie’s and Zendaya’s. And her speeches to Brooke always make me think, “Yep, you can tell she’s done a lot of these after a gymnastics meet.”

  11. Chloe says:

    I think Jacoby actually has talent but because Karina is quite a bit shorter their dancing sometimes looks awkward. How Ingo escaped being in the bottom three is beyond me, Zendaya to win!

  12. dumas1000 says:

    Hahaha. Someone else acknowledging the likelihood that this show is staged and the only ones who don’t realize it are the contestants themselves. Staged or not, Kellie, Zendaya and Aly are clearly the best. I think that’s likely what either the fans or the producers would want. But if anyone is pulling the strings in the back, Zendaya’s $400,000 contract would certainly guarantee her a spot in the finals. Judges keep giving Alys way better scores then Jacoby to ensure he could never pass her. Which leaves Jacoby and Kellie. There is a logic that says, if it is staged, to eliminate Kelly and push Jacoby into the finals. It would be ballsy, but clearly DWTS loves gymnists and NFLers.

  13. MaryAnn says:

    I have been very impressed this season that the contestants have gone home in an order that makes sense, and has not shown any real miscarriage of justice (unlike some previous seasons that had some very polarizing contestants who stayed way longer than they should, or went home early when they should have been in the finals.)

    That said, Zendaya and Kellie are so close in the quality of their dancing that if asked to choose I would say that either of them deserves to be the winner.

  14. GS says:

    I honestly wonder if people listen. They only said in jeopardy for Kellie and Derek which basically means trying to add drama where none exists. Even for Sean and Jacoby, Brooke plainly said “while not necessarily the bottom two, one of you will be leaving us tonight.” Ingo was saved early because of the Peanut bit. He is just as bad as Sean and his attitude beyond sucks. They just need to get rid of the guys left (Jacoby is ok but his mom needs to be b***hslapped hard) and the final 3 should be Aly, Kellie, and Zendaya as I’ve said since the first show. I’ll be fine with any of them winning and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way about a top 3.

    • Brooke says:

      Why would you say someone’s mum needs to be bitch slapped hard. I feel Jacoby’s mum is just adding humour to Len’s critique(s). I also feel that this was Sean’s right time to leave. He wasn’t worse than Andy or DL or anyone else that left before him. My top 3 would be Zendaya, Kellie and Jacoby! I love Jacoby’s personality!

      • GS says:

        You are in the minority on his mom. She’s rude and it’s getting ridiculous. There is no reason to act like that. I mean Aly is what 18 and her parents don’t stand up and act like fools when they say something negative. I’d be hiding my face if I was Jacoby. It’s a dancing show not a personality show. He is not better or even as good as any of the 3 ladies left. He can’t take criticism either. Ingo needs to go next and then Jacoby.

        • First of all the diffenence in Jacoby and the girls that are left is Jacoby has to lead the dance the girls dont. Thats alot harder then you realize…….Seccond Aly is ass!!!! There is no way around it. She got a 27 for a dance where she was on beat 2 times out of 30. They clearly favor the females. I mean Aly is nowhere near Zendaya to me but she got a 29 for her first dance and Jacoby got a 27 for a way better dance!!!!!! and no guy on the show got higher then a 27 this season. And to the peason talking about bitch slappin moms……..Karma is a bitch being slapped remember that!

          • Lola says:

            I agree 100%. I do not understand why they adore Aly. Yes, she can do the splits, jumps, etc. that are difficult becuase she is an OLYMPIC GYMNAST. The’ve had other Olympians there who had style and musicality, and Aly has neither. Jacoby is much more entertaining, and he has style and musicality.

          • Lola says:

            ALSO … the Ravens fans need to get out and vote for Jacoby! I looked at their Facebook page where there was a blurb encouraging them to vote, and there were only a couple hundred responses! Very poor showing!!

        • paula says:

          I think the interaction between Len and Jacoby’s mom is cute. But you’re right, Jacoby doesn’t take criticism well. It’s my least favorite thing about him. It’s like he expects a 10 every time, but he’s not dancing 10s.

    • paula says:

      I do listen. That’s why I said no way were Kellie and Derek in the bottom three. I think Ingo was the actual third in the bottom three.

  15. Sheila says:

    If Kellie and Derek goes I will never absolutely never watch Dancing with the stars again. Zendaya is only 16 and if Kellie is double and some her age then they should take that into consideration. Zendaya got loads of time to do something like this again but Kellie may never get another chance.Go Kellie go go go go go

    • Jazzy says:

      that’s far from the truth Kellie is only 26 she can always do this again.

      • Daisy Hill says:

        I think Kellie and Derrick should be the winner. They were pushed down by Len Goodman When they should not have. He must have had cinders in his eyes. Daisy Hill

  16. Pat Hudson says:

    I’ve lost repect for Glens Judgement after he gave Kellie & Dekic a 7 Monday night the. Her dancing was perfect & she should have gotten a perfect score.

  17. Paigesmom says:

    What I don’t understand is why Kellie and Derek can use the fog machine in 50% of their dances… How can anyone see their footwork? I know she is a fantastic dancer but that is ridculous for the judges to let them get away with that. I think it will be Kellie or Zendaya for the win

  18. Daisy Hill says:

    What was with Lin Goodman Monday night ? When Derrick an Kellie danced. He started acting like an idiot and gave them a 7. They should have had a perfect score. They danced better than some of them that he gave a high score to. Get with it Lin Goodman!

  19. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m fine with Sean leaving this week, but I do hope Jacoby is out next week. I’m tired of listening to his overbearing, annoying mother yell at the judges from the audience. It’s not even slightly amusing to me. I think she has decided she is the star of the show. She reminds me of those super annoying Little League parents who yell obscenities at the referees when their kid strikes out or gets called out. They just can’t believe their baby is not possible of being perfect, and how dare anyone suggest otherwise. I think Jacoby is probably going to be in the finals though, because the voting audience seems to love to have hot football players in the finals. I’m just not sure if it’s Ally or Kellie that’s going to be the last one to get kicked out.
    And while I’m not exactly rooting for Kellie to win, I do have to say, a 7, Len? Really? That was uncalled for.

  20. jake says:

    I thought he was getting better — a lot better — and isn’t what this show is about — I wish that it was Jacoby — who is just not as great as I thought he would be.

  21. Linda says:

    My respect for Len sank to the floor when he started screaming about Derrick and Kelli! Bruno, too?!
    Len is playing favorites with Zendaya and Ali, his “pets”. Zendaya is beautiful to watch.
    Ali has never danced as well as Zendaya and Kelli. Yes, both Jacoby and his mother don’t seem to know they are acting like fools.